The Intimate Stranger


(Er*t*c Thought)
© Bright Daniel

Luckily for her, before she could reach her phone, Suzanna called. She quickly picked it then stood up at the same time, while Miss Caroline placed a hand on her wa-ist admiring her butt after locking the door. 
“Angelina, this is half pass eight, yet you ain’t in school. What has come over you?” Suzanna said on the phone.
“I’m at G.H.C” Angelina replied then adjusted her butt away from Miss Caroline’s hand with a glare at her. 
“Oh my God, are you okay!”
“I’m fine Suzanna, I’ll be in school soon” she hung up the call moving towards the door. She found it locked then looked back at Miss Caroline. “I’m want to go, ma’am” she told her.
“Yes, I know” she reached her table, brought out her card and moved closer to her with it. She stretched it forward and said, “I’ll like to see you again. You’re so beautiful”
Angelina glanced at the card. “You should be helping me not luring me into l-sbianism. Moreover the act is against the law of God and nature. I may be naughty or er*t*c, but I’m not stupid. Please, open this door. I want to go or I’ll shout”
Both glared at each other for sometimes before Miss Caroline gently unlocked the door. Angelina hurried out. When the driver so her coming, he started the car. After she entered, he glanced through the mirror to see that she wasn’t happy.
“Angelina, what’s it? Is there anything you’re hiding from your parents?”
“Just take me to school”
“Are you pregnant?”
“Please, take me to school, Mr driver!” she shrieked angrily. “I guess you impregnated” she hissed.
“I’m sorry”
“You better be”
The driver drove off instantly. 
At Royal Academy, Angelina arrived to see senior female students having football practice against the upcoming competition. She never noticed that the principal saw the time she came to school. Students moved around the compound while some rode bicycle round the football field. Angelina saw Lusy and Adam controlling the practice. She ignored them moving towards her classroom but a voice from behind stopped her. She looked back to see Lucy coming and wondering why she needed her attention. She adjusted her bag and got ready for her.
“I wonder what kept you at home today too” Lusy approached. 
“What do you want?” Angelina retorted.
“I want you to join the football team”
“I’m not interested” she turned to leave. 
“It was a command, Angelina, and you must obey it as the assistant game prefect I am” Lucy moved closer shaking her butt. Part of her fairy fresh thighs could be seen. “Are you upset that I took your position just because the principal found me worthy than you are? Answer me bitch!”
“You are the bitch!” Angelina became angry. “By the way, why am I talking to an empty vessel like you?”
Lucy had a factitious smile. “But this empty vessel took your position and you were embarrassed before the ministry of education. Don’t worry, you’re yet to witness the worst embarrassment of your life, bitch” she shook her butt out. 
“What do you mean by that?” Angelina asked thinking critically as she stared at her going to the football field. Though she was afraid to be disgraced or embarrassed in the public due to her strange er*t*c life, but never believed that someone still planned to embarrass her. She looked over it and finally entered into her classroom.
After some minutes, Suzanna and Angelina were found at the uppermost floor of one of the school buildings standing at the corridor. There was a frame that prevents students from falling down. Both placed their hands on the frame watching almost all the students from there.
“Angelina, you’ve not told me why you went to G.H.C this morning. You have been behaving strangly. Adam told me you behaved weird yesterday”
“Did he explain in details?”
“No, are you hiding something from me?” Suzanna stared at her suspiciously but she never replied. “If there is anything going on in your life, why won’t you let me know?”
“Nothing, I only went to G.H.C to see a psychotherapist” Angelina answered absentmindedly.
“Psychotherapist?! That means you’re not okay! What’s wrong with you?!”
“Nothing!” she left the corridor while Suzanna became dumbfounded.
School dismissed once again, students began to troop out especially at the staircase. Angelina rushed down to get to her car coz the driver was already waiting. Before she open the door, Adam called her from behind. She turned her head while her hand rested on the handle of the car.
“Hey, not even a word for me today?” Adam approached. “I noticed since Lucy took over your post, you ain’t close to me again. Or is it because of what I saw? I promise not to tell anyone”
“It’s none of those, Adam” Angelina replied.
“Are you sure everything is fine with you?”
“I’m fine” she smiled. “Is that why you came?”
“No, I came to say goodbye”
She smiled again. “Thanks” she finally entered watching as Adam walked out gently looking neat. She admired him wanting to think of him er*t*cally but the driver’s greeting brought her back reality.
“Goodday, sir” she responded and brought out peeled oranges then handed them to him. “I got that for you”
“Thank you” The driver smiled.
They became quiet. Only the sound of vehicles and chattering of students could be heard as the car set in motion. 
“I’m sorry for shouting at you in the morning” Angelina broke the silence.
“I’m sorry too” the driver put on another ‘Westlife’ music.
“Please, put the music off” she instructed trying so hærd not to be er*t*c again.
The next day, Angelina came to school feeling worried over something she couldn’t put a finger on. That was a sign that something was gonna happen to her. She couldn’t stop thinking about Lucy’s words as she sat in the classroom listening to Mr Jay, the principal and chemistry tutor. The class was very quiet making an echo of Mr Jay’s voice louder. Suddenly, Angelina be
gan to have er*t*c thought that will totally embarrass her… 
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