Stuck With An Obsessed Girlfriend

Stuck With An Obsessed Girlfriend episode 68 – 69


(His Headache 🀯, Her Addiction 😚)


EPISODE 68&69πŸ₯€.


“Ma’am what are you talking about?” Beauty said standing up.

“I’m serious, you are my daughter, I gave birth to you” Sophia said pulling her into a hug.

Beauty break free from her and stood up getting angry already.

“With all due respect Ma,,Just because I look like your daughter doesn’t make me your daughter too, Excuse me” She storm out of the place angrily.

“Beauty!” Sophia said running after her.

“Mum, what’s the mean of this nonsense, How is she your daughter” Bianca snapped angrily.

“I’m telling you the truth, Darling, Remember I told you the doctor said you are allergic to Pancakes and it’s your Favorite, And the Birthmark, You don’t have it, She has the both , I don’t want to believe that is a mere coincidence, and More she looks so much like you” Sophia half yelled.

Bianca sighed loudly.

“Does that mean I’m not your real daughter”Bianca ask.

“You are My Daughter, I’m confused her too, Bianca”

“I’ll make her do the DNA” Bianca assured.

“Thank you” Sophia said hugging her.

“Its okay, Mum” Bianca said stroking her hair.


Beauty stood in front of the Mansion still angry, She just can’t get what just happened out of her head.

She can’t believe she is getting angry just because of that, not because she doesn’t want to believe her.

But She refuse to believe she is not her dad and Mum real Daughter.

She is really close to her mum , she doesn’t keep anything from her ,She brought out her phone and dail her number.

She was already Crying by the time she wasn’t picking.

She tried again and luckily she did this time.

“Mum” She cried

“What is it Baby, is everything okay?* Blaire said Shakingly.

Deep down she was Praying she hasn’t foind out the truth yet.

“Mum, I’m confused” Beauty said.

Blaire went Mute.

She hang up and take a Cab home.

Her legs were already shaking as she walk, She met Blaire in the living room sobbing.

She walk Closer to her and Bent in front of her.

Blaire pull here until a tight hug.

“I’m sorry, Baby I’m sorry” She cried.

“For what Mum, It’s not the truth right, You are my real Mum right?, That Woman is lieing right?, Tell me it’s not true, I’m going to believe Whatever you tell me” Beauty said getting Scared already.

“It’s the truth” Blaire drop the bombshell.

Beauty Shifted away from her as tears roll down her cheek.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it, You have always told me you love me and I believe you, Mum”

“I once had a daughter, but she does when she was just sex month, I felt I lost everything untill I found you, that’s why we named you Beauty, But believe me, I love you like my own, I have never for once made you feel unloved_”

“But that doesn’t change the fact that you kept the truth from me” Beauty cut her off.

“I’m sorry, I and your Dad try telling you about it, but we were Scared you will leave us, I’m sorry, Forgive Us” Blaire tried holding her but she kept shifting back..

“I can never forgive you for what that, You and Dad lie to me you both made a fool out of me” Beauty cried.

“I’m sorry” Blaire tried touching her but she runs out of the house before she could do so.

Just then, William appear.

“Don’t tell me_”

“She found out, William, She is going to leave us, I don’t want to loose my Daughter again, Please do something about it” Blaire resume crying.

“She won’t leave us” William said.



Bianca eyes search round the class, but she still couldn’t find traces of Beauty anywhere.

She was just going out of the class, when she bumped into Noah.

She starggered on him but he caught her before she could fell.

“Are you okay?” He said releasing her.

She nodded and walk out of the class.

He stared at her untill she is out of his sight and sighed.

“What are you staring at?” Scarlet said snapping him out of his thoughts.

“It’s nothing” He quickly look away from her.

“Why do you look sad?” Scarlet said touching his face.

“I’m fine” Noah muttered.

“You are not, You don’t look cheerful” Scarlet said.

“Can you promise me something?” He said and she nodded.

“No matter what you found out about me, You will never leave me” Noah said looking at her internly.

“What did you mean, did you do something wrong?”

“Just promise me”

“I Promise” Scarlet said.

“I love you” He hugged her.

“Can I ask you a question? Scarlet said breaking the hug

“Why are you always hugging me, Don’t you know how kiss” She said stressing the word “KISS”.

“You want a kiss?” He ask and she nodded.

“Give me time, I have things to take care of” Noah said.

“Even so, It won’t take much of your time”Scarlet frown.

“I know, but I have my reasons, Just be patient ok?” He said and she nodded slowly.

“I love you too” She smiled.

“Have you seen Beauty around?” Bianca said to Jason who was just coming to class.

“No, I was just about to ask you”Jason said looking up from his phone.

“Thank you” She said and made to leave.

“Is something wrong?”He ask.

“No” Bianca said and left.

Jason left the Class and Started searching for Beauty with his eyes.

He would have called but he doesn’t even have her number, but he doesn’t even have have her Number.

