The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 7)

(A new world)
Episode 7

Tranquility lingered at Vertex where Michael’s head was filled with surplus of confusions. He stood before the television watching as all the criminals whom he wrote their names on the book died except Henry Lambert. Killing him will break the sister’s heart, and at the same time, leaving him alive will reveal his identity as Kira.
Meanwhile, at home, Dera and her twins sister were also watching the television. Already, Dera had been soaked with tears hoping that Henry would not collapse and die like others.
“But why is Henry the only one alive?” Vera wondered optimistically. That was the question in the mouth of every individual both on television and physically. An answer to that question was that he must be connected with Kira in some ways..
Hearing that at Vertex, Michael walked towards a table, took his pen then slowly wrote down Henry’s name on the Death Note. Instantly, he fell down and gave off the ghost in him right on the television screen. Michael wondered how loud Dera, his sister, would scre-m at the sight of his dead boyfriend. He felt the pains, collapsed on a chair behind him with abnormal heartbeat. Never did he realize that the Death Note was a curse to him. Shakiti knew all that but kept quiet.
Sooner did Michael’s eyes caught Gizifa’s details on the screen of a computer opposite him, then his mind went straight to him. “He must die too” he wrote down his name immediately on the note.
Shakiti laughed aloud. “Remaining one person” he said.
“Who?” Mike stood up.
“Your friend, of course. At the hearing of the death of the old meteorologists, he will definitely suspect you to be Kira. Don’t you think so?”
“I know all that. I have a better plan”
“Wow, tell me, what’s the plan?”
Michael took his bag heading towards the door without answering the question.
Shakiti gro-ned deeply. “Now, he has started snubbing me again. I guess you snub whenever you have plans and strategies” he giggled in a scary manner.
More and more commotions, confusions and lamentations ar-used in Gezos city after the death of the criminals. Something wasn’t straight in the city, How can only the criminals announced on television die? This inquisitiveness gave rise to a new law that no criminal must be announced on television again.
At the residence of Lucky, he had watched the news and death of the criminals which got him worried on who Kira really is. His parents were not only influential people but also well to do citizens of the city. Therefore, he lacked nothing.
He rested on a bed found in his room watching a television opposite him. He wore a boxers, singlet and a white stockings. Sooner did he see a breaking news that Gizifa, a meteorologist, is dead on his way to the police station according to his wife.
“My goodness!!” Lucky jumped up from the bed. “This can’t be true! Michael is Kira!” his voice was so loud that his mother’s attention was drawn. She opened his room wearing a long milky gown.
“Lucky, why do you want to bring down the roof with your voice?” her voice pitched.
“Mum, look at the breaking news!” he pointed at the television. “Gizifa is dead which means.. um.. um.. Kira killed him!” he fumbled.
The mother fully entered the room with a surprise look on her face. “You do not know who Kira is neither do you know who the meteorologist is, so how does it concern you?” she asked calmly.
Lucky began to scratch his head in confusion thinking of the best lie on earth. “Mum!” he shrieked. “Are you that heartless to know that Kira is heartless?!”
The mother narrowed her face. “What do you mean by that?”
“The killings is too much in the city, that’s why I’m shouting, mum. How can Kira be killing..”
“Kira kills only the bad people” she interrupted.
“Then why did he kill Gizifa?”
“How do you know Gizifa was killed by Kira? Did the news say so?”
The last questions rendered Lucky speechless again, so he changed the topic instantly, “Mum, when last did you watch football match? I really need to watch one, let me see a friend first” he hurried out.
Investigation began on what must have killed Gizifa on his way to the police station. His body was found in,side his car without any blood stain, which would have proved a gunshot or sharp objects. But none was found.
Two policemen; Mr Nelson, Michael’s father, and another man went to late Gizifa’s residence to interrogate the wife whom they met crying in the sitting room.
“We’re from the police” they displayed their ID cards before Christiana, the wife.
“We will like to know who your husband met before leaving the house” Mr Nelson said.
The color of their uniform which is a blue shirt and a pair of black trousers shone around the arena. One could also see the blue and red colour of their car siren rotating and shining through a window.
“He was with me before he left” Christiana began. “When I asked him where he was going to, he said to the police station”
Mr Nelson glanced at his partner. “Did he tell you why he was going there?” he asked.
“He said he was going to report whom he suspected to be Kira”
“And did he tell you who the person is?”
“No, he was in a hurry” the poor woman dried her tears while the policemen glanced at each other. It became obvious that Kira was the one who killed Gizifa, but there was no evidence to trace him.
“Thank you ma’am for the information” they left.
Michael sluggishly went home. How could he stand the tears of his sister, because, definitely, he was gonna see her crying. His footsteps echoed on the staircase as he climbed upstairs. He met only Vera setting very moody in the living room with her hands folded. He wanted to pass but stopped behind another cushion.
“What’s the problem, Vera?” he asked, though didn’t receive a response. “Where is Dera?” he added.
“in,side the room. She has refused to open the door for hours since she watched her boyfriend die on the television. No doubt Kira killed him” Vera replied.
Michael walked towards the door of the room where Dera laid. He pushed it but didn’t open, so he began to knock on it. “Dera! Dera, open up! It’s your big brother, Mike!” he shouted and banged on the door, yet nothing happened.
Just then, Mr Nelson, their father came back.
“What’s going on?” he asked then Vera explain again.
He banged on the door continuously with Michael before Dera opened it and returned to the bed shedding tears. The father and the brother stared at her as quietness stretched round the room.
“A criminal deserves to die, Dera” the father broke the silence.
“Not all deserves death, Dad” Dera objected with eyes full of tears.
“Yes, I know but does Kira know about that too? He should be the one to know that all criminal doesn’t deserve death. Take heart my daughter” he patted her back and left the room while Michael sat beside his sister who placed her head on his shoulder crying bitterly. Michael rubbed her back gently in consolidation. He really felt her pains, yet, didn’t know what to say.
“Michael?” Dera’s voice came from his shoulder.
“I’m here dear” he replied.
“I want you to promise me one thing” she released from his shoulder, drying her tears and sniffing bitterly.
Michael stared at her. “What?” he asked finding his lost voice.
“Promise to capture Kira for me, then when you do, I won’t hesitate to stab him or her to death”
Michael’s eyes w¡dened, he could see the fire of hatred for Kira burning in the eyes of his sister. How could he make such a promise knowing very well that he was Kira? Nevertheless, he summoned courage and said, “Dera, I promise you that I will find Kira, the murderer of your boyfriend”
“Thank you big brother” she hugged  him warmly, while Shakiti laughed scarily…

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