The President's Daughter And I

The President's Daughter and I -Batch 6


I woke up the following morning feeling happy, at peace and filled with joy. I love to love and love to be loved. The kind of happiness one derives from love is very special and sweet to the extreme. Seriously, when you are in love with someone,,,, your smiles will be different, your heart will turn soft and be beating “love” “love” “love”.

Whenever U see who U love,,, Chai!
U will know, the excitement and all that. I’m not a love doctor, I dunno if any of the above has happened to U before, so it may not be accurate buh as for me, I’m experiencing it now.

I got up from the bed looking around buh Mirabel wasn’t on the bed with me. I dunno what to guess, I tried calling her buh I got no response. I check the bathroom/toilet buh she wasn’t there. I didn’t get worried as they do in the movies, I brushed my teeth with the available toothbrush I found. I went to the living room calling her name in the normal way but got no response. I perceived something nice, I walked briskly to the kitchen and found her focused on preparing an aromatic meal for the morning. I tip-toed towards her and grab her from the back.

Me: I’ve been looking for U all over the world not knowing U were closer than I thought

Mirabel: **Smiles** U’ve started this morning. I woke up early to prepare what we’d eat before studying. Morning honey…

Me: Nice! Morning love. How was ur night?

Mirabel: Loving, yours?

Me: It was one of my best nights ever.

Mirabel: Hhmmm…. Sweet

Me: So what are U preparing?

Mirabel: Plantain with egg sauce

Me: Hhmmm…. can’t wait to have a taste of those

Mirabel: U better. It will be ready in 6 minutes

Me: Alright

Mirabel: I left my notes on the dining, U can go through it before I join U

Me: Good Idea,,, don’t take too long Ok…?

Mirabel: Promise

I left her in the kitchen for the dining. Our hand-writing were almost alike buh I think mine was better *Winkz*
She joined me about 13 minutes later. We ate the meal with orange juice, we studied, we had our baths together followed with a hot rom-nce, then got ourselves prepared to hit the road leading to my house from there to school.


We sat down at the back of the class gisting as we were waiting for a Lecturer to come in. We talked about lot of things about our lives, family, hobbies, likes & dislikes and lots more.

Mirabel: Promise, come over here

I raised my head up to see Promise entering the class. She came over as Mirabel invited her.

Promise: Hi Mirabel

Mirabel: Hi Promise how U doing?

Promise: I’m well, how about U? (Looking surprised)

Mirabel: Great!

Me: S’up Promzy

Promise: Oga Vickie

Me: How today?

Promise: Not bad so far

Mirabel: Seat Promise,,, join us lets chat. U are the only friend of Victor I know of

Me: Yea,,, She’s my only friend here in school

Promise: Hhmmm… Ok oh…

She sat down to join the conversation. They were great talkatives. I knew Promise was very good in talking buh Mirabel eh… Very fast and fluent. They just kept me in the middle like I don’t even exist. I slowly and silently stood up to leave thinking I would hear… “Victor where are U going to”
buh I didn’t hear anything till I left the class.

I met the girl that gave me her number the other day, Beatrice.

Beatrice: Hi Victor

Me: Hi uhmmm….

Beatrice: Beatrice

Me: Yea Beatrice, how U doing?

Beatrice: Not bad. I have been expecting your call since that day buh U didn’t call

Me: I apologize for that Beatrice, I actually misplaced the number.

Beatrice: Would U have called me?

Me: I dunno,,,, I guess

Beatrice: Ok, U give me your number so I’d call U

Me: But U and I don’t talk much face to face… so uhmmm U know, is it necessary?

Beatrice: I have the chance and space for face to face conversation. I dunno about U

Me: I’m quite a busy person to be sincere. I don’t stay out much.

Beatrice: U can tell me where U live so I can visit U

Oooh…. what does this girl want from me??

Me: That won’t be necessary, we’d just see in school

Beatrice: Its Ok

Me: Yea, I have to go now…

Beatrice: Can we meet today again?

Me: **walking away** we’d see about that.

