The demon and i episode 27 – 28

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{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺

Chapter 27💕28


“Ahhhh!!!!!” Gloria screamed her lungs out shutting her eyes tightly as her breath turned shaky. She opened her eyes slowly just to see him still holding Scott’s neck.

“That was just an illusion babe.. do you think I’ll actually rip off his throat. I’m not that cruel yunno” Aaron smirked. His claws already create a wound on Scott’s neck and blood were dripping out of it while he kept on panting.

“Let me go please” he begged with a shaky voice.

“Have you ever seen a sinner going unpunished?” He asked.

“Please don’t kill him.. please.. I’ll come with you” Gloria quickly said.

“Of course you will.. we are together forever babe” he smirked.

“Don’t just kill him please” she begged again sobbing. Seeing her tears Aaron eyes turned back to normal.

“Fine.. I won’t kill him but he’ll be my prisoner from now on. He is going to come with us”

“Wait.. No!” Scott said and Aaron dipped his claws into his neck a bit causing more blood to come out.

“Ahh!!.. Fine! Stop!!.. I’ll come with you, I really don’t wanna die!” Scott sobbed. The wound on his neck hurts like hell.

“Good” Aaron said smiling releasing him. Scott coughed hard and some blood spurt out of his mouth.

Gloria sighed in relief holding her chest. She would be filled with guilt for her entire life if he happens to die cus all these was her fault.

Aaron grabbed her hair harshly and she yelp then go to Scott and grabbed his hair too.

They immediately vanished and appeared in front of a strange dark room.

He let go of Scott and he fell feeling the stings on his neck. He raised his head just to see a gate before him. Dark and scary as hell. He could feel it.

“Can you at least treat his neck? And please let him go” Gloria cried.

“Do you want me to kill him then?” He asked raising his brow at her.

“No..but please. This was entirely all my fault. You can just punish only me” she begged pulling his cloths gently while sitting on the floor.

Aaron ignored her and turned his gaze to one of the guard standing there.

“Push him inside” he ordered and the huge guy walked towards Scott.

“No!.. no! Please.. I don’t wanna go in!” Scott screamed then struggled when they got to hold him.

“Stop!!.. hey!” His scream affected him because of his wounded neck to he spurt out blood weaken him totally.

The guard dragged him then pushed him inside.

“Ahhh!!!!” Scott found himself falling and landed hard on the Sandy soil hitting his back hard. He groaned loudly and pened his eyes just to see nothing but darkness.

“No” Gloria whispered shaking her head. Why is he so ruthless? She clinched her fist hard and shut her eyes tightly.

“If he survives.. then I’ll let him go” Aaron said and she raised her head to him. Her eyes filled with anger.

“You’re a monster!!!.. you’re a fucking monster!!!” She screamed standing on her feet. She hit his chest while Aaron only smirked.

“What have I ever done to you!!.. why? Why do you have to make my life more miserable!!.. I hate you! I Fucking hate you Aaron!!” She yelled and Aaron smirked disappeared instantly.

This was the first time she would be calling his name. But the word ‘I HATE YOU AARON’ repeated on his head.

What is wrong with him? He had never been affected by anyone’s word before but how come her word struck him.

“I hate you!!!” She screamed still hitting his chest.

Seeing this one of the guard grabbed her and pulled her away from him but immediately that happened, Aaron punched the guard face and he bleed from his nose immediately.

This action surprised the guard and he quickly bow.

“I never asked you to touch her” he said.

“I’m so sorry my Lord” he said quickly as fear griped him.

Aaron gaze went back to her. She was crying so hard while sitting on the floor.

“Take her to my room” he ordered before going out for some air.

Realization hit him when he realized he hadn’t slept with no other girl apart from Gloria since a week.


Mara stared at the maid she had just killed out of anger just because she spilled a tea on her by mistake.

Her eyes were still glowing remembering how Dracula was so protective over that strange girl that look exactly like Martha. Her worst nightmare.

She could still remember when Martha was bought into the palace to be Dracula’s next bride. Though she was forced but ever since she got in, nothing remain the same.

She had this romance feeling for him but he never noticed. He only saw her as a sister. Her mind drifted to how they first met.


Young Mara could be seen swinging her sword in a perfect way. Her moves were just so smooth and fast as ever. Her black hair was tied into bun giving her an adorable look.

“Wow” she heard someone said behind her and she turned just to see a boy. She quickly swing her sword to him and stop her sword just at his neck.

“Who are you?” She asked. Her face looked fierce.

She gasped when she observed his face. The boy was handsome as ever.

“Woah! Easy there. I’m not an enemy” he chuckled lightly.

“Oh!.. sorry” she stuttered removing the blade away from his neck immediately.

“It’s alright” He smiled cutely and she found herself staring at him.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Mara” she replied.

“You’re Lady Morgen’s daughter?” He asked in awe and she nodded.

“Cool.. I’m Dracula by the way. You can call me Draco for short” he said stretching his arm for a handshake.

“Y.. you’re Lord Leonard’s son?” She asked with her eyes widened and he nodded.

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“Your highness” she bowed quickly scolding herself for not recognizing the future king Demon.

“What are you doing?” He asked while his hand still hang in the air.

“Please forgive me for not recognizing you and swinging my sword to..” she stopped when she felt his gentle hand on her shoulder and slowly raised her head to look at him.

“Please talk to me casually.. please. You’re also a demon Lord right” he asked and she nodded. “So how old are you?” He asked and she blinked twice.

“Two hundred and ninety-nine. I’ll be three hundred tomorrow” she replied.

“Cool.. I’m just Four hundred” he said.

