Stuck With An Obsessed Girlfriend

Stuck With An Obsessed Girlfriend episode 70 – 73


(His Headache 🀯, Her Addiction 😚)


EPISODE 70&71πŸ₯€.


“Isn’t she awake yet” Mary said to the guy watching over Bianca,She was tied up on a chair ,She is still unconscious.

“Yes Ma’am” The guy replied.

“I hate this” Mary said and get a bucket of water.

She pour it all over body and she immediately regain concious.

“Where am I?. Let me go, Who are you people” She screamed.

Mary walk bruptly to her and remove the blindfold from her eyes.

“Aunt” Bianca muttered staring at her shockingly.

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to still remember me, How can you forget this face, My favorite God Daughter” Mary smirked devilishly.

“Why are you doing this?, Who made you like this Aunt_”

“I’m not your Aunt, Idiot, Stop calling me that” She slap her hard on her face.

Her cheek immediately turn red as hot tears started rolling down her face.

“Where is that Fool?” Mary turn to the guy.

“He said he can’t come along” The guy replied.

“Seriously, Call him right now, He would be the one to finish her up for me” Mary half yelled.

“What did you do to him?, I know he can never do that without a reason” Bianca said and She face her again.

“I took care of him eversince, he was a child, He owe me his life and he must Follow my Orders, He has always been a weekling eversince he was a kid, That idiot, How could he let you see his face” Mary gritted her teeth.

“Why are you doing this, Just let me go please” Bianca cried.

“Blame your Stupid Mother for all that is happening to you, She caused you this” Mary replied

“Whatever she has done, She is really sorry, Can’t you Forgive her” Bianca pleaded.

She slap her again.

“Just Shut up, Don’t ever tell me to forgive her. She doesn’t deserve One. She is the reason why my life turn out like This” Mary said.

“Why I’m Earth did you have to Be your Mother’s Daughter, Why did Felix Choose you over My Daughter?, Just Why?” Mary Screamed.

“You are.. Courtney’s Mum” Bianca Stuttered

“You are all bunch of fools, I’m only using all of you to get my revenge. And that stupid So-called daughter of mine, How can She be so clueless” Mary grinned.

“She is not your daughter?” Bianca said unbelievably.

“What did you think” Mary smirked.


Beauty run of the room madly and Started searching for Bianca.

She got to the nearest Stall, But she couldn’t see any traces of her.

It then become clear to he that she has really gone lost.

She bumped into someone,Making her fell on her butt.

“I’m sorry” He apologize and Started Walking away.

“Why does he give me Bad Aura” She quickly stood up to her feet and run after him.

“Have you seen someone who looks like me around”‘She said holding him.

“No”He mutters and quickly left adjusting his face Mask Properly.

“Why do I feel something is not right” she said and followed him again.

“I’m sorry for bothering you, Can I see your face” Beauty said.

“No” He replied.

“You look kind Familiar, Have we met before?”

He shook his head and left.

“Bianca!,. Where are you, Bianca” She muttered to herself.

Her eyes met with something on the Floor and move closer, She saw the shopping bag that fell from her.

“Why is this here?” She ask no one in particularly.


Felix open his eyes weakly , He was having a bad Fever since they got back from the Sleepover Yesterday.

He switched on his Phone only to meet Multiple Calls of Bianca, 30 missed calls.

He actually switched it off since last night, because of disturbance.

He manages to sit up on the bed,Though he was still not okay yet.

He was just about to dail hee number when Someone barge in, almost breaking down the door.

“Bianca” He called weakly

“I’m Beauty and Bianca, She is_”

“She is What?”

“She is Missing” Beauty said.

As she mentioned Missing, Felix could feel his Soul slowly leaving his body His heart shattering into pieces.

He practically jump off the bed and fling out of the room, Not even waiting for Beauty.

Beauty followed him.

They both got outside, He was already dailing her number.

His eyes widened more when the phone rings from Beauty’s hand

“Don’t tell me_”

“She didn’t go with her Phone” Beauty said.

“F**k” He run his hand into his hairs fraustatedly.

“What’s going on here” Oliver said coming out of his room.

He actually heard their Noise.

“Where is your other friend?” Beauty ask remembering the guy earlier.

“Is that important right Now?” Felix half yelled.

