The New Girl

The new girl episode 45 – 46

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Chapter 45💕46

By 🌺Mayor🌺


That’s another lesson to learn little doll. You’ll lose people” Lord Smith whispered behind her and then asked. “Now.. What’s the name of this little fella you meet at night? I’d love it, if we can meet someday”

Annabelle’s lips stayed parted as she tried her best to control her emotion. Her eyes remain on Scar laying lifelessly on the cold floor with his eyes open. He is dead.. she just lost a friend who fought side by side with her. All of these still feels like a dream.

Lord Smith let out a light, dark chuckle. “I’ll let you be for now” he let go of her shoulder. “Clear the body” He commanded and left.

Ricky and Bianca exchange a glance before leaving too. The men came close to Scar.

“Wait” Annabelle stopped them, she walk to Scar body and crouched down. “You’ve fought well, my friend” she reached for his eyes and close them using her hand. Her heart broke into a million pieces knowing this would be her last time getting to see him.

Without a word, she stood up and left to her room. Getting there, she pull out her drawer and bring out a box, she opened it and take out the golden necklace in it. It was a gift from Scar last year. She wanted to throw it away at that time but decided to keep it.

She wore it on her neck and stared at it for an unmeasurable amount of time. Her face turn cold as two names rang in her head. Ricky! And Bianca!

“She didn’t tell Lord Smith about us” Bianca said as she spot Ricky smoking around the corner.

“I know she won’t, she has no evidence against us.. but we do” Ricky spoke.

“It was quite satisfying to watch the look in her face when that dumb big guy was shot” Bianca grin.

“Hm.. that’s what she gets for messing with me. Now it’s left for me to clear that boy out of my way” Ricky spoke letting out a thick smoke from his lips and nostrils.

“You still want Annabelle?” Bianca couldn’t help but ask.

“I wanna fuck her. She behaves like a peacock. Too proud” he replied standing up to his feet. “What are you doing here by the way? You know Lord Smith is now around” Ricky spoke.

“We still can do it..”

“Not anymore” Ricky cut her off.

One of the trainees came to call Bianca, informimg her that Lord Smith want her in his room.

As she walked into the dark room, Bianca spot Lord Smith sitting on his king size bed while facing her direction. He was shirtless and damn scary to look at.

“Come closer” he demanded, his eyes lingered on her body as she step closer. “Kneel” he command and she obeyed. Her head facing his groin which was hard already.

Bianca already knew what he wants already so she reached for his belt and bring out the hard big monster which pooped out before her. Bringing her mouth close, she lick the tip first and and then bring the meat into her mouth.

“Don’t fucking slow” He growled and she obeyed taking all of him instantly. Not getting his satisfaction, Lord Smith stood and slammed himself hard deep into her throat. Bianca choked hard and her breath seize. She made to pull away but his grip on her hair tighten, he kept on slamming hard into her mouth.

Just when she thought she was going to pass out, He let go of her and released on her face. She thought it was over, but the man yanked her up and pushed her down the bed.

“What the hell is wrong with you huh? Why are you acting like a slow-wit. Are you seeing someone else?..”

She shook her head immediately unable to speak since her throat hurts, an evil grin flashed across his lips as he turn her around. “You know what will happen once you dare me Bianca”

Bianca gasped when she felt his rod on her ass. “Boss… Ahh!!” she clinched the sheet tight. Her stomach turn in pain. Another thrust came the man and she screamed again.

Lord Smith pulled her hair backwards. “Scream again and I’ll break your neck” he warned, his voice cold and deadly.



Liam eyes dart around the park as he search for someone. His heart was beating fast as he could remember how broken Selena’s voice sounded over the phone. He exhaled in relief when he spot her sitting alone on a bench around the corner. Her eyes on the kids playing Before her.

“Hey” He greeted after he reached her.

Selene looked up to him and forced a smile. “Hey”

Laim sat beside her. “I’m so sorry about the death of your Grandma.. How are you feeling?” He asked shifting closer to her. She had called him to announce that her grandma died at the hospital this evening.

“Terrible” Selene replied in a croaked voice.

“I’m so sorry..”

“It’s okay” Selene cut in. “If you keep saying you’re sorry then I might burst out in tears” she said lightly and turn her head to face him.

