Sudden Prince

Sudden Prince episode 17 – 18

{..Wrong place, Right time..}

Chapter 17💕18

THEME: Written again..✍️

By, 🌺Mayor🌺

“Hit me if you want but I can’t allow you to touch her. I’ll burn you alive”

Zameil’s voice was deep and hard, his face shows that he was so serious about it. Alice eyes remain on him as he let go of Plato who hissed in pain.

Turning to her Zameil reached for her hand and dragged her with him out of the room.

Plato threw a glass of cup across the room in anger. A loud clash rented the room.

Alice tried her best to keep up with Zameil’s pace. Why does he like walking too fast? If she was putting on trouser then it would be easier for her. The maids and guards who spot them bow their heads lightly.

Saverina who saw them have a light frown on her face but then she saw Old Gytha looking around. She immediately went to hide. “This is so frustrating” she muttered.

Getting to their chamber, Zameil pulled Alice into the room and turn to face her. Alice was quiet not knowing what to say.

“What do you think you are doing?” Zameil asked in hard tone.

Alice raised her confused gaze to him. “What do you mean?”

“Back there, why did you defend me?” He asked.

“Because I wanted to” Alice said.

“I never asked you to do that. I’d advice you not to create enemies for yourself here in the palace.. especially not for my sake. I can take care of myself. This isn’t the first time I’m facing something like this..”


“If you are doing this just because we are married then stop. This marriage means nothing. Marrying you wasn’t my will, so stop acting as if you care. You’re not my wife” He said coldly and Alice lips parted with those words she had just heard. She wanted to say something but no word find its way out.

Before she knew it, the man turn and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Alice stood there reminiscing on what just happened. He said she is not his wife and the marriage means nothing to him…

That could only mean…

They didn’t have sex last night.. that’s pretty good but why is he acting cold.

“Whatever” she muttered trying to ignore the worries creeping in.

At the garden, Derek sat beside Phaedra’s as they both stared into space.

“Wanna talk about it?” Derek asked looking at her direction. She has a sharp nose, emerald-green eyes and blond long smooth hair that reached her waist. He watched her took a deep breath.

“I.. I. Don’t know if I wanna talk about it but..” she paused and looked at Derek. “You’re Zameil’s friend right?” She asked.

“Yeah” he replied.

“I hardly see you around” She smiled a little.

“My father died and I was made the leader of the pack” Derek replied. His hand was rested on his folded knees as he sat beside her.

“Y..y.. you’re now an alpha?” Her eyes widened and he nodded. “Wow, that’s really great”.

She suddenly felt a wet tongue behind her neck, her head snapped backward and she gasps seeing Derek’s pet.

“The little wolf you do bring to the palace?” She asked.


“Aww” her eyes squinted as she touched the wolf’s fur and played with it. “She is all grown up.. what’s her name, I forgot”

“It’s a he” Derek corrected.

Phaedra blinked severally and confirmed it on the wolf. “Ahh.. sorry” she muttered.

“It’s fine, hunter look too cute” Derek said and the wolf sneered at him. “He hates been called cute but that’s the truth”. Hunter sneered at him again.

“Hunter, you have a nice name” Phaedra said to the wolf as she continued playing with its fur.

Derek fell into a trance as he stared at her beautiful face. ‘Mate’ he remembered the word of his inner wolf.

*Get her* his inner wolf whispered and he closed his eyes.

‘I just met her, slow down, will you?!’ he communicate with his inner wolf.

*Don’t care, you’re an alpha, you should claim your mate as soon as possible!*

‘Stop talking!’ Derek screamed at it. He turn his head to Phaedra as found her staring at him. He smiled.

“I just feel hungry” Derek lied.

“Oh, is that why your eyes flashed red?” Phaedra asked.

“My eyes?” Derek frowned and his face turn paled. Hunter grunt beside Phaedra. It obviously knew what is going on with Derek.

“Well I was about to have lunch, you can join me. I’ll ask the maid to bring more meal”

“Ah.. there’s no need.. ”

“You must be so hungry your eyes turn red. You should dine with me. please.. it’s been forever I had a company like this. Please..”

“Yes, I’ll come with you” Derek blurt out, surprised by how he is getting affected by her.

Phaedra smiled and stood up. “Let’s go” she said walking away.

