The Heir And His Heiress

The heir and his heiress episode 6

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(From a nobody to a Billionare)

⚡Chapter 6⚡

Mitchell’s POV

I dropped my phone for the umpteenth time and sighed tiredly. I’ve been wanting to dial Kevin’s number since morning and tell him we should go out on the date but I’m just so nervous.

He gave me his contact just yesterday and now, I want to call him. He will think of me as a cheap girl and he will think I’ve fallen for him.

Are you living in Ghana, need to buy stuff online? is the best option.

I will have to wait until tomorrow before calling him but the problem is my heart. It won’t stop racing and I don’t know why.

I should do some works to get this off my head, at least for the mean time. It’s almost lunch already, I have to prepare for my training.

I don’t understand why Kathryn dislikes me. Did I do something wrong? But what could that be? I’m just so confused!

I had always imagine our meeting to be beautiful and great but it looks like I imagined wrongly.

Few minutes later, I picked up my bag and got into my car ready to drive to the company for my training. I don’t want to be late today like I was yesterday so I have to leave early.

As soon as I drove out of the gate, I saw a car parked just outside and I furrowed my brows in confusion. Why would someone park their car outside my company? That’s trespassing!

I was about opening my car door when the person opened the door and got down from the car. He took off his shades and turned out to be Kevin.

Wow! Thank goodness he got down quickly, I didn’t know he was the one because this car is different from the one I saw yesterday.

I slowly got down from my car and walked up to him with my hands folded below my chest.

“Why are you here again?” I asked even though my heart was scre-ming in joy and butterflies were dancing in my stomach

“You didn’t miss me?” he asked with a wink and I almost got lost in his eyes for a few seconds but I got hold of myself immediately

He’s a big time cassanova and I don’t want to fall victim. I would love to stay away from him but he’s always after me.

“Is there a reason why I should miss you?” I asked raising my brow slightly

“There are many reasons why you should miss me. I’m charming, handsome and rich” he said with pride

“I possess all those qualities so there’s no reason for me to miss you” I said with an eyeroll

“Ohh really? Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t miss me” he said seriously

“I’ve been looking into your eyes ever since I started talking, there’s nothing special about your eyes that I want to stare at it for so long” I quickly said to cover up

“Fine then, you win. I don’t know why you’re just so different from other girls” he mumbled the last part looking away

“What did you say?” I asked pretending like I didn’t hear him

“It’s nothing! When are we going on our date? It’s just a friendly date and nothing more, do you want me to go down on my knees?” he asked hurtfully and I shifted uncomfortably

“Fine then! Tomorrow at 11am, I’ll meet you at the restaurant or wherever we will be having the date. Just text me the address”

“Really? Oh my goodness! Let me have your contact” he said and hurriedly brought out his phone

I typed my number on his phone and left after he had saved it. As soon as I got into my car, I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I need to hurry for my training, else I will be late and Kathryn will start ranting again.

Kathryn’s POV

Mitchell wasn’t late to her training today and she also completed her assignments correctly so there was nothing I could taunt her about.

Besides that, I’ve not been myself ever since I slapped Kevin yesterday. I just have this bad feeling, I hope nothing goes wrong.

I ended the training within an hour and few minutes and left the company immediately. I just want to go home and take a short nap, I guess I really need it.

Shortly after my driver drove me out of the company, a van double crossed us and sh-ot my driver in the head immediately. I was taken from my car and dragged away in the van after being blindfolded.

“What’s going on? Who are these people and why are they kidnapping me? I didn’t offend anyone so who could be behind this?” I thought as the van kept moving

I couldn’t see a thing because of the blindfold but I could feel the van moving. Soon, the van came to a halt and I heard the door open.

It looks like we’ve finally arrived at our destination, I’m so scared right now. Two guys roughly dragged me out of the van and took me inside.

They pushed me to the b£d and I heard the sound of the door close with a lock sound and retreating footsteps.

Think Kathryn! Think! Who have I offended that could have done this? At least, I should know who I’ve offended so I can know the kind of trouble I’ve gotten myself into. I don’t offend people easily so….. Ahhh!

I think I know who the person is. I slapped Kevin just yesterday and besides him, there is no other person.

Could it be that he kidnapped me to make me pay for slapping him? Oh my goodness! I’m done for!

No one knows I’m here and I have no idea what he’s going to do to me. Kathryn, you’re so dead!

I’ve heard from just few people that he’s a mafia Lord but I didn’t really pay much attention to them then.

If I had just turned him down politely, I probably won’t be here. My driver is dead already so no one will know what happened unless I get released but the question is, will I be getting released?

Won’t he just kill me like he did to my driver? I’m so scared, I feel like I’m going to pee in my p-nts anytime soon.

The blindfold is just adding to my problem and if not that my hands were tied, I would have taken it off.

I kept $h¡verying at the smallest sound I heard until the door finally creaked open. It looks like time stopped because I became still as the fear of the unknown took over me.

