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Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 46

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🔞 Sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 46

A story by Anitalia and Isabella writes


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Writer’s pov
“Querida woke up th£ next morn!ng feel!ng really happy and relax for th£ very first time s!nce $h£ got h£re.

“$h£ sat up and thought ab©vt Blake recall!ng h£ didn’t force h¡mself on h£r for th£ very first time, h£r $h£ badly wi$h£d and pray h£ cont!nues that way.

“$h£ j√$t wi$h£d h£ wouldn’t touch h£r aga!n but who was $h£ kidd!ng, $h£ was noth!ng but a s£× slave. maybe h£ was prepharps tired or was not !n th£ mode that was th£ reason of h¡m not hurt!ng h£r.

$h£ took !n a deep breath and went !nto th£ bathroom spend!ng a long time th£re.

Wh£n $h£ came ©vt of th£ bathroom breakf*st was already on h£r b£d and Julia was th£re as well

“Good morn!ng ma’am, Querida greeted.

“morn!ng Querida how was your night?Julia asked. it was f!ne ma’am $h£ replied.

“Julia felt really happy on see!ng th£ happy mode querida was !n.

Querida started eat!ng immediately so that $h£ wouldn’t be late for college.

***Few m!nutes later****
“After $h£ was done eat!ng $h£ went to th£ wardrobe to pick a dress to wear.

$h£ was ab©vt open!ng th£ wardrobe wh£n th£ door opened as $h£ turned to see Blake com!ng !n.

$h£ felt really s¢ar£d and surprised wh£n $h£ saw !n walk!ng !n because th¡s was very unlike h¡m h£ have never come to h£r room once.

But unknow!ngly to h£r was that wh£n ever $h£ fell asleep !n h¡s room h£ is always th£ one to br!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to h£r room.

“Oh mercies, what go!ng to happen? $h£ !nhaled nervously as it drowned on h£r that $h£ was still putt!ng on j√$t a towel.

“Oh mercies! please don’t let h¡m hurt me th¡s time @r0vnd $h£ prayed with!n

h£ walked !nto h£r room calmly and stopped at th£ b£d and sat on it.

“Good morn!ng master, $h£ shutttered as $h£ stared at th£ floor.

“Come closer h£ said camly,that was one of th£ words $h£ hated to h£ar from h¡m it drench£d th£ life at of h£r.

$h£ walked s1©wly dragg!ng h£r feet on th£ floor pray!ng h£ change h¡s m!nd before $h£ got to wh£re h£ was.

Stand!ng !nfront of h¡m fear was eat!ng all part of h£r but $h£ have learnt never to go aga!nst h¡m.

h£ ₱v||ed h£r [email protected] and made h£r sit on h¡s lap.

$h£ felt really s¢ar£d th¡s time @r0vnd recall!ng what h£ is go!ng to do next.

$h£ closed h£r eyes t!ghtly wait!ng for what would happened next as $h£ sat on h¡s lap.

h£ made h£r fell on th£ b£d and h£ got ontop of h£r knee!ng !nb£tweeΠ h£r legs.

Th£n h£ went for th£ tip of h£r towel and h£r h£art gave a might leap.

“Oh mercies please don’t let h¡m do th¡s $h£ prayed !n h£r h£art as h£ loose th£ tip of h£r towel.

And th£ towel feel freely from h£r b©dy to th£ b£d, h£ drew th£ towel from h£r [email protected]¢k and throw it on th£ floor leav!ng h£r completely [email protected]£d !nfront of h¡m.

h£ was still putt!ng on h¡s cloth£s as h£ [email protected] ontop of h£r properly h£ brought h¡s face closer to h£rs and acted like h£ wanted to klzz h£r but !nstead wh¡spered !nto h£r ears.

“You belong to me Querida” always remember that,and don’t ever get close to anyone else h£ said and $h£ could feel h£r h£art b**t !ncreased.

h£ m©v£ h¡s l¡ps from h£r ears and went for h£r neck h£ bit and s√¢k every part of h£r neck plac!ng hickey all over h£r neck.

“h£ s£nt h¡s l¡ps from h£r neck and went for h£r br£@st which was not that big or not so small let j√$t say it was small and perfect giv!ng h£r n!₱₱!es little b¡t£.

$h£ shut h£r eyes t!ghtly and tried not to make any sound even if h£ Confused h£r with so much ecotasy feel!ngs because th¡s was also th£ very first time anyone have ever s√¢ked h£r br£@st.

h£r eyes rema!ned shut not until $h£ felt h¡m tak!ng off h¡s shirt and unbuck!ng h¡s belt even with©vt leav!ng h£r $h£ felt so much fear as $h£ opened h£r eyes to look at h¡m tears could be seen form!ng from h£r eyes.

h£ stared directly !nto th£ terrified Querida eyes who was already $h!very!ng !n fear star!ng [email protected]¢k at h¡m try!ng to look away but couldn’t.

Suddenly h£ stood up leav!ng h£r [email protected]!ng on th£ b£d neaked. h£ put on h¡s shirt and fixed h¡s belt h£ started [email protected]¢k at Querida who was still $h!very!ng.

star!ng at h£r neaked made h¡m [email protected] h£ tried all h¡s possible best to ¢©Πtr0| h¡mself. Get ready for college h£ [email protected] and th£ room.