Hunter grunt beside Derek and gave him a look.

“What are you looking at?” He said and stood to follow her.

“Ahh” Riya yelped when the maid mistakenly combed her hair hard.

“I’m sorry your highness” The maid quickly apologized but Riya slapped her hard across the face.

“What do you think you are doing with my precious hair? Are you insane?!!” She yelled.

“I’m sorry your highness” The maid apologize with bleeding lip, resulted from the hit on her face.

As if it wasn’t enough, Riya yelled.. “Guards!!” Immediately, two guards rushed in. “Give her ten lashes, right now” she ordered.

“Your highness! Please have mercy” the maid cried out but found herself being dragged out by the guards.

Riya huffed and pointed towards another maid to comb her hair. The maid shudder in fear. “I’ll kill you if you make any mistake”

Having no choice, the maid swallowed hard and bow. “Yes your highness”

Before they could start one of the maid announced that the Queen was here. The door opened and Queen Delphine walked in having power sorrounding her.

“Mother” Riya stood up to greet her with a light bow.

Queen Delphine stared at Riya for a while before speaking. “Give us the room” she said and all the maid bow before leaving the room.

After they all did, Riya asked. “Is something wrong?”

“I thought you’ve killed that feeling of yours already”

“What feeling?” Riya frowned a little, though she somewhat knew what her mother was referring.

“Zameil” Queen Delphine didn’t bother beating around the bush.

“What I don’t have any.. that’s absurd” Riya denied.

“You know so well that I know you are lying. Zameil’s is your brother. You might not be related by blood but he is. Beside, don’t forget what he has inside him and also the fact that he is now married” The Queen said.

“I do not have any feeling for him. You’re thinking things” Riya denied.

“Oh, then tell me what his portrait is doing on your wall” The Queen said and they both turn their head to Zameil’s portait hanging one side.

Riya had asked one of the talented artist to draw it, she paid a fortune for it. She normally hide it whenever she had visitors but she had forgotten this time around.


“Get rid of that feeling” The Queen cut in and turn to leave the room while Riya took a deep breath.


“And this is the guardhouse” Eleanor said to Alice as the stared at the place filled with guards walking about. Eleanor had been showing her around the palace, since this is her official day of becoming a Princess.

Remembering something, she turn her head to Eleanor.

“Huh? What about the woman.. I mean my mother?”

“Now is not the right time to visit her, but I’ll find a way to let that happen” Eleanor replied and Alice nodded.

She spot Galen walking with Sarah with cross-bows for training. His eyes met with hers.

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‘He is here too.. gosh’ Alice thought.

Sarah called out for Galen and he avert his gaze from Alice and continue walking.

“If you have any problem in the palace or need anything, just let me know okay” Eleanor said.

“Okay, thanks” Alice said.

Alice then spot Zameil passing by from a distance with some guards with him. She remembered the word he said the other time and pouted.

“He is so cold” She muttered. But what could have happened last night? Just then a memory flashed before her…

She remembered Helen taking her to the room and seeing Zameil.. she remembered herself resting her hand behind Zameil and finally her word.

‘Can I kiss you?’

Alice gasped so loud, her eyes flew wide open and her hand went straight to her mouth to cover it.

Eleanor blinked severally at her reaction. “Is something wrong?!”

‘I’m so fucked!! I asked him to kiss me last night?! What the hell!!’ Alice screamed inwardly as she began to hit her head with her knuckles.

“Alice” Eleanor called and she turn to look at her. “What happened?”

“Nothing” Alice quickly replied. She turn to look at Zameil but he was gone already. Gosh how is she going to face that jerk again?

After running for a while, Saverina sat around a corner and began to fan herself with her hand. She had run after spotting the twins.

“What is wrong me? Why am I running away from them? It’s not as if they’ll kill me, as the matter of fact I’m more powerful that them…” She hit her head gently on the wall behind and groan. “Why do they have to be the king’s daughter?”

“I found you!” She heard a voice and and jerk when she found Old Gytha staring coldly at her with her arms folded below her breasts.

“Ah.. I was just.. I was just cleaning the gras here” Saverina said awkwardly.

“Cleaning the grass? Really? Do you think you can lie to me.. you slow wit..”

