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Stuck with my ceo episode 17 – end


Stuck with my CEO

Episode 17

Min-Kyu’s POV
”Yes, she’s pregnant for me”. I replied.
”What? How can you let this happen? Movie stars are not supposed to date each other yet alone get pregnant, imagine how this will damage your reputation if the public hears of this, Bo-Hye will use this against you”. Lee-Min-Ho said.
”I’m really sorry”. I replied…
”We have to go back to Korea, if we continue to stay here, we might lose the whole country”. The director said and I nodded..

Two days later
Cho-bi’s POV
”Sister is pregnant”. Ja sung sang happily as dad came in.
”Pregnant for who?”. Dad said coming close to me.
”Min-Kyu”. I said and he slapped me.
”How can you be pregnant for a poor man?.. No, how can you not get married before shamelessly getting pregnant for him”. He asked angrily as I sat down.
”Poor Man?”. I asked surprised.
”Yes, Mr … I mean Min-kyu is now as poor as anything in the world”. He said.
”What happened?”. I asked.
”The shareholders found that his parents falsely dragged the company’s fund to their own pockets before they died, I guess the proud jerk finally realizes his stupid mistakes”. He said.
”Oh no”. I said and brought my phone to call min-kyu but his phone was switched off.. I dialed his number again, it was switched off. I didn’t want the father of my unborn child to kill himself out of frustration, I called his guard and they said they’d not seen him anywhere close to his house.. I had began to worry about his whereabouts…
End of Cho-bi’s POV
Min-Kyu’s POV
I was going to kill myself, I was going to jump off the bridge, I will…
So I was a nobody and I felt like someone
So I wasn’t rich and I was proud
I was even thinking i’ve found love
But how can she love me when I have no money at all
Was there such love in life?
I climbed the bridge, just then I heard her sweet and soft voice shouting my name.. she had come down from the taxi and began begging me to climb down.

”Min-Kyu, don’t do this, i’m pregnant for you remember, I love you min-kyu whether you’re poor or you’re rich, this a lesson to all that they shouldn’t be proud, you’ve been the best man in this world, don’t kill yourself now”. she screamed.
”Cho-bi, I have wronged a lot of people, i’m a proud jerk, I could just die to end it all right now, cho-bi take care of our child, I love you”. I said and stood on the rail of the bridge…

Bo-Hye’s POV
I smiled as I watched him climb the bridge, he would certainly jump, even his parents ghost won’t stop him… I laughed this time evily…

Episode 18

Min-Kyu’s POV
She called me again this time with more pain and suffering and I climbed down from the bridge and ran to her crying….
”I’m really sorry I wanted to kill myself, you’ve shown yourself to be a true girlfriend”. I hugged her and disengaged from her as she dried my tears with her hands.
”Let’s go over to my house”. She said and I nodded.
All my properties including my magnificent house was seized.
We reached her house and jasung hugged me.
”I was worried about you, sister, where did you find him?”. He asked and I laughed.
”Don’t ask silly questions Jasung”. I said nudging him with an elbow.
”Where’s Dad?”.She asked
”He said he wanted to do something in his room”. Jasung replied..
Few minutes later, Park Oh-Yi came into the parlor with a briefcase.
”Cho-bi, I think it’s high time you knew this”. He said and she looked at him surprised
Cho-bi’s POV
”I don’t understand”. I quirked an eyebrow in curiousity.
”Your Mother was one of the richest shareholders in Kyu’s Organisation, even richer than Min-Kyu’s parents and she said you should take control of the organization when you are mature, I guess you are now”. He said and I chuckled.
”Dad, you’re so funny”. I said.
”Are you trying to say we’re rich”. Jasung asked with so much smile on his face.
”Yes dear”. Dad replied.
”If Cho-bi goes to the organization and submits this, she will automatically become the CEO of the organization”. He said and I blinked.
”Dad, you knew all this and you let me suffer in this old house”. I asked with annoyance.
”You weren’t matured then you would insult every one who mistakenly did anything to you, you were proud even when you had nothing”. He said and I sank to the chair.
”Even when I had nothing”. I muttered.
”Congratulations CEO”.Min-Kyu said and kissed me.
”My sister is a CEO, you were STUCK WITH THE CEO for sometime and you made it”. Jasung said and hugged me.
”Stuck with my CEO” I muttered and kissed Min-Kyu back.
”Now, Bo-Hye has to pay for all her crimes”. I said standing up..
”What will you do to her?”. He asked.
”I trust my sister, she will make Bo-Hye rot in jail”. Jasung said and I chcukled.
”Do you think I should forgive her?”. I asked
”Yeah”. Min-Kyu replied


Two days later..

Film – Remember Me
Last Scene – An hotel
Time 14:00
Cho-bi’s POV
”Thank Goodness, you remembered me, I was seriously going to drown in that pool if you had not remembered me”. I said as I leaned on his chest…
”I saw the flashbacks when you fell into the pool, I couldn’t believe it, like you used a charm on me”. He said and I chuckled softly….
”We have to go on our honeymoon now that we’re married”. He said caressing my cheeks.
”Are you sure?”. I asked.
”Yes, where do you want to travel to?”. He asked.
”I think we should go to Puerto Rico”. I said and he nodded.
He smiled.
”No Problem, i’ll reschedule my appointments”. He said and kissed me softly as he undressed me…

End Of Film

”Remember Me has been completed due to the capacity and adequate resources rendered by our actors and actresses who acted the film”. The director said to the crowd. ”And now we will announce the Best Actor of this year and also the best female actor of this year”.
”The Best Actor of Kyu’s Production goes to Min-Kyu and the Best Actress Goes to Cho-bi, can you please step forward and receive your awards”. The director said as they walked to the stage to collect their awards….

”Thank you all”. Min-Kyu said and returned to his seat.
”In life, Patience is the key to many things, I have been patience enough and I have realized my mistakes, due to this fact, I became the best actress of the year and also the CEO of Kyu’s organization”. Cho-bi said and they clapped.

Min-Kyu’s POV
I had never been so happy seeing my beautiful bride walk through the aisle…… she was indeed beautiful and she was really stuck with me.. She was a patient lady who stood by my side when I lost my memory and would have given up. Cho-bi, my love is now going to be my wife and my unborn child would come into this world soon….

”For better ……..
In Love
In life or death
May you both be called Husband and Wife..

Five Years Later

Cho-bi’s POV
Who knew I would give back to twins…..
Who knew I would be happily married to Min-Kyu..

”Ae-ri”. I called out as she climbed the kitchen chair to watch me cook.
”Yes mother”. She slowly called out and I chuckled softly.
”Don’t injure yourself’, where is Seo-No?”. I asked.
”She’s with dad in the parlor”. Ae-ri replied.


Min-Kyu’s POV
”Seo-No, drop that remote, i’m watching a football match”. I said as she kicked the remote and it landed right on my head. ”Sometimes I wondered if she was born to be a footballer”. I said to myself.
”Come here, daddy’s girl, go spy on what’s mummy is cooking”. I said silently as she tiptoed to the kitchen…

Here I was with a family I never had when I was a little kid.


All by Author Fehimuan
Thanks to all those who supported me
I was amazed at all of your efforts

Korean-Romance Suspense Novel
Episode – 1-19
Language- English
Settings – Korea, America…

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