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The halo breed episode 48




The Sage of the Spirits, Prosper Freeman, floated high above as Sena stepped through the golden door, and then he gasped with confusion when he found himself looking into a dark abyss beneath him.

He could not see Sena!

Just as he tried to go back, he saw the two assassins of the spirits floating towards him and headed deeper into space.

“What is going on?” Prosper asked quickly. “Are you leaving?”

“We’re done,” the leader said.

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“But he’s still walking!” the Sage cried. “He went through the golden door.”

“Aye, and he’s now in the Land of Death, where he’ll be tested by the Master of Hades and the Virgin Wench. His destiny is in his hands now.”

“Tested by Lastor in the Underworld?” the Sage asked as the assassins soared higher. “Why should that be?”

“It is written, Sage, it is written. Farewell.”

“But he can die in there, out of sight, without any help!” Prosper shouted. “He’s but a child!”

The Leader paused briefly and pointed beyond the dark abyss.

“It is written that he will be tested by evil in the Land Of Grass,” he said gently. “This will leave him burnt, and he will have a rebirth to firm him up, a rebirth of three earthly years. You can wait in the valley. If he comes out, it will mean he passed the test, and there’s hope for Earth and Halo after his rebirth. If he perishes within, then we should be ready for Lastor decimating the Worlds, and even the Underworld. Hope he comes out. Fare thee well, Sage, until our floating paths cross again.”

They moved swiftly into the white space above the Sage and were soon out of sight.

Prosper blasted across the wide expanse of the blackness beneath him and appeared on the lighted side of the valley. He landed slowly into the valley and looked towards the part where Sena would emerge if he was able to pass whatever test Lord Lastor had prepared for him.

He saw only blackness in that direction; thick and ominous inky darkness.

“May the Spirits never depart from your heart, boy,” he murmured in a worried voice and settled down to wait.

The golden door slammed shut behind Sena and disappeared.

He was in a green field, the grass short and refreshing, and there was a path right through the field. The breeze was cool and refreshing, and the peaceful aura was pleasing to him.

He walked slowly along the path and enjoyed the serene nature of this place which was free from the horrors he had gone through for so long in his life. It had been a long, lonely life of pain and bitterness, with only little spans of peace, but no happiness.

The young man wondered if there was anything called happiness anyway. Life was just a bleak existence, an unending presentation of the same wickedness in another form, a life without understanding, a life without reason, just chaos and brutality, pain and strife, meaningless and countless battles both physical and mental, and which he knew he should reign supreme, without knowing why!

Deep down he was aware that there might be a reason for all the destructive and highly insane upbringing and suffering he had had to endure in his life. He had been taught how to fight nonstop in a brutal, destructive manner! His brains functioned at higher levels than the ordinary man, and he had developed internal antennas, a sort of sixth sense, that made him sense evil before its inception.

But for what?

What was it all about?


Maybe the reason would be made clear soon enough, yes, just maybe.

But for now, he was glad to be in this vast field, glad to feel the cool breeze and refreshing warmth of this place.

For a moment, his handsome face softened, and a smile almost crossed his face, and then he suddenly felt it with that uncanny ability he had developed.

He felt evil around him!

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Sena stopped walking and scowled as he looked around but saw nothing. And yet that feeling of foreboding continued strongly, and finally he looked into the sky and saw that clear, blue sky was turning into a red mist of sorts.

He stared harder and saw that the red mist was spreading fast, seeming to be coming down in the form of a dome. Sena did not know what was happening, but he knew that he should not allow that dome to come down and shut him in. Deep down he knew that he would be trapped within it if it came down completely.

He burst into speed suddenly!

“Do not let him pass!” a booming loud voice said, almost bursting his eyes, and Sena looked up again and saw himself staring into a pair of huge yellow eyes splashed ominously in the sky.

He gritted his teeth and run faster.

Suddenly, he struck something hard!

It was like running into an electrified fence, and as he was thrown back he gritted his teeth savagely against the cry of agony that shot through him as the electric bursts ripped through his body.

He crashed to the ground and spun on his knees immediately and looked forward, trying to ascertain what he had crashed into!

And then he saw her!

The most beautiful girl he had ever seen!

She was wearing white, and she had a silver-handled sword in her hand. Great wings billowed out behind her, and although she was looking at him defiantly, he could sense the trepidation emanating from her.

So, again, this species!

Those women who were filled with only evil!

