Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 33

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Lucian and Roshan arrived !n front of a white mansion that loomed beh!nd a big iron gate. Th£ gate opened by itself and Roshan stepped |ns!de. Lucian followed h¡m silently until th£y arrived at th£ front door.

“Are you sure you want to meet Lucifer?” Roshan asked turn!ng to h¡m.

“Anyth!ng I should know before walk!ng |ns!de?” Lucian asked !n turn.

Roshan paused for a moment as if contemplat!ng what to say. “Noth!ng I can summarize.” h£ said th£n opened th£ door and led th£ way.

Th£y walked through long empty halls with some strange pa!nt!ngs on th£ wall. Even th£ ceil!ng was pa!nted with some dark, strange yet mysterious figures that sometimes seemed to be look!ng at h¡m. Th£y walked past several doors till Roshan stopped !n front of one. Th¡s door was different from th£ oth£rs that were only a pla!n white. Th¡s one was made of old wooden with some shapes and symbols carved !nto it. j√$t like th£ gate th£ door opened by itself and Roshan gestured for h¡m to go |ns!de first th¡s time.

Lucian took a moment before stepp!ng |ns!de, feel!ng a bit nervous as h£ looked @r0vnd th£ big empty room. No one was th£re so h£ turned to Roshan but h£ was already gone and th£ door suddenly shut by itself.

“You came to see me?” Suddenly a cold voice spoke.

Lucian recognized th¡s voice and as h£ turned [email protected]¢k @r0vnd h£ recognized th£ man stand!ng !n front of h¡m as well. It was th£ silver haired man !n h¡s dreams. Th¡s time h£ could see h¡m clearly. h£ had th£ coldest blue eyes Lucian had ever seen and th£ palest sk!n. It complemented h¡s hair !n a strange way, but what caught h¡s attention th£ most was th£ man’s facial features. Th£y were a mixture of fem!n!ne and mascul!ne, angelic and devilish that it made you gawk !n fasc!nation yet keep a distance !n fear.

Could h£ be th£ devil?

Yes. Lucian could feel h¡s dark powerful energy.

“Yes,” Lucian began nervously. “We have met before I believe.”

“We have.” Th£ man spoke tak!ng a few steps forward.

Th¡s man or th£ devil had come to meet h¡m before. Why?

“I am Lucian. Th£ seventh pr!nce of decresh… who is believed to be dead now and before that people believed me to be th£ devils son.”

Th£ devil j√$t looked at h¡m with no expression on h¡s face. Lucian didn’t know what to say next so h£ j√$t decided to get to th£ po!nt. What h£ was ab©vt to ask made no s£nse but after everyth!ng h£ went through h£ truly believed that everyth!ng could be possible.

“Are you my fath£r?” h£ said th£ words quickly as if h£ didn’t want to h£ar what h£ was say!ng h¡mself.

Lucian had at least expected th£ devil to be a bit surprised but h£ wasn’t. !nstead h£ was quite for what felt like hours before h£ replied.


Yes. Th£ word echoed !n Lucians m!nd. h£ had decided on h¡s way h£re to not be surprised by whatever happened but h£ felt as though someone punch£d h¡m !n th£ gut. h£ felt sick, angry and confused but most of all betrayed.

Th£ man who was claim!ng to be h¡s fath£r stood th£re !ndifferent to th£ wh0l£ situation. Th£re wasn’t even a t!ny bit of emotion on h¡s face.

“Why…why would I believe you?” Lucian asked.

“You wouldn’t be h£re if you didn’t believe it already.” Th£ man stated.

It was true. If th£ devil was h¡s fath£r it would expla!n everyth!ng that had happened to h¡m so far. It would expla!n h¡s powers, it would expla!n why h¡s fath£r, th£ k!ng hated h¡m so much and it would expla!n th£ dark side of h¡m, that h£ usually called h¡s demon with©vt know!ng why. Everyth!ng would make s£nse, yet noth!ng made s£nse right now.

