Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 21

She touched his neck,

“he has developed a fever” she sighed.

“we need to get him to a safe place as soon as possible.”

“how long until Jo gets back?” Sila asked the guy with them.

“It’s been 5 minutes already he must be here any time. he had to go by the road side one of our guys must bring a vehicle from somewhere.” the guy explained

She had removed his shirt completely and allow some cool air touch him after dressing his wounds.

Scar gro-ned coming to

” hey hey !” Sila called him..

“ stay still moving will make your wounds bleed more. The vehicle will be here soon.” She told him making him lay back down

“where is everyone?” he managed to ask..

“we are all here” she pointed out.

Scar let a small smile exposing his white teeth as the moon light lit his face.

He raised his hand and touched her face.

“If i never met you days ago. I would have been dead by now, thank you” he said honestly.

Sila tried to push back the tears in her eyes.

” you will be fine” she manged to say.

A couple of minutes later they heard the sound of a vehicle driving their direction.

” he’s here” the guy with them announced, immediately it halted Sila asked Jo and the guy to help put Scar in the car. It was a big car with 7 seats.

The nanny, Zac and the guy sat at the back and Sila put Scar’s head on her laps sitting on the middle seats.

Jo sat with the driver.

“Hurry” Jo told the driver

“to the warehouse.”

“no ” Scar stopped him..

“it’s quite risky now. we dont know how much the police know abiut us. Take us to Lukanga, we are going stay at mom’s house. Then you guys will disperse to your homes too at least we all will be safe there. ”

” That’s ok” Jo agreed as he indicated for the driver to start moving.

“And the other thing” Scar added “have you heard anything from our police informat..?”

“not yet boss” Jo answered..

“what are you waiting for? Do it now, call him.”

Jo dialled the number..

After talking for 2 minutes he hang up.

“Boss” he told Scar,

” he says the police had tracked some number given by some politician.”

“Oh no!” Scar frowned..

” it’s your brother in law Sila” he looked at her.

” he must have given them your line to trace our whereabouts. ”

“Oh my God that idiot.” Sila spat. “what do we do now?” She asked…

“get rid of the phone now before they track us again.” Jo spoke up..

“That’s right” Scar agreed looking at Sila. she handed Jo her phone, he opened it and destroyed the sim card.

They arrived at Scar’s mother’s house at 01 am. Scar motioned for Sila to get his phone from his pocket.

“call mom” he said,

“let me talk to her.”

“Helo mom” he spoke after his mother answered.

” ” she called in a sleepy voice.

“what happened ? Why are you calling this time sonny.?”

“Open the door mom, am outside.”

A couple of minutes later, his sleepy mom unlocked the door. she stopped when she saw the prado parked outside and no one came out.

Jo opened and went out to her

‘how are you mom” he greeted at least she knew him Scar had gone with him to see her on two occasions he was the only one who knew where she lived.

“Am fine Jo.. where is ?” She responded..

” He’s hurt mom it’s a long story lets get him in the house he will explain everything.” Jo responded

“of course” she nodded opening the door as the other guy and Sila helped him to the house.

Scar’s mother looked at Sila and the kid but kept the question to herself wondering what was going on with her son as she followed them in,side.

She went to him..

” you look pale what happened to you ? ” she panicked.. “were are you hurt?” she cried…

“oh Jesus ! ” she scre-med when he showed her the wound in his leg and chest.

“what is this my son?” She whispered

Scar looked at Jo sitting next to him.

“you can go with the boys we will stay here. I will give you a call, take care of everyone else and be careful out there.” He mumbled

‘Sure” Jo nodded, he patted Scars hand..

” get well soon man.” he said honestly with sadiness in his heart.

As he went to the car Jo, held his wa-ist looking at the moon. He wished his friend was well.

‘”this life is indeed a battle ” he thought.

“others get it the hærdest and others just enjoy the hervest of those that had victory, like the people who grow up with everything provided for them. They just go through every phase of life with things placed in their hands. theirs is to chew and swallow. unfortunately people like him were in the middle of the war. fighting either to live or die.

He shook his head.

“what for anyway, at the end of it all everything was useless. You would end up either dying or living fighting each day.”

He opened the door and hopped in the car,

“let’s go” he told the driver..

Scar lay down on the sofa as he narrated the story from the beginning. All through his narration his mother shook her head tears rolling in her face…

“oh Aron my son. you didn’t have to go through all that, it is better to live poor than deep your hands in the cup of evil. God could have found another way for us my son” she cried.

” Your father was a hærd working and honesty man.”

” I know mom,” Scar responded

” but he died and everything changed. I mean, I don’t have any good justification for what I did but someone had to do something for us mom.”

His mother shook her head..

“my son God always does things for us you didn’t need to rush him.” she cried..

“stop it already mom,” he snapped.

“where was your God when dad was dying? , where was he when they took everything we had? Where was he when I cried for him to help us. oh mom where was he when we slept with hunger…? ” he shook his head.

“Stop blaming God Mulenga.” his mother scre-med.. “what have you turned into? I taught you about the goodness of God. How dare you say that nonsense now. Don’t you believe anymore? ”

He looked at his mother, she was really hurt. she would only call him his full names when she was really upset and disapointed.

“Am sorry mother” he said in a low voice..

“I stopped believing a long time ago and you can’t blame me. ” he murmered.

She slapped him on his face

” stop!” she cried.

Holding her mouth realising she just hit her injured son.

All this while Sila watched the two in silence, thankfully Zac had fallen asleep on the way so he was taken to sleep in the bedroom when they arrived, Maria was with him.

Sila finally spoke up seeing the way the talk was turning up.

“Please we all need to calm down..”

Scar’s mother apologised,

“am so sorry my daughter. I have not even had time to welcome you properly”

“it’s ok” Sila smilled,

” I understand…”

“you are a good woman Sila” she told her.

“For you to endure the suffering my son put you through and raise his son and now you are the one to save the life of the man who made your life a living hell.

God will surely be the one to reward you and give you a long and blessed life” she said with tears in her face..

Sila hugged her crying too

“thank you” she told her.

” I know you are a good mother too. it’s not your fault did what he did. Do not blame yourself”

She nodded as she wiped her tears.

“Mom forgive me, am sorry I didn’t want you involved in all this but I had no other choice.”

she went to him and carefully gave him a hug,

” You are my son and will always be no matter what. I still love you.”

“Thank you mom” he whispered to her.

Sila wiped a tear and smilled joyfully. The bond between Scar and his mother making her smile widely.

To be continued

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