Saverina sucked in her breath in anger. Again she has to keep herself calm in order to survive.

“Are you planning to starve the royal twins? Do you know how much trouble that could have caused me?!” Old Gytha barked, revealing some of her brown teeth which seems a bit funny to Saverina. She tried her best not to laugh by making her lips into a thin line.

“Are you smiling?” Old Gytha asked with a glare.

“No, I.. I have a smiley face” Saverina quickly said.

“Ever since I’ve met you, you always frown.. whatever.. do you wish for me to report you to his highness?” She asked.

“No.. no.. no.. I’m sorry” Saverina quickly said. If she failed then Zameil will kill her.

“Hmm.. come with me. I’ll give you work to do as a punishment”

Old Gytha took Saverina to the kitchen. Lo and behold, hundreds of plates was before her. Saverina eyes widened, is she going to wash all of these?

“Wash them, with no help” Old Gytha said an left the kitchen.

Saverina ruffled her black hair in frustration. “I’m going to get back at her”

“These are my twins, Mirabel and Macbeth” Eleanor said to Alice as they stood before the twins.

“Oh. We’ve met before” Alice muttered as she stared at the two figure.. they both look beautiful and identical, with an hard face unlike their mother.

“The King asked me to teach on how to be a princess but I’m a busy type of person and my twins here are pretty good. They’ll be teaching you” Eleanor said.

“Huh?.. why do I have to learn how to be a princess? Princess have a way of behaving?”

“Yes” Macbeth answered her question.

“For example, your actions during your wedding party wasn’t a princess style. You are to sit and watch” Mirabel said.

“So you are trying to change me?” Alice asked.

“Not change you Alice. We are here to teach you. It’s the king’s order. I pleaded with him not to hire a teacher. It would be better with my twins. They’ll be nice to you.. right kids?” Eleanor asked the twins.

“I’m not sure” Macbeth said.

“Me neither” Mirabel said.

Eleanor sighed awkwardly. “It’s fine okay, trust me they are good. You can start tomorrow, you should rest” she said to Alice.

Alice nodded and turn to leave.

“Those twins hardly smile, they are just like Zameil” Alice muttered but then spot Zameil walking towards her direction. Oh no!!

She looked around, wondering what she was going to do. Before she knows it, the man was close already and his eyes was on her. She quickly use her hand to cover her face.

Zameil stopped before her and frowned a little. “Princess?” His voice was deep and cool this times causing Alice to open her eyes and peeked in between her finger. Her eyes met with his lips and she shut them again.

Not hearing a reply, Zameil asked. “Is there something wrong with your face?” His voice sounded worried.

“No, just go away” she muttered, shutting her eyes close.

He made to touch her hand.

“Don’t touch me!” She yelled and Zameil bought his hand down.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what’s wrong?” He asked calmly again..

“Why do you care?! You said I meant nothing to you! Just mind your business.. goddamit!!” She yelled and walked pass him immediately.

Zameil lips parted as he watch her leave. Maybe he was a bit harsh on her the other time. Is she crying?

Getting far away from him Alice let out the breath she was holding. That was pretty close. Gosh, is she going to act like this forever? Turning to leave she bumped into a chest and look up slowly, her eyes met with a pair of metallic lustful eyes.

“Hello beautiful” Augustus greeted. Seeing their closeness, Alice stepped backward. She could sense the man’s intention. “Don’t be scared, I’m not here to hurt you”

“Get away from me” Alice warned and made to leave but in the next moment, Augustus pinned her against the wall. His lips went straight to her neck as he breath hard. Her smell is fucking lovely.

Alice felt disgusted and tried to push him away.

“Don’t sweetheart, you’re going to enjoy this” he whispered huskily and made to hold her waist.

Seeing, this man is insane, Alice did the best thing she could think of. She switfly kicked him hard on the groin.

Augustus eyes rolled to the middle as his hands left the wall and went straight to hold his d*ck.

“Gosh, I can’t believe this” Alice folded her hand as she watch the man wobbled and fell to the floor. His vein was visible on his neck. The pain was just too much for him to handle.

“What do you take me for? A slut?.. You’re a fucking asshole” she said.

Alice knowingly stepped on his leg and walked away from him while Augustus stayed on the floor groaning while holding his d*ck.



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