The vow

The Vow Episode 7

The Vow – Episode 7
© Jennipher Duru

Cynthia sent a message to Monica. “I did what you asked me to do. In fact right now I am sleeping in the guest room but I somehow feel very guilty amd sorry for Gaby”. Monica replied within seconds “sorry for what? Let him suffer the consequences of his adulterous acts. Don’t even try to give in. Right now he thinks that you are a fool, so prove him wrong. Remember, you are trying to win the war so stay put and don’t give up”. Cynthia decided to hearken to Monica’s advice.

Gabriel woke up early in the morning as he couldn’t sleep. He tried to open the door of the guest room where his wife was sleeping, but it was still locked. He shook his head. He took a bath and sat quietly in the living room, thinking. After an hour, Cynthia came out to take a bath. Gabriel ran to her and fell on his knees “Baby, please don’t treat me this way. Let’s talk about this issue. You know I love you” he said looking quite tired. Cynthia kept quiet and went straight to the bathroom. She finished bathing and after dressing up, Gaby went to her again, this time around holding her by the hand. “Cynthia. Please let’s discuss like mature people. If it pleases you, I can even ask Sasha to come so that we prove to you….” he did not finish his sentence when Cynthia shouted with anger “I don’t ever want to set my eyes on that slut. Do you hear me? Just continue your affair with her. I don’t give a damn” she took her bag and left the house. Gabriel was left speechless “My God! What kind of problem is this? He took his bath and left the house.

“I really don’t understand what is going on bro. I mean my wife and Sasha were slowing becoming friends. I don’t know where my wife got all this rubbish from. I don’t know who is feeding her with lies” Gabriel said as he narrated his situation to Collins. Collins shook his head and sighed.

Collins: Ah. Am actually short of words. This is not the Cynthia that I know. Are you sure it’s not that Monica of a thing that is telling her all these lies? Or did anything occur between you and Sasha that could make her suspicious?

Gabriel: I swear to you Collins. Nothing suspicious has ever happened between us. I take Sasha for a sister and I know also that she has no evil intentions. If truly that Monica is behind this, I swear I will kill that girl.

Collins: Well the only advice I can give you is to sit your wife down and talk to her to hear her version clearly.

Gabriel: Believe me, I tried everything possible last night and even this morning, but she was too upset to even look at me

Collins: It’s normal. It’s because the wound is still fresh and she is still trying to digest whatever she heard. Give her some time and once she is calm enough to talk, you can talk to her.

Gabriel: You are right. I have actually decided to avoid Sasha for a while so that I don’t add more salt to the wound. I won’t tell her anything though, I’ll just try to pretend that I am busy.

Collins: Great move bro. Don’t worry, it will work out soon.

As they discussed, Sasha came to meet them to join them have breakfast. Gabriel said hi to her and left immediately. Sasha looked perplexed “Is everything ok with my boss?” She asked Collins. “Yes sure, he just has a busy day ahead of him” Collins answered.

Cynthia was at the office when Monica called

Monica: Hello Madam. How are you?

Cynthia: I feel so low Monica. I just don’t know what to do.

Monica: Don’t worry my dear. It will soon work out. Just continue what you are doing and everything will be fine. Gaby will eventually come back to his senses and you will win his heart back. Are you going to school this evening?

Cynthia: Yes I am. Classes start at 6pm and end at 9:30pm

Monica: Excellent! Make sure you don’t even tell him about it until you get back home. He will then understand just how serious you are.

Cynthia: I am thinking of talking to Sara about it. I was chatting with her last night

Monica: Don’t even try it. Sara is as naive as you were before I opened your eyes to the truth. And besides, she seems to be in love with Gaby’s friend, that ugly Collins. So the only advice she will give you will be based on her new relationsh¡p. And since Collins and Gaby are friends, she will try to take sides.

Cynthia: Hmm you are right. I hope by the time she comes back from Switzerland, we would have sorted out the issue

Monica: Oh yes definitely!

