The New Girl

The new girl episode 43 – 44

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Chapter 43💕44

By 🌺Mayor🌺



Selene lips opened and close without a word coming out. Liam sudden behavior and sharp word made her freeze.

“What? You don’t want me to?” He asked moving his face closer, her breath halt, and her heart pounding hard against her chest. He brushed his lips on hers and then pull away. “I guess not” he whispered huskily and turn to leave.

Selene stayed frozen for an unmeasurable amount of time. Jennifer appeared at the corner too, snapping her out of her trance. Seeing the look on Jennifer, she frowned and watch her crouch on the floor.

“Jennie” She called, Jennifer look up to her. “You look paled. Are you okay?”

“I.. I.. I’m fine, I just need fresh air” Jennifer replied, trying to compose herself. She had just seen Annabelle and Ethan walk pass her.

If Annabelle is still alive, could it be that Voldemort didn’t find her or she killed him already. Who is Annabelle.. really?

“You’ve been acting strange these days, just know I’ll be here if you need someone to talk to” Selene said and Jennifer nodded.

“Let’s go to class”

Ethan walked into an empty class with Annabelle with the door shutting behind him.

“Sit” He demanded and she obeyed subserviently. He stood before her, and stared deep at the girl who kept her head low.

“I wanna hear the truth from you right now, who were those men?” He asked.

“My enemies” Annabelle replied looking up at him. Maybe it’s better if she let him know everything.

“Enemies?” Ethan frowned. “So what did you do to them?”

“I..” she stopped and battled within herself because speaking again. “I killed them” she watched Ethan face replace with shock.

Annabelle took a sharp intake of breath and began to explain. Her parents died when she was three and she was saved by a man who trained her to be strong. She had been sent to kill bad men according to his order.. same thing with Voldemort.

Ethan’s expression didn’t change as Annabelle finished explaining everything. A heavy silence hung in the air between them, and Annabelle started to worry.

“Ethan,” she said softly, reaching out to touch his arm. But he flinched and pulled away from her.

“You’re a…a mafia?” he asked, his voice thick with disbelief. Annabelle’s heart pounded in her chest as she watched his face twist with confusion and doubt.

What would happen now that he knew the truth?

“I only kill bad people..”

“You don’t get to decide who lives or dies. No one does,” he finally managed to say. He ran a hand through his hair, frustration and anger warring with confusion and disbelief. He turned away from Annabelle, unable to look at her, unable to process what he had just learned.

“Ethan, please,” she said softly from behind him.

He turned to face her again, his expression unreadable.

“It took me a whole lot of courage to say this.. so please don’t act cold” her voice croaked.

“I…I don’t know Annabelle. I don’t know what to think.. this is too much for me to take in right now” Ethan said and turn to leave her right there.

Annabelle swallowed hard.. what is he going to do now?



The coach didn’t see Ethan again in the court so he flared up at Liam. “Where the hell is he now?!”

“I don’t know coach” Liam quickly defend.

“See me after the match” The coach said.

Liam exhaled sharply. His settled on Bastian and saw him gave a guy a sealed small package. Bastian whispered to the guy and he nodded. They both gave Liam a glance, before the other guy left the court.

Bastian met with Liam and then avert as his turn to prepare for his practice.

Daniel spot Barbara sitting alone in the garden and went to sit beside her.

“What took you so long?” She asked.

“I was trying to cheer Annabelle up, she seems down today. I wonder what happened” He replied.

“Hm, how is she now?” She asked.

“She still won’t say a word to me”

“Do you like her?”

Daniel blinked severally. “As a friend yeah, why are you asking?”

“You seem so close to her so I was just wondering” She shrugged.

“She is cool, but one could only see it once you are close to her”

“Do you mind if we can grab a snack or something, after school?” She asked.

“I was about to ask the same, so yes I’d love to”

“Cool, Come I need to show you some books I found in the library” Barbara said pulling him up. Daniel grab his bag and followed her.

Meanwhile, Patricia was busy hearing all of it. ‘Why am I stalking them these days?’ she asked herself. This is unlike her.

