True Love

True love episode 27 – 28

LOVE ❤️💛
( Idols😍In🎤My😘Heart… )

Naomi Cindy. B.

★ CHAPTER 26&28 ★

Her phone began ringing on the ground again with ‘My Vee’ on the screen.

Her eyes were still so wide in the dark, and her head fell into a deep turmoil as he continued eating up her lips so deep like he’s been practicing this since he was born.

She blinked one, then twice, and she began responding slowly, but she barely did for a second before pushing him away, breaking the kiss roughly.

She put on the light to catch a breathless look on Jazzy’s face, his lips so red from the kiss.

“What was that?” She asked breathlessly too.

“I’m sorry” he muttered as guilty look began appearing in his face.

“I’m not asking for that, why did you kiss me?” She asked, calming down a bit.

“I just…I didn’t want you to go Vee and…

“And you thought that was the right way to stop me?” She cut him off.

“Kind of” he replied freely, and she smirked.

“You’re really more arrogant than I’ve imagined, you think every girl would be cool with a sudden kiss from you just cos you’re cute?”

“You responded for a second” he replied, and she smirked again.

She picked her phone and walked out of the dorm without another word, and Jazzy ran after her.

She was already in a taxi before he got there, and he sighed before going back in.

Dinner was ready when he got back, but he walked past the guys in the living room and went straight to his room.

“What’s up with him again?” Freddy muttered, dropping a dish on the table.

“He looked tensed” Lyric said.

“Let’s go check on him” Piper suggested, and they left for his room.

He’s not in when they got there.

“Where’d he go?” Freddy said.

“I’m in here! Will join you guys soon!” He shouted from the bathroom

“Are you fine?” Piper shouted.

“Of course! I needed to pee so i was tensed!” He shouted back.

“Dinner is ready, c’mon let’s eat” Lyric said.

“Will join you guys soon!” He shouted, and they all head back to the living room.

Jazzy came out of the bathroom and sighed, backing the door.

“Did I really pass my boundaries?” He muttered.

Meanwhile, Lyric got a beep on her phone immediately they got back to the living room, and she smiled, grabbing the phone.

“Now you’ll sneak into the balcony and pick the call again or read the text” Piper said, and she bit her lip.

“So who’s it? It’s definitely a guy so tell me his name, I should check if he’s a jerk and punish him if he’s not good to you” Freddy said like a dad, and Lyric laughed.

“Don’t be silly oppa, I’ll be right back!” She winked and rushed out.

“So we’re left to eat out food alone?” Piper said.

“Not bad, we have each other at least, if you don’t leave too” Freddy sat.

“I’m not leaving” Piper replied and sat beside him.

They began eating with an hand while pressing phones with the second one.

“You didn’t add shrimp to my food” she suddenly noticed.

“You’re allergic to it” he replied, and her eyes widened a bit.

“How did you know? I’ve never told it to the band”

“You wrote it at the back of your diary, SHRIMPS? NAH I GET RASHES” He replied, and she smiled.

“You’re the first person to find out”

“I’m glad I am, don’t worry I’ll take care of it from now on” he blinked, and she blushed heavily, toying with her chopsticks in her mouth.

“By the way…” She said, and he faced her again.


“Pinkie, I’m talking about leader of MOONLIGHT” she said slowly.

“What about her?” He asked.

“I think…she…likes you” she replied, and he nodded.


“Do you…you like her too?”

“Let’s not talk about it” he replied.

“Oh…ok” she smiled nervously and resumed eating slowly.

Freddy looked at her and smiled secretly, returning to his phone.

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“Hey” Lyric smiled, holding the railings when she got to the balcony.

The moon was shinning directly on her face, and she was holding the phone to her right ear.

“Did you eat dinner already?” Daniel asked, and she smiled wider.

“Not yet, we were just about to eat when you called”

“Oh…then should I hang up so you’d go eat and…

“No no! Don’t hang up!” She quickly said.

“Ok…so…when are we gonna meet?” He asked.

“Are we meeting soon?” She asked too.