That’s how I left her oh… I don’t want any problem.

I went to seat in a corner, as Mirabel don snatch my friend and Promise got the attention of my girlfriend.

After wondering about one thing or the other, then I reminisced about last night.

*** LAST NIGHT ***

While lieing flat on the bed, she climbed on me with a smile on her face. We k-ssed as I followed her lead. I got turned on, I start car-ssing her body all over till I took charge and switched our position as I got to stay on top. The rom-nce got hot, getting hotter and we were breathing like crazy. We could hear the sound of our own k-sses and our breathing as well. I slowly pulled off the towel she was putting on remaining her thong underwear. I didn’t know she’d wear anything in,side. We continued the rom-nce until I tried to remove the thongs. I slowly and stylishly began pulling it down until she held my hand

Mirabel: Victor,,,,,, noo….

Me: What?

Mirabel: I’m tired already

Me: Buh we haven’t done anything yet

Mirabel: I’m not strong enough to rom-nce intensely for almost an hour then have s*x later, no.

Me: So,,, nothing will follow?

Mirabel: I’m weak Victor,,, U should’ve thought about that long before now

I remembered when one of her friends said she’s afraid of s*x. I wouldn’t want her to be afraid of me, so I’d just let be. I’m not desperate anyway, buh my current activation needed to be deactivated.

My phone ringtone brought me back to reality.

*** NOW ***

Me: Hello

Mirabel: Where are U? I’ve been calling but U weren’t picking up

Me: Sorry dear, I was lost in thought. Is the Lecturer there?

Mirabel: No, I don’t think she’s coming

Me: Ok, Still in the class?

Mirabel: Yes, where are U?

Me: I will be with U shortly.

I went back into the class to meet them only to meet her.

Me: Where is Promise?

Mirabel: She went to do some photocopy, we’d meet her there to pick her up before heading home

Me: Alright, lets go

We met Promise in one of the business center. We waited for her till she finish then we left the school. We drove to my place after dropping Promise off.


We got to my place, alighted from the car to my entrance door.

Mirabel: What about your car?

Me: Well uhmmm… I parked it at that building with fence (Pointing at Mr. Abuh’s house) To be secured

Mirabel: Why didn’t U come with it yesterday?

Me: I just didn’t feel like

Mirabel: Well its your business, do as it pleases U

Me: What’s that?

Mirabel: **smiles**

She dipped her hands into her bag and brought out some papers, handing it to me

Me: **Collecting** What’s this?

Mirabel: Read it

I read it, it was the car’s papers. And it contains my name as the owner of the car.

Me: I don’t understand this Mirabel, what does this imply?

Mirabel: Don’t be a dummy my love,,, the car is for U **laughing**

Me: What! Woah!!

Mirabel: Yeah…

Me: Uhmmm… buh I’m sorry Mirabel, I can’t accept this

Mirabel: What? Why??

Me: Its too big na,,, seriously I can’t accept it. I love the car though buh,,, not now. Besides its not save with me here. I can’t be parking it at that man’s place all the time… its just not right

Mirabel: More reason why U need to leave this place

Me: What are U talking about?

Mirabel: Come live with me Victor

Me: Huh??


This sounds good but its not a good idea for me. There should be some kind of boundary between us. I can’t just be waking up every morning to see my girlfriend; in her own house for that matter. We need to like miss each other a little bit na.

Me: Uhmmm Mirabel,,, that’s not a good idea. We don’t have to live together

Mirabel: Buh we’d get to be together. I’d be under your arms at all times. I would cook for U and we’d eat together,,,, I want us to be like that; isn’t it great?

Me: Yea, its great for married couples not single lovers like us

Mirabel: Then how should we do it? What do U think?? ‘Coz I’m not taking the car back… besides, it was never mine

Me: I’d need a change of environment to a more secure place.

Mirabel: Got any place in mind?

