The hammingtons episode 51 – 52

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 51🍃
Ivan’s POV
I stared at the map as I walked down the street of Arcane County trying to remember all the locations I saw Aria go to last night
I remember seeing her tracking map show that she went somewhere into the bayou so I headed into the woods, to the bayou

I was walking further into the bayou and I bumped into someone
“Sophie?!” I exclaimed

“Ivan, what are you doing here?” Sophie asked

“I should be asking you that question, were you following me Sophie? Even after I told you that let’s never meet again”

“Follow you?” Sophie scoffed
“I wasn’t following you Ivan, I came to my grandma’s cabin here in the bayou, now if you’ll excuse me, you aren’t the only one with a problem to solve” Sophie said and walked away

I sighed, maybe I was too harsh? She looked pretty stressed out and I didn’t even ask what’s wrong

“Sophie wait!” I said as he ran after Sophie and blocked her path

“What are you doing?” Sophie asked trying to walk forward but I grabbed her hand

“I was too harsh to you, am… sorry” I apologized and Sophie stared at me for a moment

“Apology accepted, can you let me go now?” Sophie asked

“What’s wrong Sophie?” I enquired

“Nothing, what do you mean by that?” Sophie asked absentmindedly

“Something is clearly wrong, so tell me Sophie, what happened?” I asked

“And what exactly will you do if I tell you? Help me out and stay by my side for a moment and then totally shut me out again like you always do?” Sophie asked and tried to leave but I grabbed her arm holding her back

“You better let me go Ivan, let me go!” Sophie struggled to break free of my grip

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“Am sorry Sophie, I really am” I said as she pulled Sophie in for a hug and she stopped struggling and started whimpering against my broad chest

“What happened Sophie?” Ivan asked again

“Yesterday was my grandma’s death anniversary so I came here since the day before, that’s what I always do honor her memories, but then she came” Sophie said

“Who came?” Ivan asked

“Aria Dixon, The Guardian of The Hell Gates, in the early hours of yesterday morning, she came and she confronted me, she said stuffs, stuffs I don’t think is true, stuff that I am finding hard to believe” Sophie uttered

“What did Aria tell you?” I asked

“That I am her younger sister, she said I my Mom was her mom’s sister too who went off to marry a human so the family disowned her so we are practically cousin sisters, that can’t be true right?” Sophie asked with a teary eye but I kept silent, I had no idea what to say
Layla had told me this, she said she felt the stench of the Dixon family on Sophie but I decided to not believe her or to just ignore it

“Why are you silent? Did you already know about this?” Sophie and I remained silent

“You knew?! You knew and you didn’t tell me?!” Sophie yelled


“Well do you know what she told me? She said to become The Guardian of The Hell Gates, she had to kill all her older relations because the oldest Dixon inherit the powers of the The Guardian, that’s why after killing all her siblings, she had to kill my mother too, she said she knew who I was all this while but she ignores me cause I didn’t really pose a threat to her but now she was going on an important mission and I could be used against her so I had to die, she came to kill me Ivan, I barely escaped!” Sophie narrated

“What?!” I exclaimed

“I told you my powers comes and goes right? If my powers hadn’t come right then, if I had not been able to cast an invisibility spell and escape from Aria’s clutches, you’d probably be staring at my dead body now” Sophie stated
“That’s why I have to go, I have to go prepare myself because from what I’ve gathered about Aria, she doesn’t give up, if you are on her death list, she’s gonna do everything to make sure you are really dead so she’s definitely going to attack me again”

Sophie tried to go but I wouldn’t let go of her hand
“What the hell are you doing Ivan, I already told you, I need to go!”