“Just f**king tell me, I wouldn’t ask if I don’t have a reason” She yelled back.

“I don’t know where he is, He hasn’t come her since the past few days” Oliver answered instead.

“I knew it, That @sshole” Beauty muttered to herself.

“Can you tell me what’s going on Now?. I’m lost here” Oliver said.

Beauty explain to him.


“Have you call the Cops?” Oliver ask.

“Can you do that, I have to look for her” He said leaving.

“I’ll come with you” Beauty said getting in his car with him.


Addy enters Noah’s room and find him sleeping Soundly like a Baby.

“Dude are you seriously sleeping right now, Bianca is missing and all you do is sleep” Addy said talking him.

The News already got to them, The Whole school knows about it already.

“Bianca is Missing” Noah sprang up.

“Yes, and we hand to look for her. The whole school is doing so, We can’t just sit around and do nothing” Addy said putting on his shirt.

Noah dashed into the bathroom and rinse his Face, He actually think he didn’t hear him right…

“Bianca is Missing?, Did I hear you correctly” He said coming out of the….

“Yes, Hhhj

“This is Really Bad, Where is Eddie?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure he heard about it already. Stop asking questions and let’s join them and look for her” Addy left.

“That’s @sshole” Noah Muttered dailing someone’s number.

“You really do it?, Are you that Heartless?” He yelled on the phone

“I had no Choice, I have to do it?” A voice said.

“F**k your stupid Choice, I’m telling Felix about this” He said and hang up.

He also put on his clothes before going out.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this in the middle of the Night” Chloe hissed as she search around the school with Mara.

“No one asked you to come along, Heartless fool” Mara snapped.

“I wouldn’t have if it were to be her stupid Doplagger, I just hate her, Wish she was the one that got kidnapped instead of her, I wouldn’t have been more Happy” Chloe said hatefully.

“Are you hearing yourself, All because of a guy who doesn’t care about you, I can’t believe you” Mara said and walk faster.

“Wait for me” Chloe ran after her.



Felix was already looking as good as dead right now.

He was already tired of crying.

He could feel the Fever slowly coming back, But he cared less.

All his mind was on was how to save his Bianca.

“We will do everything to find her, We promise” The cops assured.

“You have been saying that for a while now. Why isn’t she here already.. Are you really doing your Job right.I am going insane here, What if something bad happen to her?, What if she f**king get hurt” He yelled angrily.

“Calm down Okay. I’m sure she will be fine”Beauty said.

Her mind drifted to the guy she saw earlier. She tried and recall where she saw him before.

She was having doubts

‘Wait…It’s really him’ She said in her mind.

“I have something to tell you” Beauty said.


“Rowan, I think he knows something” Beauty said.

“Rowan?”Felix muttered.

A text beeped on his phone and he checked it.

πŸ’¬Come to this address, If you want to rescue Bianca.

He spranged up immediately.

“What is it” Beauty ask.

He showed her his phone.

“Let’s go already”



“I know you will surely, Come” Mary said patting Rowan’s Back.

He was busy shaking in fear.

“I’m tired, Haven’t I done enough for you already” Rowan yelled at her.

“You haven’t, You have to pay me back for all I have done for you. You won’t be alive if it weren’t for me” Mary said.

“Just let her go, She has don’t nothing wrong to you” Rowan pleaded.

“Stop being a weakling, You are a man for goodness sake” She hand him a gun.

“If you want to be free, Then end her life right now”

“What?” Rowan said Shakingly.

“You are an animal. You will surely pay for this. How can you be so Heartless” Bianca yelled

“Shut up” Mary Screamed.

“Do it quickly, Before that stupid Blaire’s daughter got here” Mary said.

“Beauty?” Rowan asked.

“No. Courtney” Mary smirked.

“You are not my real Mum?” Courtney said Coming in.

She actually heard everything.

“Yes, So what?” Mary said Boadly.

Courtney starggered almost lose her balance ,but she held herself.

“You made me believe you love me. We are always there for each other. We are each other’s Allies, Only to know you are not My real Mum, Why is My life so Complicated” Courtney cried.

“That Loser Gave birth to you. I need someone to take care of The stupid twin sister. I took from her and gave Beauty to her” Mary said.

“Mum_” Courtney muttered.

“What are you waiting for?, Kill her already” Mary said bringing the gun close to Bianca’s head.

