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Seduction episode 41 – finale


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

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Chapter Fourty One 🌺🌺🌺

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍🤍




” You know it’s not his fault right?” Hero asks, leaning beside my kitchen door.

” Yeah?” I chuckle sadly as I sit down.

” You know most times, we’re placed in this situation where we don’t have a choice.”

” I believe every single person has a choice. It’s about facing the consequences that comes with the choices.”

” I agree though. Same time we’re all fvcked up. He especially.” Hero smiles apologetically and leaves.

” And one more thing, don’t forgive him too easily. He needs to be dealt with a little.” Hero says as he walks out.

I chuckle sadly.
Forgive him? Can I even forgive him?
I can’t do this. I take a deep breath, drawing back the tears as I pick up my phone.
Aunt Adele is the first person I had to call.

” Hey sweet cheeks. You’re okay?”

” I’m not.” My voice quiver.

” Shit! What happened?”

” A lot happened.”

” Is it Judah?”

” Yeah.” I sniffle.

” Wait let me FaceTime you.” She hangs up.

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I stand up to go lock the door.
I go to my bedroom open my laptop. Aunt Adele is already calling. I pick up and wipe my tears.

” What did he do to you?”

” A lot happened lately. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t what’s happening. I’m scared.”

” Breathe alright. Tell me what happened.”

” Dad’s best friend murdered the entire family.”

” Holy fvcking Christ.” She exclaims. ” What!”

” Yeah. He said my grand daddy stole the heirloom from his own family at a auction house. I don’t even get it. And the reason he faked his death was to kill our family because of the heirloom. It was gonna be easier for him if people thinks he’s dead.”

” And Judah was part of the murder?”

” No. He was paid to con me.”

” What the fvck! Who does that? I mean why would he do that?”

” I don’t know aunt. He was paid to make me fall in love with him. And in the end, I was supposed to give him the heirloom. Sadly, he succeeded. I fell in love with him and it’s painful. I hate myself for it.”

” It’s okay. You don’t have to feel sorry for yourself because you fell in love with a man. It’s okay to feel hurt. That’s why it’s called love, Serena. Eventually we’re always gonna love someone. The strongest part is being able to withstand pain. What did he say to you? Did he apologized?”

” Of course he’s always gonna apologize. He said he was sorry and he actually aborted the con contract when he discovered that it was me. I told you he was at my nighteenth birthday. He saw me that day.”

” Do you believe him? Do you think he’s lying?”

” In our short term of whatever thing we had, he never for once asked me where the family heirloom is.”

” Really?”

” Yes. And when I told him I’d like to sell the family’s heirloom, he was against it. He advised me never to try it. He didn’t ask me where I kept it.”

” fvck. Do you still love him?”

” Love is a strong word aunt. I do. My heart still beats for him and it hurts. Judah doesn’t feel the same.”

” How sure are you? That he doesn’t feel the same way?”

” He walked away when I told him I was falling in love with him. Later he explained why he walked away. He was scared. He’s this weird man who’s never had anyone to care about him.”

” That’s sad. Why?”

” His parents…” I sigh. His parents were drug addict. Both died of heroin overdose. He was alone. He’s fvcked up.”

” Damn. How are you holding up?”

” I don’t know. I’ve never been this scared before. Genevieve had been working with Francis Ryland all this while. She claimed she knows nothing about it.”

” fvcking cunt. Really?”

” Yeah, I saw them together today. She denied everything and later claimed I’m mistaking Francis Ryland for somebody else. He faked his death, changed his name to Ransom. You won’t believe he’s Judah’s foster dad.”

” What the Actual fvck happening over there? Francis took Judah in?”

” Yeah.”

” I’m coming over. We need to talk in person. I need to know what the fvck is going on here? How can men turn into greedy bastards because of a fvcking stone.”

I sadly shrug.

” I’m coming over alright. You be careful okay. No matter what, don’t trust anyone. And if Judah comes back, don’t forgive him easily.”

I nod.

” Good.” She hangs up. I close my laptop.


The following day, my doorbell rings. I’m surprised to see Aunt Adele. The last time we met in person, it was at my family’s funeral. We hug for so long I was afraid she was gonna pull away.

Judah texted me all through the night. I could remember every of his text in my head. They ain’t leaving.




Every single apology text is stuck to my head.

” I wasn’t expecting you till the weekend.”

” Yeah? I told you it’s gonna be a surprise. I missed you chicken.” She hugs me tightly.

I chuckle against her hug.

” You look good. Really beautiful.” I giggle.

” Thanks Aunt. You look nice.”