“Am sorry Sophie, if I hadn’t been such a jerk, if I hadn’t told you to leave, if I hadn’t left you all alone, Aria wouldn’t have been able to attack you so easily and I should have told you immediately I found out about your relationship with Aria, maybe if you had known earlier, you’d have been more prepared for her attack, when I found out, I just couldn’t believe it and I didn’t know how to bring myself to tell you, am so sorry for being such a jerk” I apologized

“At least you know you were a jerk, but I really have to go now Ivan, I don’t know when Aria will attack again and Ethan is all alone at home” Sophie said

“You don’t have to worry about that, Aria is currently incapacitated” I said

“Incapacitated? What do you mean by that?” Sophie asked

“We captured her last night, she’s currently in chains at the Mansion now” I said

“What?! That’s….. that’s great news but…. but why are you keeping her captive? You should kill her, kill her immediately before she escapes” Sophie said

“We can’t” I said


“I…. I can’t tell you” I said

“You can’t tell me? Why? You know I am on your side” Sophie stated and I nodded

“I know Sophie but there are some information that will put you in danger if you found out” I stated

“Well am already in danger without you saying anything so what difference does it make?” Sophie asked and I sighed

“We tried to kill Aria but we couldn’t, she had casted a life protection spell on herself, it’s a kind of spell that……”

“I know what the life protection spell means, I’ve read about it before, we need to find where she hid her life totem and destroy it before she can be vulnerable to killing” Sophie stated

“We?” I asked

“Well you didn’t think I was going to let you go alone did you? I want Aria dead as much as you do cause if she escapes alive, she’s definitely coming for my head” Sophie uttered

“I don’t think so Sophie, Aria probably have more people above you in her death list so rest assured, she won’t be coming for you first” I assured

“What do you mean by that?” Sophie asked confused and I hesitated a bit
Is it safe for me to tell her what’s really going on?

“Aria has a spell that can kill immortals” I said

“What?!” Sophie exclaimed

“So if she happens to escape, she’ll be coming for me and my siblings first and not you” I said

“Then that’s the more reason we should find and destroy the totem quickly, as much as you are an annoying jerk that usually gets on my nerves, I still do not want you to die yet” Sophie said


“When did you suspect she hid the totem?” Sophie asked

“Yesterday’s night” I said

“She came to meet me yesterday morning, that means she must have hidden the totem before coming to meet me” Sophie said and looked at me “We should go to my grandma’s cabin, maybe I can cast a spell from there that will retrace Aria’s steps and maybe we can see where she was coming from” Sophie said and I nodded

“Let’s go then”…….

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 52🍃
Dianna’s POV
Eva had constructed a small metal cage for Aria and she was locked inside
The dagger was almost totally melted from her chest and she was obviously going to wake up soon

“Lay beside Gia” Eva told Eric
She was about to put Eric into Gia’s nightmare to try and wake her up

“You know the rules already right? Gia is living her worst fears right now and you have to be careful since you won’t be able to use your powers in her nightmare, she won’t be able to recognize you and you must not tell her who you are, if you do you’ll be stuck in her nightmare with her forever and I won’t be able to pull you out” Eva said and Eric nodded

Eva grabbed a dagger and made a cut on Gia’s hand, then she moved closer to Eric to make the same cut on Eric’s hand

“Thank you for doing this Eva” Eric stated

“Thank me when you come back safely” Eva said as she made a cut on Eric’s hand while chanting some spell
Eric groaned as the cut she made on his hand lighted up and then everywhere was silent, Eric had gone into Gia’s nightmare

Ivan had gone to look for Aria’s totem, Eric has gone inside Gia’s nightmare to try and save her but here I am, doing nothing to help, boiling with anger and with no where to release it!

“Are you okay Dianna? You are panting” Sophie asked

“Am fine” I said as I sat on the couch tapping my feet on the ground

“Dianna, you are restless and I don’t think that’s good for your condition” Eva said

“And when did you start to care about my wellbeing so much?!!” I yelled and Eva nodded

“Fine, suit yourself” she said

“Damn, my head aches” I heard Aria voice and I sprang up

“You are finally awake, I thought you were planning on sleeping forever” I said as I stood in front of her cage

“What the hell did you two do to me?” Aria asked Eva came to stand by my side

“Nothing yet but that is definitely going to change soon” she said and Aria scoffed

“Honestly Eva, I didn’t think you’d stood so low to work with the Hammingtons, what the hell are you thinking Eva? You hate these people” Aria said

“I think you should start choosing your words wisely Aria Dixon, considering the situation you are in right now” I said

“How stupid are you Dianna Hammington? You can’t kill me, you can’t do anything to me, and it’s surprises me how you are so confident that I won’t be able to escape from this damn chains and cage” Aria said as she raised her hand to cast a spell and she suddenly squealed in pain holding her head

