Smally – Final episode

Smally 18+
The Return of Karma

“When we tried to write our own end, and the supernatural beings are interested in our end, it will become an end game.”

Last Episode

I was surprised to turn back and find Smally, as the one that was calling-out to the kids. Her face look so dull, and emotional, portraying evidence that she has been crying. I swallowed hærd.

“Do you follow me down here?” She demanded with urgency and sharp voice.

“No, I was about to say my final goodbye to Earth before I remembered this place. One of my fund memories of you, Smally . . . What is life without you” I poured out my emotions, her face soften.

“You are so selfish, you want to leave me and your children all alone?” I froze in surprise, she was carried away by emotions and she ran into my arms embracing me warmly.

“Mommy, why are you hugging big uncle?” I chuckled uneasily, Precious asked dragging the helm of the short gown of her mother. We disengaged, she bent low.

“Is your dad, baby” she k-ss her forehead, I smile wearily. To brace myself of the children. They ran into my arms happily, I was driven crazy by happiness that I started crying.

“What took you so long daddy?” Prince in my arms asked, I felt alive and a responsible someone. Am a father, I scre-med in my mind.

“Prince and Precious, go and play over there. Let me talk to your daddy” the kids scre-med happily and ran into the kid’s park, Smally look at me fiercely. I was about to apologize when she covered my l-ips with k-ss.


“Wow, why did she forgive you easily without much ado?” I shrugged at Pastor Benjamin’s question.

“I never bothered to ask her, I was too carried away by the moment. And she shows the sign that she has missed me so much” I smiled happily.

“How was she able to achieve her dreams?” Pastor Benjamin asked, fascinated by the sudden change of Smally’s fortune.

“Her older brother who was declared missing a year ago then, return all of a sudden. He was very wealthy, that he took care of her baby and trained her in higher institution” I smiled happily, Pastor Benjamin nodded in appreciation.

“What happened afterwards, did you go with them?” He asked all of a sudden, my mood changed. I felt like crying.

“No, I went back to my house to get some of my important files and I met my….”

Last Episode B

My house was so quiet when I arrived, I called out to my gateman but there was no response. I walk into the sitting room and find everywhere quiet.

I started having a strange feelings when I switch on the lights in the sitting room, the Apples where still un-touched and un-moved. Before, I could step forward, I felt a sharp pain in my arm.

“Aaahh” I gro-ned in pains, I was sprawl on the floor battling with my shot arm when I saw Kate and a stranger walking towards me.
They k-ssed before me, my eyes w¡dened in shock. I remained silent to avoid more deadly retaliation.

“Baby, can you end this fool?” Me fool, I was so moved with anger that i sprang up from the floor. What Kate said was so mean.

“Aaaah” I lost consciousness as the bullet pierced into my forehead.

Author’s Side of The Story . . .

Victor was already sprawl on the floor, on his pool of blood. Kate and Obinna k-ssed rom-ntically to their victory.

Obinna brought out a bottle of wine, and opened it. He went into the bar, and took two glass from it. He poured the drinks, then gave Kate a glass.

“Baby, am pressed” he hurried into the bathroom to pee, Kate sip from the glass twice when Obinna left.


Obinna entered the bathroom brought out his phone, and dialed a number. The phone ring and the receiver picked.

“Hello sweetie, it is done!” He scre-med happily, punching the air. He ended the call and waited for ten minutes before he exit the bathroom.


Kate suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach, the glass dropped from her hand and crashed into pieces.

“Aaah” Kate scre-med, calling out to Obinna as blood drip from her mouth. She try moving but couldn’t, she slum on the floor and died.


Obinna appeared from the bathroom smiling happily.

“Headline, wife shot husband and poisoned herself” he laugh wickedly, took the file on the table with the Apple on the table and dropped the gun beside the corpse of Kate, he left afterwards.

He took a bite from the apple, another bite. Again and again as he walk towards his car, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach that halt his movement. The file dropped from his hand and the apple too.

He was on the floor crawling towards his car, vomiting blood, He died while struggling to enter his car.


“Is it the end of your story?” Pastor Benjamin asked surprised, I nodded.

“How come you ar…” I cut in.

“Cause  I’m a ghost” he was shocked, I disappeared.

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THE END. What do you think about the Story?

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