She smiles. ” What the hell did you do to your hair. It looks like bird nest.”

I chuckle and run my hands down my hair.

” Sorry. I’ve been thinking too much lately. Come on in.” I shut the door as we go to the living room.

She throws her bag on the couch as she goes to the kitchen.

” I’m starving. What did you cook?”

” Nothing. I’ve been ordering takeout lately. I am too miserable to cook anything.” I tell her and sit on the counter stool.

” That’s not good for you and you know it.” She says and opens the cabinets, bringing out whatever thing she sees first.

” So we’re gonna make soup and every good food you always enjoy eating.” She winks at me.


I slurp the milkshake Aunt Adele made for me noisily as I watch her make pasta.

” Has he called you yet?”

” Yeah. I didn’t pick up. He sent me countless messages through out last night. Apologising to me.”

” Damn. Heard anything from Ransom?”

” Yeah. He’s in the hospital. Handcuffed to his hospital bed. Phoebe called me. She wants me to come over to her office today. You’re coming with me.”

She nods her head.

” I’d be damned to stay back. I really need to see Genevieve. She has a lot to say.”

” Yeah.” I sigh.

” You’re okay?”

” Yes. I’m just glad you came. I truly needed the distraction.”


” It’s kinda insane to find out two detectives that was paid couldn’t do your jobs. She was in trouble and none of you could her.” Adele yells at Phoebe and Michael.

” We’re sorry ma’am.”

” I don’t care. I don’t wanna listen to your sorry. Francis Ryland should rot in jail.”

” That’s already arranged. We froze his accounts and we’ve apprehended the men who was involved in the murder. Genevieve is under investigation.”

” I need to speak with her.” Adele says.

” Sure.” Phoebe says and leads us to the interrogation room.

Genevieve is handcuffed when we enter. Her hair is a mess and she’s on that same red dress I saw her with yesterday. She looks at me. I don’t miss the glare in her eyes.

” Genevieve.” Aunt Adele sits on the opposite chair.

” Adele. So glad to see you.” She says with sarcasm.

” Shut the hell up. Do you know she trusted you. Serena took you as a big aunt. You went ahead and and did that to her.”

” Look, I don’t know what the fvck this is all about. I never knew Ransom had something to do with the murder.”

” But you knew he faked his death?” Adele asks.

” Yes. And I’m sorry about that. I don’t have a choice. He was blackmailing all this while.”

” Blackmailing you with what?” Michael asks.

” I’m with his child. He wanted an abortion and I’m not ready to go through that. I want a baby. He threatened to kill me if I leave or tell anyone he faked his death. I didn’t know he killed your family Serena. I swear.”

” Did he tell you why he framed his death?” Phoebe asks.

” He didn’t. He only said he wanted to get off the hook for a while. I don’t know what you want me to tell you.”

” The point is Francis or Ransom has been using you all this while and you’re not even aware. What type of dumbass fvck are you?” Adele yells at Genevieve.

” Don’t you fvcking talk to me like that.”

” I can talk to you whatever way I like. You’re gonna rot in jail bitch. You fvcking cunt.” Adele yells even louder.

” Alright, ma’am it’s okay.” Michael tries to calm her down.

” Don’t you try to tell me it’s okay. You know the funny thing about this whole shit, you couldn’t even do your jobs. How am I even sure you guys ain’t working for this bitch.” Adele says.

” It’s not what you think. We were trying to help. This whole murder case is kinda complicated. Everything.”

” And Albert? What are you gonna do about Albert? That bastard is guilty. He wanted to murder my family first but Francis was smarter than his dumbass. I need to speak with him.” Adele tells them.

” Sure. We actually sent for him earlier. He should be here any minute.” Michael says.

My phone vibrates in my pocket.
I pull it out of my pants and look at the caller ID. It’s Judah. I still can’t fathom why I didn’t get to delete his number from my phone. I mute the call and shove it back inside my pocket.

The door to the interrogation room opens as Albert walks in. Looking as intimidating as ever. His eyes settles on Adele. I don’t miss the glare in his eyes.

” Why am I here?” He asks.

” You’re going to jail Albert.” Adele tells him.

My phone rings in my pocket again.

” fvcking Judah.” I mutter and mute the call.

” What’s going on here?”

” You’ve been charged Albert.” Phoebe says.

” For what exactly? I didn’t kill anyone, I keep on repeating myself.”

” You made a plan to murder my family same night Ransom planned to. You made your son throw a frat party on a Thursday night so that I can come hangout with him. You planned that last Vegas trip to make me trust him and probably get the heirloom from me. You couldn’t succeed , you made your son come after me with his fake love. You can’t deny it, Winston.” I tell him. He glares daggers at me.

