Sisterhood episode 90




During the summer, Nkem sent her mother to pick up Dominic for her to Nigeria. Demian was upset. He expected Nkem to come herself but it was stated that Nkem could send a proxy to pick up the child. Nkem’s mother was surprised at Demian’s behaviour. She asked him, “Demian what happened? How can you change so much? It is Nkem o, Nkem you have loved for so long. What exactly is the matter?”

“She didn’t love me the way I loved her. How can she choose her career over me? How could she have divorced me so easily?”

“My daughter hardly talks to me because of this issue. I do not want to dabble in this misunderstanding with Nkem. Will you release the boy or not? I am only a messenger.”

Demian refused to release the son. Nkem’s mother let Nkem know. The lawyer used the police to take the boy from Demian’s house with his luggage and gave him to his grandmother. Demian was upset about it. He threatened to fight it in court. He made so much noise about it that the lady living with him had to ask him questions.

“Demian, is it because Nkem sent her mother that you are angry or because she didn’t come herself? I don’t understand you. I told you her mother was coming and you said it was against the rule she has to come herself. She sent me a picture of the judgement and it says she can use a proxy. I thought we have gone past this.”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. How does my decision to insist that his mother comes to pick him up affect anything? It is her responsibility.”

“Nkem doesn’t want to see you. She is avoiding you. She has divorced you so you can move on with your life. She has moved on. She is doing very well. Let her be and face your work here.”

“How do you know all this?”

“We talk on the phone, we have video calls and we chat. She is grateful I take good care of Dom for her. She is very nice to me and she has assured me she is not interested in you anymore. So, you too move on.”

“She is saying all that to make you take care of her child. Be deceiving yourself there.”

“She went to a conference or is it a seminar with some of her friends. She is having the time of her life. She sent me pictures and videos.”

“Nkem sent you pictures and videos? Let me see them.”

She showed them to him. Demian was shocked when she saw the videos of Nkem with her friends. There were several. He saw Larry and Sodik; they were two very good-looking men. He saw the way they were around Nkem and he felt bad. His countenance changed. He felt defeated. Nkem had truly moved on. He needed to see her. He wanted to talk to her and make things right with her.

After Dominic had travelled with his grandmother, late one night he used Ndidi (his girl)’s phone to chat with Nkem. He requested a video call so ‘she’ could see Dominic. Nkem found that odd because Ndidi had spoken to Dominic earlier. She was suspicious so she said she was out with friends and Dominic wasn’t with her. She promised to call when she got back home.

She called and gave the phone to Dominic. When Dominic said, “Hello daddy,” she confirmed her suspicion. Why would he call her with Ndidi’s phone? She had blocked him and she wanted it to remain that way. From then on, she refused to turn on her video unless she is sure it was Ndidi. Why she didn’t tell Ndidi about Demian using her phone to call her because she didn’t want Ndidi to take out her anger on Dominic.

Nkem took Dominic back when the holiday was over. She arrived in the US and called Ndidi to come and pick him up by herself. That way Demian did not see her. Ndidi screamed when she saw her. She looked slimmer and her outfit was fire. She had dyed her hair a maroon colour and kept it as an afro. She looked so different and so hot. It was now Nkem was experimenting. Only colleagues and close friends had seen her with her maroon-coloured afro hair.

Because she had lost weight, she had to return some of the clothes in her wardrobe she never wore for a size smaller. She had to pay extra for the exchange. She shopped some more for herself. She felt good, she looked good and now she was ready to mingle. Her friends encouraged her to date. This was her first time experiencing dating without an attachment. She bought clothes she could go on dates with. She had changed completely.

Back in Nigeria, Nkem went on dates. Some men wanted her but she wanted someone that would tick all her boxes. She wanted a man who was comfortable, hard-working, ambitious and willing to support her ambitions too. Someone who knows what he wants and would do anything to have it and also keep it. He had to be good-looking and highly intelligent. She wanted someone busy just as she was. Importantly, she didn’t want to have children, she wanted someone who already has children or who doesn’t and still doesn’t want kids. She wasn’t particular about the tribe.

She went on dates. A few ticked her boxes but not completely. She enjoyed the dates. She didn’t want intimacy until she was sure he was the one. It was one of her conditions. She sighted guys who just wanted to keep her as a mistress. She didn’t want that.

It took almost a year to find the perfect guy. Nkem was part of the entourage that went to a UN summit and that was where she met Manuel. He was so cute that Nkem couldn’t take her eyes off him when their eyes met several times. They talked and they spent time together until the summit was over. He invited Nkem to Angola to visit him. He was a perfect gentleman. She stayed for a week and came back. He ticked almost all her boxes. He was a workaholic just like her.

