Sudden Prince

Sudden Prince episode 19 – 20

{..Wrong place, Right time..}

Chapter 19💕20

THEME: Written again..✍️

By, 🌺Mayor🌺


Reaching his room, Augustus grabbed something and smashed it against the mirror.

“I’m gonna kill her!” He roared sweeping his hair backwards as he stride back and forth his room. “How dare her!” He roared again smashing another thing.

One of his mistress stepped in and saw the mess. Her eyes widened. “Your highness” she whimpered.

Augustus looked up at her and let out a hard breath. “Get out” he managed to speak through his gritted teeth.

The mistress didn’t hear so she stepped close.

“I said get out!!!” He barked and she quickly ran out.

He grab the bottle of beer on his table and drank out of it, his face hard and scary. His mind lingered on the thought of Alice. She is sure a dare-devil.

The door opened and a figure step in.

“Didn’t you hear what I said..” He turn to say but realized it wasn’t his mistress but Eleanor.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I saw what you tried to do with Alice” Eleanor said, her face cold as ice.

Augustus scoffed. “So?”

“Don’t ever try to hurt her, I won’t sit back and let that happen” Eleanor said with utmost solemnity.

Augustus walked slowly to her and stopped when they were close enough. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’ll release the fact that you were behind the dismissal of your wife and the treason you’ve committed. You know how bad it’ll ruin your reputation August” Eleanor said, her voice bold.

Augustus frowned, he didn’t expect it.. what does she know?

“Don’t go near Alice” Eleanor gave her last warning before leaving the room.

“That wench” Augustus gritted his teeth.


He dragged her waist close and pinned her against the wall, his eyes staring deeply into hers with lust.

“You wanna taste my lips so badly?” Zameil asked, his warm breath hitting her face.

“Yes, just give me your lips, baby” Alice said pulling his shirt close. Their lips met and moved hard against each other. Zameil hand pulled her face close and dive his tongue in tasting all of her while her hand roam around her body. She could feel his hardness on her waist.

“My lady! My lady wake up.. my lady!”

Helen shook Alice from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes slowly and frowned.

“Good morning my lady,” Helen greeted with a smile. “How was your night”

Alice blinked severally before remembering what just happened. She just had a dream of her kissing Zameil. Her eyes widened as if it was going to pop out of its socket any moment.

“Ah..” Alice whimpered. Helen thought something was wrong with her.

“Huh? Is something wrong?”

“Ahhh!!” Alice cried out. What the hell did she just dreamt of?

“My lady, her you feeling sour again?” Helen asked and Alice turn her gaze slowly to her.

“Hey!!!!!!!!” Alice yelled causing Helen to jerk away from her. “There’s nothing between I and that jerk okay?! We didn’t touch, kiss or did he dive his damn tongue into my mouth or pin me against the wall or fucked” she said so fast.

“That was pretty detailed” Helen mumbled.

Alice breath out in frustration. Why is she having this kind of dream?

“I’m so sorry my lady” Helen apologized with a bow.

Alice sighed. “It’s fine. I wasn’t upset with you but myself. I think I’m going crazy”

After taking her bath, Helen was busy combing Alice’s hair, when a maid came in.

“Good morning my lady, His highness request to have breakfast with you” The maid informed with a bow.

“Prince Zamiel?” Alice asked.

“Yes, my lady”

Helen’s face beemed with joy while Alice wondered why the fuck did he want her to dine with him. She doesn’t want to see him if it’s possible not after she had that weird dream.

After she was dressed, she sighed. “Can’t I wear something else?” She asked. Wearing this long gown is frustrating.

“You can’t dress like a boy” Helen shook her head. “I’m sure his highness will love this…

“I’m not dressing because of him” Alice cut her off.

“Oh” Helen’s face dropped.

Alice faced the mirror again. She was looking like a damn Cinderella again. “Did you dress me this pretty because of him?” She asked giving Helen a look.

Helen only twisted her lips in guilt.

Zameil was sitted having a domineering presence as he waits for Alice. He had been reminiscing on his action yesterday. The girl was only defending him. Marrying him wasn’t her choice also.