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

” You know what we’re talking about Albert. You’ve been charged for abuse and every other illegal things and you know you’re guilty.”

Albert is quiet.

” I’m just gonna leave.”

” I’ll advise you don’t leave the state. The FBI is coming to get you.”

” Am I under arrest?” He asks, i notice he’s slightly scared.

” Yes. You’re under arrest.” Michael says.

He glares at us as he walks out of the room.

” You can’t do this to me Adele. You can’t let me go to jail because I’m carrying a criminal’s baby.” Genevieve protests.

” I’m sorry you’re going.” Adele stands up.

My phone vibrates in my pocket one last time, I pull it out. Judah. I follow Adele out of the room to my car parked outside.

I pull in front of apartment as I turn off the car.

” Tell me that’s Judah.” Aunt Adele mutters next to me.

I look through the passenger window and it’s him. He stands on my porch, looking good looking as always. How dare he?

” What the hell is he doing here?” I mutter.

” I should probably kick his ass first.” She says and hop out of the car

Judah smiles apologetically at her once he recognized her. I get out of the car and shut the door.

” Judah?”

” Hi. Adele right?” He asks.

” Yes. So you’re the hot asshole. The one who broke her fragile heart?”

” I’m sorry. I was a d!ck and I’m willing to be better.”

” It’s annoying you’re cute.” Adele winks at me. I huff loudly. Judah pouts as he looks at me.

” I hate that I hurt her. It pains me a lot.”

” You don’t deserve her forgiveness honey. You know that. How can you be human and do that to her?” She says. ” What the hell did he do again?” She turns to look at me.

” He lied to me.” I sigh. Aunt Adele motions for me to go on. ” And he sedated me too.”

” He what?” She exclaims as she turns to look at Judah.

” I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

” Holy God. I’m just gonna go inside and prepare the hot water for Judah.” She says and enters my apartment.

I chuckle silently.

” I’m sorry.”

” fvck you.” I shake my head and walk past him. Judah pulls me back.

” Please. Listen to me. Don’t take me back. Don’t treat me nice anymore. I just want you to forgive me.”

” Why Judah?”

” Cause I’m leaving the country.”

God, no.
He can’t just do that to me.
We can’t just fight and have issues and he’s planning to leave.

” Good luck then.” I twist the doorknob but Judah stops me.

” Leave me the fvck alone.” I yell at him.

” You can’t just hurt me and make me mad and then come back to me and ask me for forgiveness. It doesn’t work like that Judah. If you wanna go back to Italy, just go. Leave me alone. You’re not human Judah. No matter what the reason is, I don’t expect you to sedate me and give me to Francis fvcking Ryland. You’re mean Judah. I forgive you alright, get off my face.”

I push past him and storm inside the apartment, making sure I lock my door. I sniffle and sob. I hate that I feel this way.

” fvcking hell.” I hear Judah mutter and a thomping sound follows. Did he punch something.

” It’s okay.” Aunt Adele whispers as she hugs me.

” You’ll be fine. You both need time to heal.”

” Serena, please listen to me.” Judah calls out.

” Go to your room.” She whispers. I nod and wipe my tears and go to the kitchen instead. I open my fridge and get a cold bottle of water.

I hear the front door open and shut.

” Judah, sorry don’t always work sometimes. You should probably act being sorry.”

” I know. I messed up big time.”

” She needs time to heal.”

” I know. Are you really leaving?” She asks him. I don’t hear his answer.

I go to my room and slam the door shut. I undress myself and stride to the bathroom, letting the cold water run down my skin.
How dare he leave after fvcking with my mind?


Two weeks, two days.
Judah didn’t really leave. He was always coming. Asking me to forgive him and then he tells me he cares so much about me and that he’s really sorry.

I went to school and it was a little different since I skipped school for a week. Todd’s being miserable. His dad is in jail and Diana has never been happy. Francis is also in jail too. Genevieve was sentenced for six months after a one month house arrest.

I still see Zayn around with his taunting smirk and weird attitude. Hero is still my friend but I get angry sometimes when he reminds me about Judah and I. I miss him so much. The first Judah I once knew and it’s annoying. He is always calling, never for once giving up.

I badly wanna accept him back, same time I want him to go through what I went through. Aunt Adele has always been there for me. She’s still around trying to make sure I kick back to life. I’m managing. Hopefully.

Aunt Adele went grocery shopping and I’m alone at home writing my school report. The doorbell chimes. I groan, push my laptop aside as I go to the living room. I open the door and Judah is standing right in front of me.