She wouldn’t give him.

His eyes caught her in the hallway, Seating alone, Her eyes were all Swollen.

“Are you okay?” He ask when he got to her.

Instead of Replying, She suddenly hugged him shocking the hell out of him.

“What should I do” She Started crying again.

He didn’t know what to say so he just let Cry.

“I’m here now, Stop crying” He said patting her hair.

Chloe stamp he foot on the floor angrily and leave the Place.

She has been watching all along.

****** Read – Shadow Sedvction episode 21

Bianca come accross Courtney on her way out and,She immidiately turn to a different direction to avoid trouble but she went after her and jumped in front of her making her stop.


“Just let him go if you know what’s best for you” Courtney said.

“What if I don’t” Bianca fold her arms.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” She said and left while smirking.

She got to a corner and dail someone’s number.

*Do it, She doesn’t want to give in*She said and hang up.

“What are you planning to do?” A voice ask behind her.

She turn to see Jason, She hissed loudly and started walking away.

“Why do you care, Just stay the hell away from me, I hate your sight” She said and push him out of the way.

“What she up to” He said in his mind and also went his way.




They all screamed happily as they kick the glass together.

“I’m so full” Charlotte said rubbing her tummy.

“Still can’t believe you guys are actually twin Sisters” Mia said drunkenly.

“Isn’t it obvious, like how can they both look so much alike” Scarlet roll her eyes

Beauty only smiled.

She actually agreed to do the DNA test, But on the condition z She has to be ready.

“Why aren’t you drinking?, This Celebration is for you both” Scarlet said raising a glass up for Beauty.

“I have never tried alcohol” She said

“Wow, That’s New” Mia said.

“Don’t force Her, That only means more for me” Charlotte said collecting the drink from her.

Bianca mind wasn’t with them, She was busy trying Felix Number, But he wasn’t picking.

She hasn’t see him all day and she is missing him Badly.

“How could you finish my it all, I want more” Charlotte said dramatically as she hit Scarlet.

She is drunk already.

“Stop Crying,I’ll just get you another one” Scarlet said.

“I’ll get it” Bianca said and immidiately stood up.

“Should I come with you” Beauty also stood.

“No, I will be fine Alone, Just Enjoy ” She said and dashed out.

“Should we tell her to get us more Cookies too” Mia said.

“Foodie” Scarlet roll her eyes.

“I’ll call her” Beauty brought out her phone to dail her number.

“That Clumsy girl, She didn’t go with her Phone” Charlotte raise the phone up.

Beauty felt unease within her, She grab the phone from Charlotte and runs out.

“Where is she going?” Scarlet said.

“To look for her I think” Mia replied.

“Awwn, I want to have a twin sister too” Scarlet said.

“Me too” Charlotte pouted.


“Thank you” Bianca smiled as she Collected the Shopping bag from the attendance.

“You are really beautiful” The guy said.

“Thank you” She only smiled.

She left the place and her mind went to Felix again.

She made to call him again,but couldn’t find her phone.

“How did I forget” She hit her head.

“Should I just pay him a visit?” She said smiling.

She started walking fast, but suddenly, She felt a movement behind her, Like someone was tailing her.

She got scared and increased her Pace.

But the Person started running and eventually catch up with her.

He held her hand making her stop on track.

“Let me go, leave me alone” She yelled hitting him with the bag hard.

“Bianca, Its me” The Person said and she open her eyes.

“You….You scared me” She said holding her chest.

“I’m sorry but I need something from you” The guy said,Coming Closer.

“What is that?” Bianca said shifting back I’m fear.

“You will get to know Later” He said and brought out a gun.

She gasp in shock as shopping bag fell from her.

She made to talk_

“Shush, Don’t call my Name, I don’t want to feel guilty about this ” The guy said.

“But..Why are you doing this?” Bianca stuttered.

“I’m Sorry, I have to”

“Just let me go Please” Bianca pleaded.

“I can’t”

A car stop beside them and a guy in mask come out of it.

“Why are you chitchatting with her, Just get her in already” The masked guy said.

“Get in Bianca” The guy said looking down.

“But, This isn’t you_”

“Just do as I say, You don’t want to regret it , Do you?” He cut her off.

She did as he said, The Masked guy covered her nose with the Hankerchief he was holding making her pass out immediately.

“Aren’t you gonna come in?” The masked guy said.

“Just take her before I changed my mind”

The Masked guy entered the car and drove off.

He stared at the car untill it was out of sight before dailing a number.

*Did you do what I ask?* Mary’s Evil voice said.

“I already do so leave me alone now* He yelled angrily.

*Not untill you successfully kill the Both,I won’t stop bothering you* Mary laugh evilly.

*I’m not following your orders anymore, Don’t ever call me again, Motherf**ker, You will pay for all your evil doings, I assure you* He said and hang up angrily.

He threw his phone on the floor and matched it.

“Felix, I’m sorry” He Muttered.


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