“If it’s convenient for you, then let’s do it” he replied, and she blushed.

“Um… we’ll be practicing consistently day and night for the show next week, so my schedule would be really tight”

“Same here, yunno I told you we got invited to the show” he replied.

“Then what should we do?” She asked.

“When do you guys stop practice at night?” He asked.


“Same here, we can meet afterwards” he replied.

“Then let’s do it tomorrow night, where should we meet?” She asked impatiently.



Vee checked his phone for the tenth time since he has been waiting, and he sighed worriedly again.

Is she not coming anymore? Or maybe she’s still so mad that she’s not even ready to see his face.

She’s not picking his calls, and that’s more bothersome. He’s been waiting for close thirty minutes, but he’s ready to wait more though.

He stood and began walking around the room, staring at his phone screen.

“Vee!” Diva rushed in, breathing heavily.

He quickly turned to the door and smiled when he saw her, then he ran the short distance to her.

“Thought you wouldn’t be coming anymore, why are you sweating so much?” He said and got an handkerchief which he began wiping her face with till he got rid of the last sweat .

“Thanks” she smiled, and they sat together.

“Did you rush?” He asked.

“Kind of, I’m sorry I kept you waiting” she replied.

“It’s ok, I’m the criminal here, I deserve anything” he said, and she quickly faced him

“Don’t say that again! You told me it was a mistake so… we’re good, mistakes happens anyways so I want my bestie back” she smiled.

“Really? You… you’re not mad at me anymore?” He asked surprisingly.

“Why would I be when you’re so cute?” She made to hold his face, but he shifted back.

Contacts are dangerous right now, he might lose his senses and kiss her again.

“Why?” She asked.

“My band is debuting next week” he said, trying to make her go forget what just happened.

“OMG really? Are you for real?” Her eyes widened, and he nodded.

“Yeah, I think we’ve waited enough, everything was set but I delayed senselessly, we’re starting the shooting of our music video tommorow” he smiled.

“Aww! I’m so happy! Can’t wait to watch you guys on screen!” She gushed, and he smiled again.

“Thanks, Bae”

“But you look so glum, shouldn’t you be happy? C’mon!” Diva pulled him up from the couch.

“No I don’t wanna dance” he said.

“Says who? C’mon get up!” She pulled him to the center and ordered for the start of a song… ‘Party’ by H. O. T

Immediately it began, she grabbed her mic, and he did too.

This time, they only lip synced and danced separately, but it still gave much happiness like when they gum bodies.

It was over after three minutes, and they did their mic drop at once before leaving the room.

“That was sweet” she smiled, facing him when they got to his car.

“Thanks for coming” he smiled.

“Stop it” she replied.

“I’ll drop you at the dorm” he offered.

“No I called a taxi already” she replied, and almost immediately, a taxi stopped in front of the building, and she blew him a kiss.

“Goodnight!” She winked, and he waved as she rushed into the taxi which drove away

He sighed and rested on his car.

“Sara I couldn’t do it, I’m a f**king coward” he muttered.



Diva inhaled when she came down from the taxi, and she stood for a minute before going in.

“You’re finally back” Piper smiled.

“Am I late for the practice?” She asked quickly.

“No, you came right in time” Lyric stood.

“Go change and let’s get to work!” Freddy winked, and she winked back before rushing into her room.

She changed hurriedly into black shorts and a purple singlet. She didn’t wait to tie the laces of her sneakers before rushing out of the room only to meet Jazzy waiting in front of it.

She made to walk part her, but he pulled her back.

“Diva I’m sorry, I acted stupid and I have no excuse” he said, and she sighed.

“Now you’re back to your senses?”

“It won’t happen again, I promise” he said.

“Let’s go for practice” she replied.

“You haven’t said anything”

“It’s ok, I don’t get mad for long so let’s forget it and go for practice” she said, and he smiled as they began walking to the practice room together.

“Wait …” She suddenly faced him.

“What?” He blinked.

“Do you have a crush on me? I just can’t pinpoint why you suddenly did it” she replied, and he was about to talk when Freddy came out to them.

