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Sold To Mafia Drug Lord episode 53

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Chapter 53

A story by Isabella writes Anitalia

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Blake Pov

“I felt really bittered when I come to realize how Querida is really so scared of me and can’t even stand my pres£nce.

For the first time ever I felt restless,it was as if they was something big bothering me which I really don’t understand.

“No this is really wrong, no one have ever made me feel this way before,it not even right for me to feel this way.

I mean they is this new feelings that I am having towards her.

I really don’t understand or know her to explain it.

“Just cheerless Blake you’re just feeling pity towards her and just trying to be nice because of what Eric told you.

They is nothing more than that “I thought as I decanted some wine into an empty glass cup and drank from it.

Writer’s Pov

Querida room****

“Querida I do understand your pains because I have been through that before yours is even better than mine.

Unlike me who was very unfortunate and was rape by my step dad when I was just 12 approaching 13.

“You wouldn’t image the pains I went through, all the dreams and bright future
I once had turned into a nightmare.

After the incident I was very scared of telling my mom.

I just kept on trying my very best, pretending like nothing happened but it wasn’t easy at all.

Until she came to know herself A month later.

she was very furious but nothing could be done because I was already pregnant and her husband was responsible for it.

She took me to alot of hospitals and tried terminating the pregnancy, because I was still very young and my life will be at risk if I keep it.

And she also wanted what took place on that very day to remain a secret.

Not as if I wanted the child in the first place.

I was still very young and I was also a child.

I also did not want to keep whatsoever we remind me of that particular night.

when we got to the first hospital the doctor said he wouldn’t be able to terminate it because it would be a life threatening to me.

Even if I terminate or keep the baby. That i should only pray to the almighty for a save delivery.

We Visted a lot of other hospitals and the doctors kept on saying the same thing.

When we got home I felt more shattered and decided to report. all what my step father did to me to the cops but my mom pleaded with me saying it was the influence of alcohol.

And she was actually right because he seems to have drank a lot on that very day.

but would he have try his possible best to control himself.

“Because of my pregnancy, my mom stopped me from schooling.

I was also grounded by my mom from going out till I put to birth so that it won’t be notice by anyone.

“And after I put to birth, she we take the child as her own.

And I will continue living my life pretending like nothing ever happened.

Which I agree to, i mean I don’t have any other choice.

“Julia narrated trying her best not to allow any tears dropped down from her eyes.

“What a sad story,I am really sorry ma’am for what you went through.

And you have to go through all that at such a tender age “Querida finally said. who has been quiet all this while listening to all what Julia was saying.

“Querida can I ask you a question?” Julia said trying to change the topic. She actually does like to recall her past.

“Yes ma’am,Querida nodded.

“When you were in the s-x house alot of guys and old pervert normally do come for girls that was sold as well into the s-x house to pressure them.Am I right?” Julia asked.

“Yes ma’am but the old men are the worst of them all.

I mean this old pervert, always comes to the slave house to do alot of disgusting things to girls who are old enough to be they grand daughters.and the most annoying part is that they, do it in the pres£nt of everyone.

When ever something like that is going on I always feel scared and wish I could just vanish.

They was actually a time a pot belly old man who was already growing white hair and if wasn’t mistaking he should be in his late 70.

It was a sunny afternoon when he came to the slave house, he was well dress in an expensive office suit.

Reading by the way he was dress one we think he was a decent old man.

But that was the opposite, he actually came to the s-x house to pick girls that he needed to pressure him and he also picked me among the girls.

But madam Sarah refused letting me go with him.

She went on saying that I was still and unripe fruit she doesn’t want to be ripe yet because it was very rare to see a young bueaty like who his still unripe.

that she is handling me with care because I am going to bring her a lot of lucky which I really don’t understand.

But felt relieved at the same time “Querida said and sighed.

“Querida you said it all yourself,I mean just try looking at it in another perspective.

Let assumed you were not bought from the slave house and madam Sarah wasn’t nice to you.

Is not as if she is really nice to you.

the main reason she kept you save all this while was because you will be bringing her alot of money.

What if madam Sarah wasn’t greedy for more money.

