Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 22 (Finale)

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 22
A story by Tisa Phiri
Scar’s mother looked at Sila as she attended to Scar. She carefully washed his wounds with salt water, cleaning them and putting fresh bandages. she stood by the door and watched in silence.
Sila and Scar didn’t see her they had stayed with her for the past 2 weeks. she came to love Sila, she was the exact woman she had always wished for her son and the Boy Zac just stole her heart. She loved him so much he reminded her of Scar as a boy . she smilled as she continued watching.
Sila had finished taking care of Scar and he tried to stand up and she helped him up.
“hey Sila” he held her wa-ist..
“you need to stop worrying so much about me am better now..”
“Not until I see you running” she responded, he bent to k-ss her.
Scar’s mom smilled before slowly closing back the door and as she turned Just to find Zac behind her. “shshshsh” she told Zac,
” let’s go to the market now Isaac. we should buy vegetables.”
“let’s go!” Zac said excited..
Sila withdrew from the k-ss.
“stop that , you are still hurt.”
“Am stronger than before” he chuckled as he rubbed his nose on hers.
“You know what Sila” he smiled pulling her to sit on the bed. He took a pillow and placed it on his back as he leaned on the wall.
” I am not good at expressing my feelings. I don’t know all that staff of buying flowers or cards, I don’t even know how to use those sweet words people in love use like my love,babe, honey, sweety or whatever. I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure deep here” he held her palm to his heart.
“Is that I love you with every breath in my heart. I can never repay you for what you have done and doing for me. because no amount of cash can match the price of what you deserve. The only thing I have to give you is my sincere love from every heart beat I have.”
She looked at him and smilled. “thats more than enough just add one more thing” she said…
“what’s that?” Scar asked…
“God” She said seriously..
” I want you to accept Jesus again and rededicate your life to him, he has given you a million chances in life and he deserves your commitment.”
He smilled…
“you are no different from my mom. I will do that only if you promise to stay by me and show me how.” He shrugged
“done !” Sila exclaimed..
She leaned forward and k-ssed him. “am glad you are getting better mafia boy.”
“oh yeah” he giggled holding her neck and and k-ssing her deeper. Slowly the tension between them grew as they k-ssed.. He pulled her to himself and slowly removed her blouse his eyes fixed on hers, he looked at her exposed b-ra.
“I like the colour red on you” he smilled as he unpinned the b-ra from her back pulling it out and leaving her still pointed br-asts exposed.
“but I like it best if this was out of my way” he teased throwing it down.
Sila gasped as he reached her mouth and gently licked her n-pples. working his other hand into her chitenge, he touched the top of her undies rubbing her slowly as she closed her eyes, shoots of sweet pleasure rushing in her parts of the body.
“There’s is another obstruction down here” he murmered his mouth still on her n-pples.
She tried to resist for fear of hurting him on the healing wounds, but with his every touch he made it hærd for her.
“Come on , Please you are hurt.” she mo-ned.
“Stop this now..”
He smilled as he k-ssed her mouth. “stop nagging already woman and let me do my work.”
“you are unbelievable Mr. ” she gasped. He went on working on her and succesfully made her sit on him.
Minutes later they both exploded in pleasure and lay down sighing tired. He k-ssed her forehead and smilled.
“I escaped death just to enjoy being with you my woman.”
She stared at him silently.
Then she spoke up.
“how are things out there? Any news from the guys and police? ”
“Yeah” he sat up..
“Jo came to brief me again. he said the police have at least taken off a bit and that they have no more evidence against me in fact they are saying I probably am dead.
“You know” he paused,
“They can’t admit they failed to catch us publicly so the best is for them to say something that paints them a good picture.”
Sila nodded in understanding..
“Yeah” he continued ..
“I managed to contact my buyers and Jo managed to sell all the cars including your Brother inlaw’s jeep and gen sets . For now we are clean ” he added.
