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The Imperfect daughter episode 3


The Imperfect Daughter
⚫Episode 03⚫
:Kaby Elisa
I woke up the next morning, feeling good. I felt relieved chatting to my friend on fb.
He was kind and sweet. He really encouraged me as if he had seen me but i don’t blame him.
If only he knew how disgusting and useless I was.
I got dressed and went to school early, I just don’t want my mom to scold me…
Not today.
I sat in the class learning. I waited for students to arrive.
It was Literature. Anna walked towatds me, kissing me on the cheeks to my surprise.
“What’s going on, girl?”,she asked sitting close to me.
“Nothing, just learning”,I said.
“Okay… give me a minute. I will join you later”
“Okay”,I replied.
My head was focus on the book as I remembered Micheal, Perpetual’s boyfriend.
Seriously I can’t accept this. I have to hand this phone to him of else if his girlfriend Perpetual finds it, they will humiliate me with noodles again.
I slowly switched on the phone and read the previous I had with this anonymous guy.
He owns a blog: Talk to me.
I slowly switched off the phone and placed it in my bag hoping to see Michael so i would hand it to him.
Class started at 8pm… We have literature.
I checked my time table. Not again.
Perpertual arrived holding a new handbag.
“Miss Benson, you are late”,Mrs Bridget our lit tutor said.
“I’m sorry..”,Perpertual stated, “I bought you this handbag to make sure you can forgive me today”
Everyone gasps including Mrs Bridget.
“This is so beautiful.. thank you Miss Benson but its so expensive”
“Yes, I know and I bought specially for you”
“Thank you so much..”
“You are welcome Miss Bridget”.
She moved to her seat and eyed me before sitting down.
“Wow.. . that’s a nice way of refusing detention. I want to join this Perpetual’s group. They have class, taste in everything but they show off too much. I’m glad i met you first ”
“Thank you”, I said and she smiled at me.
Mrs Bridget shared some questions giving us twenty minutes to finish.
It was break time, the sirens were making sounds reminding us it’s break.
I went to the the dinning hall, taking a plastic plate, I was saved Coca-Cola bottle with chicken sandwich.
Anna ordered for the same.
The hall was full of students. I looked around searching an empty desk to sit on.
“Oh Gosh, the cute boy is coming here”, Anna said.
Micheal. Not again.
“Hi..”,he said.
“Hi…”,I said looking somewhere else.
“Why don’t you join me so we have our meal”
“No thanks”
“Oh come Athena, we have no place to sit. How do you expect is to deny such a hot guy”, Anna said making Micheal grins while I rolled my eyes.
I realised people were stealing glances at me and Micheal.
Anna took our meal to Michael’s desk..
I sat down and Micheal sat close to me.
Michael’s friends immediatelystood the moment i tried to hi to them.
“Don’t mind them”,he said and i nod.
“I know… I’m used to this”
I hand him the phone as he stared at me.
“It’s yours”
“I can’t accept this … it’s not mine. I’m not supposed to be talking to you right now. Perpertual will he so angry”
“I don’t care … I want you to have it”,he said and Anna stared at us while she ate her meal.
“No… I can’t “,I pushed the phone to him.
Then I heard some clearing her throat.
It was Perpetual. Her girls were behind her. Two of them.
“Perpetual, what are you doing here”,Micheal asked.
“What am i doing here? You are supposed to be in my seat sharing the meal with me but you are here with this good for nothing girl”
“Don’t say that. Fact that I’m your boyfriend doesn’t mean I can be stuck with you for hours. I have friends too”,Michael stared at me and squeezed my hands.
To my surprise, Perpetual pulled my hands and pushed me to the floor making me twist my ankle while everyone gasps.
Her girls smiled at me.
“That’s enough”,Anna said and one of the girl’s pushed her to the floor.
Micheal got angry and helped Anna up while I groaned in pain.
“It’s over Perpetual, we are done”,he yelled and people gasps.
Anna wasn’t able to breathe so Micheal had to help her out. I was alone on the floor.
“You see Athena, no body likes you. Do you know? You are too chubby. Imagine having s£x with a chubby person like you”,she said aloud while everyone burst out laughing.
I felt so ashamed.
I heard the gaseous sound and I knew she opened my drink then she sipped and poured the remaining on me.
“Like i said no one will love you… You will always remain a stupid virgin”,then she poured the drink on me while everyone laughed.
I was humiliated again. I lose again.
She threw the can on my face and left with her girls.
People were still laughing. I slowly got up. I was w€t all over.
My left ankle hurt pretty bad. It’s was reddish.
“Oh my God, Alessandro Anthony is here!!!!!”,One girl shouts as everyone ran, eagerly to see him.
People pushed me making me land on the floor again.
I reached infront of the school. I cancelled all my meetings I have with my business tycoons.
I told Elvis to make that there are no photographers or reporters.
Even if they are here, he should make they get in the school.
I need to see her. To help her.
I reached the entrance of the school while the students quickly run to me.
My guards were behind trying to push them away.
I heard the students shouting while some are murmuring especially the girls.
Oh my Gosh, he is so cute and hot and really handsome. I could remove my panties right away if he asked me too.
I stared at her and she blushed and I rolled my eyes.
I really can’t believe he came to out school. This is the best day of my life.
He is so hot.
I love him.
I love you Mr Alessandro Anthony.
Most girls took photos of me on their phones.
While I signed autograph for the boys and girls too.
The principal came to meet at the corridor.
I gladly shook his hands.
“Welcome to West High sir”,he said.
“My pleasure”
Everyone was still gathered taking pictures.
“Hope it’s not a problem if I spend a day with someone”
“No problem at all, Mr Anthony. Just enjoy!!”
“Thank you so much”
I moved away from him. Honestly I don’t know where I’m going.
From nowhere, a girl came to hugged me.
She was beautiful… she smiles at me.
“Hi.. I’m Perpertual, the school president”
I can see that.
“Okay.. Nice meeting you “, I said.
“I will be glad to show you around”,she said and immediately took my hands squeezing them.
Then I moved to the dinning hall while everyone followed.
That was when i saw her.
The cute girl.
She was struggling to get on her feet but she couldn’t.
What happened to her?
I rushed to her and helped her up. Her dress was stained with Coca-Cola.
“Are you okay?”
“No…”,she said.
She tried to give a fake smile, “I’m sorry Mr Anthony for the last time I… I.. . sauce you up”
I stared at her, looking at her brown eyes.
They were beautiful.
“Have a seat”, I lead her to one of the seats then I took her left foot.
Her foot was cute. I could just kiss it if we were alone but since everyone was staring, I couldn’t do anything.
I touched her ankle she gasps, covering her face with her hands.
I slowly adjusted her ankle, while she screams through her palms.
“Shh.. . it’s okay. I’m done”, and i held her foot. Her cute natural feet.
“Mr Anthony, she will be fine, let me show you around”
“No thank you Miss president, I just want to stay here. She is the one I came here for”
“Whoa!!!”,students sounded shockedly.
“What do you mean you are here for me?”
“Well… the last time, you sauce me up, I told myself I would never forgive you so in order to forgive you, I want to spend the day with you.. Can i?”
She smiled, “Sure …. Mr Anthony”
“Good”,I said.
“Elvis…”,I said again.
“Yes sir,”he came close to me.
“I want you to get clothes for Miss Athena”
“Okay sir”
I stared at Miss President who glared at Athena.
“Miss President, I would like to show us the bathroom”
The students gasps while some are murmuring.
Athena eyes widened.
“Are we….”,Athena trailed off.
Are we going to bath together is what she meant.
“Yes Athena.. we are”
Then the students gasps again and I winked at Athena.

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