Me: Not really,,, buh I’d work on it

Mirabel: Alright, lemme know when U find one

Me: No no no… I’d make it a surprise

Mirabel: Really…? **Smiling**

Me: Yea, I’d just give U the address to meet me there

Mirabel: I see… you’ve revealed alot already.
Let’s see how it goes

Me: Sure

She prepared noodles which we ate. I thanked her very well for the car continuously which got her irritated. She told me to stop or she’d leave angrily which I complied. She stayed for a while before I bade her goodbye. She called me minutes later to announce her arrival.

One thing about me is that,,, I can’t stay in one place, on my own without thinking, without ideas and some kind of imaginations running through my head.

I grabbed a big seized yoghurt from my little fridge, bounce my body on the bed to do something natural about me. I sip my yoghurt while thinking like some people in distress or heartbreak who drink alcohol to cool off their mind.

This thing that Beatrice is bringing, she should just understand and stay-off. I will just spell the “NO” out for her if she try ‘am. She’s not even that pretty,,, She’s got a bangin’ body though.

Lola, her bizzy body is now irritating me. Mirabel and Cynthia said she’s like that but I don’t think I can get used to such stupidity.

And that stupid bodyguard of Mirabel’s. He’s really annoying, imagine bodyguard forming boss because he’s guarding the President’s daughter. So what! If he has seen the President face to face!! Its not easy sha and its an honour buh and so f√ckin’ what?!
Is the President not human?
I’m dating his daughter, the guard needs to know that.

I am dating the daughter of the number one citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and she loves me like mad. I love her too though buh I must confess that hers is more greater like 60/40%.

★Where is our relationsh¡p leading to?
★What kind of challenge am I going to face in the course of our relationsh¡p?
★What about rivals? Should I be scared about this??
★Would I be able to fight for our love?
★Would our relationsh¡p get to the President’s notice?

I really can’t imagine having a future with Mirabel.
I have never been afraid of trouble buh this situation could be different because Big man Big trouble. Chai!
She turned down bigger guys to be with me. What if the guys won’t give up and try to attack me or even try to get me out of the way. Then I hope what I see in hollywood don’t get to be different from my case. I should be the hero not the deadman.
I don’t really know if I’d be able to fight for our love,,, I hate nonsense. Her friends and family might try to discriminate me… and I pretty much don’t welcome insults.
I can’t tell what the reaction of her father would be… all I can think of is how it normally happens. That is, he would do anything just for me to forget about his daughter.

Well, how can success come without challenges??

☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

I’ve been thinking about girls not thinking about my family Chai!

They are doing great sha, I heard from them two days back. I will call them later.

My yoghurt has finished, end of thinking!
So,,, what do I do now?
Its been a while since I played my video game, so I played it till later in the evening. Mind U, me I enjoy playing alone… there I can cheat computer as I like, I love google.

I called my people as I had planned earlier, we talked normal things and all that. They even asked why I haven’t been asking them for money. Parents sha! If U ask, they will say U ask too much that you are eating up their money. If U don’t ask, another problem… they would become suspicious maybe you have joined the cult group or other illegal acts.
They concluded on sending me some money next week. I called my uncle and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Good evening sir

Uncle: Hhmmm…. The Tortoise does not go to the market just to pay it a visit

Me: I don’t understand sir

Uncle: U don’t need to,,, U see… I am about going for a meeting right now and I am running late. So just tell me the amount lemme wire it to your account immediately.

My family is really something else,,, Chai! How I wish it was the time I needed money most.

Me: Actually, I’m fine sir

Uncle: I’m not in the mood for your corner-corner sense… just tell me

Me: I’m serious sir. I just call to hear from U that’s all

Uncle: U should know by now that U can’t deceive me,,, before U were; I was.

Me: But sir…

Uncle: My friend! Shut up!! And tell me how much U need!!!

See me see trouble oh… ahhh!

Me: Sir ermmm…

Uncle: You are not serious, U think I have time for shyness?

**Hangs up**

I was like wow! I’m being pressured to be given money? What is going on??

Before I could calm my nerve, an alert just tuned my phone.