“Please don’t do it?” Bianca pleaded.

“Don’t listen to her, Just kill her . I’m already loosing My patience” Mary said.

The door suddenly flung open unknowingly, Felix and Beauty entered with two Cops.

Felix already got to Bainca by now, He untie her slowly without her(Mary) knowing.

“You are okay right?, She didn’t do anything to you?” He ask Checking her out.

She only Nodded in tears

“Mrs Mary Blue, You are under arrest for the abduction of Bianca Robert and attempt Murder of Beauty Wilder” The Cops said.

“No, I can’t be arrested. I didn’t do anything” Mary Screamed holding her head.

“Mum, Stop this nonsense and Surrender. You have to pay for all what you’ve done and there is still time for you to change for good” Courtney said moving closer to her.

“No” Mary grab the gun from Rowan and aim for Bianca.

Felix held Bianca closer to himself, Covering her.

“Madam,Drop the gun” One of the Cops cautioned.

“No. You drop the gun First” She said laughing evilly.

“Aren’t you going to do I’ll really kill her” Mary said holding th..

They do as she said and move back a little.

“Mum, Stop please” Courtney was still pleading with her.

*I won’t let her go just like that* She said in her mind.

Courtney saw her slowly pulling the Trigger, She made to stop her but it was already too late.

She shot the gun and it Penetrate into her Tummy.

“Courtney” They all screamed in horror.

“Courtney” She screamed as she realized who she just shot.

“Darling. Don’t leave Mummy please” Mary said holding her.

The Cops went over to her and handcuff her, Pulling her out of there.

“Courtney” Beauty rush to her.

Though she hate her so much, But she wouldn’t want her to die.

“Please, Tell Mum I love her even though I didn’t get to met her, I’m sorry for all what I did” She said and Slowly close her eyes.

“Courtney, No!!!!”

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(His Headache 🀯, Her Addiction 😚)


EPISODE 72&73πŸ₯€.



“It’s really simple, All you have to do it to understand the way it move and talk” Mr Marco explained touching the Crocodile diagram on the board.

They all had their eyes glued on him as he explained, they were only looking at him and nodding, Most of them doesn’t understand a thing.

“I can’t believe I’m missing that B*tch” Bianca said in her mind smiling lightly.

She was talking about Courtney actually.

Well, She was revived Somehow after removing the Bullet from her Tummy. She was Unconcious for days, She wake up Just Yesterday and they kinda settle thier differences, They are friends now.

She yawned tiredly and Felix Face her.

“You look tired” He said.

“Maybe because I didn’t sleep well last night, I was with Courtney all day” She said and He nodded.

“I should visit her Yesterday, But I’m a little busy”He said

“Yeah, You are coming with me after class” She replied.

Her Phone beeped and she check.

It’s a text from Beauty.

She sent her a pics of her and Sophia ,They actually went out together.

She smiled broadly as she zoomed the pics.

πŸ’¬We are having so much fun, It would have been more fun if you are here.

*Betrayals, Is that why you don’t want me to come along with you, Because you are both having a mother and daughter bounding* She sent.

Almost immidiately, another test from her pop out.

*Sorry Baby Sis, You will tag along , Promise” She sent with a wink Emoji.

“Seriously, Baby Sis” Bianca Scoffs Inwardly.

She has been calling her that for days Now. She insisted she is older Because she is the one who come first before her.

“Is that Understand?” Mr Marco face them and everyone nodded in affirmation.

“Is that So?, Del Luca, Can you brief what I just said” he said and Mara stood up shockingly.

“Me?” She pointed to herself.

“Is there anyone else who is is a Del Luca here” Chloe scoff.

Mara secretly roll her eyes at her before facing Mr Marco.

“Uhm, The eyes…i mean the Nose…..actually, I don’t understand a thing sir” She said and everyone started laughing Except for Luke who palm his face in Embarrassment.

“I guess you are all tired so I’ll just end the Class. Well you have just a week left before your final exams so consider yourself lucky coz of that but_” They all had this happy face on untill he mentioned * But*

There smile immidiately Fell, Knowing fully he his at it again.

“Just kidding, Have a Wonderful Summer Break Guys, I love you all” Mr Marco said and

“We love you too” Mara said dramatically, She was sniffing as if she was crying cleaning her face with a Hankerchief.