Why did h£ grow up with someone oth£r than h¡s fath£r? Why did h£ have to endure all th£se years of confusion and lonel!ness?

Somehow Lucian knew th£ answer. h¡s fath£r didn’t want h¡m, and h£re h£ was, look!ng for h¡m like an idiot and spoil!ng h¡s peace.

No one wanted h¡m. Nor h¡s real fath£r nor h¡s fake fath£r.

“It’s true I didn’t want you but your moth£r did. $h£ wants you very much.”

Lucian got even m©r£ confused. “My moth£r?”

Why didn’t h£ th!nk ab©vt it. If h¡s fath£r turned ©vt to be th£ devil than h¡s moth£r could very much be alive.

“Yes, your moth£r. h£r name is Nyx and $h£ would very much like to meet you.”

“My moth£r…wants…” Lucian m!nd became a fog and h¡s h£ad began to throb !n pa!n.

A part of h¡m wanted to meet h¡s moth£r, but th£ oth£r part of h¡m, th£ angry part didn’t want to. All those years h£ had spent alone and none of h¡s parents both£red to see h¡m so why would h£ want to see th£m now?

“I asked what I wanted to ask. Now if you will excuse me I have somewh£re to be.” Lucian said before turn!ng to leave.

Th£ devil didn’t try to stop h¡m and Lucian expected noth!ng less. h£ couldn’t say that h£ didn’t feel hurt or disappo!nted though.

As h£ walked through th£ halls a part of h¡m hoped h¡s fath£r would come after h¡m and at least expla!n why h£ abandoned h¡m but h£ knew that wouldn’t happen. No one wanted h¡m.

No one.


Unexpectedly a woman stood !n th£ hall, a few feet away from h¡m. Lucian thought h£ recognized h£r. Those green eyes, j√$t like last time looked at h¡m with such pa!n and sadness, it pa!ned h¡m for some odd reason.

“Lucian.” $h£ called aga!n ¢ar£fvlly tak!ng a few steps forward.

h£r gaze fell on h¡s [email protected] and h£r face twisted. Lucian looked d©wΠ at h¡s [email protected] h£ hadn’t realized that h¡s nails had grown and because h£ fisted h¡s [email protected] th£y had cut through h¡s palms and blood dripped d©wΠ creat!ng a pool beneath th£m. It didn’t pa!n h¡m at all but it seemed to pa!n h£r.

“Who are you?” h£ asked.

Somehow h£ knew who $h£ was. h£r long raven black hair that looked j√$t like h¡s,

h£r pale unblemi$h£d sk!n, h£r sharp nose and those prom!nent ch£ekbones and jawl!ne. $h£ looked a lot like h¡m or m©r£ correctly h£ looked h£r.


h£ hoped not. h£ didn’t have th£ strength to meet h¡s moth£r yet.

“You are hurt!ng yourself.” Th£ woman spoke look!ng pa!ned.

Lucian ignored h£r and s!nce $h£ didn’t answer h¡s question h£ didn’t both£r to ask h£r aga!n. Why would h£? If $h£ was h¡s moth£r $h£ didn’t both£r to raise h¡m so h£ shouldn’t ¢ar£.

Lucian ignored th£ blood that dripped d©wΠ h¡s [email protected] as h£ walked past th£ woman !n th£ hall. Th£re was a look of anguish on h£r face as h£ pa$$ed by h£r but it didn’t stop h¡m from cont!nu!ng furth£r.


Th¡s time h£ stopped !n h¡s tracks. Th¡s voice, th¡s scent…it was Hazel. h£ h£ard quick steps beh!nd h¡m and th£n $h£ grabb£d h¡s [email protected]

“What have you done?” $h£ said look!ng at h¡s [email protected] worriedly.

Lucian stared at h£r confused. What was $h£ do!ng h£re?

“Hazel…what are you…”

“Come.” $h£ cut h¡m of and began to drag h¡m.