They chatted for a while and she actually fell in love with him that moment without her realizing it.

“Have you ever been to the human world?” He suddenly asked.

“Yes.. but I don’t wanna talk about it” she replied and the both laugh lightly.

“Being a prince there sucks yunno..”

“Mara!!!” A boy called, Her cousin; Aaron son of her mother’s older brother; Dagon.

“I guess I have to go” she said standing.

“Alright. I’ll leave once my father is done talking to your mother” he said.

“It’s time for my training.. I don’t think I’ll be done till evening” she said.

“I’ll come tomorrow. You don’t need to worry” he said.


“Tomorrow is your birthday.. I’ll love to to celebrate that with you” he said then stood and stretched his hand again.

“Friends?” He asked.

“Friends” she replied shaking him back with a bright smile in her face.


Mara clinch her fist and sighed. Her hand still crave for blood. Why is history repeating itself. Her one sided love would still remain?

Her thought drifted to how he hit her with his power. That was the first time Dracula would ever hit her.

“I guess I was right” Cassiel deep voice sounded behind her.

“What?” She whispered.

“You love killing humans whenever you’re upset. You’re still in love with Dracula” he said.

“Are you here to mock me.. cus you’re really doing a great job on that” she said.

Cassiel smiled and went to sit beside her.

“At least I’m not like you who can’t even dream of falling in love.. your heart is like a damn stone” she said.

Cassiel only kept quiet and stared into space. A smirk slowly formed on his lips when he remembered something.


Diana stayed on the bed moving both on her right and left side every single seconds. Dracula had not came to check on her and she was a bit worried.

Her phone, laptop was not with her and she was feeling bored as fuck. She spranged up but her stomach made so noise.

“I’m hungry” she muttered holding her stomach. The door open afterwards and two maids dressed neatly entered the room and bow.

“My Lord asked for you Mi lady. It’s time for Dinner” One of them said.

“This late?.. I guess dinner here takes time” Diana said.

“Where.. are we?” She asked curiously.

“Windsor Milady” they replied.

“Oh.. Windsor” she repeated. “Thanks you can leave”

“Thanks Milady” they both chorus and left the room.

Diana got down from the bed and head towards the bathroom. Her eyes brimmed with joy seeing how big it is. She prepared a warm bath for herself and slowly dipped her naked body into the warm water with the scent of honey.

A loud sighed escaped her lips immediately she was in completly. Her tensed muscles began to relax giving her the pleasure she wants.

She closed her eyes to enjoy the moment.


Dracula stayed seated without touching the food in front of him. He was waiting for Diana. He hadn’t seen her since morning because he was in a study room trying to find if there is a history about Martha but couldn’t find any one.

Witches and Demons are said to be enemies in the past but how come Martha became his mate when she was a witch. Why is there no book written about her? It’s strange and frustrating at the same time.

“The royalty are said to be on a journey and they would return soon” Cassiel said finishing his meal.

Aaron seems not to be in the palace and Mara on the other hand stayed inside the room set for her the whole day.

They are just special guests. At this moment he was just following Cassiel’s instructions. Though he doesn’t trust him.

Minutes passed by and Diana had not still come.

One of the maid noticed it and came to him.

“I’m sorry My Lord. I’ll go and call..”

“Don’t worry.. I’ll call her myself” he raised his hand before standing to leave.

The scent of honey filled his nostril as soon as he opened the door. She was in the bathroom.

After taking two steps towards the bathroom Diana came out having a towel around her chest.

“Oh shit!.. can’t you knock?” She jerked. She didn’t expect him to show up just in that way. She held her towel.

Dracula stood on his place as his eyes scanned every bit of her body waking something in him. Her wet hair, wet lips, part of her upper boobs and her smooth tight were obvious to him.

The craving inside him grew and he found himself walking towards her with his eyes staring lustfully at her.

“” Diana called softly shifting backwards until her back met the wall.

Dracula silence made her swallow. She tighten the towel around her and bit on her lips. This is the first time a guy would see her on towel.

His gaze finally goes up to her face. Her wet lips is enough to drive him crazy. Why is he acting like this? What has she done to him?

“Dracula” she called his name fully this time with their eyes locked.

“What?” He asked softly.

“Y.. your eyes.. are red” she said. His demon is now craving for the woman in front of him.

“Are you scared” Dracula asked. Everyone gets scared once his eyes glowed red so he was a bit curious of her replied.

“No.. They are beautiful” she replied causing Dracula body to stiffen. He had heard those words before. He found himself swearing to protect this woman in front of him.

She raised her hand slowly and placed her palm on his cheek. It felt so soft he raised his and placed it on hers while their eyes locked.

“Draco.. you’re warm” she said. Diana was not left alone cus the closeness between the two of the them was affecting her also. The way his eyes scanned her body made her heart beat faster.

The next word he said made her felt goosebump all over.

“No Diana.. My whole body is on fire” he muttered. His gaze moved to her lips again and his mind went wild. Ever since he had tasted those lips, his mind had been craving for it.

Now it’s all wet right in front of him.

He grabbed her soft hair and gently captured her lips into his. Diana sucked in her breath and her eyes closed immediately.

Dracula lips goes up and down nibbling her lips gently as ever.

Diana moaned in pleasure and her hand finds its way to his broad chest while her knee got weak. As if he noticed he grabbed her tiny waist and drew her closer to himself. He slided his tongue into her mouth tasting all of her.

She surprisingly responded and the kiss went hot and passionate with their breath mingling against each other.

“Oh.. Draco” she moaned against his lips tracing her hand to his hair then pulled it to herself.


To be continued…😍