That evening, Gabriel left the office early as he did not want to carry Sasha in his car. He arrived home around 5pm but did not find his wife. He tried to call her but she was not picking up. There was no food in the kitchen. Cynthia usually cooked some meals and put them in the fridge a day before or sometimes asked the maid to cook halfway. The maid was just about to leave when Gabriel asked “Petra, did my wife ask you to cook anything for this evening?” ” No sir. She didn’t call me to give me any instructions” Petra answered. Gabriel went to his room. The maid left. “Hmm. I am quite hungry today” he said to himself. He went in,side the kitchen and started to cook some spaghetti. He cooked enough for him and his wife. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already 7pm. It was getting darker. He called Cynthia again but there was no response. He called one of her colleagues who informed him that she had gone for evening classes.

“So Cynthia has started evening classes and did not even inform me? I don’t understand what is going on” he said. He sat down and ate his food slowly. He began to doze off as he had not slept well the previous night. Cynthia arrived at 10pm. When she saw Gabriel sleeping on the couch with his shoes on, her heart bled. But she was determined to show him how serious she was. Gabriel woke up and looked at her in a loving way “Baby. You are back? Why didn’t you tell me that you had started evening classes? There’s some food for you on the table there” He said. “Well because I didn’t think it would be important for you to know since I don’t mean anything to you” Cynthia said. Gabriel got up.

Gabriel: Listen, I don’t know where all this has come from but I just want to tell you that this is not the way to solve issues. I can tell you time and again that you are having a wrong understanding of the situation. There is nothing between Sasha and I. I can prove that to you anytime.

Cynthia did not talk. She went to lock herself up again in the guest room and slept.

This situation went on for two weeks. Gabriel was slowly becoming tired of begging her. He tried everything possible, but Cynthia was still angry. She still came late at home and left no instructions to the maid of what to cook. She stopped following Gabriel to church on Sundays and preferred staying at home. Monica was still encouraging her to give her husband a cold shoulder.

“Gabriel. I have noticed that you have been avoiding me for the past two weeks now. You don’t talk to me the way you used to. Normally I am not supposed to care since we are just colleagues. But you are like a big brother to me. You were the one that warmly received me here and I owe you my gratitude. That is why I can’t just look away when something like this is happening. Now tell me, what wrong have I done?” Sasha said to Gabriel as he sat in the coffee room having breakfast. Gabriel gave a fake smile “You have done nothing wrong my dear. I have just been busy, that’s all” he answered

Sasha: Impossible! I know you to be a jovious person. Just tell me what I have done wrong, so that I can apologize, because I even fail to concentrate on my work because of what is happening. I keep asking myself what wrong I have done.

Sasha shed tears as she spoke. Gabriel looked at her closely and felt sorry for her

Gabriel: You don’t have to cry. Let me be honest with you. My wife has been suspecting that you and I are having an affair and for two wh0le weeks now, things between us have been so terrible. She doesn’t talk to me anymore and even sleeps in the guest room.

Sasha: What! Are you serious? But she should know that you and I are just friends. Gabriel, you are not only my boss, but you are also a brother.

Gabriel: I know but I really don’t understand what is going on. I have tried my best to explain and convince her to no avail. That is the reason why I have been avoiding you. I have a lot of esteem for you so I don’t want you to be involved in any scandal that can ruin your image.

Sasha: Oh so now I understand why she no longer comes to church or even pick my calls. Would you like me to talk to her?

Gabriel: No thanks but it will just make matters worse. Let’s just keep a distance until I sort out this wh0le issue.

Sasha: No problem sir. I am really sorry for any trouble I have caused. I guess it’s my fault. I keep following you in your car. I am sorry Gabriel.

Gabriel: It’s not your fault. Misunderstandings happen between couples but I believe it will soon be sorted out.

Sasha: I will be praying for you both.

Gabriel: Thank you

Three weeks had passed since the incident and Gabriel and Cynthia’s marriage was slowly hitting the rocks.

Cynthia: Monica, I just don’t know what to do. Gaby has also stopped begging me. He leaves the house very early and eats at restaurants. When I come back from school in the evening, I find him already sleeping. I fear that he is drifting away.

Monica: Hahaha. It’s his strategy to make you feel guilty. He is playing with your mind. Don’t give in. In fact I have a good idea that can make him come back to you faster

Cynthia: Please tell me because this situation is killing me

Monica: The only way to kill a man’s ego is to make him jealous.