” we don’t have any physical things to expose us and luckily the cops found nothing at my house to implicate me. I don’t even have a photo of myself in the house” he chuckled.
“Okay then, ” Sila told him… “whatever you have gotten rid off is the last you will ever do, because as of yersterday, you stopped stealing anything.”
“Anything ?” he teased, k-ssing her lip.
“even k-sses from you.?”
“Am serious ” she snapped. “promise me this life of yours is all in the past and that you will change for the better, for your son. your mother’s and my sake this is all over” she added seriously.
“I will try woman” he said to her “it’s not going to be easy though. that life is all i know how to do and the guys look up to me I cannot just abandon them.”
“yes you will! ” she raised her voice
” if they want let them find another leader, that is if they are still in this life. just look at how others have lost their lives and even freedom. And you will find something else to do am serious .” she said upset..
“or you can forget about me and your son..”
“Oh, oh easy Sila” he held her.
“I didn’t say I won’t change, come on woman you can’t leave me now. I can’t go on without you, please I said I will work on it come on stop being upset with me now. I can’t stand you being mad at me. You aren’t leaving me alone are you?” he asked looking into her eyes.
“You know I will if you won’t change . we cannot live this kind of life for good. Running and fighting, no ways. ” she shook her head.
“I get you” he said..
” I promise to do whatever you say, fortunately you have made me a slave of your heart. I can’t stand it without you. Now come on, give me some love” he said pulling her to him
“another round will put me back on my feet.”
she shook her head moving closer to him
“you are lots to handle you know that.” she giggled.
After 2 months….
Scar had healed and getting strong again. He called a meeting with his guys and advised them to stop their robbing business. he told them he was done and had a family to look up to.
“do the same boys” he told them. “go live, find hapiness and do something you all will be proud of.”
He sold his house and managed to get his secret vult which had all his important doc-ments, about K150 000 cash and 2000 dollars plus what he had stocked in his account, he had millions to help him start over.
Sila managed to get an early retirement, she applied for a job in the USA and when she was accepted to go and work there she asked Scar to go live with her.
“It’s a good place to go start over ” Scar agreed.
” I will find some business to invest in and fortunate enough I have contacts from some of my old buyers am sure it won’t be difficult to settle in” he had added.
Sila had somehow managed to convince her family about Scar. She told them he was a changed person and she was going to marry him and give him a second chance. She received mixed feelings from her relatives but that didnt stop her from going ahead with their plans..
Her brother in law was jailed months after. when he was charged with multiple counts of corruption and even murder.
Jo opened some business in Livingstone dealing in car selling his business was growing and he had even decided to marry.
Maria and Sila were still friends and Maria had come to understand her friend.
Sila, , Isaac and Scar’s mother are now relocated to the USA.
is a well established business man owning a company. His master mind had earned him a lot of money in 10 years.
“Hey my woman” he called her. she turned to look at him coming from the stairs, she smilled widely…
“you grow more handsome everyday my mafia.” she teased, “that taxido fits you perfectly.”
Scar k-ssed her,
“and you woman never stops making me fall in love with you everyday you are so beautiful and amazing this bump,” he said rubbing her 7 months pregnancy, “fits you perfectly.”
“Mom! Daddy! Their second born a 5 years old girl , Hope called them..
“Take it easy baby” Scar held his daughter
” you might hurt your baby sister here” he said extending his hands to guard Sila’s pregancy.
“what is it Hope?” Sila asked her.
“Zac is here!” she scre-ms excited.
“well let’s go see him then and let the party begin ” Scar indicated holding his wife. They walked outside to welcome him.
Zac had just graduated with a first degree in mechanical engineering from one of the top universities in the USA.
“Well done big boy” Scar hugged his son.
” your mom and i are so proud of you.”
Sila hugged him too,
“we are all proud of you sonny lets go to the back yard your grand ma is welcoming our guests.”
They walked to the back, the 4 of them holding hands and smilling as everyone shouted…
“congratulations! !”
………The end………
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