And you where been kept in the slave house to be used by alot of men most especially those old pervert or was sold to a brothel to become a s-x worker.

I think fate has a better plan for you that was the reason you remained untouched till you where sold out.

Even if you where gifted to someone else this is what you still would have pass through at times even worst than this

I am just trying to make one thing clear to you “Master Blake” isn’t as bad as you think.

He might be cold and heartless outside but deep down he is one kind hearted person I have ever come across.

Just that situation turned him into the person he his now.

” Do you also know master Blake doesn’t treat his previous s-x slaves like the way he his taking very good care of you.

He sees you like a rare flower and he was very fortunate been the first to pluck it.

if they is one thing you must know, is that the very first day he took your innocence that was the day he started looking at you in a different way.

So promise me that you we try your possible best and be free around him .

And also try to overcome your fears in other for it not to turn into a serious health issue Julia said as she held Querida hands.

“Ok ma’am,I will try my possible best Querida replied.

“Ma’am can I ask for a favor?”

And Julia nodded.

Can I please place my head on your lap?”querida asked.

“Yes you can “Julia replied.

“She have not completed her words before querida lay on the b£d and rested her head on Julia lap while Julia only smile.

She felt really happy considering the way Querida feel free with her.

“Do you know what ma’am, when my Dad took me to the s-x house i never knew where I was going to at first.

when we got there he lied and told me he would be coming to pick me in a week time and I trusted him blinding.

But unknowingly to me I never knew that I was actually been deceived by my Dad.

Until madam Sarah explained everything to me and why my Dad bought me to the s-x house in the first place

I felt really bittered it was as of my own word have been crushed down along with my dreams.

And the most painful part was that, my Dad was the cause of it “Querida said feeling really bittered.

That have always be the behavior of that pervert Martin .

He have never for once keep to his word and relationship does not matter to him “inner Julia.

So when I was bought from the s-x house I only pray that where I was going to was a place better than the place I once call a home.

And I also pray to come across those that would truly be nice to me.

I think the almighty answer my prayers by letting me crossed path with you.

Anytime I am with you I always feel safe and comfortable.

it just like we both have know each other for a very long time and do share a special connection that bond us together “Querida said and look up to stare at Julia.

“Thank you ma’am,Querida added and smile

“For what?” Julia asked because she thought she haven’t done any favour for her.

But unknowingly to Julia she is the only person that have always treated Querida kindly.

For been nice towards me, one of the mother in the church once told me that they’re alot of nice people at there.

And I came to believe her, when I came across you and “sir Jose.

You both are the two nices people I have ever seen and I will always pray for God to answer all of your heart desires “she said.

“You are really a church girl aren’t you?” Julia asked and querida nodded putting on a wide smile.

“Querida” Julia called as she $tr-oke her hair.

“What is your relationship with sir Jose?” and her close her you both?” She asked.

I really don’t know ma’am but I look up to him like an older brother even though we are not that close Querida replied after a brief silent.

But I think he doesn’t look at you in that way,don’t you notice the way he his always so lost staring at you.

“I don’t get what you are saying ma’am Querida replied innocently.

“You really don’t know what it means when someone is always lost staring at anyone whether he/she?”Julia asked.

I do ma’am Querida replied.

“Ok can you briefly explain it “Julia said. because she knew Querida doesn’t know what she meant.

” it means he/she is really scared of that person and can’t stand that person pres£nt.

so when ever he/ she come across that person he /she would always be lost in thought and you think he/she is always lost starting at that person.

But ma’am I am not scary neither do my face look scary.

So why did you say sir Jose is always so lost staring at me?” Querida said putting on a sad expression.

while Julia on the other hand could not just help it as she bursted into laughter😄

Hahaha 😄I can’t just stop laughing this querida is really a dummy😅🤣😂

Are you really serious?” all you are just trying to pull my legs?”Julia asked.

I am not joking ma’am querida replied and wonder why Julia was laughing at her.

That is because you’re acting like a dummy 🙄

“Gosh Querida, so you really meant that.

you are way more naive than I thought even a two years old baby won’t think like you.

Anyway I know you really wouldn’t get me but just try and not be too close to sir Jose.

