The Lost Diary

The lost diary – episode 17


Stanley had gone to the boutique and ordered for a simple but neat wear, as Steve helped him make simple clothings.
Since according to the diary, she liked guys who really present themselves the way they are.
He wore a blue jeans, penciled trouser, a light blue long-sleeved shirt which hugged his athletic body, he tucked it in and wore a dark blue dinner jacket over it and a very clean blue fancy shoe 👟 to match and a baseball cap over his hair.
He kept on looking at the mirror for almost an hour, removing invisible stains and noticing the most minute error in his dressing.
Steve only sat on his swivel chair as he gulped down the nescafe coffee 🍵 he just made.
“Stan, I think you are good to go. You are already late.”
Steve said as he watched Stanley straighten up his eyebrow with the brush in his hands.
Stanley turned to him and smiled.
“How do I look?”
Stanley asked.
“You don’t look bad.”
Steve said.
Stanley nodded in satisfaction, as he knew that the word signified that he looked great.
“OK see you in the evening.”
Stanley said as he stepped out of the door.
Sandra stood a kind of disappointed. Lola had called to tell her that she couldn’t make it again, that she received a sudden call from her boss, that they had an impromptu meeting so that she can’t make it, but that she would drop by to say, HI at the eatery before going to the office.
Nevertheless, she would rather go alone and go have a nice day at least for once, outside her house since over a week now.
She had already dressed up as she applied her make ups and staring at herself in the mirror, she nodded in satisfaction.
She arrived at the eatery and located a table which had no occupant and sat down in one of the seats and ordered just for hollandia yogurt.
As she sipped it while operating her phone, going through the hundreds of comments on her latest upload on Instagram.
She was almost through with the yogurt, and was checking the watch on her wrist to know her next action, when a young man walked up to her.
He smiled at her. He

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was wearing a white suit.
“High pretty can I join you?”
He said with the most unromantic voice that she had ever seen in her life.
She didn’t even reply him as she concentrated on on her phone. After standing like a statue there for a while, the
guy left a sort of embarrassed, he walked off and sat in another seat.
He would from time to time throw a gaze at her but she just ignored him.
She was still busy, when another guy appeared with two cans of juice in hand and her approached her corner.
He looked at her and gave out a cute smile, but she pretended as if she was busy with her phone, but she secretly stared at him with the corners of her eyes. The guy sure was cute and looked overly neat and simple, just the way
she like them.
She snapped off the thought. Well cuteness wasn’t her main attraction when it comes to guys. She desired more than just that.
“Hi lost queen.”
He said smiling and she was a kind of forced to look up.
“Why that sort of name?”
She asked looking at him.
“Ohhhh!!! I only meant that you were too lost to notice someone admiring your bearing and the manner you press that cute phone of yours.”
He said and she only smiled.
“I’m I qualified to get a favor from you?”
He asked her. She stopped what she was doing and looked perplexed.
“What exactly do you want?”
She asked him.
“Would you mind me sitting down with you?”
The guy asked her.
She wanted to tell him a straight no, but couldn’t tell why, she nodded. Probably she liked his approach.
He sat down opposite her, while he shifted the second can of juice to her.
“Why that?”
She asked.
“I think that can of juice needs more of your attention.”
He told her.
“She tried shifting back the can to him but he looked up at her.
” if I were you, I would advise you not to do that. You know I don’t bite or do I?, so a gift from an admirer isn’t something to reject.”
He said and she gave up.
” OK if you say so. But there are other tables you can occupying, so why here?”
She asked him.
” Lets say I need a beautiful and a homely to have a wonderful chest with this afternoon. And you never disappointed me and you happened to be the one.”
” Wow!! Thanks i feel flattered.”
said smiling brightly for the first time.
“There are three things I just found out about you.”
He told her looking up as he clasped his hands together while he stared at her.
“Wow!! What is it?”
She asked in expectation.
“First do me a favor of telling me your name.”
He asked her.
“I’m Sandra.”
She said.
“Then that makes it four things I wanna talk about, that I just observed.”
“OK then tell me.”
“Firstly I love your cologne, it smells so heavenly, secondly you got a killer smile ☺, thirdly you look just like someone I have seen before, fourthly you got a beautiful name.”
“Seriously? You can’t be serious. Please stop joking stop flattering me.”
She said smiling fully.
“You see what I’m just talking about. That smile. Chai!! I can really kill for it.”
The guy said.
He was about to say something else, when Pera adventure he just turned and saw a lady walking  towards them and was looking around.
Joy sweat suddenly broke down from Stanley’s face, when he saw who it was.
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