The door open and Zameil swallowed at the sight of Alice. She was dressed up beautifully having her gown hugging her nice body frame.

She stepped forward having her head facing down. She reached for the chair and sat slowly. Her face shows she was uncomfortable.

‘Just don’t look at him, then you’ll be fine’ Alice thought to herself as she took a deep breath.

The place turn silent as both had their different thoughts running through their heads.

“About yesterday..” Zameil broke the long silence while Alice swallowed. “I.. didn’t mean to be hard on you, I’m not just not used, to be around people” He said.

Does this mean he is apologizing? He didn’t even offend her? Or is he trying to get close to her just so he could achieve him aim.. just like the dream?

“It.. it’s okay.. I’m not upset” Alice said without looking up at him. She grab a spoon. “We should eat”

“It’s obvious you’re upset, why aren’t you looking up at me?”

Alice almost choked on her food but she composed herself immediately.

“I.. was just trying to eat.. it’s improper to talk while eating” she said.

“But I want you to look at me”

Alice almost choke again. His voice was thick and captivating. “I don’t want to” she said taking a bite from her meal. The meal in the palace is just too good.

“Am I that handsome?” He suddenly asked the question she had least expected.

Alice gaze flew immediately to his direction and their eyes met. She choked this time and began to cough. This jerk.

Zameil smirked.

Alice grab a cup of clean water and gulp it in one goal. After she was done, she took a deep breath.

“I guess I am” he added.

‘He is so full of himself’ Alice clinched her jaw. “What are you apologizing for anyway?” She asked looking directly at him this time around.

“I wasn’t apologizing, I just wanted to talk about it” Zameil face became cold again but it wasn’t affect Alice one bit.

“Tssk… There’s nothing for us to discuss. Your word yesterday was the sweetest I’ve heard ever since I came here. The fact that you don’t want me around you is enough to bring me joy.. cus that’s the same thing I want. STAY AWAY FROM ME” She emphasized on the last statement making sure he heard it correctly.

“And thanks for the breakfast, I hope we don’t have another one together” Alice said coldly and stood up to leave.

Zameil didn’t stop her until she was out of his sight. Maybe he should just let it be.. he doesn’t want her and she doesn’t want him.

That’s a good news right?

“Rule number one as a princess, you need to always keep your head high and walk with your back straight” Mirabel said as Alice rolled her eyes.

“This is boring” Alice muttered.

“What did you say?” Macbeth asked.

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything” Alice denied immediately.

“Good, I thought I heard something” Macbeth huffed.

The twins began to teach her how to walk like a princess.. Alice hated it so much but she has no choice. This was the king’s order and she has to do it.

It has been several minutes trying to keep her back straight, she closed her eyes trying hard to control her breath, the dress was even making it worse.

“Ah, I can’t do this” Alice shook her head.

Saverina walked into the room at that moment, seeing the twins he made to leave but one of them spot her.

“Wait” she said and Saverina bit down her lips.

“Aren’t you the lady who scold us at the party?” Mirabel asked.

“Yeah, the one who claimed not to be a slave but the friend of my brother’s bride?” Macbeth added.

Alice blinked severally as she watch Saverina turn to look at them. She was actually here to serve them water.

Saverina gave them an awkward smile. “No, it’s definitely not me.. I think you have the wrong person”

“It’s you, the voice is the same” Mirabel said.

“Oh,” Saverina didn’t know what to say to these two little devils.

Mirabel turn to look at Alice. “Is she really your friend?”

Alice gave her a smile and replied straightforwardly. “Yes she is my friend”

Saverina blinked severally not expecting Alice to help her out.

“Don’t expect a thank you” Saverina said as she sat beside Alice outside the room.

“I won’t. I’m a stranger in your friend’s body so I know how you feel” Alice said.

“You should be careful though” Saverina spoke again.

“About what?” Alice asked.

“The full moon is close by, try to avoid your so called husband” Saverina said while Alice frowned.

**** Read – When fate strikes episode 57 – 58

On the day of the full moon, Phaedra had a smile on her face as she began to comb her hair. Her mind drifted to Derek. The man had been the only one she was free with.

He is funny, smart and has a good feature.

“I’m not falling for him, am I?” She smiled.