I checked it out,,, wow… is this man for real? He credited my account with some smiling figures. A text message from him popped up…

It read…

“Don’t call me next time if U don’t have the boldness to ask from me. I don’t have time for pleasantries U know that”.

I was just short of words but surprised. What a great Uncle, but I don’t like how he raised his voice. He’s cool though, really cool 🙂

I then sent him a thank U text.


I couldn’t feel hunger, I was so happy. I went out to get some hot suya and ate it for the night with a cold yoghurt.

I called Mirabel as well for good night poems before I retired to bed feeling happy. Not happy just because of the money sent to me, but because of how things seems to be set for me. I Love My Life!


Now its a week remaining to our Exams, I have been studying with my girlfriend Mirabel and with my pal Promise sometimes; They learnt what I know especially Accounting while I learnt what they knew especially Statistics. While Lola and Cynthia the party girls won’t stay around to study, runs girls and their papa get money.

I found a cool place to live in but I’m yet to make it official,,, like paying for it before moving in.
Meanwhile, my parents also credited my account as they had promised with cool figures.

Mirabel invited me to a place I don’t really know, she gave me the address of the place where I’d meet her. I went with the car,,, I mean to say my car to the place. But I stopped on the street to ask questions about the address. I got there and found her standing in front of a gate.
I parked in front of her and came down to meet her…

Me: Hey love,,, what are we doing here?

Mirabel: Come, follow me lets go in.

She dragged me by the hand into the opened gate. The place looks cool and well kept.

Me: **Whispering** Who lives here?

Mirabel: No one yet

Me: Then what are we doing here? Is it one of your father’s?

Mirabel: Uhmmm… not really

Me: Whose house is it?

Mirabel: Well, its for my Aunt’s husband. They got married last year and got sponsored by my father to take care of his business in Korea.

Me: Wow,,,, that’s cool

Mirabel: They left it under my care, for me to live in and go to school from here but I couldn’t stay ‘Coz it would be boring for me

Me: U could’ve invited your friends to stay with you

Mirabel: I don’t like the idea of living with friends thats why Lola and Cynthia stay in one lodge and I stay on my own

Me: I see…

Mirabel: So I hid the keys of the house in our home

Me: Aso rock?

Mirabel: Yea, I went

Mirabel: Yea, I went there 4 days ago to get them so I’d get it cleaned up in time…. So U’d live here

Me: What? Not again

Mirabel: Sured?? **laughs**
Shey U wanted to surprise me right?
Who surprised Who now??

Chai! This girl!!


Seriously, this is really something. I need to decide fast on the offer. What negative thing can happen if I accept? Nothing I could think of.
What negative thing can happen if I don’t accept? Many things such as:

★Mirabel will feel sad
★She will get disappointed if I
    should turn down her offer
★She worked really hærd to get the
     place cleaned up just to please
★And I will spend alot of money to
   get my own house, and to furnish
it to my taste.

Me: Mirabel uhmmm…

Mirabel: What?

Me: U see uhmmm… don’t U think that ermmm… U know,,,, it doesn’t seem right

Mirabel: Why so?

Me: Its your Aunt’s matrimonial home, I think its not right to keep your boyfriend here

Mirabel: I won’t call it their matrimonial home ‘coz they never lived here married.

Me: How’s that?

Mirabel: My Aunt’s husband lived here as a bachelor. They were never here as a married couple not even spending the night here together…

Me: Ok. Buh what if they should come back soon?

Mirabel: U worry too much Victor. Let me take care of that. Besides they won’t be here any sooner.

Me: Great! Wow!! This is awesome!!!
I accept it my love,,, this is really Cool

Mirabel: U like it?

Me: Are U kidding? This is great! I love it!!

Mirabel: Glad U like it. Come lemme show U around

Me: Thanks Love

Mirabel: Anything for U

She toured me around the vicinity hand in hand telling me this and that. There were flowering garden in the environment, a gym, 4 bedrooms, a big sitting room and lots of home appliances such as: a big plasma TV, home theatre, big fridge filled with groceries, a CWAY and much more. I was so exited that I demonstrated my appreciation on her. We k-ssed and rom-nced from chair to chair in the sitting room for many minutes almost an hour.

