Sexy Tomboy

S3xy tomboy episode 27 – 28

{ Head’s Over Heels….}💓

THEME; Craving For The Whole Of Her.

CHAPTER 27&28🩸

Written By, Lisa.

❄︎ •~{𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐲 𝐊𝐢𝐬𝐬/𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐎𝐮𝐭}•~❄︎

“Craig!!!” Adrian screamed out in horror,closing his eyes, expecting the worse to happen.

He slowly opened them and his eyes widened and his heartbeats doubled when he couldn’t see Craig in sight any more,same as the car.

Did it really him and swept him off the ground??

Did he just lost his own happiness?

His life? It can’t be true,he must be dreaming right??

“Craig!?!! No!!!? Craig!!” He panicked, tears were already threatening to fall from his eyes.

“Daddy!” He suddenly heard his voice from the other side of the street, he turned at once.

He saw Craig waving at him to come, with a lady he didn’t see his face clearly.

He rushed over there quickly, he grabbed his hand and hit his butts twice hard.

“Dad…” Craig cried

“How could you ran off like that? Are you planning to get yourself killed? Huh? Do you want to ruin my life for good? Don’t you care about me anymore? I was so worried?” Adrian scolded him.

Craig was already crying so much, but he kept going..

“You ran off cos of a lady talk to me? For what?, Answer me when I’m talking you Craig, you’re four not a kid!” Adrian shouted at him.

Even Sabrina’s was taken aback by his anger.

“Because I don’t want any woman In your life dad, I don’t want any lady for you…i hate them so much cos they will ended up hurting you like mum, they are all the same,I don’t want to see you sad and all those nights you cried in your room cos of that woman I also cried so much too, I can’t afford seeing you broken again…I hate seeing you sad, don’t you understand that…..” Craig shouted back, broking into more tears.

Adrian was so shocked upon hearing him say all these, I mean is he even four.

How did he know he was broken when his mum betrayed him ? He was only three when she left, where did he learn all that.

“I’m sorry…” He tried touching him, but Craig shifted back to Sabrina who was still holding his hand.

“I hate you,stay away from me” he cried.


Sabrina twirled him around and squatted in front of him, wipping his tears slowly.

“Listen to me kid, you don’t have to act that way cos you thought every lady is as bad as your mum, you seems to be the only one your dad has left, think how he would felt if he lost you too,he will be broken for sure, do you want that to happen?” Sabrina asked and Craig shaked his head slowly.

“Try and listen to whatever he tells you Okay?” She concluded and Craig nodded.

He turned back to Adrian and hugged him.

“I’m sorry Dad, I just love you too much, Don’t ever leave me like mum please, I promise to behave from now on”

“I’m sorry too” He lift him up to his shoulder, patting his back slowly, he slept off so quick but was still sniffing.

That was when Adrian took the chance to look at Sabrina closely. He actually wanted to thank her.

“Miss!!..” he called her that, because he didn’t know her name.

“Hi, nice to meet you again” Sabrina smiled.



The class just ended and everyone took turn in leaving.

“I’m hosting a pool party at the Flex House tonight, who is interested?” Alexa announced.

“Count me in!!”

“I’m not missing this for sure!!”

“I can’t really wait!!”

Students began murmuring among themselves.

“Since I’m not stingy, everyone is invited…Tomboy or no tomboy,you can come if you want, I believe there is nothing make up can’t do for any ugly ducks” she walked out of the class with Daphne and Hailey.

“Did you move into the dorm already?!” Brianna turned to Iris.

“Yes, but I didn’t see Havana throughout the night.. I don’t think she is okay, she has not been attending class too” Iris said.

“Do you think she is dating Finn’s friend?!”

“I thought so too, maybe they had an argument, he his not attending class too”Iris pouted, then she suddenly remembered what she had to tell her.

Will she ever forgive her??


Brianna look up, wondering why she is sounding so serious.

“Actually I’ve offended you, I hope you can forgive me” Iris said and Brianna became more curious.

“Tell me, is it that bad?”

“You remember I told you to I saved a girl from a car accidents weeks ago…”

“Yes, I thought you returned her to her family already” Brianna completed.

“I couldn’t find her family so I took her in and took care of her…

“She is still with you? Why didn’t I see her?”

“I found out later she had a heart disease, and I don’t have the money for the surgery, the hospital I took her to….I found out Alexa’s family owned it and she promised to help me if only I became her slave, I couldn’t say no, that’s why I do everything she said Including drugging you at the Flex House and….”

“You connive with them to drug me?”

“I’m sorry” Iris sniffs in her tears

“I can’t believe you Iris, you did all this because of money, how much is it? Why didn’t you inform me about it? I though we are friends? I really thought you are my friend” Brianna muttered, dissapointedly.

“I’m really sorry Anna,I hope you can forgive me” Iris sniffs, she couldn’t hold her tears anymore.

