The lonely heart episode 3

▪️◾STORY_BY Halicia Rose

🚹#Unknown #POV🚹
I walks aimlessly round the street of Shelley and don’t know where I’m going precisely and it so hurtful and lonely in this world of mine that nobody has recognized or know me all this years I’ve been roaming about the street,sleeping anywhere sleep able and eat anything eatable and just wish life will just stop cos I’m so tired and feel alone in this big world

I sit on a staircase as people roams the street and they’re so many with some walking together, laughing,chatting and do many things with each other
“Hmmm,it really so funny that as many as people in this whole world,I’m all alone here and sitting with nobody,no one knows me and most importantly,no one is mine!”I thought as tear drops from my eyes

This life can be so funny and hurtful at the same times cos I wonder how many are the people in this world that none is mine but life don’t care about such feeling for life still moves on
“You can either laugh or cry over life but life don’t care as it moves on nonstop either you’re there or not!”I said and chuckles sadly looking around

I stretch my leg and inhale the fresh morning air as it blew wonderfully
“Oh I suddenly feel cold!”I thought
My body laugh at me cos not only cold I’m feeling but I’m so hungry as my stomach grumbles loudly and I hold it quickly
I looks around and sight a man dumping something inside the dustbin and I hurry there to check what is it
“Oh my it a Burger and pizza!”I said so happily and without thinking twice,grab it and run away from the place

I quickly find a hideous place and sit down to eat the blessed manna from above
“Oh thanks creator that I won’t starve today unlike yesterday that I didn’t eat anything at all!”I thought smiling and tears drop endlessly from my eyes

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I was still crying when a mad man jump out from where I’m sitting
“What a lonely life of a son of man but don’t be sad cos those black sky that you see now,there’s a beautiful colorful lining in it!”he said rubbing his dirty Dada hair
I moves away from him and stands up quickly about to take to my heels when he grab me speedily
“Why are you trying to run away,son of man?”he asks me
I look at him and smiles my best smile ever as I see a big club in his hand
“I’m not running away,just looking for water to drink”I said smiling but deep down,I’m so damn afraid of him

Don’t get me wrong,I’m not afraid of him at all cos if we compete together, I’ll definitely beat him but that club,I mean that big club is something I definitely should be afraid of

“What are you thinking,son of man?”he asks snapping me out of my thought
I look at him and the way he holds my hand tight without letting go
“Nothing sir but I’m so thirsty!”I said shaking and he laugh thunderously
“Are you sure you are thirsty or afraid?”he said rubbing my hair
Oh I’m so damn today huh,how could I escape this,Father Lord
“I’m truly thirsty!”I said repeating myself
“Ok my dear son of man,I’ll give you water since you are my first guest ever so wait for me here!”he said releasing me and turn back to his domain
I use the opportunity to move away quickly but he faces me back scaring the hell out of me as I face him back and be rooted in one place smiling toward him
“Are you running away,son of man?”he asks me and I laugh crazily
“Not at all but wanna pick my food cos I’m so hungry”I said shaking more now
He looks at me and start walking round me and my eyes is feeling so dizzy
“Don’t be a liar cos you said you’re thirsty but now you’re hungry huh”he said using his club to beat the ground
“I’m both”I said clapping
He looks at me and put the club beside me
“Wait for me and let me bring a nice water for drinking for you!”he said moving away
I stay rooted as he bring out a bottle and start urinating inside and look at me every seconds while I stay rooted like a statue
“Nice water indeed!”I thought and laugh
I turn to look at him and see he’s so engross in the urinating process and without thinking twice, I took to my heel and run like my life depends on it

I run for few minutes and find myself inside a beautiful garden and sees the inscription’home of love orphanage’ and stops then inhale deeply

I look around the garden and sees no one is there and burst out laughing so loud
“Oh my gosh,what an adventurous morning!”I said and laugh remembering everything that transpired between me and the mad man
“So my new name now is son of man huh kinda cool!”I thought and brust out laughing again holding my stomach

“You’re gonna be free from loneliness soon”I reminiscent about his first word to me and smiles hoping it be true

