November 29, 2021

My celebrity crush episode 5 – 6


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

💦Episode Five💦

(I don’t give empty threats)

💚Jason POV💚
“I miss you too Mum” I told her.

“C’mon Mum, I told you I will be home by weekend” I assured for the umpteenth time.

“I will definitely…” I was saying but all of a sudden, someone bumped into me and my phone screen shattered on the floor.

Someone nose is getting broken tonight I thought angrily.

I turned abruptly as anger laced through me.

A lady?

“How dare you?” I roared and I could sense the fear in her eyes as her whole body vibrated.

How could she be so stupid?

“I didn’” She stuttered and I become more furious.

“Do you know what you just did?” I shot at her but she only stared down at her feet.

“I am so sorry” she muttered and I scoffed.

“You are sorry? ”
“Would your sorry fix this?” I asked her switching my gaze to where the phone is lying.

I leaned on my car as I watch her sob quietly.


I glance behind her and saw the only person I detest the most in the large poster.

Hold on.. Was this the reason she bumped into me?

If so, then she’s gonna pay for this-i will surely have my revenge.
I thought as I fumed inwardly.

“I would fix your phone” I heard her say- snapping me out of my thought and I frowned.

“How would you fix this?” I asked her suppressing my anger. “And how would I get it back?” I added staring down at her naive face.


I said stretching out my business card to her since she refused to say anything.

She glance up to look at me in the face but quickly bring her face down as she collected it from me.

“I am giving you only 3 days, if you were unable to fix the phone in three days-then you would do anything I ask of you” I explained with a cold voice and she nodded curtly.

“And don’t even think of running from me, cos even if you run to the moon-i will definitely track you down” I added with clenched teeth and she froze.

No one messes with me and go scot-free.

I stared at her for a long time hoping she understood all I just said cos I don’t give empty threats.


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what seems like forever, I finally got behind the wheels and drove away.

🌸Tamara POV🌸
Would life ever be fair enough for me?
I thought as I walk slowly to my home.

How do I get to repair this phone? I asked myself staring down at the phone in my hand.

It’s obvious the owner is wealthy enough to have 20 pieces of this phone.
But why can’t he just let this go? I thought sadly.
I sank on my bed and sighed frustratedly.

My father is financially stable enough to sponsor me throughout my education but No..
He’s bent on making me suffer.

He would even collect my salary and savings from me most times.

God, please help me. I prayed

Mother, I don’t know you.

I don’t recognize you but I am so sure you know me very well cos you gave birth to me.

Wherever you her, you can see I am suffering.

Help your daughter Mum, I don’t want to give up on life so soon. I pleaded weeping uncontrollably.

🌅 🌅 🌅 🌅

🌠Rodney POV🌠


your script Mr Rodney” The director said as he stretched it to me.

“Thanks” I replied as i collected it from him.

“Please I would like you to focus more…” He was saying but was interrupted.

“Rodney” I heard and we both turned to look at the caller.


She smile as she catwalk to where I am standing with the director beside me.

What’s she doing here? I thought

“Hi Rodney” she called sweetly- as she stood in front of me.

I took her hands in mine as we stepped out of building.

“Joanna, what are you doing here?” I asked her immediately we settled in my car and her smile turned to a frown immediately.

“What do you mean by that, I’ve been calling your number for like ages but you refused to pick my calls. So I decided to call Henry to confirm your whereabouts ” she explained.

“I came running to this place immediately I got your location” she concluded bitterly and I sighed.

“But you shouldn’t be here” I told her and she leaned closer.

“Didn’t you miss me?” She pouted and I chuckle softly.

“I’m very busy with work lately Joan, I am sure you understand” I explained and she nodded.

“Okay,fine. But i’m coming with you to the upcoming city show” she said bluntly.

“But.. “I tried saying something but she shush me.

“No But Mr Rodney” she said sternly and I raised my hands in surrender.

“Fine, you won Miss Joanna” I said sarcastically and she pulled my ear.

“Ouch” I yelped.
“It hurts” I pouted and she laughed.

She’s the only female friend I gat and only one person I act freely with.

She’s more like my own sister.

I like her.

💕Joanna POV💕

“Hey babe!” I greeted Ava cheerfully.

“Someone looks so happy” Ava said eyeing me suspiciously.

“Of course I am so happy” I said as I take a seat next to her.

“Rodney agreed to bring me along to the city show” I added happily.

“Are you for real?” Ava asked surprisingly.

“Of course babes” I replied.

“Wow.. Wow. You are really getting along with him” Ava said with enthusiasm and I smiled.

“Yes.. I just have to do it one after the other” I said standing up from my seat.

“I will make sure I have Rodney wrapped around my fingers” I said determinedly.