Lucian followed try!ng to understand what was happen!ng. Hazel, th£ woman who claimed to be h¡s wife was stay!ng with those who claimed to be h¡s parents.

How did $h£ know th£m wh£n even h£ didn’t know th£m?

“Hazel, what’s happen!ng?” h£ asked as $h£ sat h¡m d©wΠ on a chair !n some room. h£ knew $h£ was ab©vt to br!ng someth!ng for h¡s wounds but h£ grabb£d h£r wrist to stop h£r from leav!ng.

“I need to treat your wounds.” $h£ said with a deep frown.

“Th£y are already h£el!ng, no need. What are you do!ng h£re?” h£ repeated hold!ng h£r ¢ar£fvlly as to not cut h£r as well.

₱v||!ng h£r arms away $h£ ¢rov¢h£d !n front of h¡m plac!ng h£r [email protected] on h¡s knees. “Lucian…” $h£ began look!ng !nto h¡s eyes. “That woman…$h£ is your…”

“Don’t.” h£ cut h£r off. h£ didn’t want to know who $h£ was, h£ didn’t ¢ar£. “I don’t want you stay!ng h£re with th£m. Come with me.”

Lucian didn’t trust th£m. Yes, maybe th£y were h¡s parents but what k!nd of parents h£ didn’t know.

Hazel j√$t looked at h¡m and th¡s time h£ really wi$h£d h£ could read h£r m!nd. “Alright.” $h£ f!nally replied with a fa!nt smile.

As h£ left h¡s parents beh!nd Lucian wondered why Hazel followed h¡m so ob£diently. $h£ was quite and very thoughtful on th£ir way to somewh£re. Lucian wasn’t quite sure wh£re to take h£r, but tak!ng h£r [email protected]¢k to th£ castle was not an option.

h£ looked at th£ sky. Th£ sun was go!ng to rise aga!n soon and h£ would meet Julian who would take h¡m to th£ royal army. h£ could j√$t br!ng Hazel with h¡m.

“Do you want to rest for awhile?” h£ asked h£r.

$h£ nodded and th£y sat d©wΠ near a tree. h£ could actually use h¡s powers to take th£m whatever h£ wanted, th£ problem was h£ didn’t know wh£re so keep!ng h£r by h¡s side wh£rever h£ was would be safest, or maybe not.

Hazel was still silent as th£y sat d©wΠ and it made h¡m uncomfortable s!nce h£ was sure $h£ wanted to say someth!ng.

“Alright, what is it?” h£ asked.

$h£ looked at h¡m surprised. “Noth!ng.”

“Hazel.” h£ said sternly to make h£r speak up.

“You don’t want to h£ar it, so I won’t say it until you want to.” $h£ expla!ned.

It was ab©vt h¡s parents, h£ knew and h£ really didn’t want to h£ar it but it was gett!ng very uncomfortable.

“I want to h£ar it.” h£ lied.

Hazel looked at h¡m h£sitantly for a while. “Your parents…th£y…th£y didn’t abandon you. Th£y have th£ir reasons, maybe you should h£ar th£m ©vt.” $h£ said fl!nch!ng as if expect!ng h¡m to explode on h£r.

“Reasons? My fath£r looked me !n th£ eye and told me h£ didn’t want me and my moth£r…I…I thought $h£ was dead all th¡s time. You don’t know how that feels.”

No, $h£ could possible not know. As a child wh£n h¡s broth£rs were loved and ¢ar£d for h£ had no one.

No one ever sung h¡m lullabies or read h¡m stories, no one ever hugged h¡m wh£n h£ had a bad dream, or run to h¡m wh£n h£ got hurt while ₱|@y!ng. All those years of confusion ab©vt who h£ was or what h£ was, all those years of self hate and lonel!ness, all those years of cry!ng alone with no one to sooth£ h¡s pa!n, would it be erased by some explanation? No, h£ didn’t th!nk so.

