Still Loving You

Still loving you episode 6


Episode 6
🔼 Amora 🔼
I just don’t want to stop kissing him. I’m not like this. Why am I kissing him.
I need to end this shit before it goes further.
I pulled away from him looking so embarrassed at what i just did.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have kissed you. Can we pretend nothing happened”
“No… I’m not good at pretending. I really like you Amora”,he confessed smiling.
“I don’t like you Ryan and besides you have a girlfriend who loves you a lot so please just let me be”
Seriously… I don’t know where the words are from but it’s for the best. I just don’t want Ryan to feel anything for me.
“We both know that’s a lie. I can see it in yours eyes “,as he framed my face.
I melted in his touch. Think about it Amora.
“See mister I don’t do love or relationships so if you can’t keep your self in your pants then back off..”
He looked at me surprised at my words..
“Really Amora.. is that what you want.”
“Yep… that’s what I want and nothing else. Just stay away from me”
“Okay fine…”,he said softly as I went into the library.
Do i love him? Obviously not. I don’t do love remember. I’m a girl of my words.
I saved him and that was just it. I don’t want anymore problems.
I began reading but I couldn’t concentrate.. what if I’m too rude..
I twist my lips in frustration as I heard the siren.
I decided to wait a little before heading home..
I took all my books and head out and lo, I saw Stephen and his boys, and Bianca were outside. I rolled my eyes. They were walking towards me and I sense trouble.
“There she is. I told you to stay away from my boyfriend didn’t I?”
I smiled devilishly, “No..”
That’s was when I had a punch on my belly. it’s was one of Stephen guys. I knelt on the floor as the four of them were on me.
My nose was really hurt and there was blood in my mouth. I couldn’t move.
“Kill her”, Bianca shouted to Stephen as he removed the gun from his backside.
Everything was blur to me. How I wish i was strong to defend myself.
“Are you scared .. just kill her already”,she shouted at him as she pulled the trigger and the sound of the gun and slowly my eyes close.
All I see was darkness.
🔼 Ryan 🔼
I just don’t understand why Amora is behaving weird towards me. I really like her alot.
I don’t why I am still stuck with Bianca but I think I like her too.
What the hell is wrong with me? I just need to think.
I really miss Amora and I wish she was here with me.
What is she doing now or what is she eating?
I just want her.
My phone rang and I check the screen and found out it was Bianca’s call.
“Leave me alone”,I shouted to the phone as I sat at the edge of the bed.
I removed my clothes and went for a hot shower.
When i returned Bianca was on my bed with her legs crossed.
“What are you doing here?”
“I called and you weren’t picking up so I decided to see you”
“No you don’t need to do that. I’m perfectly fine”
“Why are you ignoring me?”
“I’m not ignoring you”
“Is it because of her?”
“No, no it’s not because of her. ”
“Then what am I not good enough?”
“You are pretty for any guy to fall for you”, I said forcing a smile.
“Do you love me?”,she asked as I nod yes.
She smiled and close the gap between us and she kissed me.
Suddenly I saw the image of Amora.
My body always felt more relaxed when Amora is with me. I couldn’t get off anymore unless I thought of her.
What is wrong with me?
“Seriously Ryan? Do you have to m0an her name while I’m still here”,she stood still as she withdrawn the long time kiss.
Her hair was a bit messy and her lips looks like she had been ducked in her mouth.
Shit! How could I m0an her name.
“I didn’t.. “,l lied
“Yes… you did. I heard everything”,she wipe her tears as she was heading towards the door.
I held her wrists…”I’m really sorry Bianca. I don’t know what came over me”
“You….”, I cut in with a kiss.
I looked at her and l only wish it was Amora and not her that i kissed.
🔽 Amora 🔽
I opened my eyes slowly as I was in a room. it’s doesn’t look like hospital to me.
Where am I?