Sighing she turn to leave but met with Annabelle staring at her.

“Uhhh.. how may I help you?” She asked. Obviously surprised to see her here.

“I just need to ask you a few questions” Annabelle said. “I heard you’ve dated Ethan before”

“Yeah so?” Patricia asked folding her arms. “What do you want me to tell you fre…

“Don’t call me freak.. I’m not in a good mood I have no idea on how brutal I can be right now” Annabelle warned. She continued. “Does Ethan have a cruel past? How was Ethan like before?”.

Patricia swallowed.

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Liam just finish having a discussion with the coach, he got out and spot Mrs Charlotte at the hallway. He rolled his eyes and made to walk pass her.

“It turned out your dick isn’t that big. I found someone already” the shameless woman said.

“Then why are you telling me cus obviously.. I don’t fucking care on how you act shameless around so fuck off” Liam said curtly and made to leave.

“Fine I miss you Liam!” Mrs Charlotte yelled and he stopped again. With a deep frown, Liam faced her.

“I swear to Gawd if you don’t stop bothering me, I’ll let the whole school know how shameless you are.. I’m sending you something right now” He said and pull out his phone to send something to Mrs Charlotte.

It was a video of her and one of the security having s*x. Her eyes widened, this is going to ruin her career.

Liam planted a device on her bag the last time they had s*x. To his dismay, this teacher is also sleeping with the security. How shameless!

“How did you..”

“It doesn’t matter.. stay away from me” he warned and left her there standing in shock.

Liam searched for Ethan and finally found him at the back of the school sitting on the floor, with his head facing down. He walked quietly and sat beside him.

“We’ve been friends since four. We’ve done a lot of things together without problem, we look out for each other like brothers and never for once hated each other even when fought… But you see right now, I feel like I’m loosing the only brother I have.. I feel like you’re hiding so much in you Ethan, it’s killing you but you don’t wanna let it out..”

“Go away Liam” Ethan graoned lightly.

“You took the weed? I thought you promised never to use it” Liam almost yelled.

“I can’t help it, I just keep blaming myself for his death” Ethan mumbled.

“Ethan, it’s not your fault..” He stopped talking when Ethan looked at him with those red eyes.

“That’s what I tried to believe.. but I can’t change the fact that my dad stole that money because he wanted to cure my sickness. He kept those fear and grief inside him, hiding it with a fake smile. That night I was pinned down on the cold floor, I couldn’t do anything but watch my dad being stabbed to death. The fucking grin on his face.. WEAK.. that’s what what he called me” Tears slipped out of his eyes as he closed them.

Ethan Inhaled sharply and look up to the sky. “Not to forget about what my mother faced because of this, how I changed and made myself strong but.. I sometimes have the urge of killing someone..”

“It still haven’t stop?” Liam asked, knowing his condition.

“Yeah.. the face of my father’s killer appeared on their face and I’ll try to kill them.. but I’ll realized before doing it. I feel like a monster” Ethan eyes met with Liam.

“No you’re not a monster Ethan, I’m sure we’ll get pass through this” Liam said lightly and Ethan gave him a painful smile.

While the teacher was in the class. Annabelle look back at Ethan seat but couldn’t find him there. She haven’t seen him ever since she had told him about herself.

“Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom” Annabelle raised her hand up.

“This is the third time you’re asking to go out little Miss, so no” The teacher responded and and she slowly drop her hand.

Selene on the other hand didn’t see Liam too, well she is nervous of seeing him again.

Jennifer was nervously picking her fingers. Her eyes going to Annabelle every minute.

The school ended and Annabelle sadly dart her eyes around the school. There was no sign of Ethan. Is he mad at her? Somehow she wish, she had not tell him about herself yet.. she missed his presence already.

She walked towards the car waiting for her, a man stepped out instead of Scar. She recognized him as one of the clan

“Where is Scar?” She frowned.

“Get in” the man said opening the door for her. Is this Ricky doing? Why the hell did he changed her driver? She is going to find out once she get there.

