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The president daughter episode 13 – 14

The president daughter episode 13 – 14





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Episode 13

Ace POV:

“So the deal will be finalize tomorrow and then we become partners.” Mr Afton said with a smile.

“Nice to work with you Mr Afton, it is a great pleasure.” I brought out my hand and he shook it.

I signal my secretary and we walk out of the office.

I have been having tons

of calls from Avril since yesterday but I was so busy to answer and I even forgot to call Banaras and know if everything is okay.

I dial her number and placed it on my ear as my driver opened the door for me.

“The number you’re trying to call is not available for the moment or out of coverage. Please try again later.”


Where is she?

“Where to sir?”

“Drive back to the hotel.” I told him and concentrate back on my phone.

The car stopped in front of the hotel and I got down.

I collect my briefcase from my secretary and nods at her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Miss Wellington.” I told her.

“Have a good day Sir.” We got to the reception desk and she walk off to her room. I made my way to my suite but stopped on my track when I saw a familiar figure in front of the reception desk checking in.

I took slow steps towards her and tapped her back.

Stand in in front of me is Avril Grace Banaras.

She look so enticing. Gorgeously beautiful.

I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off her. She us endorse in the rightful places, places where I’m itching to touch again.

“Here you are, Mr Ace James Fairweather.” She said distastefully.

I furrowed my eyebrow.

Something is amiss. Maybe it is the fact that I am in a whole new state and wearing a suit with a briefcase in an expensive hotel.

“Avril? What’s going on, why are you here?” I asked.

bodyguardrse should be the case. I should be the one asking those questions. Why are you here in this hotel? Oh I forgot. This is my bodyguard’s family hotel.” She said between gritted teeth.

She found out about me.

“Avril, come with me.” I grabbed her hand and walk off to the elevator. I pressed the private elevator to my suite and pulled her in.

“Where are you taking me you impostor!” She shouted.

“Shhhh.” I hushed her. “Stop shouting sweetheart.”

The elevator stopped and I grabbed her hand. I led her to my suite and dropped my briefcase on the table.

“You already found out, I don’t want to know how you did it but I want you to know one thing. I did everything I did to get you to remember me.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“Stop rolling your eyes at me or I swear I’ll bend you over my lap and spank you until your ass turn red.”

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I said and I saw her blush.

Awwn my little Avril got some kinky side I guess.

“You lied to me, basically every body lied to me. My workers, my parents everybody.” She snapped.

“Why? Would you prefer if I threatened your little boyfriend and told him to back off from my girl? Or would you prefer if I take a trip to Pakistan and visit the Khan instead?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I don’t care if you’re the wealthiest man on earth. I don’t bloody care Ace. I want you to back off me. I have a boyfriend whom I

love and he love me. I don’t care, I don’t even remember but even if I loved you before, a man almost twice my age let me tell you that I don’t anymore.” She said.

I must say, it did hurt. I am hurt.

I was hurt.

You can’t believe how long, how much effort I have put out for this girl to remember me.

I stood faithful to her for two years now. F**k it if she thinks that I’m going to back off.

“You’re mine Avril.”

“Oh please, this ain’t fifty shades of grey Ace, this is reality.” She scoffed and rolled her eyes again.

“Stop rolling your eyes one Avril, I don’t mind going fifty shades on you.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards my chest.

“You want it right? You’re being a bad girl right now and I won’t mind punishing you.” I whispered. She gulped and tried to step away from me.

I sat down on a couch and pulled her down on my lap.


I pulled her skirt up to her waist and saw her red thong between her ass cheek.

“Beautiful.” I mumbled and rubbed my hand on her ass as she tried to escape my grip.

“You will learn to respect me Avril, it’s either by force or willingly.” I told her and slapped her ass.

“After each slap thank me.” I told her and slapped her a*s.

“One, thank you sir.” She shouted.

I slapped her right a*s cheek and she yelped.

“Two, thank you Sir.”



“Twenty, thank you Sir!” She yelped. I rubbed my hand on her a*s soothingly.

She sniffed and m0aned as I rubbed her a*s softly.