On leaving the place…

Me: Everything seems to be complete here, what do I do with my stuffs?

Mirabel: I dunno. U decide since you’re good in decision-making

Me: I want to hear your own opinion first, I might use it

Mirabel: For me, just give them out

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: Give them out (not joking)

Me: I think I will decide what to do with them

Mirabel: Whatever Mr. Decider

Me: Iffa catch U

Mirabel: Oya na

She starts running through the garden, I ran after her. She wasn’t a good runner though, I just intentionally slowed down. She ran towards the house there I closed up on her. She hanged on the wall, holding her head begging me to forgive her. Her sweet scre-ming took my mind else where. I start touching her play-play asking her if she’d try me again which she answers no every time I ask. Buh the love play-play increased the size of little vame buh I didn’t complain Lol.
I freed her buh she starts making mouth again **that kind thing na**
This time I catch her right arm, bend it from her back which made her to scre-m out and as well, bring forth her a$$ colliding it with little vame’s territory,,,, that kind feeling eh.
The more I bend her hand, the closer her a$$ towards vame’s territory until I finally freed her ‘coz little vame couldn’t take it no more.

Mirabel: Break my hand and see who would prepare fried rice for U

Me: That’s why I didn’t broke it

Mirabel: Hhmmm… didn’t know U play like this

Me: I only play with my girlfriend like that

Mirabel: Was that why an invincible leg of yours struggled to get visible?

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about….. come on, lets go jare

Mirabel: **Laughs**

Chai! She felt it…

From there we bade ourselves goodbye then departed the area.

☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆

I moved into the house two days later, I sold the stuffs in my former house which got me more money. I even sold out the room to a student from the hostel. I sold some things to him on discount such as: bed & pillows and ward rope. I gave him my cooking utensils for free.

We started our exams the following week, I did very well ‘coz I jack very hærd with little or no distraction. Mirabel, Promise and I created a reading session. We read together, teach each other, ask each other questions as revisions. With the company of those two brilliant girls, reading won’t be a problem.

We wrote three exams in two weeks, enough time to study and do whatever. The exams didn’t stop me from seeing Mirabel though. We visit each other, she sleeps in my place buh I don’t sleep at her place.

I loved my new environment, no noise, suitable for reading, I can watch movies as I like,,, I got D.S.T.V, I could play music as loud as I want using my home theatre and as well, play my P.S (video game) peacefully and easily with cheats though. My fridge,,, oh my… Too much yoghurts, chicken, eggs, milk and so on… I don’t lack them. I expanded my ward rope, added some shoes and accessories.

Even those Mirabel’s bodyguards gave me my respect as Mirabel always come with them when coming to visit me.
Lemme tell U what happened…


Remember how those bodyguards of Mirabel use to be mean to me?
Now, I am like their boss.

According to what Mirabel told me about some of the rules and policies in their home and to their workers; There shouldn’t be any form of relationsh¡p between every employees working together for the family. As in, a gateman can’t go out with a maid, like that. Or they will be punished accordingly and might even lose their jobs.

*** RECALL ***

There was a day when Mirabel and I went to a shopping mall to purchase some stuffs with the guards. We got to her place quite late after the shopping.
On getting home, she dropped the stuffs that she got for herself; then told the guards to watch the house that she’d be leaving with me to my apartment. They tried to object but she overruled their objections. She followed me to the car which is my range rover sport. I drove out of the gate from the building before she told me to stop…

Mirabel: Oppss! I forget my PJ’s please turn around honey

Me: Ohhhh…! Sweetheart but I told U to keep some at my place

Mirabel: I know, thats why I bought three pairs from our shopping earlier. Please please please turn back honeyyy…

Me: Ok, alright! but I don’t need to turn around, we haven’t gone far na, so… we should walk back.

Mirabel: Fine, lets go

We alighted from the car headed back to the building.
On walking briskly into the house, we heard splashes of water from the pool.