I sit down and look up to the sky then inhale deeply and smiles when the TV on the road switch on and my favourite song play on it:the song that keeps me going and I swear, among the Suenos stars,she’s the best cos she sing of nature and lonely hearts like mine in the world
I smiles happily seeing her beautiful face and hearing her sonorous voice as I sing happily alongside with her
🎶The heart that’s lonely
Is gonna be happy soon
A heart that’s lonely
Is so full of loneliness and sadness
But no matter how the world is
No matter how lonely it is
Never give up
But keep your head up
Stands up for yourself
Be yourself everything
Be yourself friend,love, parents
Even be yourself family
Cos you’ll never experience betrayal
Or getting hurt
Cos you’re a heart that’s lonely
No matter how dark the sky is
There’s always a silver lining there🎵🎵🎵
I stop singing and smiles
“Wow did the mad man listen to the song too cos that’s his word to me!”I said and burst out laughing again

I was still laughing when the garden flower moves and I turn quickly to face the place when I sees something shocking and shocking standing before me as I shrink with……..just don’t know what

Who’s this unknown guy and do you believe the mad man world to him and hwos the one that he sees in the garden

Good Morning to all Son of Man and how yaa night rest all?🌕

🌺#Tracy’s #POV🌺

I drives speedily on the highway and turn to the direction of the orphanage feeling so happy to see our caring woman who takes care of the orphanage and the kids there
“Thanks I’ve so many things prepared for them on this trip!”I said smiling
I drives and enter the place as all the children rush out through the door and circle my car and I get down
“Hello dears!”I said and they rush at once to hugs me while I try cuddling them all
“We miss you, Tracy”they said happily
I look at them and smiles too

The woman moves out and come to my side then hugs me
“Welcome daughter!”she said smiling
“Thanks ma’am!”I said hugging her too

We all moves inside happily together and I start sharing things for them
“Take this,Clara!”I said giving her a big toy
“Oh thanks and I’m grateful you didn’t foget it!”she said pecking me
“This is yours,Jason”I said giving him a toy car and he accepts it gladly
I gives them all they asks of me and they jump IP happily then moves round me
“Tracy is the best!”they said and rush out of the house to play with their new toys

I face the woman and gives her an envelope and a new speck
“This sis for you, ma’am”I said and she collects it from me
“Thanks dear and may God bless you always”she said happily
I look at her and chuckles
“This your speck is something else!”I said and laugh so loud
She touches it and laugh too
“Even though it broken,it still sees far better than anything!”she said rubbing it on her chest and it creaks little
I look at the speck as it creak and laugh more and she too laugh too

She put on the new speck and it fit her
“Wow this is wow”she said looking at me
“I choose wisely”I said and she nods in agreement

I look around and inhale deeply
“There’s something that brings you here,daughter”she asks facing me
I look at her and just nod

She stands up and walk to her room while I peeps out of the window and sees the children playing happily
“Am I truly a lonely heart huh cos there’s so many children in this place who loves me,a woman who cares about me and a dear dad who adopts me so I’m truly not alone so better days are coming!”I said happily

I carry my bags into my room and arrange my stuff then sniffs in the cool morning breeze as it blow wonderfully outside
“Let’s me take a walk in thus cool morning breeze!”I thought and smiles

Picking up my diary and a pen📕📝,I walk happily and get to the garden
“Wow the flower has bloom so beautifully!”I said smiling and stroll around it

I find a beautiful spot and sit down bringing out the pen,open the diary then closes my eyes and feel the surrounding with my heart and ears then smiles

I stay like that for good three minutes and smiles as I open my eyes and start writing
🎶🎶🎶Its a beautiful world we’re in
So let’s appreciate the work of nature
There’s nothing as beautiful
As what the Creator created
There’s no life or beauty without this
This work of nature
So seeing all this beautiful art of God
The mighty ocean
The glimmer peacock
The shinning stars
The scorching sun
The beautiful blooming flowers
Then it gives us assurance that
Better days are definitely coming🎵🎵🎵

I stop writing,closes my eyes and then lying on my back on the flower lawn,I inhale the fresh air again and stay calm

