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Snake ladies batch 20


Snake ladies

Episode 13
Pastor Val: could you please adjust your gown a little.

Girl: no problem sir!

She said but didn’t adjust anything. soon, her pant was visible and she placed her left hand on Pastor Val’s lap.

Pastor Val: stop that you. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.

He shouted and at the mention of Jesus Christ, she stopped. She immediately drew down her gown and sat properly.

Pastor Val: I am covered with the blood of Jesus!!

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Was the statement that kept coming out of his mouth. Soon, she saw that she was very close to the supposed hospital that she said her brother was admitted in.

She looked at Pastor Val but couldn’t touch him neither could she tempt him again because any slight mistake from her, he will drop her off.

Just then, an Idea crossed her mind. She shifted a little and got close to the driver’s seat.

Then in a swift action, she started dragging the steering from pastor Val’s hand. Pastor Val was caught unaware by her stupid action. He tried removing her hands but surprisingly, he couldn’t.

The two kept dragging the steering till she suddenly let go of it. Because of this her action, Pastor Val lost his grip on the steering and he made a dangerous turn as his car got collided with another fast moving car coming opposite them.

The sound that came out as a result of the impact of the two cars was so loud. They were shattered glasses all over the road and people ran helter scatter while the brave ones approached the accident scene to see if they could save any life.

Mama D came out from the girl’s body and smiled. Some minutes earlier. she possessed the girl, a w—e who was looking for a cab to enter to go back to where she came from.

She knew that pastor Val would be passing there by that time and since the w—e wore a short gown, her body will do best in tempting the strong and powerful Pastor Val.

Well, she didn’t expect Pastor Val to rebuke her. She was surprised when when he told her to stop. It was then the idea of causing an accident crossed her mind. If she couldn’t tempt him, she can cause an accident that will claim his life. After all, she was not in her real body.

She looked at the two bodies inside the car and laughed. Surely, they wouldn’t survive the accident. Pastor Val was bleeding all over likewise the girl. As for the other reckless driver, his lifeless body was taken out of the car.

Mama D: finally! I know the queen will be pleased with me..

She said and disappeared from the accident scene. In no time, sirens from Ambulance were heard as the people gave way for the doctors that came to do their work.

Not wasting time, they took the three bodies, Pastor Val, the girl and the other driver inside their Ambulance and zoomed off.

Episode 14
Mama D appeared before the Queen mother with a smile on her lips. She knew the Queen mother was proud of her.

Queen: Mama D mama.

Mama D: yes Queen mother.

Queen: you have proven your worth to me, to us and to the goddess, welldone Mama D.

Just then, the goddess appeared in front of them and they all bowed before her.

Goddess: I am truly impressed by your work. Nice work my servants. Pastor Val is lying helplessly on the sick bed. His mission is going to be slow from now on buying us more time to accomplish our mission. Nevertheless don’t relent for there is much work to be done.

She said and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Queen: have you two heard her?

All: yes ma.

Queen: we have loose many members and after this mission, we will start initiating more women. Mama D, step out.

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Mama D came out.

Queen: nice work, I want you to finish him off. You are going to appear in the hospital, carry the sacred knife and stabbed him.

Mama D: yes Queen mother.

Queen: that shall be your task from now on, Mama Ik step out.

Mama Ik stepped out.

Queen: you haven’t been given any task that’s why I am assigning you to one. From now on, you shall attack Idris’s Mother. The one protecting her is lying in the hospital in need of protection and help. She is very vulnerable at this time. Get her and finish her off.

Mama Ik: yes Queen mother.

Queen: that’s very good. Now, set off to work.

All: yes Queen mother!!


Mum: oh God, what could be delaying pastor Val?

My mother asked as she kept on waiting for Pastor Val but he didn’t come.

Mum: has he forgotten that we have a prayer section together today? May be I should call him and see what could be the reason behind all these delay.

She said and picked her phone to call him. She called him several times but his line wasn’t going through so she called his wife.

Mum: hello good morning ma.

Judith: good morning mummy Idris, any problem?

Mum: no ma, I mean yes. I haven’t seen your husband for today. Could it be that he forgot about the spiritual battle we are fighting together.

Judith: I don’t think so. He left our house some hours earlier saying he was coming to your house.

Mum: that’s the problem. He comes to my house very early in the morning for us to go to the hospital together but I have not seen him this morning.

Judith: it might be as a result of bad traffic or something.

Mum: maybe his car broke down on his way here.

Judith: yeah, just go outside and check. Maybe he is nearby.

Mum: ok.

She ended the call and stepped outside, as she was opening the door leading to the outside of the compound, she saw a big snake and she almost stepped on it. The snake tried to bite her but she was fast enough to move away from it..

Mum: Jesus!!
She screamed!!

Episode 15
Mum: Jesus!!

She screamed and ran inside her house. The snake quickly followed her trying to bite her.

She quickly entered inside her room where she picked her bible.

Mum: you that evil snake, at the mention of the name Jesus Christ, die and go back to where you come from..

She shouted and started praying. The snake quickly entered a little corner in the house and disappeared from their.

Mum: no, these is not right. Something must be wrong somewhere. I better go over to Pastor Val’s house let me see what is going on.

She said, took her bible and tied her head tie properly before leaving.

When my mum got to Pastor Val’s house, she saw the Pastor’s wife Judith crying with other women consoling her.

Mum: what is going on here? Why are these people crying? Surely there must be a good explanation for all these.

My mother said and when she got close to the wailing crowd, she asked.

Mum: good morning to everyone. Please what’s the problem that is making the children of God to shed tears?

Judith: *admist wails* is my husband oo.

Mum: Pastor Val? What’s the problem with our pastor?

Judith: his car got collided to another fast moving car on his way to your house.

Mum: Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judith: oh God why, why did you allow this to befall my husband. Why.

Mum: *crying* no, this is the hand work of the devil. Pastor Val must survive likewise my son. Do you know the hospital he is been admitted?

Judith: yes, the same hospital that your son Idris is.

Mum: *cleaning her tears and moved over to where Judith was sitting* please dear, don’t let this issue bring you down. I know he is your husband and the both of you are expecting a child and so, the devil is trying to pull your family down but he won’t succeed. Stand up lets go over to the hospital.

My Mum, an old wise woman said to Judith. Judith stood up, locked her door and took her car key. They both entered inside the car as the car zoomed off to the hospital.


They arrived at the hospital but the nurses that were on duty did not allow them to see Pastor Val.

Nurse: the doctor is inside with him and you are advised to seat and wait for the doctor to finish his work on the patient.

The slim nurse said and walked away with a tray of syringe and cotton wool.

They both sat down on a bench. My mother looking worried and praying silently in her lips and Judith also praying but with tears flowing from her eyes.

Soon the doctor came out and they ran to him.

Judith: how is he? doctor I hope he is fine.

Doctor: please who is his wife between you two.

Judith: I am his wife sir.

Doctor: *looked down for a while before looking at her* Please meet me in my office, we have alot to discuss.

He said and left as Judith followed him from behind with her heart beating very fast. My mother quickly knelt down and started a very powerful prayer for the lord to intervene and safe Pastor Val from the cold hands of death.

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