The Girl Who Is A Boy

The Girl Who Is A Boy Episode 14 – 15



By Nikki Bella Henry 💝💝

Episode 14

^Eunice ^
I was so furious that I went home immediately Celine left me, I will apologize to her by tomorrow.

I reach the house and ran inside the house without greeting any one even when my mom called me I didn’t stop running, I ran inside my room and locked the door behind me.
Hours later a knock was heard
“Eunice dear can I come in? “My mom asked

“No mom, please I want to be alone “I answered
“Please dear, let me in we can discuss about it together “she pleaded
Am sorry mom but not now, I need to calm my head “I answered

“But it’s more than an hour since you came back from school, you have rested already please let’s talk “she said sadly

“Mom please go “I yelled
“Eunice I am not leaving this place not until you let me in”she answered sadly

My mom has a way of getting me to do something, I don’t like seeing her in tears or unhappy
I waited for some minutes thinking that she will eventually leave but hell no she was bent on talking to me
“Eunice i am still waiting, I am sure you know it and you haven’t eaten anything yet meaning that you must eat now so open up the door”she said
But I didn’t Even bother replying

“Grace “she called out to one of the maid
“Yes ma’am “she answered
“Go get me a spare key and when coming make sure you the maids comes with her food “she told the maid

“Ok ma’am “she answered and left and all through their conversation I was eavesdropping through the little space on the my door but I was too stubborn to open up.

^Celine ^
I went home so famished and tired, my body aches badly, I recalled all the words Mia said to me up to the point where she mentioned something about a boy
“Who is this boy and why are they searching for the boy? I hope where ever he is he is save “I said to my self.
I must tell my

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mom that Mr Jones also killed Eunice family, and I must also tell Eunice what Mia said.
I took a shower and dress up heading to the kitchen to search for food if I will see any.
I search and luckily for me, I saw two packs of noodles, I
quickly on the gas and boiled water I can’t wait for this food maybe I will start eating it like this.

I went back to my bed and pretended as if I didn’t ear them, minutes later my mom open the door with the maids trailing behind her with trays of food.
“Eunice will you get your ass off that bed? Or would you prefer me hitting you? “My mom asked me
“Mom please I don’t want to “I answered
“Eunice you know what you are doing isn’t right “she said and I was moved to stand

“Mom don’t be sad

I’m already up okay”I told her smiling
“OK, so now will you eat your food or you will tell me your problem before eating the food? “She asked me

“Mom his daughter is attending the same school with me, she is my classmate “I said sharply
“Eunice dear, you know I am not good in guessing, please who are you talking about and whose daughter? “My mom asked confusingly

“Mr. Jones “I said Sharply
“What? Are you okay? “My mom asked me immediately touching my neck and my forehead

“I am fine mom, that monster did not only kill my family but he also killed my friend’s father “I said with hatred in my voice

“Calm down dear, stop walking your self up “my mom said patting me on my back.
“You need a good sleep, so get your food and take a nap”my mom said

“Ok mom “I answered laying my head on her thighs

Minutes later I was already sleeping when my phone ringing tone woke me up
“Eunice dr looks like you have a call “my mom said stretching the phone to me

“No mom, please I am not taking that, I will call the person later but not now “I answered going back to sleep

^Celine ^
I really need to talk to Eunice, why isn’t she picking up her calls, I have so many questions for her
Firstly why is she disguised as a girl?
Secondly why is she keeping it away from me I thought we are friends?

I must call her until she answers

the call, I continued calling her until she answered the call
📲 📲 “Hi Eunice “I said happily
📲 📲”Hi dear, I am Eunice mother she isn’t around, she is asleep and she does not need disturbance
📲 📲 Ok ma please when she wakes up tell her that I called
📲 📲 Alright dear, I will and she will call back okay”
📲 📲 bye ma’am
📲 📲 bye dear

Episode 15

^Mrs. Rebekah ‘s ^
What could be so important and urgent that will make Eunice friend to call her countless times, something is not right I think something is wrong someway.

I need to wake her up, she must call back her friend in case she is in trouble.
“Eunice dear, wake up “I called shaking her
“Mom please let me be, I really need to calm my head please “she said pouting
“Not this time dear, your friend called countless times and I was moved to answer the call”I said to her
“My friends? “She snaped her eyes opened
“Yes your friend, I think she is the one you told me about, she might be in trouble “I told her

“What? Eunice? “She yelled standing up immediately
“Eunice dear, I can see that you are so obsess with this girl maybe we can discuss about her once you are ready “I said to her

“Mom please not now”she answered walking past me.
“Am off mom, I will see you later “she said and wave at me
“Becareful “I told her

Celine called me and I missed her call, what was I thinking? And what the hell was I sleeping? She might be in any problem of any sort,
“if anything happens to her I won’t forgive myself “I said hitting my head.
“I really need to get there as soon as possible “I thought to myself speeding up

^Celine ^
I was pacing all through the house, I became so restless, curious and nervous, I don’t even know why I am nervous but I am

“I wish to see Eunice, she needs to clarify some things to me, what? Should I say a she or a he? “I asked my self smiling
“Not now okay? “My inner mind said
“No, its now or never “I replied

I feel so much joy within me with the thought of Eunice being a boy, how will he walk? How will he look like because he is already beautiful, cool, pretty, cute and also he is damn handsome but how can all this things be bestowed on one person “I asked my self blushing from the root of my hair.

I was still thinking when a soft knock jerked me from my land of fantasy
“Yes? Who is there? “I asked getting scared
“It’s me Eunice “said the person

“Eunice? “I asked unbelievably
I walked to the door and pimped from the tiny hole to be sure before opening the door, I am not ready to die yet.

When I was sure that it was him, I opened the door giving way for her to pass
“Good evening “she greeted
“Evening “I answered
“You called me, sorry I missed your call it a good thing my mom told me about it so I hurried down here thinking you might be in trouble “she said rubbing her back neck
“Thanks for checking up on me, you can have a sit”I said offering him one
“Thanks” he said
“You are welcome “I replied
“Hhumm….. I am sorry about what happened earlier in school “he said

“I won’t accept the Apology, not until you tell me why you kept your secret from me”I said standing up

“Celine please I don’t understand you and what secret are you talking about? “He asked sadly

“Ok since you are innocent, let me help you out “I said to her
“Please do”he answered
“Eunice why are you disguising as a 👧 girl? “I asked sharply looking at him

His face because pale instantly. And his lips shaked, i take he wanted to defend himself but it’s too late

“Eunice you can’t talk again? I thought we were friends, I thought we shared our secrets and problems with each other, I trusted you Eunice I even trusted you with my life no wonder I am in love with you, you are a boy”I said crying
“I can explain please “he said for the first time

“You can explain? Explain what? Ok go on and explain i am all ears “I said facing him.

“Celine Mr. Jones killed my family years back and I was left alone on the street to fight for my survival, I fought on the street, i begged for a living but one day I was so lucky to meet Mr and Mrs Raymond, they adopted me and took care of me up till today, I disguised as a girl not because I love being a girl or not because I wanted it but it’s because I am still hunted by that monster “he explained crying

“Hunted? By Mr Jones “I said to my self and recalled Mia saying something about a save and a boy.
“Oh no! Eunice you are not safe”I screamed out of a sudden
“What? Why? “He asked standing up.

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