As the car drove out of the school, Ethan was watching upstairs through the window of a class upstairs. his hands were casually tucked into his pocket.

He badly wish he could take her with him but the thought of her as a mafia baffled him. What if she had killed people like his father?


Annabelle felt the strange aura as she walked into the clan.. she made to search for Scar but then got the shock of her life.

His back veiw tell it all.. the main devil is here.

Lord Smith!!

Other mobsters kept their head low as he stood before someone kneeling before him. Scar!

His whole body was dripping with blood, his face swollen and unrecognizable. He was breathing way too hard, cus each time he does, he feel an extreme pain in his chest. He was only wearing a torn shorts.

Sensing her presence, Lord Smith slowly turn to himself to look at her. His lips stretched up and his eyes squinted.

“Doll” His smile slowly turn into a grin, taking his first step towards her.

Annabelle gaze remain on Scar, who forced himself to look up at her. Her heart shattered seeing his condition. Ricky and Bianca had a smirked on their face, she immediately knew these people are behind this.

Lord Smith stood before her, obstructing her veiw, she looked up at him. His huge built body overcomes hers. “Do you miss me? Cus I do.. a lot. I couldn’t stop thinking of how my love is doing right here without me”

“Welcome Godfather” Her voice came out smooth though, she is breaking inside. Her relationship with Ethan is at stake and now she about to lose a friend?

“You didn’t miss me, do you?” He asked and Annabelle stayed quiet. Lord Smith twitch his lips a lips and look bad at Scar. “Ah, you must be wondering why I’m punishing that little fella” He return his gaze back at her.

“This is all my fault, he was only following my order” Annabelle forced her voice to be calm.

“Hmm, you disappointed me Doll. I was pretty impressed with the way you had handled Voldemort and I thought you’d be the most discipline one here but I was wrong. You’ve been sneaking out at night going to meet a friend. Ricky tried to stop you but you beat him up” Lord Smith saw the footage.

Annabelle eye widened as she shot a glare at Ricky. His fist clinched hard beside her. Lord Smith placed his hand on her shoulder and led her towards Scar.

Scar gave her a look as if telling her everything is alright. Ever since the accident when he had lost his wife and daughter, Scar never felt alive not until he met Annabelle. Even with how cold she looks and talk, she is the only one who could understand him. Even when he couldn’t talk because of the accident. He sees Annabelle like his own daughter and had never for once staying and fighting by her side.

“Emotions, that feeling that pull and control you. You did a bad thing by breaking my rules and Scar helped you. I should punish him.. right doll?” He asked lightly, his assistant gave him a gun and he pointed it to Scar’s forehead.

Annabelle quickly stood before him. “Please don’t.. just punish me instead. I was the one who sneaked out and beat up Ricky. I’m the offender here, let Scar go” she said this with pleading eyes. A displeasing look flash on Lord Smith’s face.

“Move away doll. I asked him to keep an eye on you not help you break my rules”

“Please” Annabelle plead again.

“Do you want me to go the hard way cus that will be more pleasing. I’ll take him to the torture room an peel every part of his body bit by bit until he dies.. it would be a lovely show for the clan” Lord Smith said in an utmost solemnity.

Just then, a voice sounded behind her. “Annabelle”

Her eyes widened as she swiftly look at Scar giving her a smile even with the pain going through his system. Did Scar just say a word for the first time?

Her name?!!

“It’s fine” He said again and nodded. He knew this would happen already, he had wished to let her see the world in a different way that why he had helped her.

Lord Smith was a bit amused by this, but then he pull the trigger, and the bullet dive into his Scar’s forehead splashing blood all over. Even on Annabelle’s dress.

It took everything in Annabelle not to scream out her lungs, she could only grit her teeth hard, the vein on her was visible. She couldn’t do anything to save him.

Ricky and Bianca couldn’t help the joy flowing through their system.

“That’s another lesson to learn little doll. You’ll lose people” Lord Smith whispered behind her and then asked. “Now… What’s the name of this little fella you meet at night? I’d love it, if we can meet someday”




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