November 29, 2021

Susan episode 10


💛💛 SUSAN ⏳✨
(Who Am I??)💎💎
By Damilola Faleke M 💌🌸
Chapter 10
🍭 Susan’s pov 🍭

Britney, Britney, Britney, that name sounds really familiar, but I just can’t figure out who I know is bearing that name…..

“Go back to sleep dear, I don’t hear any voice, tomorrow we would go see a therapist” mum said

” Mum wait” I said

” Are you okay Susan? ” Mum asked

” I am, Don’t worry mum I can cope” I said

“Are you sure?” she asked and I nodded positively…

” Sweet dreams love” she said leaving, closing the door behind her

I just sat up and rest my back on the wall, I was beyond worried, I just don’t want mum to notice. Am hearing a voice and am pretty sure am not hallucinating..

“What the hell is wrong with me? Am in sane! Am in sane!”

” You’re not in sane Susan, please don’t freak out, just listen to me” the voice

” Who are you and why can’t I see you? ” I asked in a low voice so I won’t make mum worried.

” Susan it’s me Britney, try to remember, we met while you were in coma, you can’t see me now cause you’re fully a human now” she said confusing…..

” Coma?? I was in coma, so how possible were we able to meet? ” I asked

” Alright Susan, am going to explain to you, just don’t freak out okay” the voice said and I nodded……

She was done telling me the story of how we met, and how her step sister killed her, and how she needs to bring her step sister to justice and how I was the only one to help……


I felt a throbbing headache, it was like my head was going to fall off……….

“Ouch!! I remember, Bianca killed you Britney” I said

” You remember!! ” She said happily and I nodded though I couldn’t see her but she could see me…

“What else do you remember?” She asked

“Uhmm I don’t remember anything else, I know you’re Dad is the prime minister of Canada, and you lost your mum at a tender age, he married another woman who eventually had a daughter, you guys grew up together, you met a guy who liked you and you also liked him but your sister had feelings for you, and eventually, she poisoned you. But was able to escape because nobody saw her and your dad didn’t install any CCTV camera into your room because you wanted privacy, I thought I was just dreaming” I said

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No Susan, you weren’t dreaming, do you remember the secret camera I showed you that no one knows about except me?” She said

” I do” I replied

” What about Daniel? ” She asked

” Don’t remember anyone like that, I only remember you taking me to your room to see how your sis poisoned you, anything else that I should know? ” I asked confused

” No, you don’t have to stress your brain, am sure you would still remember like you remembered all this”she said and I nodded, I was so curious and I wished I could at least see her face again, it would be better…

“Are you there Britney?” I asked

“Yes” she replied

” Why can’t I see you? ” I asked

” Humans and ghost don’t relate that much, the fact that you can hear me now, was through the help of someone” She said

” Okay…” I replied

” Susan, please, you need to go to Canada. If possible tomorrow or next” she said

” What?? I don’t think I have such money, it’s such a far distance, and I’ll have to buy a plane ticket, and that would only means emptying my safe,I have to help my mum. I lost my job while I was in coma, and I need to try to get it back or if possible get another, our rent is almost due,and we still need to cover up a little bit of the hospital bill, I was only discharged because the doctor was a friendly type, if not I would still be stuck in that hospital. Now that am free, I need to get the money” I said angrily

Am sorry if I upset you, but please Susan, you have to do this for me, you promised” she said

” Well I don’t remember promising” I said laying on my bed with the duvet over my head

She kept on insisting, but I paid no attention, I have my own life to attend to .

Two days later ✨✨

I walked into the company I worked before I was sacked for an unreasonable reason,I was willing to get my job back, even though it was just a small pay but at least I and mum are comfortable with it. Everyone stared at me with anger, well I won’t blame them, my friends which are also our colleague here at work all died in the vehicle, I was the only survival, that’s enough for people to suspect and probably hate me….

“Good day Mr Lewis” I greeted when I got to the counter and surprisingly he smiled at me

“Wow!! Am glad you’re okay Susan” he said

“Yes I am, thank your Lewis” I said with a smile

” So, what can I do for you this morning?” He asked

” Well, it’s about job” I said and he sighed

“Am sorry about that Susan, but the boss is really adamant about his decision, I’ve tried my best to change his mind but it’s just not working” he said…

” But it wasn’t my fault” I replied

” I know Susan, you know Stephen is just a stubborn guy, he makes annoying and stupid decision” he said and I chuckled amidst my hopeless situation

” Please can I see him, maybe if I plead with him and tell him the reason why I was absent for that long, he may consider me” I said

” He already knows about your accident” he said

” uhmm…can I still speak to him? Please Mr Lewis” I pleaded

” Alright Susan, you’re just like my daughter, I can’t say no to you” he said dialing Mr Stephen office…….

” Alright Susan, I guess it’s your lucky day, you can go in” he said and I smiled happily

” Thanks Mr Lewis” I said walking up the stairs, I didn’t take the elevator cause it was quite crowded and I need to be hasty in this
“Good morning sir” I said as I took my seat in front of Mr Stephen in his office

“Morning Susan, am so happy to see you after such misfortune” he mocked and I swallowed, I hate this man.

” Thank you” I replied

“So tell me, why are you here?” He asked

” Well am here on the account of my job, am sorry Mr Stephen, it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t know it was gonna happen, it was unexpected, please” I pleaded and he chuckled

” You know your apologise are just useless miss Adams,you just love living in poverty, I’ve given you a lot of opportunities but you keep rejecting it, do you think I fired you because you were absent due to an accident? No Susan, that’s absurd” he said, I kept looking down at my legs, this man is crazy…

“Sir please, that’s just like our only means of survival, my mum’s business hardly pays, sir please just accept me even if you have to demote me, I don’t mind” I said and he laughed

” That’s what I don’t like about you Susan, you think too lowly of yourself, I’ve told you be my girlfriend and all your suffering would be over, a new car,house, fancy clothes and payment to you and your mum’s bills, what does it take?” He asked


” Stephen, Just call me Stephen, so?” He said

” Well, I don’t think that would be possible” I said

” Common Susan, you’re the only one I find interest in, a rich and classic man like me, you’re beautiful, smart, intelligent and so much more, think about it Susan, all your problems would be over” he said and I swallowed thinking

Does he really thinks that those stuffs attract me,those he even think am such a fool

“Say no Susan” I heard Britney voice

“Of course what do you think I’d say” I whispered

” Pardon?” Mr Stephen interrupted

” I mean I’ll go home and think about it” I said

“That’s a perfect decision Susan, Even though I know there is nothing to think about, you may leave, please think properly and remember, someone loves you” he said and I quickly walked out of the company

Jeez!! He’s such a pervert, I can never see myself ending up with such person…………….

I went to three companies searching for a new job, but they all said there wasn’t any vacancy, am already fed up

“Susan please you just have to consider my request before it’s too late, I promise you everything would be okay, including your mum” Britney said…..

” How?” I asked

” Just trust me Susan” she said and I sighed


” Honey, you’re back, how was it? Did you get back your job?” Mum asked

” Mum, am going to Canada tomorrow” I said

“for what?” She asked

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