Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 1

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to him)

Genres: rom-nce

Tags:mafia, billionaire, jealousy, love rivals, love triangles, betrayal, possessive, slightly er*t*c.

Life can be complicated but more complicated, when you find yourself in a place, you never thought off, all wish for any one not even your enemies.

Meet Querida sampler’s

A 17 years old innocent young girl, who have been living with her father and step mother since toddler.

She never grow up without a fatherly all motherly love, and unfortunately for her, her step mother treats her so badly.

And her father does not not say anything about it,that sometimes she feel like ending her own life, which make her to all cause the day she was born.

She is a quiet type who hardly associate all talk to people, she prefer a lonely and peaceful life, but no her step mother would never let her live in peace.

And here are the mafia brothers, who are also know as the pons brothers.

The mafia brothers are the most powerful group all over Mexico,which consists of three stone hearted brothers.

Blake, Jose and Arturo they are super rich, handsome, rude, etc.

Blake is the eldest, handsome….dangerous cold hearted mafia boss,he kill anyone who tried to cross part with in without any emotions, even if he was knew as cold blooded he was still the dream of every ladies.

Jose the second brother rude,quiet, jovial and a player. and also owns a modeling company.

Arturo the Last brother a snub, crazy, and also behave childish, which makes everyone to love him.

What happens when Querida father and step mother decided to sale her to a s€× house, as a payment for their debt.

Sold to a mafia drug lord chapter 1

( I belong to him)

A story by Isabella write and Anitalia

(⚠️ do not copy all repost⚠️ )

Querida’s pov

I sat cuddled on the floor, the room was a bit dark and there were other girls who where three years or four years older than me.

There was fear, Written in all over our faces, who wouldn’t be afraid in this situation?

We all have been sold,sold to a s€× house.

Men come here and purchase us like items, they buy us and take us, to their houses to become their s€× slave.

And I was the youngest among all of the girls in the room, i just turned 17 few weeks ago.

I couldn’t have been here, neither do I wish this place for anyone It was my father and step mother.

The man I call my father and my step mother sold me out, they are sometimes I do wonder if he was really my father.

I mean which father would stood so low selling his own daughter, his own flesh and blood to a s€× house.

And to top it all I am still a minor.

And on the other hand my step mother, she is so wicked to me very wicked, not that she was wicked at first.

But ever since I turned 10 she changed her fake motherly love she showed toward me and we always beat me in the present of my father.

I thought I could bear, what I was going through until i am old enough to leave the house but unexpected and unfortunately they both sold me out like an item.

Which make me to wonder what my mother even saw in my father.

I mean he, and my step mother they are both the most wicked people on this earth.

if they was any other word worst than wicked 10 time that is who they are,if am not even mistaking worst than that .

My mother had Married my mom but unfortunately she died while giving birth to me at least that was what i heard.

I have always wish I died with her the very moment I was born.

I wouldn’t have to go through all this suffering now.

because I knew that no mother would ever be alive and watch her child, pass all go through pains.

for those of you that have mothers at there you guys should count yourself really lucky.

I have spend my own life causing the day I was born.

I tried my possible best to always please them but no anything I do never please them

I didn’t even no it was a s€× house, i was sold to until I got here and saw what was going on.

There where alot of old men playing with girls unclad.

I got really scared but my fear were confirmed when one of the girls in this room narrated the wh0le thing happening here.

I just pray that I wouldn’t be sold out to a place worst than the hell I call a home before.

I continued staring around the semi dark room recalling all what that old woman said to me when I was just 12 years old them.

**** Past *****
I was on my way back from school when I saw an old woman begging along the road.

She looked very, very hungry and hanged.

But anyone one she begged food end up driving her away.

I kept staring at the old woman for a moment I felt really pity for her.

I look at the bread in my hand I was really hungry but I decided to give her my food.

Not that It was a show off, I was already use to staying hungry.

Grandma take you can have it,I said as I walk closer to the old woman she collected the bread from my hand and was eating like some one that have not eaten for weeks.

I was about leaving when she called me back

My child thank you and I pray the almighty God blesses you she said praying for me.

let me have a look at your palm she said when I was about leaving.

At first I assisted but later decided to show it to her I mean she meant no harm.

In your life you shall face alot of challenges and difficult parts, do not ever hurt those that hurt you,you will turned a cold hearted monster into a kind hearted human. That is what his written in your fate she said looking at my palm as if she was reading it.

***** Present ******
I have always thought about what that old woman said to me, but the fact was that I don’t believe in the words of soothsayer I do call it superstitious.

Mom you should have taken me with you why did you leave me here to suffer all this at this young age ?I thought sadlyand sighed.

It has been a week since they bought me here I have only bathed twice.

I heard that one of the mafia brothers would be coming to buy one off us today.

one of the girls said who where having little discussion.

I kept staring at them not saying a single word, I closed my eyes and hugged myself more tightly then slowly I drifted into the word of dream.

After some minutes I heard a voice get the youngest one out.was what woke me up

I opened my eyes and raised my head up to see two heavily built guards coming towards my direction.

My heart beat increased rapidly, and it got worst when they held me up from the floor on my gosh!

Is some one already here to buy me was what I was thinking and started sweating, they took me through a long turn down the stairs and finally stopped at what looks like a hall.

I saw the woman that bought me from my father and step mother, she was starting at me with a sweet smile on her face.

She is here sir the woman said politely the guards that bought me made me knee down in front of a couch.

Then slowly the man facing the window turned, he took gentle steady step towards my direction then he sat down on the couch and faced me directly

“Querida you don’t stare at him directly in the face the woman said calming at me.

And I quickly took my eyes to the floor I was not that surprised for the way she spoke to me.

she treated differently among all the other girls in the s€× house she normally call me her key to more success which I don’t know the reason for that.

The man siting infront of me should be the one purchasing me he is young maybe around the age of 23 all 24 he has that dangerous look on but at the same time his facial look is the one that i haven’t seen before.

He is the most handsome guy I have ever set my eyes on.

I saw him tilt his head to stare at me with the corner of my eyes.

“Raises your face little girl he commanded his voice low.

I gulped hard and raised my face for him to stare at me.

I never said I wanted a little girl he said calmly to the woman

“Um….. sir she just turned 17 years few weeks ago and the only V-rgin left.

Although she the youngest here, she is also the most beautiful in them all so that Is why I picked her for you she explained.

He kept staring at me for some time without saying a single word.

How much ?”he questioned the woman as he ran his eyes all over me she cost about 100,000 USD”,she said replying him.

He stood on his feet and turned to one of his men standing beside him.

“Pay her” he ordered and started walking out, one of his men brought out a briefcase full of cash about 12 and dropped it for her. She grinned happily and order her own guards to take them.

Then one of that man men came to me and ordered me to follow them, I quietly followed them out of the house to a waiting car, they sat with me out the back sit then drove out of the place.

Okey i have been sold, i don’t know what await me, but I pray it is a place better than the place I do call home Before


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