She is a Demigod episode 96 – end

She Is A Demigod 💫💙
(She’s a half witch, half vampire )🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense😲✨

💋 Chapter Ninety Six 💋


Allison came in with the juice and handed them over to Emma and Gabriel.

Gabriel quickly gulped it down.
“You were mad at me last night. You didn’t even let me explain why I left the party”

“It’s okay. It’s all in the past now. Mom told me that an alpha almost hurt you” Allison replied and sipped from her juice.

“Yeah, it was really hard to witness. The potion faded off and he could perceive my human scent” he said.

“Very funny. So glad he didn’t hurt you. All thanks to mom”

“There was a party?” Emma asked with a shocking expression written all over her face.

“Oh, weren’t you present last night?” He asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. Allison also wanted to ask the same question.

“Didn’t hear of that” Emma said and rolled her eyes.

“That’s weird. I invited all packs”

“I don’t belong to any park” Emma said again. She was a little upset.

“Oh, so you are a Delta” Gabriel squeezed his face.

“But your mom was at the party” she murmured.

“Yeah, mom told me she was going to come back late last night but I didn’t know it was a party she was headed to”

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to be there”

“It’s okay. I don’t really enjoy parties” Emma added and took her juice.
Sean walked into the room without knocking. Hazel was behind him.
He threw a bottle of water at Gabriel.

Gabriel caught it and stared at it with confusion written all over his face.
“What’s this for?”

“That’s what we get for cleaning the forest” Sean said with a simple expression on his face.

“Woah, are you girls talking about boys?” Hazel asked as she walked away from Sean into the room.

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“Who are they?” Emma whispered.

“He is my step brother and this is his girlfriend” she said.

“Hello” Hazel waved at her.

“Hi, I’m Emma” she said and waved her hand.

“I’m Hazel”

“I’m gonna leave you guys now. Come on dude” Sean said to Gabriel.
He picked another slice of pizza before leaving the room again.

“We have a lot of things to talk about bruh!” Gabriel said with some pizza stuffed in his mouth.

“I don’t understand what you said but okay!” Sean replied before closing the door.
“Now it’s we three ladies”

“Just like my mom” Allison said.

“What do you mean?” Emma asked.

“My mom was a hybrid like me, Madison and Cindy was the vampire while Lilly was the werewolf. See just three of us makes a very good friendship”

“Nice, just nice” Hazel said with a little smile on her face.

Allison gave a quick laugh and took a slice of pizza.
“So tell me about your former home, what was it like???”
Kylie was with the travel man. He was in front of his book.
“Do you have to go now?” She asked.

“Yes, I’ve done my work already. It’s high time I left” he said.

“This was also your world. It’s good if you stay” Kylie said.

“I have to go Kylie. I have some generation to teach also”

“What is it like to live in a book?” She asked.

The travel man smiled. He was about to go back into the book before she asked a question.

He sat on his rocky chair and rocked himself slowly.
“It’s just like here on earth but it’s more quieter and peaceful. You don’t have to eat to live. You just have to be happy to live a longer life. There are animals, plants, tall trees and a lot of things there in the book”

“So, you are all alone in the book?” Kylie asked, giving a questioning look.

“Yes, yes I am” he replied.

Kylie’s expression changed.
“I got you something” she said and brought out something from her hand bag.

A smile crept on his face. He wondered what Kylie had brought for him.

She unwrapped it and gave it to him. It was a photo of the travel man with Kylie. It was perfectly shot.

“This is really great. I’m in a photo” he said.

Kylie smiled.
“I hope this makes you remember us. We love you and appreciate all effort that…”

“Oh Kylie, don’t be foolish. It’s my job. That’s why I’m the travel man” he interrupted her.

“Thanks travel man”

“Williams Neal, that’s my name” he said.
“I never told anyone. Apart from anyone in my generation, no one knows my name. Now, you know it. Keep it safe and always remember it. I’m sorry for not giving you anything to remember me”

“I have your book with me, coupled with your name. I will always keep it safe with me” Kylie said.

The travel man stood up and wrapped his arms around her.
“Take good care of the city and the world queen Kylie” he said and waited for Kylie to perform the spell to send him away.

As she did it, he could see hot tears rolling from her eyes.
He held onto the frame tight as he disappeared into the book.

“Bye Williams Neal, I won’t let you down” she murmured.
Kylie went back to her house as something good hit her back.
“What’s that aroma? It’s smells like brownies” she asked as she entered into the house.

Josh saw her and ran to her.
“Mom!” He jumped on her, wrapping his arms around her neck.

“Missed me?” She asked and he nodded.

“Me too. Guess what I bought for you”

“Chocolate!” He yelled.

Kylie squeezed her face jokingly.
“I thought that was gonna take a while. But since you guessed right, here’s your chocolate” she said and dipped her hand into her bag. She gave him two bars of chocolate.