Mirabel: I thought Lola isn’t home? Who is swimming in my pool??

Me: It could be Cynthia

Mirabel: Cynthia doesn’t swim that much, besides she don’t like swimming alone unless people are there to make it fun.

Me: So… No one else is allowed to swim there?

Mirabel: No other people swim there. There are two other pool where they swim.

Me: Lets check it out sweetheart to stop your worry.

We got closer to the pool. Lo and Behold we saw two unclad humans k-ssing and rom-ncing at an angle of the pool.

Mirabel: Frank?! Jummy??!!

It was her guards…

Frank: Ma? Sorry Ma we can explain I swear Ma

They immediately rushed out from the pool. The female one Jummy quickly grabbed a towel to cover herself.

Mirabel: So this is what U guys do when I’m not around?

Frank: Its not what U think Ma

Mirabel: Don’t be stupid! Answer me!! Is this what U guys do when I’m not around??!

Me: Relax sweetheart, take it easy

By then, I didn’t understand why she was so mad at them.

Mirabel: Stay out of this Victor!
Answer me now! Jummy?

Jummy: Ma, Actually…. we.. we… we..

Mirabel: What?! Are U guys dating right under my nose?!


I didn’t say anything again, she just shouted at me and I’m not cool with it.

Mirabel: Huh?! Are U guys dating??

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: Since when?

Frank: Ma?

Mirabel: Since when have U guys been dating?!

Jummy: For five months now Ma

Mirabel: What?! That long??

Jummy: I’m s… we are sorry Ma

Mirabel: U don’t have to apologize to me, do that to my father tomorrow

They both went down on their knees to beg

Frank: Ahhh Ma… please Ma. We would get into trouble if U do that

Mirabel: U should’ve thought about that before U started what U’re doing now

Jummy: It just happened Ma, we’re very sorry Ma please don’t tell your father I beg U

Mirabel: **calmed** so U guys love each other?

Jummy: **Uncomfortable** Yes ma

Mirabel: Hhmmmm…

Frank: We will do anything U want us to do anytime, anywhere Ma

Mirabel: Oh really?

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: OK. Is not that I’m gonna make a deal with U guys ‘coz U guys are answerable to me and its your obligation to do whatever I say.

Frank/Jummy: Yes Ma

Mirabel: Now lemme make something clear to U guys,,,, Victor here and I are dating. And U must respect that Ok?

Frank: Absolutely Ma

Mirabel: Never question my moves especially when I don’t want U guys to follow me,,, Is that clear?

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: U guys are also answerable to my boyfriend Victor Ok?

Frank: What?

Mirabel: Got a problem with that?

Frank: Not at all Ma,,,, all clear

Mirabel: Good!

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: **Smiling** Well, looking at U,,, I’m happy for U guys

Frank/Jummy: Thanks Ma **shyly**

Mirabel: Alright, just came back to pick up something. Enjoy yourselves!

She went in, got her PJ’s, then we got out to the car heading to my place.

I was so silent in the ride. She tried to make a conversation but I didn’t gave in till we got to my place. We got in,side.

Mirabel: Alright, I understand,,, Sorry I yelled at U earlier it wasn’t intentional

I didn’t say anything.

Mirabel: C’mon sweetheart… don’t be like that **Hugging me from behind** U know I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt U

Me: But U did

Mirabel: And I’m so sorry about it. It would never happen again I promise… honey pleaseeee….

Me: OK, I’ve heard U

Mirabel: Not enough dear

Me: What do U want me to do?

Mirabel: Do U love me?

Me: U know the answer to that

Mirabel: Just answer it please,,, do U love me?

Me: Yes I do

Mirabel: U do what?

Me: Love U of course

Mirabel: Alright k-ss me

I no dey form for that kind thing at all…

I smiled on hearing that, I slowly turned around to face her.

Mirabel: So? Are U gonna keep staring at me or….??

I drew her head closer, we k-ssed and did other stuffs except s£x and we cool with it for the main time.

