ERUKA (episode 21)

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“Come…hurry… hurry up…
He rushed up at me.
” your hand here…no…I mean right here.. Can you feel it…can you feel the kick…
“No…i can’t feel anything
” oh…she kicked again just before I called you…ooow…another kick… Just now…place your hand right here…
“Yeah…oh mine..yea…yea…I can feel it now…
I watched him opened his eyes in shock and a big grin on his face, he was smiling
” Ruka…I can’t wait to finally welcome her and hold her in My arms, I love you baby…
He k-ssed my forehead before returning back to what he was doing
My phone rang and it was Julio,
“Ruka…how are you doing, I can’t believe is tomorrow, I feel so nervous Ruka..
” I felt the same way on my own day…don’t worry you will be fine, we all will be there to cheer you up… I will be coming down this evening, how’s Richærd hope he is not also nervous… What of mum and Mia…guess they are getting ready for your big day…
“I just finished speaking with Rich few minute before you called, he is so eager, and can’t wait to finally make me his wife… Mum is fine she’s sitting at the pool side with Mia, everyone is getting ready for tomorrow, you said you will be coming down …hope you are not the one driving..
Please don’t take any risk that will endanger you… Remember your condition, you are now double, a soon to be mother…
” no, I’m not driving…I will be coming down with Dave…
As the time came for us to leave, We both got ready and Dave guide me to the car, after I was seated comfortably Dave went to start the car but it refuses to start, he tried severally but to no avail, I told him is better we just use my own car
He said he wanted to call his mechanic first to come and check it, he said he prefer using his car and I should exercise a little patient that his mechanic will soon be here
Dave’s mechanic said he wasn’t around and doesn’t know when he will come back, the man said he will be sending one of his boys down, he apologized for not being able to make it down but said the boy he will send down will attend to the car, the boy has learnt under him for more than a year and he is capable of handling the car
Dave asked him to send the person quick that we are already running late
After thirty minutes the person came, he rushed to Dave who was pacing up and down to apologies that he couldn’t get a motorcycle on time he would have gotten here faster, I looked at the boy, he was in his mechanic dirty overall uniform, he was covered with dirts, his face was masked with black oil from a car, which shows that he was working on car before his boss called him to come down, he looks familiar but i didn’t want to jump into conclusion yet, the mechanic boy looked at me as I sat at one corner of the house, he bow in greeting to me, I was just watching him from where I sat as he craw under the car and began to work, after sometime he try starting the car and it started but with a strange sound, Dave was not happy, he was not satisfied with the sound of the car, he mentioned it to the boy but the mechanic boy said is normal
“Can’t you hear the noise, I’m not satisfied with your work that’s why I wanted your boss to come, he sent you down instead yet you can’t dictate the noise, don’t tell me that this sound is normal, is not normal, I know the way my car sound, please your boss shouldn’t send you next time, I was suppose to go out with my wife but it took you forever to get here and yet the car is still not fixed and you are telling me is normal
” I’m sorry Sir, please don’t tell my boss let me check again, I’m sorry
Dave angrily went in,side, he has finally agreed to use my car and leave his own behind, as Dave went into the house the mechanic boy came to me
“Please madam, I’m very sorry, can you help me beg your husband not to be angry with me or tell my boss, he should give me more time to check the car, please madam…my girlfriend works in a restaurant and they are not paying her well there, is through this mechanic work we are using to survive, and she’s four months pregnant, I have to work very hærd, please if your husband complains to my boss he will deduct my money and I don’t want that…please ma…help me plead to him on my behalf…
I did not need anybody to tell me who he was, at first I couldn’t recognized him fully because of his appearance but from his voice I know who he was, so I called his name.
” Bazil, are you not Bazil…
“Yes ma…yes that’s my name, do you know me Madam, have I fix your car before… you know me from some here…
” hmmm, yes I know you, I’m glad you are doing something meaningful with your hands, you having a handwork is a good thing instead of eating from where you did not sow, now you will understand that making money is not easy, before you spend a dime on drinks or on women you will have a rethink… Did I add too much weight that you can’t recognize the same mumu button, once upon a time your ATM machine, your fool that you can easily deceive back then…i know I added some weight because of this pregnancy but if you look deeply and think back you will know who is talking to you, do you remember Kuma, my sales girl, Mara,the Lady that I sent to get my money from you, do you remember Julio, my tigress sister…well if you do you will certainly remember who is talking to you, I’m still the same Ruka but with a bigger class than you can imagine
I watch him move back in shock, he was still acting this way when Dave came out and asked what’s going on,
“What are you doing close to my wife, is she the car you were sent to fix…you suppose to check where that strange noise in my car is coming from not checking my wife out
He started pleading to Dave
” I’m sorry Sir I wasn’t checking her out, please beg her for me, i wronged her in the past but I’m a change person now
Dave did not understand, Bazil came back to me
“I have tried many times to search for you and ask for your forgiveness, is being over three years I saw you last, I came to your shop with my Woman, Kuma your formal sales girl, we know we
did a huge wrong to you, we came to plead for mercy but your manager, Kuma said her name is Tara, she told us that you traveled out if the country with your husband for your honey Moon, please Ruka, we know we don’t deserve your mercy but please, find it in your heart to forgive us…
Dave later got to know that it was Bazil, I begged Dave not to report him to his boss and the man shouldn’t send him down to our house next time
In order to prove to him that I have forgiven him, I asked Dave to kindly give him enough cash so that he can set up a good business for his girlfriend who is pregnant, in that way the stress will reduce,
After giving him the money he didn’t want to collect it at first but I persuaded him to take it before he did and later left, he was filled with Joy.
I told Dave I was too tired to go out and he totally understand,
I called Julio that I can’t come out with Dave again but I will be there early tomorrow morning and watch her get dress for her big day
And that’s what happened, I was there the following day and watch her get dressed
I also watch her walk down the aisle with her prince charming, Richærd.
They look so cute together, as they became husband and wife.
After the wedding they left for their honey Moon,
A week after my water broke and I was rushed to the hospital and i gave birth to my baby girl
Being a mother was one if my greatest Joy, Dave was the happiest man alive,
It was a thing of Joy as we receive congratulations and gifts from every where.
I’m blessed with a caring and supportive husband, a beautiful daughter who I will teach to be wise and also strong so that she won’t be taking for granted like I was.
My business is expanding and everything around me looks and smells good which is a good sign for the future
We never hærd of Mara again or what becomes of her, rumor has it that she later got married to the father of her son but we careless if is true or not.
All that natters is that happiness and peace of mind has become my daily bread.
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