Is it one of his men that opened the door or is it Kevin Russell? Oh Lord please, let it not be Kevin. I can’t face him right now, I need to calm my nerves and pull myself together first.

The person moved closer to me and finally took off my blindfold making me sigh in relief. I then look at the face of the person that was just a few inches away from mine and I gulped down nothing when I saw Kevin Russell, the person I’ve come to dread the most.

“Missed me?” he asked with a sly smile and finally moved back sitting on a chair that was in front of me

“W…why did you kidnap me? Did I do something wrong?” I stuttered making sure I choose my words carefully

“Did you do something wrong? Ask yourself if you did something wrong or not” he asked with a sweet smile

“I…I’m really sorry for slapping you. I was in a bad mood and wasn’t thinking straight, I would have apologized to you if I had your contact” I lied nervously

“You don’t have my contact but you at least know where I work. That slap has been trending on social media for over twenty four hours so you have no excuse”

“Fine, I have no excuse but I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, please just let me go. I won’t tell anyone about the kidnap or any other thing, I will just go quietly and pretend like nothing happened. Please” I pleaded

“You don’t need to do that because everyone will find out about what is going to happen here today” he said with a smirk while I just stared on in confusion and waited for him to continue

“I asked you for a one night stand without any strings attached right? But you refused, you refused the almighty Kevin and you think you will be able to walk freely? Come on, wake up baby girl. After f**king you as I please, I’m going to display the video on social media so my video will stop trending” he said and started taking off his clothes while I moved back in fear

“Kevin please, I swear it won’t happen again. Just trust me this once! Nothing of such will happen again” I pleaded with tears rolling down my cheeks

“Well, we will see about that after I’m done with you. If you will still be able to try what you did, we will see to that when I’m done” he said and climb£d the b£d

Chris POV

I sat outside the restaurant after we had closed just staring at nothing in particular. There were no leftovers today so we only got our pay and were asked to go home.

Honestly, I’m tired of living this kind of life where I have to work nonstop all day and get a meagre income, it just doesn’t make any s£nse to me.

I see my mates driving luxurious cars, wearing expensive clothes with maids and servants at their beck and call.

It’s not like I’m after that luxurious lifestyle but at least, I also want to wear good clothes and be able to take a taxi home.

Whenever I close from the restaurant, I always have to trek home so as to save money for my house rent and other important things.

I heaved a sigh and stood up to leave but I stopped when a car flshed it’s light before my face.

I waited patiently and soon, Mr Williams came out of the car. Wow! This wasn’t the car he came with the other day, see what exactly I’m talking about.

“Good evening sir” I greeted politely

“Evening my boy, how are you doing and how have you been? Get into the car and let’s talk somewhere” he said patting my back and I just obeyed like a lamb

“I never expected to meet you here, I just decided to try out my luck. Work has been hectic this days that I h-rdly have time for myself” he explained on our way to the clubhouse

“I understand sir, thank you so much for spending time with me and checking up on me” I said with a warm smile

“You are like a son to me and this is the least I can do for you. This was the same clothes you wore the last time I saw you, what’s going on?” he asked as soon as he noticed it

“It’s nothing sir, I just love it” I said with a faux smile but it seems like he was able to spot my lies

“I don’t think so! Take tomorrow off, we will be going out” he said lovingly

“Uhhm….I didn’t tell my boss about it and I don’t have a phone to call him” I said totally embarrassed

“This is serious! Not to worry, I will see him myself tomorrow. Just get ready, I will pick you up by 10am”

“Thank you sir” I said with a slight bow and we arrived at the clubhouse at that same time

We went in and ordered for drinks. After finding a good place to sit, we sat down and began discussing.

“You’ve never been to this kind of place right?” he asked over the drink

“Yes sir, it’s my first time” I answered truthfully

“Ohh, sorry about that then. I just think most restaurants would have closed for the day already, we will leave soon” he said apologetically

“Thanks sir” I said again

“What’s your qualification? Were you able to attend college?” he suddenly asked out of the blues

“Uhhm, no sir. I was only privileged to attend highschool and that was with the help of an orphanage” I explained

“An orphanage? You’re an orphan?” he asked surprised

“I’m an orphan like I was told sir. I don’t remember anything from my childhood, it looks like my memory was completely wiped off” I told him

“That’s bad! Anyway, if you were given the chance to go to college, what would you like to study?” he asked

“I’ve always wanted to be a businessman with my own company so of course I’ll study business” I answered with a smile

“Okay, it’s a nice field. I think we should head home now, it’s getting late. My driver will drop you off now so we can know where you live and pick you up tomorrow” he said standing up

“Alright sir, I really appreciate your efforts” I said as we both went to the parking lot

As soon as I got into the car, I had a new strange feeling that things won’t be the same from now on. It felt like I was going to start a new life very soon.


©️ Tricia
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