I turned and I saw an older man next to me. He might be in his 50s. I saw him somewhere but I just don’t remember.
“Where am I?”
“You are in a house”,he teased.
I tried to get up as I felt pain in my stomach. I look at the bandage wrapped around my belly and then I remembered everything. My blood boils.
“I want to go home”, I said.
“Okay. My guys will just send you home right away”
“Who are you?”
“I’m nobody. I just saw you on the floor and i decided to help. it’s nice to meet you Amora”
“Wait … how do you know my name”
“I saw it in your textbooks”
Why do I feel like I know him somewhere.
“Okay.. .”
“I will leave you so you go dress up”
I dressed up as I went into the Benz. He was inside with his guards as he kept staring at me.
“Is your mom home?”,he asked.
“Nope… I’m alone for now”
“Okay… what does your mom do”
“She is a nurse actually…”
“Okay.. .”,he said but couldn’t stop staring at me and all I tried to do is to ignore him.
“Thanks for everything. I’m really grateful.”,l said as I dropped out.
“it’s nice meeting you Amora and please take your medicine”
“Okay.. .”
I walked into my room as I decided to rest but out of curiosity I decided to visit my mom’s bedroom. I just want to see the pics of my dad and I was right. I saw one picture of my parents and me.
I saw dad and I realize he was the one who dropped me minutes ago.
Why didn’t he tell me he is my dad. I curled up in my mom’s bed as I cried more till slowly I drifted of to sleep.
The next morning l bathed as I took in my medicine. I could still feel pains in my belly but I ignored it.
I was done and it was time to go school. I looked at myself in the mirror and i saw how messy I am.
Today I just want to be in a jeans and blouse and not uniform.
I freed my messy hair as I brush it and then I just used a little make up to brighten up.
With my uniform fighting makes me uncomfortable but with this house attire I think fighting would be so amazing.
I checked my phone and it’s almost 10am to 11am.
I board a bus to my school. Everyone was at the Cafeteria and I guess it’s a good thing.
“Amora…”,Emily shouts as everyone attention was on me.
“Oh Gosh you look beautiful. Why are you in jeans”
“Nothing… I just want to”,l said as l spot Bianca with Ryan.
My stomach chimed and my blood boils.
“Emily… can u get me a juice please”
“Okay.. .”,she said as she ran.
I walked to meet the two lovers as I sat on the seat next to them.
Bianca eyes were wide and her knuckles turned white.
“Hello Bianca”,l said smiled. Ryan was just staring.
I laughed at the Bianca as she was just stiff.
“What’s wrong with your girlfriend.. she is acting like she has seen a ghost”.
“Please… Ryan. Make her leave”,she begs.
“Will you shut the f–k up”,I cut him off.
I moved close to her.
“Where is Stephen?”,l asked through gritted teeth.
She points as I saw Stephen and his boys having some food.
“Hello Stephen..”,l shouted as he stared at me with panic and fear.
I moved closer as l gripped his shirt and hit him on the nose.
“F–k.. .”,he shouted.
I threw the table as it landed on the two guys and a stick caught my eye. I took it and beat the shit out on the three of them.
The more I hit them… the more I felt pain.
Everyone gathered around me as I tried to breathe.
Bianca and Ryan are standing there in shock.
Bianca knelt down pleading.
“Please please… don’t do anything to me”
“You should have thought of that when you told to shoot me”
“What!”,Ryan shouted.
“Oh she didn’t tell you…Just tell him before l use this stick on your head”
“What happened?”
And she narrated the story.
“How could you be so cruel Bianca? We are f–k–g done. I don’t want to see you anymore?”, He yelled.
“This is for what you did yesterday”,as I slapped her on her face.
Ryan stood there staring at me. Not only him but everyone.
“Amora…there is blood on your shirt”,Emily said to as I looked on my shirt. My body became limb and weak as I fell in Ryan’s arms.
Darkness was all I saw afterwards..

To be Continued

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