Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 48

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� Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 48

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia


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Writer’s pov

“Querida” kept on wonder!ng wh£re th£y were go!ng to consider!ng th£ way $h£ was dressed.

“Blake kept on star!ng at h£r for a long time with©vt say!ng a little word, mak!ng h£r to feel really s¢ar£d and nervous sitt!ng next to h¡m.

“Querida” h£ called and $h£ raised h£r h£ad a little to glare at h¡m.

“Are you catch!ng cold? h£ asked and $h£ shook h£r h£ad Negatively. h£ paused as h£ kept on star!ng at h£r because h£ knew $h£ was lie!ng.

“Consider!ng th£ dress $h£ was wear!ng $h£ might be catch!ng cold.

“Liam turned off th£ Ac Blake said.

“Ok boss Liam replied,as h£ turned off th£ AC.

“$h£ bent h£r h£ad fidget!ng with h£r f!ng£r nails as $h£ sigh£d !n relief.

Th£ truth of th£ matter was that $h£ was really catch!ng cold but $h£ doesn’t know how $h£ was go!ng to admit it, !n oth£r not to anger h¡m.

“After a long time th£ car f!nally came to stop !n a big build!ng and Blake opened th£ door and came ©vt of th£ car.

Querida kept on sitt!ng |ns!de th£ car not know!ng if $h£ should come ©vt or not.

Liam ru$h£d ©vt to opened th£ car for h£r wh£n h£ saw $h£ wasn’t com!ng ©vt.

Thanks $h£ said !n a wh¡sper as $h£ step ©vt from th£ car.

“Querida” became m©r£ curious wh£n $h£ saw th£ bueatiful build!ng !nfront of h£r.

“What is th¡s place? and why are we h£re? $h£ thought as $h£ kept on admir!ng th£ fancy build!ng !nfront of h£r.

Let’s go Blake said as h£ put h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s !nner pocket and started h£ad!ng towards th£ build!ng.

$h£ took !n a deep breath follow!ng h¡m from beh!nd,th£y got !nto th£ ma!n hall that was wh£n $h£ concluded to h£rself that it might be a party.

Th£ hall was filled with a lot of young men and young ladies.

“Boss a young guy called as th£y stopped at a particular place !n th£ hall.

Have you prepared all th£ details needed ? h£ asked th£ guy.

“No boss th£ guy replied.

Th£m go get everyth!ng ready and why are you still stand!ng h£re? h£ asked coldly.

Am sorry boss th£ guy said and left afterwards.

“Blake cont!nued walk!ng as $h£ quietly followed h¡m from beh!nd.

$h£ felt so shy and nervous consider!ng th£ eyes that was on th£m.

“Blake f!nally stop !n a big round table and $h£ stop walk!ng as well.

$h£ felt really uncomfortable see!ng alot of young ladies and young men !n th£ d!nn!ng table.

“Querida felt really irritat!ng consider!ng th£ way th£y were dress look!ng at th£ ladies who was putt!ng short dresses which was not even up to th£y th¡gh.

$h£ kept on look!ng @r0vnd until Blake signed h£r to sit next to h¡m which $h£ did.

“Wow” who do we have h£re? One of th£ lady excliamed as th£y took th£re sit !n th£ d!nn!ng table.

“Omg, h£ is look!ng really [email protected] and dash!ng,j√$t like a demi God,no !nfact h£ is a demi God h¡mself $h£ corrected.

Please can I j√$t get a little klzz from you? th£ young lady said aga!n.

“How you bl!nd !ngrid? Can’t you see that h£ is with h¡s girlfriend one of th£ order lady said.

th¡s “little girl”can’t be is girlfriend “!ngrid said, anyway can I please have a one night stand with h¡m !nstead? $h£ asked Querida and th£ ladies bursted !nto laughter.

“What are th£y say!ng ,don’t $h£ feel ashamed say!ng such th!ngs ©vt loud Querida thought.

“Wow” it looks like Blake as already taken you as h¡s already,one of th£ young lady said as $h£ stare at th£ hickeys on Querida neck.

How i wish I can j√$t get a little mark from h¡m on my neck “!ngrid said.

I only mark what is m!ne and I hate it wh£n bitch£s get close to me Blake said.

“Oh my, th£ ladies excliamed.

!ngrid I told you before to [email protected]¢k 0ff but you didn’t listen one of th£m said.

Why can’t th£y j√$t keep shut “Querida thought.

!ngrid felt really angry on h£ar!ng what Blake said.

At least I am way m©r£ good !n b£d than your “little girlfriend” $h£ said to Blake and left th£ d!nn!ng table.

Everyone on th£ d!nner table opened th£y m©vth wide and felt really pity for th£ !ngrid girl, because th£y knew Blake was not go!ng to let h£r walk away freely.

$h£ had barely walk far wh£n Blake voice stopped h£r.

Get th£ h£ll [email protected]¢k h£re h£ said coldly and $h£ had no choice but to walk to wh£re h£ was seated.

Apologies to h£r right th¡s !nstant h£ said turn!ng to face querida.

Sorry $h£ said, as $h£ ran ©vt !n tears feel!ng really ashamed consider!ng th£ eyes that was h£r.

All Querida could do was watch h£lplessly and felt really sorry for th£ young lady.

$h£ fearfvlly look up to stare at h¡m as h£ picked up a gla$$ of w!ne from th£ table.

So do you plan on tak!ng th¡s bus!ness deal?one of th£ young men asked.

If I don’t plan on tak!ng it why th£n do you th!nk I came to th¡s bor!ng party h£ replied coldly.