Cynthia: What do you mean?

Monica: What I mean is that you need to bring another man on the scene to make him jealous. Men hate competition and if he sees you with any other man, my dear his heart will be so disturbed that he will literally be on his knees begging for you

Cynthia: God forbid! Are you asking me to start seeing another man? I can never do that even if I caught Gaby red handed with another woman. In fact, my parents would kill me.

Monica: I am not saying you should sleep with him. You can just pretend having fun together in order to make Gaby jealous

Cynthia: Please Monica stop it. I cant do such a thing. Please. I’d rather divorce than do something like that.

Monica: Hahaha. I was just joking. I just wanted to test you to see if you are still ready to make your marriage work.

Cynthia: Oh yes. I dont want to lose Gaby to a small c*ckroach like Sasha.

Two days later, on a Friday morning, Monica called Cynthia:

Monica: Hey my dear. Can we meet at Galito’s eatery tomorrow at 2pm? I am really feeling low because of not having a job and I just need to talk to someone

Cynthia: Oh my lady! Anything for you. Don’t worry about anything. You will soon get a job. I’ll be there tomorrow at 2pm.

Monica: Thank you love.

Monica smiled and took her bag. She left her house in a hurry and stopped a taxi. She arrived at Gabriel’s work place. When Gabriel was informed of her visit, he was surprised. He left everything he was doing and came to meet her at the reception.

Gabriel: Hi Monica. What a surprise. What can I do for you?

Monica: Gabriel, I know that you probably think I am a talkative person. I agree, but despite my character, I still remain loyal to my friends. I am aware of what has been going on between you and Cynthia. It pains me a lot. I have been advising Cynthia to stop behaving like a child, but she seems so stubborn. I have a feeling that someone is telling her lies. I personally think you are not capable of doing such a thing and…

Gabriel: Monica please just go straight to the point. I dont have much time to waste as I have important things to do

Monica: Ok. Well yesterday I heard Cynthia making an appointment with a certain man and from the look of things, they are seeing each other.

Gabriel: what!

Monica: I swear to God! She was telling him how much she enjoyed his company and that he made her feel heaven. Then she made an appointment with him at Galito’s at 2pm tomorrow. Please Gaby I really love your couple and I don’t want any stupid guy to tear it apart. That is why I am asking you to go and see if truly it’s a man she will be meeting. Let it be a surprise so that you can put an end to such an abomination!

Gabriel was shaking. His heart beat fast and his head felt like a huge load had been placed on it. He looked at Monica and said “Ok. Thanks for the information”. He left in fury. Monica also left.

The following day, Gabriel kept on looking at Cynthia with so much anger. He starred at her as she chatted on her phone. “I am sure she is chatting with him” he said to himself. He locked himself up in the bedroom in order to control himself. At exactly 1:30pm, Cynthia left the house. Gabriel looked through the window and dressed up.

Cynthia arrived, but could not find Monica. She called her and Monica told her that she would be there in ten minutes as she had an urgent issue to sort out. She went to sit in the inner part of the restaurant. After a few minutes, a certain tall and huge man walked towards her. “Hello miss. Are you alone? He asked. Cynthia looked at him surprisingly and amswered “Not really. I am waiting for a friend”. The man sat down next to her. Cynthia got afraid. “Don’t be afraid. I can’t harm you. I just came to have a drink but since I saw you alone, I thought you might be lonely” he said. Cynthia replied “I am not lonely thank you”.

The man’s phone rung. “Oh it’s a message from my wife. Look at what she sent me” he said. He drew closer to Cynthia and put his hand around her. Before Cynthia could remove his hand, Gabriel walked in and looked at them in astonishment. Cynthia rose up. Gabriel went straight towards the man and gave him a hærd punch on his cheek. The man also hit Gabriel hærd on his nose. Gabriel was bleeding. Cynthia shouted. People around them gathered, while others were taking videos and pictures. “How dare you cheat on me Cynthia. How dare you!” Gabriel shouted. Cynthia didnt know what to say. Gabriel was pulled away by some men and he left, his blood dripping on the  ground. Cynthia cried. Monica arrived a few minutes later. “Cynthia what happened? Why are you crying?” She asked.

To be continued

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