Sisterhood episode 36





Demian went to the hostel to see Nkem. When he got there, he was allowed inside so he didn’t bother to call her. He knocked on the door of her room and she opened it. She was shocked to see him there. He came in and sat on her bed. She was arranging some things when he came in. He sat on her bed and asked her to continue while he talked to her.

“Are you still upset?” he asked her.

“I wasn’t upset. I told you I wasn’t”

“My sister recognised you. I stopped her from saying anything. You made this holiday worth it. I wish I could come back midyear to spend more time with you.”

Nkem smiled but it wasn’t from the depth of her heart. She was confused. She liked Demian. They were close and she appreciated the closeness. She could tell him anything and he had done the same with her. She felt the hug he gave her before she left his cousin’s place. There was a lump in her throat. She was scared to give this a chance. She was getting too close to him and she knew she would miss him.

Demian took off his sneakers and lay on her bed while she worked. She asked if he wanted her to make something for him to eat but he declined. She continued her work while they talked. When she was through, he asked her to lie on the bed with him. She declined initially but he appealed to her. She lay with him. They talked about the holiday and the fun times they had.

“I want you to be flying each time you have to travel back home,” Demian said to her.

“It is a luxury I can’t afford. Who will pick me up from the airport to my house? Do you have an idea how much an airport taxi costs? It is almost the price of a flight ticket.”

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Demian laughed. He said to her, “You are my girl, it is a luxury you can afford. I will make certain of it.”

“I don’t want you to. If I have to travel, I know how to go. I was travelling before you came along.”

“I know. But I want to do this for you.”

“What about Henry?”

“What about him?”

“We still communicate. I can’t have you spoiling me with intentions of being with me while your cousins also have hopes we will be together.”

“Do you like him?”

“That’s not the point. You sold him to me and me to him. Why did you have to do that when you know you were interested in me.”

“You read me well. I was scared you will bail on me if you find out how I felt. Henry is close to me. I am surprised he is still communicating with you. Tell him you can only be friends. I have already told him to back off; you are not interested in him for a relationship. He said he sensed it.”

“What time is your flight?”

“9 pm. I will leave here by 7 pm.”

“Isn’t that late? I think you should leave by 6 pm. The traffic might be terrible at that time.”

“Do I make you nervous? Will my feelings for you jeopardise our friendship?”

“Why do ask?”

“I don’t want you to ever stop talking to me. I want us to remain friends. I want more than friendship but I will settle for whatever you are comfortable with now.”

“It will not.”

“Thank you.”

They switched to other topics until it was 6 pm. His father called him and asked him to leave wherever he was and head to the airport. He stood up. He looked at Nkem and asked her if she would go with him to the airport. She refused. She didn’t want to run into his family again.

“Can I ask a favour?”


“Can I at least get a kiss? Just a kiss before I go.”

Nkem was reluctant and he could see it. She struggled to accept but she couldn’t. She shook her head. She pointed to her cheek instead. He bent down and pecked her on the cheek. Then she saw him off to his car.

“I will miss you. I will talk to you until I get to the airport and board my plane. If I can’t talk, I will chat with you. I will send you all the pictures we took, there are several. I don’t know what else to say.”

“I will miss you too. I will be graduating by June and once I graduate, I will go back home until it is time to serve. If you do come midyear, I won’t be in Lagos. Wait until December before you come back. The village won’t be fun until then.”

“Can I hug you? Know I won’t want to let you go.”

‘You will let me go because you have a flight to catch.”

“You are always so practical. You are not romantic.”

‘Romance doesn’t work for me. I need to work, have a career and become successful. Love and marriage can come later.”

“How long do you need? Would you move over for your Master’s to be with me? I will sponsor it. I want you to be with me.”

“Until then.” She hugged him and allowed him to hold on longer before he pecked her again. “It’s time to go so you don’t miss your flight. I will be waiting for your call.”

He hugged her one last time and then he left. She stood outside waiting for the car to disappear.


The second semester resumed after two weeks break. Lectures began immediately.

Ebuka had concluded his service year and was working for his father in Lagos. He was now a regular at the school to see his fiance. He had glamoured for him to get a place of his own but his parents refused. They told him he had to stay at home until after the wedding before he moved.

There was no privacy and he voiced this to his parents. They inquired what he needed privacy for. There was so much back and forth until finally, they agreed for him to stay at a guest house owned by the company. It was a place they kept expatriates when they came to Nigeria. They also rented the place out. He was given the penthouse; his father reserved it for himself. He understood the son wanted to be able to meet with his fiance freely without their eyes being on them. He knew she had travelled to Abuja to see him on several occasions.

Easter holiday, Funke was at home with her family. She was to resume school on Easter Monday in preparation for the tests. Lectures were to continue the next day. She had discussed this with Ebuka and he had promised to pick her up and take her to school. He had just moved into the penthouse after some renovation and he wanted to surprise her with it.

He came to pick her up. He met with her parents. They asked him to have lunch but he declined. He had food packed in his car by his mother. He helped Funke carry her luggage to the car. They left for his place.

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“I have a surprise for you,” Ebuka said to her.

“What is it?”

“You will see.”

He drove to the guest house. He carried her luggage and the basket of food his mother gave him and also a bag of drinks. The bellboy helped him carry his bags upstairs to his room. Funke was surprised when she went through the door and saw the place. It was only one bedroom with a sitting area, dining area and kitchenette.

“They allowed you to move?” Funke asked.

“Yes, they did. They renovated it for me until I get married.”

“This is beautiful.”

“It is also a special day.”


“On an Easter Monday last year, I was introduced to your family. Baby, it is a year. It will be a full year next week but I will judge with Easter Monday. I will love to get married on an Easter Monday too.”

“You are not serious. This is very nice. I can’t believe your mother allowed you to move out.”

“My dad convinced her. I slept at home last night. My dad believes it is because of you I want to live alone.”


“Yes, it is because I want you to be comfortable when you visit me.”

It was agreed she would spend the night and he will drop her off early the next morning before he leaves for work.

Everything went well until night. Funke went into the bathroom to take her bath. While bathing, Ebuka waited outside. He thought she was still inside the bathroom so he went inside to get his phone he had left on the bed. As he entered, she was facing the mirror while moisturising her body. She was naked. She quickly grabbed her towel. Ebuka didn’t say a word to her. He picked up his phone and left the room.


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