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The Incarnate – episode 14


The Incarnate Chapter Fourteen (The Handshake)

Dorcas has actually broken up with Barrister, she got to know the lady Barrister introduced to her was actually not his sister, she was bored, but not heartbroken, she confessed the whole movement to Sena.

“So you mean you didn’t love him, yet you were always with him?” Sena asked

Dorcas: Yeah, I know, I just needed a companion, I was finding difficulties trusting him, and he does not pick up his calls in my presence

Sena: Hmm, I hear, but I hope you find a perfect guy for yourself; you aren’t growing any younger Doc.

Dorcas: Yeah, at the right time

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Sena as they spoke opened Chief’s restroom, and something caught her attention, it was the papers Fletcher had kept on the bed.

Sena: Dorcas, come see this

Dorcas: What is it?

Sena: It’s about The Widows and how the Properties would be passed on

Dorcas: And where did you find that?

Sena: You mean you didn’t leave it on this bed?

Dorcas: Of course not, this is my first time seeing it

Sena: Really, so who brought it in here?

Dorcas: Has anyone come in here?

Sena: Nope, not even a visitor, only Fletcher and I don’t think he will venture to enter in here

Dorcas: This is weird

The docvments reveals all they really wanted to know about the Widows and how Chief got into it, it might look crazy and demonic, but it really saved their asses and gave them whatever money can afford.

Sena was still trying to figure how the docvments got the room when Biitka came in, the last time he visited was when he came to talk about Kelly’s burial.

Biitka: You good?

Sena: I am

Biitka: I have been expecting your call

Sena: I didn’t call because I was doing well

Biitka: Really

Sena: I am p….

Dorcas: Yeah she is doing perfect

Biitka: Let her speak for herself

Sena: What is between you two, you seem to have some kind of bad blood

Biitka: She’s just stubborn as always

Sena: Ayoo

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Biitka: I came to speak with you Sena, alone in private

Dorcas left the two to whatever discussion they had and headed for the summer huts

She was about taking her sit when Fletcher appeared from the gate

Dorcas: Hey you, Fletcher right?

Fletcher: Yeah Doc,

Dorcas: Just call me Dorcas

Fletcher: Okay Dorcas

Dorcas: So what sup today?

Fletcher: I just dropped one lady here opposite your house, and I just came over to say hi

Dorcas: Oh how nice of you, Sena is in there with a visitor

Fletcher: I guess Chief Biitka right?

Dorcas: How did you know that anyway?

Fletcher: Everyone knows he drives with this number plate, and he is a popular man too

Dorcas: You think?

Fletcher: Oh yeah I think

The two were engaged in lengthy hearty chat until Biitka and Sena emerged from the house, from the look on Sena’s face, she was not looking soo happy, but when she made eye contact with Fletcher, she tried to pull a smile which was visibly false.

Fletcher greeted Biitka, He stopped and looked a little bit surprised, He looked at Dorcas first, and then to Fletcher

Young man, I hope you are good, Biitka said stretching his hand towards Fletcher who accepted the handshake……But Biitka quickly pulled away his hand as if he had touched a [email protected] wire

Fletcher: Sir, is everything okay

Biitka: Mmm, yeah, am fine

In haste, he walked to his car and zoomed off…

The ladies were surprised at what they just saw, they have never seen Biitka so frightened like that, they turned their attention to Fletcher and from their facial expression, and they needed some kind of explanation to what just happened

Fletcher: Hey guys, I don’t know what just happened, I think am also puzzled now

Sena: He looked scared for the first time in his life I have seen him

Dorcas: Yeah, have you two ever met somewhere before

Fletcher: No, I have not spoken to him before, trust me.

Sena: Hmm, I hear

Dorcas was more curious about what kind of convo Sena had with Biitka back in the house, she questioned her, but tears gathered in her eyes as she tried to reply Dorcas

Fletcher: Woooh, I think I should be leaving you two now

Sena: Oh nope, you can’t leave like that

Dorcas: Yeha, with you around, we can speak to someone

Fletcher: Okay well

Dorcas: Sena, am listening

Sena: He says we should proceed on vacating the Villa in three months

Dorcas: Whaat? Did you tell him about your pregnancy?

Sena: No I didn’t

Dorcas: I told you not to believe this man, didn’t I tell you?

Fletcher: I heard about the whole death issues that swept this Villa this year alone, so saddening

Dorcas: Yeah.

The three spoke on random issues on how to get this in the right place, there was no way they were packing out.

Biitka was frightened than ever, He has a couple of witch doctors he visits regularly for charms against attacks, the contact he made with Fletcher made him see what he has never seen in his entire life…Death!!

He was confused now, he only went to the house to vacate Sena and Dorcas in other to make the Villa available to Milly Brown.Miily had asked for a couple of things she wished to lay hands on, and Biitka agreed to get her the Villa, by persuasion or force, but now, Fletcher is his new problem here…Mysterious man.

Back in the villa, Fletcher was playing the acoustic guitar he found on the couch, Sena and Dorcas were looking at him with some kind of awe, he ended the song he was playing, but none of them applauded or made any kind of gesture to praise him, he looked at their faces with an innocent look

Fletcher: hey guys, what’s this look on your faces?

Sena: Where did you learn that song?

Dorcas: Yeah

Fletcher: Oh, I learnt that at a Studio at Cantonments

Sena: Which studio is that?

Fletcher: Reels Studio. Any problem?

Dorcas: Oh no problem

Fletcher: Then I should be on my way; I have to pick up someone to the airport in thirty minutes

The mysterious man left with Sena and Dorcas looking at each other like dolls

“I saw Kelly write that song, I heard him play it on the piano and the guitar, and what that guy just did was no difference to what Kelly did, Sena said

Dorcas: Did Kelly ever tell you about any Reels Studio in cantonments?

Sena: No, and am not sure if he did

Dorcas: This guy is mysterious and raising eyebrows

Sena: Yeah, mysterious indeed

To be continued

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