I was still inhaling deeply the sweet scent of the flowers when I hear someone laughing like mad man at my back

I want to stand up and challenges the person when the TV comes on and my song come to view
“Wow that’s me singing lonely heart”I thought and smiles beautifully

I lay down very well and looks at the TV with keen eyes when I hear the person singing alongside with me and hearing the voice,it a HE but he sings so beautifully and wow that I’ve no choice than to look at him

I was trying to stand up when he starts laughing again and this time,so loud
“Is it a mad person?”I thought standing up slowly and he too turn to face me with Hus mouth so wide agape

He looks at me and cover his mouth
“This is unbelievable!”he said exclaiming
I look at him and his dressing,even though the cloth looks like it hasn’t been washed for ages,he looks so smart in it:a red tank top👕,a blue jeans👖 and a cool sneaker👟 to match it and he’s so damn hot despite being dirty:he has a Jerry curl hair,a brown eyes and a pink lip
“Who the hell are you?”I asks him
Be looks at me and moves closer to me while I moves back slowly
“I’m the son of man!”he said chuckling
What the hell,he’s truly crazy
“Are you mad?”I asks him
I thought he’ll be angry but he just smiles
“I’m not, my dear star!”he said smirking
I looks at him and shakes my head
“A mad person will never admits that he’s mad ever!”I said and he chuckles
He moves so close to me and our face is just a few second apart to touch
“I’m not lonely anymore as I sees the luckiest beautiful Suenos star who gives me hope to live by each day!”he said moving more close to me now and inhale my scents then smiles
“What a nice scent you get!”he said smiling

I move back and kick him so hard on his legs and he holds it about to cry
“Hey that’s hurt huh”he said about to cry
“I thought you’re mad not knowing you’re a pervert too!”I said moving back
He looks at me and move close again
“I thought you’re a cool lady singing about lonely hearts not knowing you’re a John Cena!”he said and I chuckles
I look at him with fierce eyes and raise my leg up to kick him but he catch it immediately and smirks
“Not again,sweetheart!”he said catching my leg and rubs it
“That’s tickles!”I said chuckling

He holds my leg up now and thanks for wearing trouser,he would have see my hmmm,never mind
“Hey crazy”I said shouting
“Why lonely?”he said and that’s get me more furious

I turn my leg and punch him twice on his shoulder and he squat down
“Serve you right,Prevert!”I said smiling
He looks at me and chuckles brightly
“You’re a goner!”he said jumping on me making me to fall in the process nnd we roll on the ground non stopping
“Hey silly!”he screams as I continue kicking and pinching him
“Let me go,pervert”I said pushing him
We stop at a free level and boom,his lips come crushing down on mine and I swear,his lips taste so sweet

I come back to my senses and push him with full force and stands up immediately feeling like a kid being caught stealing meat in the pot
He looks at me still on the floor and laugh
“You enjoy it,didn’t you?”be asks me
“What.did.I.enjoy.,lips.that’”I said stammering and he pouts sadly
‘And that’s sure hurt!”he said standing up
He moves to my front and cross his heart
“Let’s do it again and I swear,you’ll enjoy it!”he said moving close to me

I look at him and shakes my head
“Do what again?”I asks not sure of my voice and he smirks
“This”he said pouting his lips toward me

I look at him as he pout his lips and move close to me and I moves back

I put my leg in a crawling stem and is about to fall when he catch me and twirl me round
“Thanks me by kissing me!”he said bringing his lips to my lips
I look at him and push him with all my power and run down the garden to the house not looking back and scream on top my voice as I run with full speed
“There’s a crazy pervert guy there or even mad!”I said screaming so loud and slam the door shut as I enter the house

I breath in and out so quick MD feel like my heart is going to stop breathing any moment form now when I hear his loud laugh echoing through the garden

I sit on the floor and rub my hair
“Oh my diary!”I said gasping and bow my head in total dismay

I rub my hair again and rub it
“I’m so silly truly!”I thought

What I’m gonna do now cos there’s no way I’m going out to the garden again not even this moment or today again..