The demon and i episode 25 – 26

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{Melting his cold heart}

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺

Chapter 25💕26


“I was talking to my wife” Dracula said shocking them all especially Diana cus her eyes widened like a watermelon.

“Please forgive me my Lord.. I never knew she was…”

“Just because she’s not wearing a fine cloth doesn’t mean she’s a maid. Don’t make the same mistake again Carlos” he said coldly.

“I’m deeply sorry.. forgive me my Lord” he said again bowing deeply.

‘What rubbish is he saying’ Diana thought while her mouth still hang on the air.

“What are you doing here.. wifey?” He asked coldly this time.

“Wife?.. when did I..” she tried to talk but Draco raised his brow. Asking if she wants to go with them.

“Right.. I..I was just curious.. so I decided to take a stroll” she replied.

“Come here” he ordered. She find herself obeying even when she doesn’t want to. It better to be with him than those scary guards.

Dracula pulled her by her small waist.

“What the..” she stopped when Draco raised his brow again. The closeness between them made her heart starts to act weird again.

“Let’s go to our room wifey” he said smiling handsomely before escorting her back.

When they got to the room, she pulled herself away from him immediately.

“Wife? Seriously” she scoffed folding her arm.

“I did that to save you.. if not you’ll be in the dungeon having snakes and scorpion ready to tear you apart”

“What.. that’s cruel”

“You promised to listen to me, why are you being stubborn now huh? You didn’t even get thank me for saving you.. instead you got yourself into trouble again. Like I said you’re ungrateful!” He snapped.

‘Why is he so angry now?’ she thought and looked around.

“I’m sorry but you shouldn’t have bought me here without asking me first” she said so low placing her gaze on the floor.

“I bought you here for some reason and I’ll let you know soon but for the mean time, stay in this room. They are a lot of enemies out there who wants to rip you apart… So can you just listen to me until I get my memories back” he said softly moving closer to her then hold her chin.

She raised her head and blinked. “Why do I have a lot of enemies”

“You are the reincarnation of Martha and I’m sure this happened for a reason. I’m going to find out”

“I’m not your Martha.. I’m Diana” she removed his hand from her chin and glared.

“And I have my own life. All these are not my concern okay.. just take me back to where I come from”

“Not yet”


“Shhh.. are you trying to talk back to a king?”

“Hey! You might be a king to others but you’re not a king to me” she said pouting her lips.

“You’re one stubborn wife yunno”

“Don’t call me wife.. I’m not..”

“You’re not Martha I get it.. if you don’t want me to call you wife, should I call you little woman then?” He asked enjoying the way she act while he tease her. She is just so amusing.

“Asshole” Diana said and his smile disappeared. She turned her back to him but was pulled back instantly. She bumped onto his hard broad chest and blinked twice.

Dracula smile disappeared and he stared down at her.

“Do you really think I’m an asshole?” He asked.


“Do you really think I’m an asshole” he asked again.

“ behave like one” she stuttered. She could hardly breath since his incredible scent filled her nostrils. How come he smell so good.

“Being jovial and kind to you mean I behave like an asshole?” He asked coldly.

She guess she really pissed him off this time.

“I..mean.. that’s not…”

“Okay.. I’ll stop being kind to you from now on” he released her and left slamming the door behind him.

“I must have really pissed him off” she muttered feeling guilty.



In a room two naked bodies could be seen making out on the bed with Rex ready to destroy the girl in front of her with his thrust.

His hand dipped into her hair holding her in place while ramming her from behind.

“Fuck.. harder…ahh!!” Bianca cried in pleasure. He grabbed her two boobs at once and began to press them hard.

Bianca was already in a deep pleasure. She love this new Jason. His thrust were harder and rough than before.

Rex turned her around and draw her close and she widened her leg immediately. He go into her increasing his pace the more. He buried his face on her boobs teasing her nipple with his tongue and teeth sending her to cloud nine.

This went on for hours until they both exploded and collapsed in pleasure.

Bianca passed out immediately while Rex stood up to dress. This woman in front of him must be a sex Maniac and must really love Jason. He stared at himself in the mirror observing his new look.

“Not bad.. he is freaking handsome. He also has a pretty good life” he smiled. He actually obtained Jason memories too. He walked out of the room after putting on his cloths.

Kingsley was also coming in at the same time. Their eyes met and the air around them felt awkward.

Rex walked pass him without a word.

“You okay.. bruv?” Kingsley asked and he stopped.

“Yea” he replied then walked out.

“He is acting strange.. he didn’t even ask of Hudson” Kingsley and went upstairs but saw a naked lady on the bed.

“Oh shit!!” He screamed closing the door back.

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“What you’re saying is that you got kidnapped and raped by this man on this picture?” A cop asked the strange young girl in front of him. He placed the picture of a ruthless billionaire known in Berlin; Aaron Xander.

Her skin looked paled, her lips dry and her body lean.

“Yes.. that’s him. He was the one who kidnap and raped me” Gloria nodded her head fast. She successfully escaped few minutes ago and the only place she could think of going, is the police custody.

The cop sighed and shook his head. “Young girls nowadays are so desperate. Do you think by doing this, you’ll be get money from him? What is wrong with you? Do you know the consequences of your action?..”

“Sir I’m saying the truth..”

“The truth my ass how can someone in Berlin kidnapped and raped you when he has no record of leaving the country. Accusing him like this would just get you into deep shit so you better stop the act and head back home”.

Gloria hit her palm on the table in annoyance.

“How dare you!! Why are cops like you on desk. You haven’t investigate if what I’m saying is true or not you just jumped into conclusion just because of what! Just because he has more power!!!” She yelled madly.