“Qurerida who was still s¢ar£d and !n shock was f!nally relived,with©vt th!nk!ng twice $h£ immediately stood up from th£ b£d.

$h£ bent d©wΠ and picked h£r towel from th£ floor and threw th£ towel to h£r dirty basket and want to th£ wardrobe to pick a dress to wear.

Querida Pov

I stood !n front of th£ mirror as I watch£d my refeletive self I felt really happy and relieved.

I was putt!ng on a [email protected] top and all th£ marks that master Blake left on my neck was still Th£re I tried clean!ng it off but it wasn’t show!ng any sigh of fad!ng away.

I sigh£d !n relief recall!ng h£ didn’t force h¡mself on me.

I went [email protected]¢k to my wardrobe and changed !nto a totoneck gown.

I took my bag and left th£ room shutt!ng th£ door beh!nd.

I went !nto th£ park!ng lot and got !nto th£ already opened car and ma’am Bianca was already th£re.

“Good morn!ng ma’am I greeted h£r as I took my seat next to h£r !n th£ [email protected]¢k sit and $h£ turned to glare at me hatefvlly.

“What? why are you start!ng at me?stay off my part little bitch $h£ yelled ©vt.

Like seriously have we ever meet before why is $h£ always so mean to me?I wonder star!ng at th£ car w!ndow.
I walked quietly !nto th£ noisy cla$$room and went straight for my seat and all th£ students eyes wh£re on me.

“h£y pretty one a guy called as h£ stopped !nfront of me but I annoyed h¡m and went straight to my seat.

I got to my seat and surpris!ngly someone else was sitt!ng next to Andrea I mean a guy was sitt!ng !n Andrea seat and Andrea was sitt!ng at th£ last sit on our roll next to th£ guy.

“Hi good morn!ng, I greeted Andrea and got a warmly replied from h£r.

“Wa$$up Querida you are late what Happened? I thought you wouldn’t becom!ng $h£ said.

“Oh my that was true I was late but luckily for me cla$$es hasn’t began

Sorry I woke up late I said still stand!ng not know!ng if it would be proper to ask Andrea to switch [email protected]¢k to h£r normal sitt!ng position.

I mean $h£ was th£ one that was supposed to be seated next to me.and not th¡s guy I stopped and pondered over it. h£ was a young guy and if I wasn’t mistak!ng h£ should be @r0vnd 20 or 21.

h£ was jott!ng someth!ng d©wΠ !n h¡s book and didn’t notice me not untill I took my seat next to h¡m. Why would Andrea let !n seat on h£r seat ?I wonder.

“Hi,h£ looked at me and said with a Charm!ng smile”uh hi” I replied nervously h£ nodded and went [email protected]¢k to writt!ng !n h¡s book.

“Excuse me mister, I called h¡s attention after a short time and h£ turned to look at me.

“Um, please don’t be annoyed for what I am ab©vt to say can you please switch seat with h£r I said not m!nd!ng if I sounded crazy.

“Oh sure why not h£ said as Th£y both switch seat I was feel!ng m©r£ comfortable now Andrea is sitt!ng next to me.

“Wow Querida is th¡s your phone? Andrea asked as $h£ spotted th£ phone !n my bag wh£n I was ab©vt br!ng!ng ©vt my note book.

Yes I nodded.

Wow th£ latest pr!ncess iPhone that cause millions of dollars $h£ said as $h£ took th£ phone from my bag.

And $h£ saved h£r number $h£ decided on open!ng Facebook ,tiktok,!ntragram etc for me but I refused.

Not long after that th£ economic professor came !n and th£ cla$$es became calm and settle.


Vania pov

I brought ©vt a chair as we, sat d©wΠ on th£ rooftop , come on vania
What do you have to say ab©vt th£ party that would be h£ld?

Which cloth£s are we go!ng to wear, is it th£ red grown, or th£ blue gown? Amelia asked.

Can you give me a break, Amelia I’m tired of you be!ng a talkative.

I’m sorry, viana but one last th!ng guess who I saw yesterday Amelia said.

Who did you see? j√$t tell me. You know I am not good at guess!ng.

Well if you must know I saw Adrian yesterday at th£ shopp!ng mall.

What th£ h£ll, Adrian ,which of th£ Adrian ,cause I’m k!nd of confused h£re.

How many adra!n ,do you know, I’m talk!ng ab©vt Adrian maragoza th£ younger broth£r to Mateo maragoza. Amelia replied.

Th£ milkshake I was hold!ng sl¡p ©vt of my [email protected] and [email protected]|| d©wΠ to th£ floor.
Adrian… ,is [email protected]¢k wh£n ,how and why, omg that means I’m doomed.

Everyth!ng is over now, why would h£ come [email protected]¢k now of all time.

Everyth!ng would be ru!ned now,I hope that h£ doesn’t split ©vt my name, s!nce I betrayed h¡m.

What’s wrong vania?you are sweat!ng did I say anyth!ng wrong ? Amelia asked.

I am doomed Amelia if my Dad or Mom comes to know that I was th£ master m!nd beh!nd what happened to Querida four years ago I we be good as dead I said $h!very!ng !n fear.

And a what excliamed from Amelia m©vth.

I know th£ chapter is short but please bear with me.

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