” Please. Can I come in?” He asks.

” No.”

” Please, Serena. I miss you. Alot. I can’t help it.”

” No, Judah. Why can’t you just move on?”

” You think it’s easy. You’ve been messing with my head since you were nighteen. I can’t just give up. Serena please, I want you.”

” It doesn’t work like that.”

” I just need a second chance. To make things right and be better. I wanna be better for you, please.”

I shut my eyes, take a deep breath and open my eyes to look at him. His eyes looks into mine and I badly wanna hold him.

” Ten seconds.” I open the door wide for him to enter. He enters and I shut the door as I cross my arms.

” I’m not a good person and I know it. I’m a terrible person and I’m sorry for hurting you. Please give me a second chance, I badly want to be with you.”

” Why? I thought we were nothing.”

” We were. I wasn’t used to people caring about me. I was confused. Please.”

” Judah this hard.”

” I know.” He takes a step forward and I stop breathing at once.

” I’m sorry. Just give me a second chance to make things right. I wanna make things right.” He says and tucks my strands of hair behind my ear.

I don’t say a word as he watches my eyes.
Judah leans forward and before I can stop him, we’re already kissing. I don’t know why but I kiss him back at once. I missed him, I missed this. I missed his hands on my body. I missed the way he makes me feel. His lips moves against mine as my arms wraps around his neck. I m0an into his mouth as he touches me.

Judah grabs my hips and lifts me off the ground. My thighs wraps around his torso as he leans me against the wall. His hands survey up my thighs as he kisses me.

” Serena.” I hear my aunt’s voice outside as that brought me back to reality. Damn, I just kissed Judah.

He drops me back on the floor same time the door opens. Aunt Adele is surprised as she locks the door. She smirks at both of us.

” Oh, did I interrupt something?” She asks, still smirking.

” No. We were just talking.” I say at once.

” Is that true Judah?”

” Nah, we were making out.” He says. I swat him at once.

” Ooh. I’m sorry, I’m just gonna back outside.”

” No aunt, you don’t have to. We were just talking.”

” Are you back together or what?”

” No.” I announce. Judah doesn’t say a word.

” Really?” Adele asks. Judah shrugs.

” I’m in the kitchen. I’m gonna go drop this.” She smiles at us and walks away.

” You know you can’t just kiss me and assume we’re back together.” I tell him.

” I didn’t say that. Maybe we can start all over again. Please.”

I weigh my options as stare at his extremely pink lips that are a little swollen due to our kissing.

” Please.” He pressures.

” Don’t you keep that young man waiting , Serena.” Aunt Adele calls out from the kitchen.

” Alright. One last chance.”

” fvck, you don’t how happy I am.”

” Don’t be too happy, I might likely change my mind.”

” fvcking hell. I’m sorry.”

” Stop saying sorry. That’s a lot of sorry you’ve said this past two weeks.”

” I’ve been miserable without you.” Judah says and wraps his arms around me for a warm hug.

” You don’t know how much you mean to me. I didn’t realize that till the day you asked me to leave your house.”

” Why didn’t you leave?”

” I couldn’t live with the guilt. Plus, my visit to Italy should be with you and not me alone.”

I smile against his warm embrace.

” Go out on a vacation with me?” He asks out of the blue.

” What?” I pull back to look at him.

” Yeah. Please.”

” Yes.”




I squeal loudly as I run into the waves.
Judah took me to a fvcking island.
A vacation I’ve always hoped for.
An isolated island with a beautiful home and a man you’re in love with by your side.
Isn’t that dream worthy?

Judah sweep me off my feet as we kiss.
We’re always kissing ever since we settled our differences. Aunt Adele went back to London the following day. Diana threw a big party in her father’s house that evening and we party the hell out. I talked with Todd and apologize for whatever thing he did to me. Summer apologized too.

Confessed she’s been jealous of me all this while and she envied my life. My fvcked up life.
Judah took me to Italy and we spent a week there. We visited his neighborhood and it was fun seriously. Seeing his childhood neighborhood and all that.

And now we’re in my fantasy island. [email protected] with Judah on top of me. Kissing me in every sensitive part as I m0an at every of his single perfect thrust. Judah kisses down my neck as he thrusts into me. I grip to the sheet throw my head back against the pillow.

How did we get here?
From fighting and arguing and loving each other to making love in an island. He might not be the world’s best man, he’s my favorite man.
He might be an asshole or a jerk, yet he still has his own way of making me want him.
He’s my everything.

Judah kisses me as he whispers against the kiss.

” I love you…”


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