Her door suddenly flew open and he face dropped seeing the man who stepped in. Her father.

“Hello father” she said almost as a whisper, keeping her gaze on the floor. It has been a few days she had set her eyes in this man and she badly wish never to see him.

“Pull off your dress” the man ordered.

“I thought you’ve decided to stop this” Pheadra voice was shaky.

Augustus scoffed. “Do it or I’ll do it for you” He warn, stepping close.

“No” Pheadra whispered.

In the next moment, Augustus tore her dress, revealing her naked breast. He pushed her hard with one hand and she fell on her bed. Hovering over her, he began to suck on her neck.

“No!!!!!!.. Derek!!!!!”

In a large dark room***

“Is it tight enough?” Zameil asked Derek as he chain his left arm to the chair.

“Yes it is” Derek replied and went to grab the other chain. “So how’s Alice? You’re not still going to talk to her?”

“I don’t have anything to do with her”

“But since she’s destined to be with you. Don’t you think you get close to her?”

“I don’t want to hurt anyone. Not again” Zameil said as his face sadden.

“That night wasn’t your fault” Derek said.

“Just chain me up, I can feel Baal creeping his way in already” Zameil said.

“Alright” Derek nodded. While chaining his second hand, a sensation hit him hard.

‘No!!!!!… Derek!!!!”

His eyes flashed red and widened at the same time. “Phaedra” he muttered and stood.

“Derek?” Zameil called but he ran out of the room immediately. “Wait, you aren’t done yet!” He yelled but he left already.

“Ahh” he winced when the feeling hit him hard.


“No” he muttered. Only one of his arm and leg were chained, and there’s no way he can do it without help.

His body felt hot and he could feel the power surging in, his eyes changing its color.

‘Hello Zameil’ He heard the voice.

Derek ran as fast as he could, though it was dark but he could see. Beside it’s the full moon and his strength was full and sensitive. That was definitely Phaedra’s voice.

He dodge every maids and guard until he reached the room.

Getting there, her slammed the door opened and his eyes widened in terror with the scene before him.

Augustus was hovering over Phaedra’s naked body as he tried to sex her. Phaedra spotted him, her face wet with tears.

“Derek” she whispered.

Derek’s blood boiled immediately. His eyes shone the deepest shade of red, his cannies growing immediately.


Alice was busy trying some of the accessories Eleanor and the twins gave to her.

“Gosh, I’m not used to fashion” She whine dropping the hairpin. “I miss home” she muttered.

How is she going to finish this mission as soon as possible and get the fuck out of here? It’s been a few days since she saw that jerk. Saverina told her today is the full moon.

“My lady” Alice heard a maid’s voice which sounds worried.

She quickly went to meet her. “What happened?” She asked the young maid.

“It’s Helen my lady, she is in trouble” the maid said and Alice’s eyes widened.

“Where is she?” She asked.

The maid led her through the hall. Alice found it weird but the shake of the thought since she was her to save Helen.

Getting to a room, the maid stop. “Here my lady” she bow.

Alice didn’t waste a moment as she open the door and went in. She found the huge room dark and quiet. Just then, the door closed and she frowned.

“Hey!” She went towards the door and tried to open it but it was locked.

With a smirked, the maid kept the keys into her Pocket and left.

“Bitch!” Alice yelled but then heard an awful sound coming from the room. It was like a beast sneering. She slowly turn her head and her eyes met with a pair of dark golden eyes staring at her. The aura alone sent a chill down her spine.

She subconsciously stepped backward with her breath coming too hard for her. Never had she thought she would be this scared.

Slowly in the dark, he stepped out, he was huge, His face was like that of a lion, his cannies hideous. His eyes glowing as they stared deep into her soul. His hair long and white as they glow under the dark, his claws hideous, enough to slash her into two with one strike. His tail snaking behind him.

Alice realized something but her thought didn’t last cus in the next second. The creature smashed her back on the wall hard. Blood came out of her lips like a small fountain.

His hand was tightly around her neck, he lift her up from the ground, her leg dangling in the air.

The creature drew its face close and roared, ready to devour her. Tears creep out of Alice’s eyes and she yelled.





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