Blake took a bottle of w!ne and ₱0ur some of it !nto a gla$$ cup. h£re have it h£ said hold!ng th£ gla$$ of w!ne ©vt to querida.

“What ?does h£ expect me to dr!nk it. One of th£ moth£r !n th£ church said that it improper to take all th¡s k!nd of dr!nk especially if you’re still a m!nor.

And beside that I don’t dr!nk at least that th£ only way I can still respect th£ holy book “$h£ said with!n.

h£ drop th£ gla$$ of w!ne on th£ table and turned some juice for h£r !nstead from a bottle !nto a gla$$ cup.

“Querida”h£ called with©vt look!ng at h£r and $h£ fearfvlly collected it from h¡m with a shak!ng [email protected]

“Wow” querida what a pretty name and a rare little bueaty one of th£ young guy said with a sweet smile star!ng at h£r.

Angel you didn’t tell me you have already sigh£d your death Warrent and we love to die !n my [email protected] Blake said putt!ng on a serious look.

If you don’t take your eyes off h£r i we make sure to kill you with my bare [email protected] h£ added and some of th£m laugh£d.

Because th£y knew h£ meant what h£ was say!ng.

“Blake” you knew you are th£ last person I we ever want to get !nto a fight with h£ said.

Th£y went on talk!ng ab©vt oth£r th!ngs and shortly a lady showed up, $h£ was putt!ng on a very short gown that was expos!ng h£r underwear.

“h£llo” [email protected] do you m!nd for a one night stand? th£ lady asked th£ angel guy.

Sure why not h£ replied as th£ lady got to wh£re h£ was sited and sat on h¡s lap h£ klzzed h¡m on h¡s l¡p with h£r legs widely open expos!ng h£r underwear.

As th£y klzzed h£ s£nt h¡s [email protected] beneath h£r dress which makes querida to feel m©r£ uncomfortable. As $h£ closed h£r eyes t!ghtly.

“Omg,one of th£ girl excliamed,so th¡s is th£ k!nd of people “Master Blake”goes ©vt with, th¡s is th£ ma!n reason h£ always hurt h£r with©vt th!nk!ng twice.

No wonder th£y always say bird of th£ same fath£r always flock togeth£r “$h£ thought.

“Querida what are you do!ng?Blake asked with a scoff.

Noth!ng master please don’t punish or b**t me $h£ said !n a wh¡sper $h!very!ng !n fear as $h£ opened h£r eyes.

h£ kept on watch!ng Querida who was behav!ng childishly and cute to h¡m at th£ same time.

After sometime Liam came and wh¡spered someth!ng !nto Blake ear.

And h£ signed th£ rest of th£ young men to stand up and h£ did Same.

What is go!ng on?why is h£ leav!ng me h£re $h£ thought.

Liam watch£d over h£r,Ok boss Liam replied.

“Querida stay h£re and don’t m©v£ an !nch£ from h£re or talk to anyone h£ added.

“Ok $h£ nodded as $h£ watch£d h¡m leave th£ hall along with th£ oth£r men.

“h£y” little bueaty, one of th£ lady called.

Sorry to ask but are you really Blake girlfriend ?$h£ asked.

Off course $h£ is,can’t you see th£ expensive th!ngs $h£ is putt!ng on. and have you ever seen h¡m attend!ng party with any girl before? th£ first Lady asked.

But I am k!nda of surprised because from h£r look I can tell $h£ isn’t up to 18 or 19 years, so $h£ might be @r0vnd th£ age of 16 or 17 th£ lady said and I knew “Blake pons” has never been !nterested !n little girls $h£ added.

Mika stop say!ng such th!ngs you are go!ng to make h£r feel uncomfortable and beside age is j√$t a number th£ first Lady said.

“Am sorry I didn’t mean to Offend you Mika said.

Can we be friends? $h£ asked. an querida raise h£r h£ad to look at th£ person who was to become friend with h£r. who should be @r0vnd 22 or 23.

But hold on why are you always th¡s quiet is anyth!ng th£ Matter? Mika asked and Querida only shook h£r h£ad negatively.

At th£ same party a group of guys were seen seated at th£ corner of th£ hall.

Th£y wh£re dressed as thugs ,th£y wh£re smok!ng coca!ne,!ndian h£rmps etc.

Th£ guys have been star!ng at Querida for a while.

Stone that looks like th£ little girl !n th£ picture and don’t forget that $h£ is our only target h£re th£ leader said.

I can’t miss th¡s opportunity to be rich h£ added.

You are right but if I must admit $h£ is really pretty,come to th!nk of it why don’t we have a little fun with h£r before pres£nt!ng h£r to boss th£ second guy said.

You are right stone but we need to f!nd a little way to distract everyone attention.

S!nce that guy on red suite seems to be keep!ng an eye on h£r h£ added.

“Ok let th£ game beg!n and th£ only th!ng you have to do is follow my every m©v£ th£ leader said as h£ stood up and picked a bottle of wh¡sky and Break it.

Hold!ng one of th£ guy capative, If any of you come close to me I will stab h¡m.

h£y drop th£ knife Liam said to th£ guy Hold!ng th£ knife.

Liam ru$h£d to save th£ guy and fight broke d©wΠ.

Querida stood up as fear gripped h£r,as well as th£ oth£r ladies who wh£re seated on th£ table.

$h£ turned @r0vnd look!ng for Blake or Liam but $h£ didn’t see th£m, th£ last th!ng that $h£ remembered was be!ng hit [email protected] on th£ h£ad and $h£ pa$$ed ©vt.


who do you th!nk is beh!nd th£ kidnap of Querida?

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