“Where is the girl right now?”

“She is still unconcious in the hospital” Iris said.



“Harder Kai!!”



Loud moan from Kai’s room rented the whole Dorm. Kayden was the only one in the living room, Both Kingston and Kyle are not in sight.

None of them came out of thier rooms and he is getting so bored already. Kingston refused to talk to anyone since he got back last night.

“I love your c*ck Kai”

He heard the loud moan again, and he hissed.

“You’ll soon end up like Daphne” he said In his mind and grabbed his phone on the table.

He actually wanted to make a call but he found out it’s died.

“F**k, I forgot to charge last night” He stood up and went to his room but couldn’t find his charger anywhere.

“Where is it?” He grumbled as he walked towards Kingston room, he made to go in but it’s was locked again.

“Is he ever going to be the same?”

He went to Kyle’s room praying silently his door should be open and it was actually open.

He grinned and quickly entered.

“Kyle, can I borrow your charger?” He said but got no reply. He sight his charger on his bed and went to take it.

He was about walking out when he heard sounds of running water from his bathroom.

“Is he bathing?” He asked himself, walking toward the bathroom already.

He wanted to turn back and just leave quitely but he has always wanted to find out if he his hidding something or not, this is his chance.

He didn’t even locked the door so he just badge in. His eye widened Immidiately he saw the Unexpected.

Kyle eyes widened too when he saw him, he was actually turning his back before.

Thier eyes met and Kayden eyes grew more wide as she behold her two bigs watermelon facing him.

“Kay…den” Kyle stuttered in shock.

Kayden stared down at her body untill he saw p*ssy, he blinked and almost went mad.

But instead of that, he shifted back and went down, passing out like that.




Havana was laying down on her bed as she scroll down through her galleries on her phone.

It’s contains mostly the pics she snapped with Cole, hardly could she see her own pics.

She kept bitting her lips as she stared at his face, She was missing him so badly that she regret breaking up every minutes. she can’t even do anything without being reminded of him.

She checked her call logs and message box but there was nothing from him.

She sighed and resumed scrolling through the pics untill she found one.

It’s was the pics they took on thier first date, it’s wasn’t actually a pretty picture but it’s her favorite among them all.

They only had ice cream together that day because they didn’t want to get caught by Finn, she remember him covering her face with the ice cream and kissing it off instead of wipping and she didn’t know when she laugh.

“I miss him so much” she muttered sadly, almost cussing herself loud for her action, she should have listen to him.

She was still thinking about that when a knock came from the door, she stood up tiredly thinking it’s was Iris, she knew she move into the Dorm last night but they haven’t get the chance to talk at all.

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She got to the door and open it and her eyes widened when she saw who it is.

“Cole..” she uttered, shockingly.

“Can I come in?” He said and she let him in and close the door.

“What are you doing here?” she asked slowly, making sure to avoid his eyes.

“I miss you” Cole blunted out.

No reply from her.

“I miss you,so much that I couldn’t sleep” He said and she blinked before facing him.

“I’m sorry for hurting you, I swear I didn’t mean for it to happen….I was drugged, she took advantage of my drunk state ,I’m sorry, can you forgive me? I promise it won’t ever happen again, you’re the only girl I love and has ever love, I don’t want to loose you, if I loose you the rest of my life is meaningless, please don’t break_” she shut him up with a kiss and his eyes widened.

He was about kissing her back but she broke it.

“You forgive me?!”

“I wouldn’t kiss you if I don’t” she replied, picking on her nails slowly.

“Thank you, I love you so much” He shouted happily and Havana chuckles.

“I love you too”

“I love you more baby”

He held her waist and immidiately slam his lips on hers,she welcome it immidiately kissing him back so affectionately.

They are kissing so much as if nothing in this world matters to them,all they want right now is to make up for the time they lost.

They both starggered on the couch with him in top but they didn’t stop kissing, they were eating each other’s lips like it was some meal.

Cole suddenly broke it for them to catch thier breath, she licked her lips and he kiss her eyes passionately.

“I love you Heartbeat” he whispered to her hearing and Havana giggles cutely.

He was about reconnecting thier lips when a loud thunderstorm from outside.Seems the rain is going to fall soon.

“I think I have to go” he made to stood but she pulled him back, hugging him.

“Just stay, I miss you so much already to let you go tonight” she pouted, pulling him closer to herself as if he was going yo run off.

“You want me stay, what of your roomie?” He asked, referring to Iris.

“Let’s go to my room then, she won’t find out” Havana replied.

He looked at her and she immediately understand he wanted to talk about Finn.

“Just tell him you’re spending the night somewhere else” She said and Cole cupped her cheek in wonder.

“When did you become like this?”

“You thought me”

They both sat up and Cole texted Finn, he sent it before dropping the phone on the table,then turn back to Havana who was waiting impatiently.