Why an explanation now? Wh£n h£ was an a.d.u.l.t and could take ¢ar£ of h¡mself. Th£y weren’t th£re wh£n h£ truly needed th£m, now th£re was noth!ng th£y could do. Th£ damage was already done and everytime h£ looked [email protected]¢k at h¡s childhood th£re was noth!ng pleasant that h£ could see.

Hazel m©v£d so that $h£ was sitt!ng !n front of h¡m and b£tweeΠ h¡s legs. $h£ grabb£d h¡s face !n h£r [email protected] gently and made h¡m look at h£r. “I can’t imag!ne how it feels, but you never have to feel alone aga!n. I will always be h£re for you. I will always want you. ”

“You don’t know that.” h£ said.

“That is th£ only th!ng I know.” $h£ smiled.

Lucian reach£d for h£r face lett!ng h¡s f!ng£rs glide of h£r ch£ek and l¡ps. Th¡s woman affected h¡m !n someway h£ couldn’t expla!n and !n th¡s moment h£ would believe and do anyth!ng $h£ said. $h£ had truly hypnotized h¡m.

“What have you done to me?” h¡s voice became suddenly low and h£ could feel h¡s h£art accelerat!ng, or was it h£rs? h£ wasn’t sure.

“Noth!ng yet.” $h£ breath£d as h£r gaze fell on h¡s l¡ps and before h£ knew th£ir l¡ps melted togeth£r.

Th¡s klzz was noth!ng like th£ one before, it wasn’t driven by l.u.s.t. Th¡s klzz was an expression of love, a deep connection, a mutual yearn!ng of each oth£r. It was h£avenly, sweet and tender, fad!ng away all h¡s pa!n and worries.

As h£ klzzed h£r ever so softly and deeply never want!ng to let go of h£r, h£ got a salty taste !n h¡s m©vth. ₱v||!ng away slightly h£ realized that $h£ was cry!ng.

“Is someth!ng wrong?” h£ asked grabb!ng h£r face gently.

Hazel shook h£r h£ad while look!ng d©wΠ.

“Hazel.” h£ made h£r look at h¡m. “What is wrong? Tell me.” h£ spoke softly.

“I can see it. Sometimes wh£n I touch you I can see your pa!n and what you have been through.” $h£ cried. “I could see wh£n you were !n that well and…”

“Shh…” h£ put a f!ng£r on h£r l¡ps. “Don’t th!nk ab©vt it.”

Lucian was surprised and confused. How could $h£ see that? h£ didn’t want h£r to see anyth!ng of it. All th£ pa!n h£ went through !n that dark well h£ could only imag!ne how horrify!ng it must look.

“I am !n no pa!n. Not wh£n I am with you, except wh£n you cry. That pa!ns me.” h£ wiped away th£ tears from h£r face and $h£ wiped away some h£rself.

“I am sorry. I should have killed h¡m. I wanted to avenge you but I failed.”

Lucians h£art froze for a moment. Hazel had tried to kill h¡s broth£r?

h£ grabb£d h£r ch!n and made h£r look at h¡m. “Hazel, don’t ever do that aga!n. Ever.”

Hazel nodded. “I am sorry. I know h£ is your broth£r but h£ is so cruel.”

Lucian sigh£d and drew h£r !nto h¡s arms hugg!ng h£r t!ghtly. $h£ misunderstood h¡m. “It’s not ab©vt that. I j√$t don’t want you to get blood on your [email protected] I don’t want you to experience what it feels like to kill someone. Let me do all th£ dirty work.”

$h£ ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k slightly. “But I want to h£lp.”

Lucian thought for a moment. “Well, you can.” h£ said.

“How?” $h£ asked eagerly.

Lucian smiled to h¡mself, $h£ was too adorable at th¡s moment. How? klzz me h£ wanted to say but refra!ned from it.

To h¡s surprise Hazel leaned !n and pressed h£r l¡ps to h¡s.

Did h£ say that ©vt loud? It didn’t matter, h£ was already lost !n th£ h£at.



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