Liam sighed not knowing what to do. He is not good with consoling someone and this would be the first time he would witness Selene in this state.

Selene stared at him for a while before leaning her head to his shoulder. Liam pat her hair slowly in which calm her nerves.

“Thanks for coming Liam” She whispered.

“You don’t have to thank me Gangster, I’ll always be here for you” Liam said. She raised her head again.

“Can I get a hug?” She asked, her voice low.

Without a word, Liam draw her close to himself and hug her tightly. A tear slipped out Selene’s eyes and she slowly began to cry.

“I’ll miss her so much” She whispered.

“It’s okay” He said while patting her head in the most gentle way he could. After a while, he felt her go limb, she fell asleep.



“Okay, this test is going to take only an hour. Any malpractice and then, you’ll fail so keep your eyes on your sheet only” The teacher announced in the class.

“Are you sure you’re good for the test?” Liam asked Selene and she smiled.

“I’m fine, the course isn’t hard anyway” she chuckled.

Liam turn his head to Ethan. “Dude, I didn’t read anything.. I seriously hate maths” he whispered.

“Liam” the teacher gave him a glare and placed a sheet before him.

Ethan sighed and shrugged. “I didn’t read too” replied. His gaze move to Annabelle who had been so quiet the whole day.

“Here” the teacher placed a sheet before Annabelle and she pulled it close to herself. “Is everything alright Miss Annabelle?” She asked and the girl nodded quietly.

Jennifer received hers too but couldn’t concentrate that much.

“Jennie” Ethan called her softly and she look up only to find the two boys staring at her.

“You know the maths. Don’t you?” Ethan asked.

“No” Jennifer replied and all turn their gaze to Selene.

“Forget about it, I’m not teaching y’all” she said and buried her face to her work causing all of them to sigh.

Ethan return his gaze at Annabelle, she was writing down something already. They haven’t say a word to each other since yesterday.

“Are you two fighting?” Liam asked Ethan.

“Not really” he replied.

Jennifer heard it.

While Annabelle was writing, her head suddenly throb. Oh no, not now, not here! She screamed inwardly but it hit her again and she held her head, wincing.

“Annabelle?” Daniel called beside her.

Ethan’s eyes widened, she is having the attack again.

This time, Annabelle could see a bit clear. She saw the woman who was on the paper, laying in the pool of blood. “Mummy” she heard a tiny voice.

“Argh” she yelped hard.

“What’s going on over there?” The teacher asked as all the students look at Annabelle.

Ethan stood up from his seat and went to pull her up to himself. “She is having a trauma attack. I can handle this” he said and lead her out.

They got to an empty class. Ethan shut the door behind him and hug her to himself. “It’s okay, everything is okay Belle” he whispered.

“No it’s not!” She yelled pushed him away from her. His face was stun to see her expression. Fear, mixed with anger.

“Belle..” he called trying to move closer to her.

“Don’t call me that and please stay away from me from now on” she said, her voice shows she was serious.

“What happened?” He asked, she made to leave but he pulled her back to himself. “Please”

“Scar is dead. My Godfather killed him because he was helping me sneak out of the clan. He found out this when he return from his mission trip. I couldn’t do anything but watch him die, I killed him Ethan, this was all my…”

Ethan didn’t let her finish and pull her close for a hug. He ran his fingers through her hair, his eyes teared up a bit hearing the news. She must be hurt.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, so..”

“Hey” he called and made her to look up at him. “I pretty knew you were not ordinary before signing myself up to this.. though the fact that you are a mafia hurt me pretty hard, but I’ve made up my mind Belle.. I wanna be with you” her heart flutter hearing those word.

“Annabelle, it’s fine.. those were Scar’s last word..” she spoke again.

“He spoke?” Ethan was stun.

“Yeah.. but now I feel like I’m stuck. My life isn’t mine. I’m a weapon, a deadly one to be precise. I can’t lose you the way I lose Scar, I don’t know what I might do and I don’t want to imagine it.. so please stay away from me” She said lowly and a tears dropped out from Ethan’s eyes. She had almost lost herself when Ricky hurt Ethan. Lord Smith is back now and if they continue to be together then that would means risking Ethan’s life.

“I can’t..” he muttered but then she pulled him close to herself and placed her lips on his gently. It was a short kiss.. A goodbye? His eye met with hers when she pulled away.