He also came to visit her in Nigeria. He spent his holiday in Nigeria so he stayed for three weeks. It was a bonding time for them. Nkem posted their pictures on social media and her status. People commented on how cute they looked together. She unblocked her ‘sisters’ and she made peace with them. They were surprised Demian agreed to the divorce, they believed he loved her too much. She wanted to be sure she wasn’t making a mistake with Manuel. He had been pushing for intimacy and she was stalling. She didn’t know why. She didn’t want to have sex with any other person except Demian. He understood her and her body. She was scared,

Esther replied, “Efe understood my body better than Jake. Forget, Efe was the one I loved. He effortlessly gives orgasms that many ladies can only dream of. My body responds to him as if he owns it. Jake was an ok lover and brought some craziness to the table I liked but then he was too extreme. Efe is by far better. And most importantly, he is faithful.”

“If you don’t try him how would you know if he is better than Demian? The guy is handsome and I heard Angola men have a sizable apparatus,” Zainab added. All the ladies were shocked because she was the very shy one. “Why are you shouting? We are doing the do now. Usman has the right apparatus for my engine. It works perfectly. He is a good lover and seeks to please me. This is my second go at marriage and I intend to make it work.”

“I have only been with one man so I can relate to Nkem’s plight. Since you crave it, why don’t you continue with Demian since you desire no other person? Even though divorced, you can still be meeting,” Funke suggested.

“I can never be his sidepiece. He is living with a lady that is taking care of my son. And I know it is difficult but I will need to move on. I just want this to be serious, I mean Manuel and I. He claims he wants the same things I want but I was still weary.”

“Have a taste and see if you want to keep him or not. Maybe after tasting he will commit.” Esther advised.

The conversations and catching up were very nice. Nkem visited Zainab in Abuja. They were both so happy. Nkem had found playmates for Dominic whenever he is in Nigeria. She also contributed to Zainab’s NGO. Nkem had never seen Zainab this happy. They lived well and she was content with her two children. She took special care of Hadiza and Nkem saw how well Zainab took care of Hadiza, they were very close. It was the same way Funke took very good Elsie while Uloma stayed in America feeling fly. Yes, she told Iyke but refusing to acknowledge she had a child hurt Nkem. Elsie was better of with Funke.

Manuel came to visit Nkem in Nigeria. He had a conference in Sweden and wanted Nkem to join him over the weekend, Nkem was not sure she wanted to do this because she was very self-conscious of her body. It had gone through some changes during childbirth. It looked good but she had stretch marks on her belly. She had tried many creams to get rid of them but they were still there. Not very visible but she was self-conscious.

Demian never talked about the stretch marks or rather he never saw them. That was what she liked about him. Even when she added some weight, he never said anything about it, it didn’t stop him from desiring her. He desired her not just her body. She missed him so much. She knew what he would have done to her if they were both left alone. She hadn’t heard from him but she knew if she invited him over, he would come. But, it would mean she is the side chick. Never wanted to be called that. She agreed to join Manuel in Sweden.

She told her friends and they came up with crazy ideas for her to have fun. They made her have a clean shave and pack sexy outfits. It was fun having Zainab there with Nkem and having a video call with Funke and Esther as she packed for the weekend getaway. They told her styles she should try. Nkem was so shy. She was surprised that Zainab could be so vocal. She married the right man and they all loved her exposure. She still wore her hijab and performed her rites but unlike before, she felt free to talk about everything now.

Nkem was the only one without a partner. All of them seemed genuinely happy in their marriages and none was envious of the other. Taking a second leap at marriage had brought out the best in Esther and Zainab. Nkem hoped it would do the same for her. Manuel loved how ambitious she was. He said women from his place were not as driven as Nkem. Those were the words she wanted to hear. She wanted Manuel to meet Dom. She knew Dom would like him. This was important to her.

When she got to Sweden, Manuel picked her up at the airport. He took her to the hotel. She only had three days to spend with Manuel and he had promised to make it memorable for her. She couldn’t get over how good-looking he was. He was quite handsome. The ladies stared at him whenever they were together. A lady told her in the restroom, “Both of you are so cute together.” Beauty was not something Nkem was worried about. She never saw herself as beautiful but as intelligent. This was one of the reasons she didn’t have so much of a fashion sense. She was very conservative when it had to do with her.

ReaD – Sisterhood episode 89

On their first night together, Manuel saw she was tensed and tried to make her comfortable. He was gentle with her which she liked. He massaged her body which made it relax. She enjoyed the sensual massage until it wasn’t just his hands massaging her. She felt his lips and his tongue. He was quite good with those too. Nkem was almost begging him to take her before he did. It was beautiful. He was so skilled in the act of lovemaking that Nkem couldn’t count how many times she had an orgasm.

She told her friends about it when she was alone and they hailed her. She described the massage and his expertise in the act. Funke was no longer excited with the rest of them. She was very calculative. She had a suspicion. She wanted to know more about Manuel. She wasn’t comfortable with the skill Nkem described. Only ‘fuck boys’ had such skills. She suspected he wasn’t what he claimed to be.