“What if I happen to be your daughter huh? Wouldn’t you have try to know what really happened?.. I’m saying the truth mister.. please help me” Gloria said. She knows Aaron would come for her soon.

“Get out” the cop said.


“Get out!!!” He yelled causing her to jerk.

“You need to help me please.. I swear I’m saying the truth. He is going come for me please. Help… You’ve got to help me..” she went her knees crying.

“If you don’t leave now.. I’ll put you in jail for defamation!” He snapped. Other cops in the room eyes were on them.

“Right.. put me in jail then. If I go out there he’ll find me…”

“You must be a crazy wench!!” He yelled.

The door opened at that time, Tiana and Philip walked in. Seeing the scene she frowned.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

The cop saluted them before explaining everything thing to her.

“So you haven’t investigate anything before jumping into conclusion?” She raised her brow.

“Please help me.. he’ll kill me once he find me” Gloria begged still on her knees. Getting caught again by him scares the hell out of her. He might probably fuck her to death.

“I’ll help you.. you just need to tell me everything.. wait here for me” Tiana said to her and her eyes filled with relief.

“And you see me in my office” Tiana said to the cop behind her.

They were about to leave when Scott burst in. His breath were heavy and his body soaked in his sweat.

“Mom!” He called breathlessly.

“Scott.. what bring you here. Shouldn’t you be in school?” She frowned.

“Someone kidnapped Diana” He said.

Gloria eyes widened. Did he kidnap another girl when he noticed she escaped? Is he going to come for her too? She began to sweat.

“Kidnapped?” Philip frowned. His suspect Was Dracula since he had a strange urge to that guy.

“Yea.. I think she’s in trouble. Plss help me find her immediately” Scott said.

The door open again and Gloria’s nightmare walked into the police custody. He was looking hot as usual with his orange shirt and deep blue trouser. He has this blank look on his face but behind it he was angry as fuck!

His eyes search the room and smiled when it settled on Gloria.

“He’s the one..” she spranged up and ran towards Tiana.

Aaron stared blankly with his lips curved up. Does she think coming here is going to stop him?

“What you want mister?” Tiana asked.

“I came here for what belongs to me” he replied casually.

“She is not a piece property”

“Are you challenging me woman?” Aaron asked coldly walking closer to her. The aura around him turned chilling, everyone in the room could feel it.

“I’m just saying my point mister” she replied.

Aaron gaze went to Gloria and back to Tiana.

“Move..” he said coldly agaiy still walking closer to her but was interupted with a guy standing in front of him; Philip.

“It’s obvious she doesn’t want to go with you.. as the matter of fact I think we need to ask you some ques..” but he could finish, Aaron hit him. He flew and hit his back against the wall passing out immediately.

Scott eyes widened remembering what Draco said. He was not the only Demon, there are more.

A cop behind Aaron bought out his gun immediately.

“Don’t shoot!!” Scott yelled but the cop shot three times at Aaron’s back.

He bullet stopped just before it could even touch his shirt. Aaron slowly turned to the guy who shot the gun with his eyes glowing gold already.

The cop hand trembled as he began to move back. In a speed of light, Aaron was before him with his hand placed on the cop’s head. He forcefully hit his head on the wall and the cop’s head crack opened ending him immediately.

He turned just to see Tiana, Scott and Gloria gone.

Tiana led them at the backdoor where they could escape.

“What was that?” Tiana asked while they kept on running.

“A demon” both Scott and Gloria said at the same time.

“De.. what!” She gasped. “The famous Aaron Xander is a demon?”

“Yea.. I’m shocked myself” Scott said

They got to a door and Tiana opened it in haste.

“You and I have a lot to discuss” Tiana said to her son.

They ran as fast as their leg could take them without slowing down for several minutes.

“I think we lost him” Tiana said looking back with her chest moving up and down because of her heavy breaths.

“Not sure about that thought.. cus Demon’s could teleport” Scott said resting his palm on his knee. He had never run this fast in his life.

“Te..le..port?” Tiana stuttered.

“Yes.. he could teleport.. there are two others like him. One female, one male” she said while Scott frowned.

What if one of them took Diana.

“We’ve got to keep running” she said.

They all turned but was shocked just to see Aaron standing before them with his hand in his pocket. His piercing gaze were placed on Gloria.

“Oh no” Gloria whispered.

“Go on.. make sure you take her to a safe place alright?” She said.

“ what about you?” Scott asked worriedly.

“I’ll be fine.. I just need to hold him off.. keep running” Tiana said bringing out her gun then pointed it towards Aaron.

“No mom!.. are you crazy? he’s going to kill you” He almost yelled.

“Go Scott!” She yelled.

Scott dragged Gloria into the woods beside them and the began to run again.

Aaron scoffed walking closer to Tiana who was shaking badly.

‘I just need to hold him off’ she thought to herself but Aaron vanished before her.

“What.. no!” She said going into the woods.

Aaron appeared before the two human running into the woods.

Scott suddenly felt himself getting shoved and pinned down. Without too much guess, he knew he was caught already.

Aaron bought him back up and turn him around placing his claws on Scott’s neck while he struggled. His heart was beating so fast.

“Scott right?” Aaron whispered while holding his neck in place. His fangs were visible while he speaks and his eyes glowed the more under the dark forest.

“Maybe in your next life you’ll learn to mind your fucking business” he said then raised his gaze to Gloria and smirked.

“Wait!!..” Gloria screamed.

Before she could say another thing, Scott neck was slashed by Aaron’s claws. She watched his body fall flat and his blood wet the floor.

“Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed.


To be continued…😱