“You feel that?” I asked “As long as that chain is on you, your powers are absolutely useless, you’ll feel a heart wrenching amount of headache that can knock you out each time you try to use your powers, that chain will be enough to keep you in control till we are finally able to kill you and I promise you Aria, when that moment arrives, I will relish in your pain and suffering” I said and walked upstairs to my room

Eric’s POV
Where am I?
I woke up in the midst of large roaring crowd, they seemed to be cheering on some people on stage so I struggled to trudge forward in the midst of the wild crowd till I was able to get to the front to see what was happening
It was a wrestling match and Gia was there fighting with another huge guy
The huge guy was already brutally wounded but Gia won’t stop punching him

“Why isn’t she stopping? The guy is powerless, she already won” I said aloud

“Because this is not just any fighting match, in that ring, they fight to death and only one opponent is allowed to leave the room alive” a stranger standing beside me explained

“So that guy has to die before Gia can win?” I asked and the guy nodded

“How do you know Viper’s real name? Only few people knows that” the guy said


“Yes, that’s her name now, no one ever calls her by her real name anymore, last time someone called her by her real name on to her face, she ripped out that person’s throat” the guy said

“But….. but what why is she here? Where’s her siblings?” I asked and the guy looked at me surprised

“Are you new here? Or have you been on some kind of sleep for the past few years? Cause everyone single person in this town including the kids knows tbe fall of The Hammingtons story” the guy said

“Fall of The Hammingtons?” I asked
“How did that happen?”

“According to rumors, Gia was abandoned by all of her siblings” the guy said

“Abandoned? Why?” I asked the guy moved closer and whispered

“She killed her twin brother” he said and I looked at him wide-eyed

“You mean she killed Eric Hammington?!” I exclaimed

“Shhhh” the guy quickly put a finger over my mouthed
“We don’t mention that name around the Viper unless you want to be dead”

“What….. what happened to Dianna and Ivan?” I asked

“I don’t really know the details but apparently the Viper killed Ivan’s girl and stabbed Dianna’s baby, so they left and went their own separate ways, broken and that’s how the legendary Hammington siblings separated and fell” the guy narrated

The crowd suddenly went into an uproar as Gia stepped out of the fighting ring, she had won and her opponent laid lifeless on the floor with his head battered by her punches

“I have to meet with her” I said as I tried to follow as she stepped down from the ring but the guy caught me

“Hey man, are you looking for death? No one meets with The Viper” he said

“Well am gonna meet with Gia today” I said as I jerked his hand off

“Don’t call her that to her face else she’s really gonna reap out your throat” I heard the guy say as I struggled to get through the crowd
I was finally able to escape the crowd and I sighted Gia going to a back room so I followed her

“Hey” I said as I walked into her removing her wrist bandages that was soaked with her opponents blood

She looked up at me surprised
“Who are you?” she asked
Her voice sounded hoarse and she had a big tattoo of a Viper on her shoulder
She really has changed alot

“Am…..well am a….. am a fan” I lied

“I don’t speak with fans, you may leave” she said and went back to removing her wrist bandages

“Ummm….. I just wanted to ask a question, how did you become such a fighter in this place? Because the Gia Hammington I know….” she suddenly stood up and grabbed my throat

“What the bloody hell did you just call me?” She asked as she tightened her grip

“Is… that not….. not your name….. Gia….. Gia Hammington?” I stuttered

“I see you want to die” she said as her eyes suddenly turned into an icy blue and I could feel my neck freezing

“Babe” someone called as the door opened and Gia let go of my neck

I coughed loudly, struggling to breath

“Hey” Gia said as she hugged the man that just walked in

“That was one hell of a fight you put out there, am damn proud of you babe” the man said and I looked up to see his face but the face I saw left me in awe
It can’t be

“Thanks Michael” Gia said

Michael?! How the hell is Micheal here? He is dead, I killed him!!

“You have an open challenge fight tomorrow night and those kind of things tends to get rowdy so I’ll be by your side for tomorrow’s fight” Micheal said and Gia nodded

“Let’s go then” Michael said but then he sighted me on the ground

“Who is he?” he asked Gia

“No one” Gia said and walked out
Michael stared at me for a moment before going out

What the bloody hell is happening? What exactly happened to Gia? And how is Michael alive?……