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The Imperfect daughter episode 15


🌰The Imperfect Daughter🌰
⚫Episode 15⚫
🖎:Kaby Elisa
“I’m waiting”,I said… this is gonna be fun.

They both stared at eachother and to my surprise, the principal opened her legs.

What the fvck?

Are they going to fvck right infront of me.

God, please save my soul.

I can’t sit here and let this happen.

I took my phone and decided to press on video recorder.

“What are you doing?”,Perpertual asked.

“Taking a video, who knows, maybe it might interests the lonely individuals who sleep alone in bed like me. I hope you know what i mean”

“No you can’t do that “,The principal said while Perpertual stood wearing her clothes.

“I’m going to do right in your face”, I said and he knelt down.

I stared at Perpertual who frowned and to my surprise she attacked me trying to take the phone from me and mistakenly I press the send button.

I saw that but she didn’t. I remain quiet and pushed her off giving her the most dirty slap.

“You are such a bitch. Instead of apologising so I could have mercy on you, you are rather attacking me. You are fool. Look at you, your father will be disappointed if he sees this. Do you want both of your families to see how your stupid hormones lead you to ”

They both nod no.

“What do you want Miss Johnson?”, the principal asked.

“Now you talking… Please both of you have a seat”

They sat down staring at me.

” Both of you are the reason why innocent students had to flee from this school, some had to commit suicide because they go to to prison. I’m so disappointed in you. I can’t believe you let this slutty impeccable whore used you for her selfish reasons.. but let’s talk about what I want now”

I searched for chocolate im my bag and I took a bite.

“Starting from you, Mr Principal, it’s simple. I want to buy your school”

He let out a breathe, “That’s impossible. I can’t do it”

“Then it’s not impossible sending this pictures plus a video”

“No, no please don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“I will sell it. “,he said.

“Good… I will give you a cheque of 1billion dollars. Hope it’s enough”

He laughed, “Its more than enough”

I took my cheque book and signed out for him.

I gave him the piece of paper as he stared at it forgetting that frowning Perpertual was angry at him.

Continue smiling Mr Principal,in just 24hour, your wife is going ask for a divorce.

“And now to you Perpertual, i don’t know I can gain from you so it’s better I leave”,i stood up and she quickly knelt down holding my leg.

That’s it.

I want you to crawl to me.

“Please I beg you, don’t send the pictures”

But I already did and the moment you move out of this office everyone will laugh at you.

“Then what should I do?”

“I will do anything if you ask me to”

“I will think about it…”,I said and moved outside.

Then I saw everyone busily checking their phones…. I sent four pics and 2min video of her m0aning…

People were giggling and I gladly moved to my class.

I saw Anna and Micheal who were staring at me.

I tried to look somewhere else and concentrated on the practical.

“Hi there …”,I heard voice. Anna was infront of me.

The girl who told me I was so selfish just a year ago and refused to talk to me.

“Hi”,I put on a fake smile.

“Erm… sorry to disturb .. can we be friends”, she said shyly.

“No, I think i have enough friends”,I stated and she nods feeling ashamed.

“I’m going to kill you!!!”,I turned and saw Perpertual who walked angrily towards me and broke one of the laboratory instruments and held it against my neck.

“You betrayed me”

I rolled my eyes, “So what are you going to do? Kill me and I swear you will spend the rest of your life in prison”, I glared at her and slowly she lowered the glass as she breathes slowly.

I took my bag leaving…

fvck, I so much hate her. After kneeling and begging her not to send the photos, she did and it was everywhere on social media..

And they worst part is she sent a 2mins video of me m0aning while the principal was in between my legs.

I checked my phone and checked how people insulted me especial my classmates.


👤Such a slut.

👤Yuk, disgusting.

👤fvcking a man older to be your father.

👤 Oh my God, how disgusting.

👤So this is what this bitch and the principal are doing all along.

👤 I hate her… She was my role model but now she is just a whore.

👤I’m not voting for her this year, I prefer the rich billionaire.

That’s when I switched off my phone.
She is going to pay.

I walked hastily seeing her mixing chemicals.

“I’m going to kill you!!!”,I shouted breaking bottom flask and pulled her hair using the glass on her neck.