“Stop making that Face, You really look ugly right now”Chloe roll her eyes and some of the class laughed.

Mara hit her head hard.

“I’m not the Ugly one. You are, That’s why no one liked you. Ugly Duckling” Mara said loudly.

This time, All the class burst into Laughter and Chloe stood up.

“Say that again” She said.

“I said you are the Prettiest” Mara run out of the Class and Chloe went after her.

“Come back here, And say it to my face” She screamed out.

“Are they ever going to change?” Charlotte said watching them.

“Should we go one a date on Saturday ,Now that I think about it. We haven’t go one a Proper Date since we started dating” Addy said beside her.

“Can we Proponed it to the day after” She replied.


“Saturday is Charlie’s Tenth Birthday and He requested I throw him a Fancy Party. His so Called Poppy will be coming, He want to impress her” Charlotte said.

“Wow, You should have told me. I dare not miss it” Addy smiled.

“Should we get him a Present Together” He added standing up.

“Uhm, it’s still in two days, We can do that tommorow” Charlotte said.

“I want to get him the Best Present, He is My Brother In law after all” He pull her up.

She smile as they both left.

Bianca left Felix side and went over to Mia and Scarlet, Who was chatting together.

“I’m going to see Court, Who want to come along?” She ask when she got to them.

“Sure, What Of Beauty?” Mia said.

“Like you don’t know her, She is having fun with Mum” Bianca replied.

“She already done the DNA?” Scarlet chirped in.

“She didn’t do it” Bianca replied.

*Nah, it’s a Waste of Cash, Just spend the it on me instead* Bianca said in Beauty’s Voice and they all laugh.

“So Should we get going Now?” Scarlet said.

“Sure” Mara voice said.

They all turn to her to glared at her.

“Why the Faces, am I not allowed to Come along?” She Said chewing her gum as usual.

“You are, But no trouble Please ” Mia roll her eyes.

“I’m not a troublemaker” Mara glared at her.

“I want to come along too” Chloe join them.

“You aren’t allowed” Mara folded her arms.

“I wasn’t asking you,So shut up” Chloe snapped.

She face Bianca and she Nodded.

She stuck her tougue at Mara and She ( Mara) hissed.

“Go without Me, I have to take care of something” Bianca excuse herself.

They all left the class.

They got to the hallway when they heard someone calling thier names.

They stop and turn to face the Person, The saw Yuna running toward them.

“What did you want?” Scarlet ask immidiately she got to them.

“I’m Sorry” She Said facing down.

“For everything” She added.

“Your Sorry is not Needed, So Buzz off” Mia Said Codly.

“Stop, Everyone should be Forgiven for thier Mistakes Right?”Chloe said

“Is this coming from you?” Mara pinched herself.

“Lunatic” Chloe Muttered.

“What did you just say?” Mara pull her hair.

“Let me go , Fool” Chloe shot.

“How dare you call me a Lunatic, I’m only Crazy not a Lunatic” Mara spatted.

Chloe grab her hairs also and they started a Catfight.

“Should we go?” Mia face both Yuna and Scarlet.

They both nodded.

They held each others hand and started Leaving.

They come accross Noah on those way out

“Can I borrow her for Some Minutes?” He said and took Scarlet away.


Bianca smiled as she finally saws Felix coming out of a Class.

“I have been looking all over for you” She pouted.

“I left to take a Call , Attorney Ben called” Felix said.

“What did he say?” Bianca ask.

Mr Ben is actually thier Attorney handling the Case they file against Mary.

“She already admit to what she did, She is be in Jail before we know it” He replied.

Bianca sighed.

“She won’t come after you again, Trust me” Felix assured.

“I know, I just can’t believe Aunt would do that” She said.

“Just forget about her, She is not worth it” He replied

“What of Rowan?, I haven’t seen him around?” She ask suddenly.

“I don’t know where he is , He has been avoiding me since he was released ” Felix said.

She sighed.

“Do you want to travel out of town with me?” He added.

“We will we be going?” She ask excitedly.

“Surprise” He said.

” I can’t wait” She giggles.

Someone suddenly kneel In front of them out of the blue.

“Rowan?” She Muttered staring at him unbelievably.

People were already gatherings around by now.