“Yay!” He cheered as he ran into his room.

Jasper turned and stared at Kylie.
“Hey crazy lady, you are looking dull” he said.

“Yeah, the travel man is gone already” she said and head to the kitchen.

“Hey mom!” Allison greeted.

“Hey aunt!” Emma greeted.

“Welcome my Queen!” Hazel said.

“Cut it out Hazel. What are you girls making?” She asked.

“We are making brownies”

Suddenly, the heard a ding. It was from the oven.

“Yay! It’s ready” Allison cheered.

Kylie assisted them in bringing it out of the brownie from the oven. They all took a bite at once and quickly spat it out.


“That was disgusting!”

“Thank goodness we didn’t mix the other recipe”

“Girls, this isn’t that bad..” Kylie said without certainty.

“Don’t lie to us aunt” Emma said and folded her arms.

“Okay, this is bad. But I’ll teach you how to make a tasty brownie” Kylie said.


“Yes. But that’s after I take a shower. So before I pop back downstairs, you girls should clean this mess up” she said and head upstairs.
They began to clean it up. They didn’t want to ruin anything.
They really wanted to learn how to make brownies incase of necessity.

“Goal!!” Jasper yelled as Kylie walked pass him I’m the sitting room. She climbed the stairs up to her room, shaking her head at her husband.
He winked at her and sat back down to continue watching his football game.
As Kylie walked pass Sean’s room, she heard some sound in his room.
She knocked the door and then push it wide open.

“What are you guys doing?” She asked.

“Trying to beat this high score!” Sean said.

“Not in your dreams a**hole. You can never beat my… Argh!” Gabriel groaned and sprung up.

Sean just passed his high score.
“Yes! That’s it, I did it. Who’s the loser now?” He cheered.

“Nice game boys, quit the noise” she said and folded her arms.

“I thought my son was gay when I heard that struggling voice from outside”

They both laughed.
“That’s crazy to hear”

“Yeah, super crazy. Sean, we need talk tonight”

“Sure mom, anything you are ready” he replied.

She winked at him and left them.
They went back to their games and slowly made their noise.
Kylie got into the bathroom and had a warm bath. She slipped into something comfortable and made her way to the kitchen.
They all made the brownies and it tasted really good.

Lilly came after some hours to pick up Emma. Emma had a lot of fun while with Allison and Hazel.

They left to their houses and the family had a very nice dinner.

Afterwhich, they went to their various rooms.
“Why didn’t the travel man tell anyone he was leaving” Jasper asked as he laid on the bed beside Kylie.

“I have no idea. He only let me know about it” she replied.

“Yeah, that’s because you are the queen duh!”

“And you are the king, huh?”

Jasper smiled.
“King huh? Very funny!” He murmured and gave a quick laugh.

💋 Chapter Ninety Seven 💋


(Kylie’s POV)

I just sat alone on my porch, thinking about how my life has been since I was born. I was first bullied by my own classmates while in the lower grade. Mom thought me how to stand up for myself and that was one thing learned from her.

I moved to the city where with my mom, leaving my grandma behind. I met my half amazing boyfriend who stabbed me in the back.
He got replaced by an amazing man who I ended getting married to.

In the middle of all that, I got mated to weird crazy specie called Specie. I don’t ever want to imagine how that even started. I got pregnant for a monster and gave birth to a beautiful godsent child. He was really adorable.

I got married to the man of my dreams, the most charming man in the world earth and ended up with two beautiful kids, making it three children. The Specie tried to act smart with us but our son, my son was smarter than him.

Now, living my life as the queen of the three was one crazy part of my journey on earth.

I had to travel to different countries, cities, towns to visit almost all covens, vampires and packs.
Of course, I wasn’t alone. I was with my friends. Lilly, Lina, Cindy and Madison, they’ve all been good friends to me and also like the sisters I never had.

My son, Sean started a business which I talked him into and he was very successful. He was the youngest billionaire in the city and he had Hazel by his side as his wonderful assistant.

He also had the opportunity to go to college and manage his company at the same time.
My family was doing just great throughout the year.
The first summer camp at TT academy was really good for a start.

We held the first summer camp Finland which was pretty awesome.
We had different classes for the three species.

Training, skills, potion and spells making and lot more.
The witches gets to know more about some history. Some of happening in the history were discussed.

The werewolves also learned some skills and undergo some training.
They knew some fighting skills which their shared with each other.

The vampires also did their part. Gracefully, my dad was the trainer this year.
Very funny to watch my dad teach other kids.

Competition were done, prizes were given. But everyone’s a winner….

All of this became possible because of one man. The one which I’ll forever keep in my heart and never forget. He was the reason I became the queen of the three.

Williams Neal, the travel man. Every year, Every month, every day we will always remember you.

We added his wonderful name in our summer camp anthem to always keep him in our heart.

And this was my story….
The End 🥺
We miss you Kylie
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