*** NOW ***

One week more to round up our exams. We didn’t slack up our reading sessions. Promise got to know my new place as she visited and even cook alongside Mirabel.
The first time she visited, she took her time in surveying the environment and then did some questioning.

Promise: Nice place U got here

Me: Thanks,,,, Promzy

Promise: She tried

Me: Yea

Promise: This is something you’ve always wanted. Living by yourself in a beautiful house with all U need.

Me: ***laughs*** yea, thats true

Promise: Is this the reason why u’re dating her?

Me: What do U mean?

Promise: Do U love her?

Me: Of course I do, I love her very much

Promise: For who she is? Or for what she is??

Me: What’s all this about Promzy?

Promise: I dunno,,, I feel like she’s buying U over

Me: How do U mean?

Promise: U always happily accepts whatever that she give to U. Look at you Victor… look around…. U want this, every other guy would love this as well… why should I believe that U are different from other guys when U accept everything from her?

Me: U just have to believe me,,, I thought U trust me?

Promise: I did,,, but…

Me: But what?

Promise: I dunno what to think anymore

Me: Its Ok,,, I want to assure U that I really do love her and that’s all that matters

Promise: Before U fell in love with Mirabel, did U have anyone in mind that U would’ve love to date?

Me: Uhhmmmm… I don’t think so. See Promzy, U have to trust me… I’m a good guy

Promise: Its not about trusting you Victor

Me: Then tell me what it is

Promise: Or never mind, its cool

Me: U were going to say something

Promise: Nope, its nothing…

Me: Are U sure?

Promise: Yea, I’m sure. Why not go in and offer me something to drink?

Me: This way please **ushering her in**

☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆

But when Lola came to my place by herself…. the story was different.


The day seems to be quite cool as the evening was approaching. It could be my AC though ‘coz i switched it on to keep the place cool. It wasn’t that long when Mirabel left my place. We studied, gists, played, k-ssed and all that.

About 40 minutes later, I heard a knock on my gate. I imagined who it was only to check the h0le of my gate to see Lola standing there patiently. I opened the gate not letting her in yet.

Me: Heyy Lola…

Lola: Hi Victor

Me: How did U know I live here?

Lola: Lemme say,,, I did my homework

Me: Is that so?

Lola: Aren’t U letting me in?

Me: Oh sorry about that, I was just surprised to see U here. Come in please

Lola: Thank U

She said that cat-walking into the building.

She looked around the parlor for a few seconds

Lola: Nice place

Me: Thanks

Lola: I guess Mirabel aren’t scared of s£x anymore

Me: Huh?

Lola: **laughs** U know, looking at U,,, U must be really good in bed. I could see how it has changed Mirabel completely

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about

Lola: Oh hell U don’t

Me: I’m not talking about that

Lola: Why not? U don’t look shy… I know U are a naughty boy. Only god knows how many skirts you have tailored so far

Me: **laughs** Please Lola, what can I offer U?

Lola: Nothing much… **coming closer to me** only if U can offer what I’d ask for

Me: And what could that be? I got hollandia yoghurts, orange juice, brandy… U just name it

Lola: sp-rms

Me: What?

Lola: U know, I’ve always admired you Victor… U got what it takes to make a lady beg for it

She placed her hands on my shoulders.

Me: Errmmm Lola… **trying to adjust**

Lola: Come on Victor,,, swear U don’t want me. I saw how U looked at my a$$ most times. I know U want to touch it… come on, do it

She dragged my hands to her backside, forcing me to touch it. She also forced my hands to her b-obs.
All this while, I was thinking of what to do ‘coz I felt like diving in that moment.

Me: Stop it Lola, its not right,,, please just stop

Lola: I need U baby boy,,, touch me please…

She was k-ssing all over my body and mo-ning as well.
I didn’t know what moved me buh I remembered going into action that moment. I grabbed and squeezed the touchables of her body. I raised her and dropped her on my couch ripping off my clothes and hers as well. I was about digging into her queendom before I got distracted by my customised ringtone, which I knew who the caller was.

I immediately got back to my senses. I jumped off her telling her to get dressed and leave my place that minute.