“I’m sorry” she whispered and turn to leave the class.

“I can’t” he muttered.
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After the class, Liam spot Selene sitting alone at the garden.

“Hey babe” he called and Selene look up him in surprise. “I don’t want to stress you out that’s why I didn’t call you gangster”

Selene suddenly stood and went to hug him.

“Huh?” Liam didn’t expect her action.

“I just need a hug right now” she muttered and he smiled hugging her back.

“You should have asked for a kiss instead” he muttered and they both chuckled.

Ethan watch another man pulled the car door for Annabelle to go in. Maybe he should give her sometime but this is driving him crazy already.

“Hey” Jennifer called behind him. “Wanna grab a snack with me?” She asked.

“Yeah sure” Ethan gave Annabelle’s retreating car one last look before walking with Jennifer.



A woman hide around the corner and pull out her phone. She had made sure there was no security cameras. Using a phone is prohibited.

“Hello Carl, how’s your health dear.. Mama is still finding some money okay.. I’ll try my best to serve harder.. bye.. I’ll see you soon” she sigh and turn to leave but was shock to see Annabelle standing before her with blank look.

“I….” She made to speak.

“Do me a favour, I’ll forget what I just saw and also give you some money for your child’s health. Deal?” Annabelle asked and she nodded Instantly.

Bianca ran her finger in her hair as her body starts to burn. She knows this feeling, but couldn’t help but wonder why it’s happening to her at this moment. She tried enduring it but her down part hurts.

Slipping her hand into her panties, she gasped when she found her down part dripping so wet. She dipped two of her fingers in, trying to satisfy the urge but it wasn’t working. Her mind was in sync already.

She drank more of her juice but it only got worse, she might die if she doesn’t do something. Storming out, she head towards the first person that came into her mind, Ricky.

Luckily for her, Ricky just got out of his bathroom. He frowned seeing her storm into the room.

“Bianca..” Ricky stopped talking when Bianca hungrily kissed him. He tried pushing her away but she unwrapped his towel and grab his d**k. Ricky mind went wild instantly as she began to stroke it.

“Bianca we can’t do.. fuck!” He growled.

“I need you please.. just fuck me this once” she whispered seductively, almost ripping her own shirt off with her second hand.

“Bi..” he growled again, he couldn’t control himself anymore, he grab her neck harshly and smashed his lips on hers, biting and sucking them like a devil. Luckily for him, Bianca wasn’t putting on anything under. He drag torn her skirt up and gave her a hard thrust making her body vibrate hard. She felt the pleasure running through her system.

“Just fuck me hard Ricky!” She almost yelled but Ricky her mouth and pinned her head to the bed. Her boobs bounce as his brutal thrust continue. Ricky is a sex freak, she knows he’ll accept her in as far as she touch the monster beneath.

Just then, Ricky suddenly felt a presence, he tried to stop but Bianca wasn’t satisfied, she slam herself on him. He forced his head up and the blood on his face disappeared.

Lord Smith stood by the door with his hand casually tucked into his pocket, beside him was Annabelle.

“Fuck” he exclaimed and finally pushed Bianca off him. Bianca gasped out loud and covered herself the sheet. She trembled at the sight of him.

Annabelle lips stretched up a little, her devil was at the edge already.

“Big brother, I can explain. She came at me.. a..and I could control myself.. she came at me” Ricky explained immediately.

“Boss.. I… I.” Bianca trembled so bad. She have no explanation. What is this man going to do to her? His calm gaze was on her only, he had warned her just last night and… Wait! She felt this way after the drink she had…

Her gaze moved to Annabelle, this little bitch spiked her drink?!

“Please Godfather. Let me handle this” Annabelle eyes remain on Bianca.

Lord Smith lips curved up a little. “Sure you can doll”

Hearing the words she wanted to hear, “she revealed two dagger on each hand, which glitters.

“Boss, this is all a set up.. boss!” Bianca exclaimed in terror but the girl was already walking fast to her.

“Boss!!” She exclaimed but the man expression didn’t change.

Annabelle jumped and dive both daggers on each of her eyes. A satisfying smile graced on her lips as Bianca’s scream rented the room.

Ricky swallowed hard.

“Karma is a bitch” Annabelle grin and push the dagger further, brutally into her head.




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