“You both have to pay a fine for lateness” he said.

“Sawrry!” Diva said and started walking fast.

Jazzy joined the rush till they got to the practice room.



Vodka came out of the CEO’s office after a brief meeting with him that morning, and his phone rang in his pocket.

He got it and smiled when he saw the caller, then he went to a corner and picked.

“Hey baby!” He smiled, pocketing his other hand stylishly.

“I miss you! You didn’t even call!” A female voice shouted.

“I called last night! Don’t be silly” he chuckled.

“What’s wrong in calling this now too? Are you that swamped up?” She replied.

“Ok I’m sorry, I have something important to do so I have to go” he said.

“Thirty minutes” she replied.

“Promise, I’mma call you back in thirty minutes” he said and hung up.

He turned to leave and saw Rhapsody standing behind.

“Why are you being sneaky? You scared me!” He held his chest.

“Who was that?” She asked seriously.

“My cousin, any problem?” He asked.

“You called her baby” she replied.

“That’s cos she behaves like one. Wait, for how long have you been eavesdropping on our conversation?” He frowned.

“Are you trying to use that to cover up now?” She smirked.

“You have no f**king right to eavesdrop!” He gritted his teeth, and she flinched, stepping back.

“Vod.. Vodka…

He walked away angrily, and she kept standing stupefied.



The first shoot is starting by 10, and the idols are still busy getting dressed in the dressing room.

Vee is the only one remaining on seat, getting his makeup done.

Krystal and Myles are fooling around with each other, laughing as they snapped pictures.

“So after we debut next week, what next?” Krystal asked.

“Fame! I’mma bad rapper, you’re a pretty hot dancer and vocalist, Vee is an ever handsome visual and main vocal, so what else? I’m so proud of us” Myles replied, and she smiled, glancing at Vee who’s still sitting.

“He always looks kinkier with makeup, can’t wait for the turnout” she said.

“You can never get over him at this rate” Myles shook his head

“Leave me alone, I don’t want to” she chuckled as they snapped another picture.

Vee finally got it done and stood, facing them.

“How’s it?” He smiled out his cute one-sided fang.

“Whoa! I’m a gay from now on! How come you look better everyday? I’m jealous!” Myles palmed his face, and Vee laughed, facing Krystal who already zoned out completely, staring hard at him.

“Krystal?” He called, and Myles tapped her.

“Huh?” She woke, and Vee smiled.

“I’ll be right back” he left the room, and Krystal held her heart.

“He’s f**king cute” she muttered, and Myles smiled.


Vee went to the washroom and got his phone to text Diva.

• Good luck on your practice, the shoot is starting in ten minutes

He waited a minute, and she replied.

• Thanks Jun-ho, kisses! 😘

He smiled and texted back

• 😘😘😘

Immediately he clicked send, he left the room.



Diva was still staring at Vee’s texts in the living room with a bowl of popcorn beside her when Piper came out.

“What! You haven’t dressed up? We have to visit the agency!” She shouted, and Diva’s eyes widened.

“What the f**k! I forgot!”

She rushed into the girls room and met Lyric dolled up already.

“F**k! I’m always late!” She shouted, rushing into the bathroom.

She bathed hurriedly and rushed out again.

Creaming, hair blow-drying, dressing up took just ten minutes and she rushed out of the room after getting her phone.

She ran out of the dorm and met the others waiting in the car already, but the car began moving when she made to open the door.

“Guys wait! Guys!!” She shouted, running after the car.

Freddy is the one driving, and he’s obviously having fun as he made her run after the car.

Lyric and Piper were busy laughing behind him.

“Fred start saying your last prayers ok? I’mma kill you I swear it! Freddy!!!” Diva screamed as she ran, but she suddenly stopped when she noticed something.

Jazzy is not in the car!

She turned back to the dorm and ran in, breathing hard.

She barged into his room, opening the door at once.

Her eyes widened immediately at what she saw, and Jazzy’s eyes weren’t exceptional.

He’s f**king naked! Just about to put on his underwear!


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