Me: What is this U made me do?

Lola: U are starving me baby,,, please come

Me: U know what? Get dressed and leave this place this minute

Lola: U can’t be serious

Me: Oh yes I am… leave here now!

Lola: U must finished what U started

Me: U better leave here now before I reconstruct your face

Lola: Its Ok, I will leave… but get ready to explain to Mirabel what just happened between us

Me: Nothing happened between us!

Lola: We’d see about that

She got dressed, grabbed her bag and left angrily while I picked up my phone to call Mirabel back. I missed her three calls.

Me: Hello sweetheart

Mirabel: Hello honey,,, where were U when I was calling?

Me: I was in the kitchen dear,,, didn’t hear your calls

Mirabel: Hope no lady is there?

Me: Are U joking? of course no lady is here

Mirabel: Ok honey, I just wanted to check on U before we talk later in the night.

Me: That’s cool sweetheart,,, you’re dah best

Mirabel: So… talk to U later

Me: Alright babe, byee…

**Hangs up**


★What have I gotten myself into?
★How could I have allowed that girl Lola to get me?
★What if she tells Mirabel?
★What would be her reaction when she hears it?
★What if she breaks up with me?

Ahhhhh….. Lola!!

I went to get myself a chilled hollandia yoghurt.

And Promise…

★Why was she like that?
★Why asking me such questions?
★She thinks I’m a bad guy?
★Or she thinks I’m in for money not love?
★Why didn’t she complete her statement that time?
★Or she likes me? Promise?? I don’t think so…

I think I am in a trilemma right now.

I went to get myself a chilled hollandia yoghurt to calm my nerve.

☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆

As days passes by, things were moving smoothly especially the exams and the love Mirabel and I share. But Lola still won’t let me be. She kept making s€×ual advances on me. She always stay close to me even in the presence of Mirabel. I noticed that Mirabel is becoming somehow suspicious of our closeness or should I say; her closeness towards me. Lola almost went to the extreme that almost got me busted.

Mirabel left me with Lola in her sitting room for the kitchen as she was preparing something for the tommy. I dunno how or why Cynthia left Lola out of her sight to come here alone without her ‘Coz they were always together. Another thing was, she came in immediately I stepped in and she made it looked like a coincidence.

Lola didn’t waste time to drag herself towards me as soon as Mirabel got out of sight.

She knelt before me begging me to help her that she’s going crazy. She kept rubbing all over my body and mo-ning as well begging me to touch her even once. I got a shock of my life when she grabbed little vame (penus) from its unresponsive state.

Me: What’s wrong with you?!

Lola: U are wrong with me,,, I need U now please baby hold me

Me: U must be really crazy! have U no knowledge of where we are right now?? what if Mirabel walk in now, what kind of explanation would she accept???

Lola: U can excuse yourself from her lets go to my room

Mehn,,,, there’s no way on earth that Mirabel is testing me again using Lola ‘coz she’s damΠ serious and crazy.

Me: I’m not doing anything with U **pushing her away**

Lola: Why not?

Me: Because I love Mirabel your friend and I’m not a cheat got that?

I was about to stand up before Mirabel walked in…

Mirabel: What’s going on here?

Lola: Thank God you’re here Mirabel, tell your boyfriend to give me the remote lemme change this channel it’s so annoying

This girl is so fast…

Mirabel: But he’s not in possession of the remote

Lola: Don’t defend him! Where is it then? ‘Coz I can’t find it anywhere

Mirabel: There it is **pointing at the remote on the sofa**

Lola: Oh! No wonder he was giving me that “What is wrong with her” look, So embarrassing… geez!!

Mirabel laughed out loud while I just smiled out.

Mirabel: My boyfriend is a good guy who doesn’t want trouble of any kind. U should never accuse my baby of any thing or U get more embarrassed next time U try such. **She had a smile on her face when she was saying that** Buh I dunno how serious she was.

Cynthia later walked in asking when Lola left her in the house without her knowledge. But of course Lola defended herself that got them satisfied.


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