“You betrayed me”

she rolled her eyes, “So what are you going to do? Kill me and I swear you will spend the rest of your life in prison”, She said with confidence and I thought of how dissapointed my parents are going to be when they find out.

I’m sure by now, my parents find out about the video.

I slowly relaxed and she glared at me before leaving.

For the first time in my life, I was humiliated by a new student in school.

The gossips were too much and the teasing were too much for me.

Mr John just left his office. He didn’t say a word to me.

I took my car heading home alone. I parked my car and saw my mom glaring at me.

“Good eve….”,then she slapped me.

“I sent you to school to put your fvcking ass in the chair and you fvcked a married man”,she hit me again.

My dad came out…He was angry too..

“I’m really disappointed in you and I’m so ashamed that you are daughter right now”

Tears flowed freely. I saw Athena’s mom staring at us.

But she didn’t even defend me today.

She just moved into her room locking the door.

“Give me the car keys”,My dad stretched his hand.

“Please Dad”,I begged and he roughly took the car keys from my hand.

“Now you go to your room. No parties, you are not seeing your friends, no television.. you will sit in your room, got it?”

I nod.

“Give you your phone!!!”,my mom shouted and I have her my phone and ran to the room sleeping on my pillow while I cried.

I’m going to make you pay Tia. I will crush your soul just like you’ve crushed mine.

I swear Tia. You don’t know what’s coming.


I reached home so tired from work. I removed my tie and rest on the couch closing my eyes.

I felt a kiss on my cheeks. I opened my eyes seeing my beautiful cute girl.

“You came”,I whispered.

“Yes, I came”

She sat on top of me. I tried to kiss her but she turn making my lips land on her cheeks.

She removed my suit and slowly she started to unbottoned my shirt.

“Are we going to fvck, Tia?”,I asked and she grin.

“No, I’m not going to fvck you… I just wanted to wear your shirt”

“Hmm…”,I smiled. I carried her in my arms making her gasps.

“Where are we going Sandro?”,she asked and i kissed her temples.

“To the bathroom… we are going to have a shower”

“Sandro… I can’t bath with you”

“Why?”, I asked staring at her.

“I’m shy”

“I mean no harm. I just want to bath you… Don’t push me away”,I said softly.

“Fine..”,she whispered.

We entered the bedroom. She was still in my arms, removing her shoes. I removed mine too.

We were still in our clothes and I opened the shower.

The water poured on us as I became we were both w€t.

We were both quiet as I hugged her close as the water cascades on our skin.

I love her so much.

And I’m going to care of her… I’m going to make her the happiest woman in the world.

“Tia…?”,I whispered.

“I love you”

“I know”

I slowly closed my eyes wishing she could tell me she loves me too.

We remain in an embrace for an hour.

She wore a my new shirt and we both moved to the kitchen.

I have my maid a day off.

“What are we going to cook?”,I asked.

“Anything you want .”

I moved close and slowly kissed her while she responded.



“Do you think i have change?”

“Yes… you really changed”

“Is it good one or bad one?”


I smiled and she smiled too.

She has change tremendously but she was punishing me too.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, “Do you think i will be a good wife?”

She wants to marry me.

“So that means you’ve forgive me?”,I grin.

“Not yet but answer my question”

“You will be the best wife for me”

She covered her face with her hands, “Its embarrassing to tell you this.”

“Tell me”

“I can’t cook all foods and I’m scared that I will fail as a wife..My mom used to say that no man will love me because….”

I placed my finger on her lips, “I don’t care about what your mom says but we are in this together. Your mom made cooking your worst nightmare but I’m going to make it your sweetest memory … I’m glad i will teach you how to cook my foods…”

Her eyes were filled with tears, “I love you, Tia so much”

She smiled and i kissed her temples.

“Do you forgive me?”,he asked.

“Yes … ”

“Thank you so much baby ”

“You are welcome ..”

I raised her putting her on the counter..

“Apart from cooking, hope I can teach you the bedroom skills too”,I teased and she laughed.

“Yes …”

“Okay I will teach you after marriage”

Her eyes widened, “What do you mean?”

“I will marry you before taking your virginity. I want that night to be special for both of us… I want”,and to my surprise, she kissed me deeply making lose my breathe.

I hold her close kissing her more… She is going to mine very soon but after our wedding,I will claim her as mine..

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