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌸Episode Six🌸

🏵Tamara POV🏵

“Good morning Jones” I greeted dolefully.

“Hi Mara”
“What’s up?” He asked.

I brought out the phone from my handbag and gave it to him and he smiled.

” You ve got a new catch?”He winked-smiling sheepishly.

I respect him a lot ever since he had help me repair one of the phones my dad spoilt- without collecting a dime.

“Jones, I am not here for jokes and I am running late for work already so please answer me” I said solemnly.

“Hmmm.. Someone looks so sad” he said as he keep checking the phone.

I just pray it works.

“Well.. This phone can’t be repair again” he said after some minutes and I sighed deeply.

That’s it.

“It’s being shattered beyond repair” he said
“You should have been more careful” he added still admiring the phone.

“But hold on.. How did you get this phone? ” he asked curiously and I shot him a glare.

He’s not helping matters.

I snatched the phone from him angrily and stepped out of his shop.


“Mara!” I heard Alicia shrieked and I wonder what the problem could be.

I served the customers and made to return to the counter but I met Alicia on my way.

What’s up with her?

She raised a phone to my face.
Hold on…

“Where did you get that?” I asked as I made to collect it from her but she took her her hand to her back.

How did she see that?

“Where did you get this phone Mara?” She blurted and I resist the urge to roll my eyes as i quickly think of what to say.

“I mean you can’t afford this phone, not even in your wildest dream” she rushed her words and I rolled my eyes now.

“Breath Alicia, the phone doesn’t belong to me” I told her.

“I just wanna help a neighbor, the phone is faulty so I brought it along so I can give it to a phone repairer.” I explained and she smiled.

“I thought u are keeping things from me” she said and I smiled.

“I will never do that Alicia” I said and she squeezed my cheek lightly.

I’m sorry, I wish I can tell you everything.

But I can’t.

📌 📌 📌

📍Rodney POV📍

“Joanna,I told you to stop acting clingy-what were you doing at my studio?” I snapped at her and she blinked her eyes rapidly.

“I’m sorry Rodney, I just thought I should say hi to you ” she mumbled and I breathe out.


“Start the car” I told the driver.

I tilted my head back and rested my head-I am so pissed at her right now.

She’s so stubborn.

The driver honks repeatedly and it brought me out of my thought.

Oh.. We are home already?

“What’s the problem?” I asked Henry.
“Why is the driver not going in?”

“You have a visitor Mr Rodney” Henry replied pushing his side door open and i also got down from the car to see the visitor.

I couldn’t hide the disappointed look on my face when I sighted the visitor from where I was.

I counted my steps to where she’s standing and stopped in front her.

“What do you want?” I asked her calmly and her face lighten immediately as she made to hold my hand but I stop her.

Joanna and Henry are now standing behind me.

“What are you doing here” I asked her again.

She look so pale as her solemn eyes pair into mine. And suddenly, she went on her kneels.

I wasn’t expecting that.

“Just a chance son, all I need is a chance to explain myself” she said obviously fighting the urge to cry and I huff.

“I am sorry, but I can’t waste my precious time talking irrelevant talks with an unimportant person” I said with so much sarcasm.

Her tears are now rushing down.
Well.. I don’t care the same way she doesn’t care about me.

I made to walk past her but she was to quick as she held my legs and cried.

“Please son, forgive me” she sob.

And it took all the power in me to fight back those tears that are threatening to drop.

Rodney don’t cry.

I fred my legs from her hold and without turning back, I walked inside the building.

°Joanna POV°

I watched the whole drama keenly from where I am standing with Henry beside me.

Henry walked up to her immediately Rodney left the scene.

He made her stand on her feet as she cry non stop in his arms.

“Forgive me son” she whined.

“It’s okay ma’am” He said soothingly-stroking her back.

I had enough.

“You should stop crying Aunt” I say walking to her figure.

“Henry, don’t you think Rodney may need you inside?” I asked him and he bowed to Aunt Margaret before turning to leave.

“Your time is up Aunt, so you should leave now” I stated flatly and she wiped her tears.

“And who are you to give orders in my son house?!” She scowled at me and I laugh.

“Your son?” I grimaced.
“Or did I hear wrong?”

“Tell me Aunt Margaret, who abandoned his son for good five years without a solid reason?” I blunted.

“It’s none of your business Joanna” She replied ruefully.

“Well.. Well.. Well.. It’s obvious I am taking very good care of our Rodney, so you have nothing to worry about Aunt-Your son is doing fine without you” I say with a smirk.

“You should stay away from my son” she warned and I laughed before turning to leave.

“Goodbye Aunt” I winked as i waved to her.

Rodney I hate you! 😒
Is it only me that hate Joanna right now?

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