“But why ma’am ?”he is nice and always comes to my aim anytime I am been bulled

He even slap ma’am Bianca the other day because she was badmouthing me “querida replied.

“Julia just kept quiet for a while not knowing exactly are to break it to Querida understanding.

“Querida I don’t think you would understand what I am trying to say
because you are in a world filled with up and down.

where a guy is never good to a girl unless he has and interior motive behind been nice.

but you would not understand because you are cut up in a word blinded with naivety “Julia said.

“Anyway forget it “Julia added.when she saw the confused look on Querida eyes.

And querida only nodded.

“Ma’am can I ask you a question ?”

“Yes you can “Julia replied.

You made measure of being rape at 12 which lead to an early pregnancy.

“Was that the reason you once told me you have a child around my age?”querida asked felling really curious.

“And Julia only nodded.

“where is the child now?” is it a boy or a girl?” she asked again.

A girl Julia replied.

“Where is she now?”

“Young miss a knock was heard on the door jotting them at from their conversation.

Ma’am who do you think it might be?”Querida asked.

I think it sliver Julia replied and Querida only nodded.

Come in Julia said as she placed Querida head on the b£d and stood up.

“Good evening young miss, how are you feeling now?” sliver greeted and asked.

As she walked in holding a tray of food in her hand.

I am fine and thanks for your concern.

“How may I help you?” Querida answer and asked.

“Master Blake order me to bring some food to you sliver replied.

Thanks ma’am but I am not hungry and it already late “Querida said.

But “young miss” you have to eat even if it is a little you really look on well.

“Do not worry sliver let me have it” Julia said.

And sliver only nodded before passing over the tray of food to Julia and left afterwards.

“Querida you have to eat a little from it Julia said as she sat on the edge of the b£d placing the food infront of querida.

“But I don’t feel hungry she objected.

Just have a little from it and look it also your favorite “stir fry udon noodles with pepper sauce” Julia added as she opened the cover plate.

“Ok, Querida nodded and dig her spoon into the food and started eating but after a minute she stopped.

Thanks ma’am querida said as she gulped down some water.

“Don’t tell me you are done eating?”Julia asked and querida only nodded

No wonder you are this ski-ny.

But ma’am you are also ski-ny does that means you also like eating a little? “Querida asked.

I always like eating a lot but never get fat Julia replied.

I think it is in the blood my step mom and step sister Viana are also ski-ny

My Dad always complained that upon the food Viana always take in she never get fat Querida said and smile.

“You really do miss them?” Julia asked and she only nodded.

I we take the tray to the kitchen and be right back Julia said and left.

“Querida stood up heading to the wardrobe to change her dress into a more comfortable one she really doesn’t have the strength to go freshen up.


Querida pov

I woke up the next day having a slightly headache and I felt weak as well.

I turned to the other side of the b£d and couldn’t find ma’am Julia or maybe she left already.

I weakly stood up heading to the bathroom to take my bath.

I brush my teeth before entering the bathtub spending a long time in there.

Thinking about who was those thugs that wanted to abucted me and it really do scare the life at of me.

Any time I come to realize that I was almost abucted.

And I only pray that the thugs do not come after me again.

I mean I don’t even no them, neither do I have any business with them.
I finally came out tying a towel around my body.

I went into the room and took something simple from the wardrobe to wear.

When I was done I walked out of my room heading to the dinner table.

I saw ma’am Bianca walking towards my direction and I turned to take the other way.

I mean she had warned me not to ever Cross her path again.

So it will just be for the best if I avoided her by not greeting her and just walked pass her.

As I turned to take the other way she did same and I didn’t realize when I bumped into her.

You again i think you always derive the pressure of bumping into me.

Why don’t you just stay off my part for once she yelled at.

I am really sorry ma’am I didn’t see you coming I said with my head slightly bow.

As if I have turned invisible over night she yelled again.

“Sorry ma’am I said again in form of a whisper.

“Sorry for yourself, anyway I really don’t have the strength to waste my sliver on a “little bitch” like you.

Do you know what?Just do me a favor and never cross my path again because the next time you bump into me you will never leave to see another day. Bianca yelled at.


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