“I’m deeply Sorry, Bianca . You almost died because of Me, I’m sorry, I had no choice but to do it, I’m really sorry Felix” He said weeping.

πŸ—£οΈ Why is he doing?

πŸ—£οΈHaven’t you heard. He is the one that Abduct her.

πŸ—£οΈWhat, How can he be so evil.

“I have forgiven you long ago. You don’t have to do This” Bianca said feeling Embarrassed.

“No, I deserve it” Rowan insisted.

“Stand up, You are embarrassing her” Felix said and he immidiately stood up on his feet.

“I’m Sorry to you especially, I hope you can forgive me_”

“I wouldn’t deny I Haven’t forgive you already. Like how could you do such a thing. I almost lost her because of you. Even if you are force to do it you should have informed me about it and I would have helped you out, You and I are both best friend, How could you betrayed my trust like that” Felix said.

“I’m Sorry, I’m really sorry” Rowan apologize fighting back his tears.

“I don’t mind apologizing a million times just for you to forgive. I know one day ,You will surely forgive me. I hope we can go back to being friends He said and left.

Bianca stared at him pitifully before facing Felix.

“Forgive him please” She pleaded.

“I really want to forgive him but it’s hard to forget, What if Lost you, I would have really gone insane” Felix said

“I know, But Forgive him please, Do it for Me, Huh?” She made a Cute puppy face blinking.

“Alright, Alright,,Fine, I’ll do it for you” He said.


“What did you want to tell me?” Scarlet broke the long silence when Noah refuse to Speak.

“Promise not to get mad Ok?” He said looking staright into her round eyes.

She only nodded even though she is not Sure.

“I did something really Bad and_” He stop talking.

“Say it”

“Bianca is actually My first Love” He said and Scarlet eyes widened.


“It’s was actually a love at first sight. I don’t know I have never felt that way before. The first day I saw her My heart won’t stop pounding. I have this silly Feelings for her eversince we were fresher’s. I tried getting over it when I found out Edward like her and she is also in love with someone else, But it’s Hard. I get Jealous of seeing her Obssessed with Felix all the time, I knew about Rowan’s Plans to abduct her, I caught him talking with Courtney once and confront him, He told me his plan but I decided to kept silent about it coz of my Selfishness” Noah Explained.

Scarlet only watch him talk with her mouth agape.

“But recently I don’t know how u suddenly fell hard for you, I never imagined I can fell in love with someone much more than her” Noah said.

Scarlet said nothing.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I’m just a bit surprised” Scarlet replied.

“I’m really sorry in just telling you this” He said.

“I have to be somewhere, Let’s talk about this some other time” She said and quickly left.

“I’m dead” Noah Muttered.



“Humm” Beauty moaned in pleasure as she eat the Pasta and Ketchup Sophia prepared for her.

“You like it?” Sophia ask.

“I love it, You are the best” Beauty raise her thumb up.

Sophia smiled.

They actually cooked together after they got back from the Mall.

She( Beauty) told her she want to eat a food prepared by her after almost buying everything in the Mall.

“I have never tried something like this before” Beauty said.

“I’ll surely make up for the time we missed, I promise” Sophia said.

“Thanks Mom” Beauty said and Sophia eyes widened.

“Mum” She said emotionally.

“Yes, You don’t like it, Should I call you Mummy or Momma instead” Beauty replied.

“Anything will do Baby, I’m Just Happy” She said Coming to hug her.

“I love you, Mom” Beauty Said hugging her back.

“I love you more Baby” Sophia smiled.

They break the hug after Some Minutes, And resumes eating.

“When did you say Dad is coming back, I want to meet him” Beauty said.

“In two days, He can’t wait to meet you also” Sophia replied and Beauty smiled.

Her phone buzzed and she Smiled broadly after seeing the Sender.

It’s from Jason, They actually exchange numbers just two days ago, When he won’t stop bugging her.

πŸ’¬Will a Flower be Okay? , Or Should I just get her Fruits instead, I don’t want her to Misinterpret it.

She read and Smile fell from her face.

He actually called her earlier that he was planning on paying Courtney a visit in the Hospital, He ask her what He can give to her.

Without replying the text, She pick her Jacket and rush out of the House leaving Sophia in utter shock.



“Am I the only one seeing this, You look more beautiful ” Scarlet said admiring Courtney face.