“It’s done” he said and Havana nodded.

He made to kise her again but she placed a finger on her lips.

“Shouldn’t we make a good memory out of tonight?!” She said and Cole raise his brows, getting what she meant by that.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded and look away and he raised her head to look at him.

He slowly reconnect thier lips again and the began the mad kiss again.

They rain started pouring immidiately.



“F**k this , I don’t think this rain is planning to stop any time soon” Alexa lamented, as she walked into the living room.

“I know right, our planned failed for the second time” Daphne gritted her teeth

“Calm down, girls thier is always a third time, we can try again, we don’t stop okay” Hailey said.

“I know but it’s taking too long, she is getting too close with my Kingston these days what if she took him away from me?” Alexa retorted.

“She wouldn’t dare, we got this alright!”


“I’m sorry!!…” Kyle apologised for the tethieth time and looked down guiltily.

“Is this for real? You’ve actually been a girl all along, why didn’t I notice at all?” Kai said in shock.

Kyle nodded slowly

“He has still not opening his eyes, Did he really faint because he found out you’re a girl or did you hit him?” Kingston asked.


“Why aren’t you surprised at all like we are, did you know about this all along and kept it from us?” Kai said to Kingston.

“Why should I? I don’t think it’s necessary?” Kingston replied coldly.

Even Kyle was surprised, it’s has never cross his mind that Kingston known about his secret.

“You didn’t hiccup,that means you really know about it, What the heck is your problem man? Why are you acting as if you got a problem with us?, I though we consider ourself as friends,why will you keep something we don’t know from us, do you see as friends at all?” Kai yelled angrily

Kingston stood up and began walking out.

“You can’t go out, it’s raining” Kyle said in order to stop him, but he didn’t wait.

“We have to stop him” Kyle faced Kia who also stood and head to his room.

“Should I go after him?”

Kayden suddenly open his eyes and when his eyes met with Kyle owns again, he passed out again.



Brianna looked out from where she stood, wishing the rain stopped so that she could go home.

She parted ways with Iris earlier, though she begged her to stay with them for the night but she insisted. She was already shivering cos the cold was too much.

Finn happens to be passing the place when he saw her, he actually went to see Havana but she didn’t open up so he left.

He walked to her the umbrella he was holding.

“Brianna!!” He called and she looked up slowly.


“You haven’t gone home yet?!”

Brianna nodded and he notice her shivers, he pulled off his jacket and wore it for her quickly before taking her hands.

“You will catch fever, why didn’t you stay with your friend?” He scolded and Brianna couldn’t help but laugh as she stared at him.

Isn’t he being too much??


“No, you’re not,what if you fall sick? Stay here, I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere okay?” He hand her the umbrella and run off before she could even resist.

“But I’m….” He was already out of sight before she could finish.

She sighed and hold onto the umbrella firmly, watching the rain drops.

She kept looking out for Finn but he didn’t return and it’s getting late too.

She checked again and saw someone walking towards her, she couldn’t see the face cos of the rain untill he walk closely and her eyes widened when she saw who it is.


He was all socked and dreched that she hardly recognize him.

Isn’t he afraid of rain?

He suddenly halted and he stood in a spot allowing the rain to fell on him more.

“Has he finally gone crazy?!” She asked herself.

“Why did I even care?”

They aren’t close for her to bother about what she is doing to himself?? Are they?

She watch him for a while before deciding to go to him.

“Are you planning to have yourself killed?!” She shouted when he got to where he stood.

“Duck!?” Kingston smiled at her.

“How are you refer to me as Duck in this kind of situation, I have a name ok? It’s Brianna get that, why am I even telling you this?”

“I still prefer Duck cos you look like one?!”

Brianna rolled her eyes.

“Why are you still standing here, you’re going to catch cold” she said, taking his hand in attempt to pulled him away from there.

“Just leave if you don’t want to develop fever with me, I’m not leaving here” He too his hand from her.


“You can’t leave,I thought you don’t care about me? We aren’t friends so just pretend you don’t see me….”

“How can I do that when you help me once, I’m not that kind of person even if you’re a jerk that doesn’t care about others feelings, at least care about those who think of even caring for you” She yelled angrily.

“You care about me?”

Brianna rolled her eyes and turned to leave but he grabbed her hand, pulling her back.

“Let me go, I’m leaving you alone like you want me to” She glared at him.

“Don’t leave…”

“And why is that?”

“Because, you owe me one remember”

“I know, I hate owing you anything either” she said immidiately.

“You said you’ll do anything….”

“Anything except you ask for senseless things..”

“I’m sorry but this is the only thing I can think of that can help me right now” He said and Brianna was still wondering what he meant by that untill she suddenly felt his lips on her.

He just kiss her.

The umbrella fell from her hand and the rain poured more on them..


TBC ♡︎.

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