My fingers wandered off to her p**sy, my naughty girl is already w€t. She is kinky as f**k.

“You won’t disrespect me again right?”

“Yes Ace.” She

said and sniffed.

“Now stop crying, let daddy spoil you.”

I slipped my two fingers inside her got channel and she m0aned loudly.

Episode 14:

Avril POV:

His finger curls inside me and I let out a strangled m0an.

F**k him for having some much effect on me. His fingers work so fast inside me that I became a m0aning mess.

“Do you like it? do you like it when I finger you till your legs curls?” he asked with a raspy voice.

I was in too much pleasure to reply him.

“Answer me,” he smacked my a*s and I m0an softly.

“Yes, oh God yes! I love every…..every f*king one of it. ” I m0aned loudly, I was close to my orgasm, I couldn’t bear not to cvm.

“cvm now baby girl.” His command triggered something in me and i let it loose. I cameall over his fingers. he sat me down on a couch and kissed my temple before walking off.

few minutes later he came back with a fresh towel and cleaned me up. I was too shocked to say a word.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, I came to blast him, to confront him but I ended up on his laps.

My eyes was just fixed on his face, I couldn’t help it.

“See something you like?” he asked, practically caught me watching him. I blushed and his my tainted red cheek against my palm.

“Why can’t I say no to you?” I questioned him. he momentarily stopped what he was doing and glanced at me before continuing.

“You couldn’t say no or give up on me then too.” he casually said.

Why can’t I remember anything? Why!

I lowered my head and sigh. I can’t do this, I can’t betray Ishmael.

After two years why can’t he let go?

“Because I haven’t wait half the years you waited for me even still I won’t give up until you remember me Avril. I love you.” he said and I involuntarily nodded.

Never knew that he heard me.

“I have a boyfriend Ace, yes we might have had something in the past which of course I can’t remember but I have a man in my life now. I can’t reciprocate your feelings.” I said all in a goal.

My breath itch when he placed his finger against my lips shutting me up.

“I don’t care if you remember or not, not you having another man in your life. But let me know if you feel it, do you feel me? the need to be in my arms?” He asked, it sounded so desperate.

I did feel it.

I feel it so much.

I nods my head and he took a deep breath.

“That is all that matters Avril, that feeling is what matters.” He finally said.

What do I do now?

Ace POV:

After she slept off I carried her off to my room, I lay her on the bed then covered her well with the duvet.

I watched her quietly as she snores softly.

My eyes fixed on her shut eyes and I bought my hand closer to caress her cheek.

So beautiful, so innocent, so loveable.

Why won’t I wait for you? I will wait until you remember me.

I sigh and stood up from my squart position, I headed to the nightstand and turn off the light then left for the balcony.

I bought out my cigarette from my pocket and lit it up then take a drag. Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving for the state but what do I do with Avril?




“Good morning,” I greeted as she sat there on the bed watching me.

“What are you doing?” She asked, he eyes following the trail of my fingers typibg out on my laptop.

“work.” I simply said.

“Did you ever thought of telling about you being Ace Fairweather?” She asked and my fingers stopped typing.

“No, well I didn’t plan to tell you yet.” I truthfully replied. She nods in understanding and stepped down from the bed and walked closer to me.

“The bathroom is by your left, there is a spare toothbrush there.” I told her when I recollect that I never told her.

“Can I ask you something?” She suddenly asked.

“Yes, you can say anything and ask anything.”

“How did I tell in love with you then, you’re literally so much older than me.” She said which caused me to smile.

it reminds me of when inused to ask her the same question.

“I’m too old for you.” I used to tell her but she always replies “Does it matter? we can’t help whom our heart want.”

I counter her back with her answer.

“Does it matter? we can’t help whom our heart want.” I said and she furrowed her eyebrows.

“I want to take you out later in the night, you’re staying here for awhile.” I quickly told her.

“Do you think I want to stay here in DC? I’ve got works go down.” She replies.

“Call your assistant and cancel your schedule, it will worth it. Please.” I begged.

She thought for awhile and nodded her head.


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