Funke called Nkem later that day. She asked her to call back when she was alone and could talk. Nkem called late at night. “Nkem, do me a favour. No matter what story this guy tells you, do not give him a kobo. Tell him you are drowning in legal fee debts and can’t help anyone for now.”

“Do you think he is that kind of person?”

“I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about him. I need his information so I can investigate him so we will be sure.”

“Let this remain between us. If it is true, I will let him off gently, if not, I will continue with him.”

“I agree.”

Funke sent his details to uncle Tobi to find out about Manuel. Uncle Tobi came back with a good verdict. This made Funke relax a bit but she told Nkem not to part with any money or take compromising pictures or have phone sex with him. She wanted to ensure Nkem was safe. Nkem agreed with her. She was more cautious with Manuel. Manuel was good to her. She came back to Nigeria a contented woman.

Nkem liked Manuel. They spoke several times a day. The relationship was waxing stronger. After several months, Nkem let her guard down and allowed Manuel to stay at her place when he was in Nigeria. Manuel loved it. They spent time together. Manuel was young and full of life. He wanted things different from what Nkem wanted. He went clubbing while Nkem stayed at home. He came back in the early hours of the morning. He told Nkem he wishes the UN will post him to Nigeria so he could be with her. Nkem loved the idea and asked him to try his luck.

“Won’t you push for me? I mean, use your connections to influence it,” Manuel asked.

“I don’t call in favours at work. I can’t use my influence for such. We are not married, so on what basis do I want your transfer?”

“As your lover. Sweet thing, I want to be here with you always. I want to wake up beside you and let my hand slide between…”

“Stop it! Even if you relocate to Nigeria, you won’t live with me. You will have your accommodation and we will visit each other. I allow you to stay here because you are just visiting.”

“Why waste money when we can stay together? If you don’t want me to stay with you then I have offers of where to stay. Many women want me and are willing to accommodate me but it is just you I want.”

Nkem wondered what Manuel was talking about. Other women? From where? She decided to look through his things one morning he was passed out from clubbing. She saw his passport and found out he was a young guy in his twenties. He looked older but he was acting his age. There was no way Nkem would marry him. She felt stupid being with him. Her joy was that she insisted on using protection each time they met.

When he left Nigeria, Nkem called him on phone. She asked his age and he told her a lie. She sent him a picture of his passport. She told him she doesn’t have sex with guys younger than her. She told him to move on, it was fun while it lasted. She wished him well. He didn’t respond to her.

Just as Funke had predicted, he sent her pictures of her naked on the bed asleep. He sent videos of both of them having sex. He wrote that there were more where those came from. She couldn’t break up with him. If she did, he would anonymously leak the videos to the internet. She was upset and scared. She was a secretive person so she didn’t tell him much about her ex-husband and her in-laws. He only knew she had a son that lived in America. That would have been his first target.

She called Funke and asked to meet with her. Funke flew to Abuja to see Nkem. Nkem showed her the pictures and videos. Funke was shocked. “How did he video you guys?”

“I don’t know. One of the videos was taken in my bedroom. He planted the camera. What do I do?”

“This is more than me. The guy is obsessed with you. What did he request?”

“He wanted me to help him get transferred to Nigeria, I told him I couldn’t. He wanted to live with me in my apartment while he works. I refused and checked his things. That was when I found out he was much younger than me. He is a small boy of twenty-six years. How can I be having sex with a twenty-six-year-old? I had to end it. This was his response, sending me pictures and videos. If Demian sees these videos or pictures, he will not allow me near Dominic again. What should I do?”

“It was uncle Tobi that helped Esther during her crisis with Jake. I think you should call him and tell him.”

“I can’t. I can’t even show him these pictures and videos. Please I can’t.”

“Why? If it is coming from you he will treat it with the urgency it requires. I thought both of you were close. Talk to him.”

“Is there no one else?”

“Nkem, tell me the truth, did you have something with my uncle?”

“We didn’t have anything. Nothing happened between us.”

“Did he make advances towards you?”

“Funke, nothing happened. That’s the truth. I just don’t want him to see the pictures and the videos. That’s all. I swear.”

“Uncle Tobi is fond of you but since you came back he doesn’t want to talk about you. He supports your decision to come back but he doesn’t ever want to discuss anything about you. Why is that?”

“You should ask him.”

“I will.”

Funke called uncle Tobi. She asked him to see her at Nkem’s apartment. She told him it was important and urgent too. He asked if Nkem was at home and she said yes. He refused to come to the apartment. He asked Funke to meet him somewhere else.

“Uncle Tobi, what is going on between you and Nkem? Nkem is hiding something, you are also hiding something. You can confide in me. Nkem has always been very secretive but both of us have been open with each other. Why can’t you share with me so I would advise both of you? Or even you because Nkem will never admit, I know her.”

“We will discuss this further when I see you. Nkem will not want me in the apartment. Trust me, she will find somewhere to hide. Let’s meet elsewhere.”


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