The two he had met personally had tried to kill him. Only the elderly one in the igloo had obeyed her husband and prepared food for him, but she had been ugly!

The other two had been beautiful, and this one was the fairest of them all, an angelic beauty that pulled at his heart strings for a moment, but Sena fiercely shook himself free from her!

The more beautiful they were, the higher their level of wickedness, he thought!

Like the one he had helped and who had tied him up and almost let him die in the deadly acid rain. Like Lamisi who had wanted to give him the bath of death! Indeed, like this one, with wings, who was hurting him with some sort of electrical jolts.

They were wicked, these women, all of them!

True, there was extreme sweetness in them, inside their bodies, within those beautiful creamy thighs, but that was the lure of evil, the trap they used to ensnare the meek and the foolish.

Sena got to his feet and saw that the red mist was rapidly descending, and now he could feel a strange heat emanating from them, and suddenly he saw figures dropping from the sky!

They were three-legged monsters with hideous faces, green eyes, and horrible shrieking voices! They were holding weapons, and they were rushing at him with relentless fury!

And Sena growled deeply in his throat as he glared at the woman in his path.

“Move!” he hissed in a deadly voice!

“Do not move!” Lord Lastor’s voice exploded. “You’re not physically here, Grace, my love! He cannot harm you! Stay still, and we will vanquish him in a moment!”

Grace trembled!

She knew this was a spiritual battle, and that she was not actually standing in the field in front of this gloriously handsome devil of a man, but his gaze was filled with such hatred and fury that she trembled inwardly!

She was used to eyes that worshipped her beauty!

All the male eyes that had fallen on her had been filled with great yearning, with lust, and with the wish to possess! She could see lust in the eyes of men anytime they looked at her, with no exception, young and old!

Men looked at her with desire and admiration!

She was the trophy they desired to hold but would never have!

But not this boy!

Yes, he was so handsome, so devilishly handsome, the most handsome male she had ever seen. Well-built, pleasing to the eye, of a different build, of a different ilk, the sort of man she had never seen before!

And on his face was pure wrath!

Without warning, he rushed at her again and smashed furiously into her!

The sparks from her body zapped into him, throwing him backwards to smash heavily on the ground, but in a flash, he was back on his feet, his teeth gritted against the pain, and then he rushed at her again with maddened fury!

His hands slashed into her with horrible intent as if he wanted to rip her into pieces. Once again, he was hurled backwards and slammed down horribly.

And yes, he got to his feet again!

And his eyes, dearest spirits… his eyes!

They were filled with raw hatred and revulsion for her, and for a moment Grace began to drop her head against the painful look he had aimed at her.

“Don’t look away!” Lord Lastor screamed. “Don’t break the link! Keep your eyes on him!”

Grace gasped and fixed her eyes on him, forcing herself to look into his hate-filled eyes.

He rushed towards her again, and this time about ten Hadesians who had reached them leapt at him!

They swung their swords and clubs at him in frenzy!

And that was when Grace saw that this Breed of the Halos was not an ordinary man. She had witnessed how the Hadesians made the men of Densua flee with fear and terror, and how no man was able to stand in front of them!

But not this furious, mad, volatile man who had so much hatred in him!

She watched, stunned, as Sena threw a blow so horrible that when it smashed into the head of the first Hadesian, the monster’s head just exploded in a burst of fire, and he dropped to the ground and burst into flames!

The others stopped their rush and their shrieking frenzy as they stared at this spectacle with a first inkling of fear!

That was not supposed to happen!

Hadesians were a hundred times stronger and harder than humans! How could this man, with just one blow, cause this damage?

As they hesitated, Sena spun around and crashed another blow into the head of another, and again the head was obliterated, and the Hadesian burst into flames!

“Do not hesitate!” the voice of Lord Lastor screamed fiercely. “Flood him! go at him as one!”

The Hadesians screamed and rushed at Sena.

More had fallen from the sky now, and they swamped the young man.

But Sena did not retreat, or scream, or shout, or show fear!

He moved like a spirit, hitting and kicking with incredible swiftness, dancing through their attacks effortlessly and hitting at them with devastating one-punch attacks!

But they were too many, and soon they were swamping him, piling on top of him, driving him to his needs!

Grace quivered when she saw them breathing fire on him, and soon the boy’s body was on fire!

“That’s it!” Lord Lastor said triumphantly. “Burn him, demons! Burn him down!”

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