“You are right, I want to be sick too” Mara said and they all laugh.

“What happened to your Face and Hair?” Courtney ask Both Mara and Chloe.

“It’s nothing” Mara quickly replied.

“What did you mean it’s nothing, That engaged in Wrestler Mania before they come here” Mia replied.

They all laugh.

“Seriously, Why are you always fighting?” Courtney asked.

“I just hate her” Chloe Shot

“It’s Mutual Girl” Mara roll her eyes.

“There is no use in talking to them, They are still gonna fight” Yuna finally said.

Mara and Chloe hissed loudly.

“Where is Bianca?, Why is she not Here?” Courtney suddenly asked

“Looking for me?” Bianca said Coming in with Felix and Blaire.

She rush to hug her.

“I miss you ” Courtney said.

“Me too” Bianca replied.

“I still can’t believe you guys made up overnight” Mara said.

“No one ask you to” Chloe cut her off.

Mara folded her fist angrily and started walking towards her, She had enough already.

Mia , Yuna and Scarlet pull both of them out before they could start another round of fight.

“I brought you something to eat ” Bianca said handing her a food Flask.

“Thank you” Courtney smiled.

“How are you doing?” Felix finally spoked.

“You finally know I exist” Courtney replied.

“I’m sorry_”

“I’m fine and I have forget about all that already, I move on from you, Yunno, You aren’t even that Handsome” Courtney said and Bianca expression changed.

“What did you mean he is not even that Handsome” She raise her brows.

“I’m not Joking” Courtney replied.

“How could you say this is not Handsome” Bianca said Squeezing Felix Face.

She gave him a Peck on the Lips and Courtney Chucked.

“I was only Joking, You done have to do that here” Courtney said.

“I have to prove it to you” Bianca said.

Blaire smiled as she watch them.


“Are you okay, Darling?” Blaire ask as Courtney stared into space.

“I’m fine mum” She replied not looking at her.

Bianca and Felix left some minutes ago

“Your face said otherwise, Tell me what is bothering you?” Blaire said taking her hand.

“I don’t know why I’m missing Mum even after all she did ,She has always been there for me all my life, I miss her like Hell, I wish she never did all that” Courtney Cried.

“I would be the best Mum, you can ever ask for” Blaire said hugging her.

Courtney only cried on her shoulder.

The door open making them break the hug.

“Jason” She muttered as her heart skip a beat.

Blaire left.

“I heard you are awake, How are you Feeling now?” He said dropping the Bouquet of Flower he got on a table beside her.

“I’m fine” Courtney muttered awkwardly.

He move closer to her.

“I wanted to ask for your Forgiveness for all I have done to you in the Past , we were still young back then and I couldn’t contr My sexual urges, I hurt you countless times and didn’t bother to apologize_”

“I still love you” Courtney cut him off.


“I’m Serious, I still love you as much I did back then in Highschool, It never left. My heart as always long for you even when I’m still with Felix ,I really love you Jason, I love you” Courtney said Boadly.

Jason made to talk but he heard someone sniff by the door and He turn to see Beauty watching them.

She run off immidiately thier eyes met and He went after her.

“Beauty Wait up” He called after her, But she find wait.

He increased his pace and eventually caught up with her.

“Why did you run off like that?” Jason Said catching his breath.

“Just go back to her, She need you” Beauty said.

“But you are the one I love_”

“I can’t reciprocate your Feelings Jason. She really loves you and I feel sorry for her, I once told you remember love is not for me, I don’t have time for guy right now” She fake a smile.

He pull her into a hug and She raise her hand to push him off

“It’s just a hug, Don’t push me away” He said and she drop her hand.

“It was really nice knowing you, Jason Hillary” She said as they hug.

“Same here, Beauty Robert or Should I say Beauty Wilder” Jason said and they both laugh.

“Go on, She is waiting for you” He push him lightly breaking the hug.

He started at her for a while before finally leaving.

Beauty felt a hot tears dropping from her unknowingly.

“I’m not Crying, I can’t cry, I don’t like him , Stop the tears Beauty love is not for you remember ” She said to herself as she clean the tears but they kept coming.

She Squatted on the Floor, Finally letting it out.

“I want to be strong but why does it seem hard” She chocked on her tears.


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