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The wishing well 2 – episode 1



She stepped down from a few rock found in their backyard, wearing a black pointed shoe and a black trouser. She also had a black jacket which she left open for the shape of her br-ast to be seen through a blue inner top. She had an ebony complexion, but long black hair dangled around her shoulder. She stopped before a spherical object that has the diagram of the earth. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed silently, allowing the chirping of birds into her ears.
“Prisca!” a male voice called her from behind. Therefore she turned her neck swiftly in a way her hair flipped from one side to another.
“What are you doing there?”
“You need to come see this, father” Prisca turned back to the spherical object. She heard the footsteps of the father from behind, coming like an ancient Arochukwu warrior in igbo land of Nigeria. The old man stood beside her to read the sign from the sphare then both glanced at each other.
“Have you seen it, father?”
“Yes, the hands of the clock has been turned anti-clockwise”
“This is caused by somebody’s wish at the wishing well. The person must had wished for something that has happened never to happen” Prisca looked at the father steadily. Actually, she was referring to Kiana’s wish whom she had never seen before. She had more knowledge about the well than the four students at Touch-Hill university because she had been there too. Nevertheless, she waited to hear from the father.
“Listen, Prisca, i know what you’re thinking, but I’ll not let you go anywhere” the father turned to leave.
Prisca rushed to block him like a fearless soldier. “You know the consequences of turning back the hands of the clock; the people who have the previous knowledge of what happened must die!”
“And what exactly is your business with that?! I warned you to stay out of anything concerning that blood-s-cking well and Mr Chuks!!” he angrily began to leave, but Prisca, unabashedly blocked him again.
“We need to stop the blood s-cking, father” she said, while Mr Clinton, the father, stared. He eventually left her for the third time without saying a word.
“Father!” Prisca called him. “I’m going to look for those or the person who turned back the hands of the clock in order to let them know the consequences.” she concluded.
A heavy rain escalated in the forest where the well could be found. It was actually getting dark. Nancy stood a few distant away from the well, hearing a voice inside it. “Who’s there!?” she shrieked in a way her voice overcame the sound of the rain. Suddenly, she saw a torchlight in her hand, then fearfully began to walk towards the well. As she walked so as the voice became clear. She could hear what it said clearly which was, “You must die”
“Who’s there!?” she asked again. When she got to the well and pointed the torchlight inside it, she saw Mr Chuks who looked up from the well like a scary deadly vampire. She scre-m and fell down only to see herself on a lonely road.
The heavy rain gave birth to lakes and rivers. Nancy allowed it pour on her on the lonely road thereby getting her trouser and jacket soaked. Before she could detect her location, she saw Anderson and Juel running to her under the rain.
“Nancy!” Juel called out.
“Where is this place?” Nancy asked them.
“We don’t know” Anderson replied as all looked around the strange road.
Nancy broke the silence. “I saw Mr Chuks.
“Where?” the two guys asked at the same time.
“Inside the well” she whipped off dripping water from her face. “Guys, i believe Mr Chuks has a memory of whatever happened after the accident”
“Oh my God!” Anderson exclaimed. “Seeing him inside the well means…”
“He is the root of every wishes made by anybody at the well” Nancy interrupted as all stared at one another in disbelief. Just then, the two guys fell down and died instantly.
Nancy scre-med their names in tears only to find out she was scre-ming inside a lecture hall. She was actually dreaming. Quickly, she dragged her bag, placed it on the shoulder and left the hall like who couldn’t bear the ranting of her mother-in-law.
Activities in Touch- Hill university went on smoothly like the footsteps of Prisca, walking briskly from the school gate. She always dresses to kill; she wore a short jean skirt over a black leggings. On her feet were ash canvas to match the skirt. A jean jacket never departed from her body. She just loves jackets. Her eyes paved around the vicinity like a serpent in search of a prey. Her attention went to a group of guys laughing and shouting, “He’s dead! He needs the k-ss of a princess to come back to life!” they laughed. Those were men at the basketball court.
Prisca smiled and walked into the court to see a young fair guy, pretending to be dead due to a shot he missed at the basket. Men who saw her gave way for her, admired her beauty and outfit. Some suddenly turned into an ambulance shouting, “Wow wow wow”
Prisca looked at the guy on the floor, bent down and k-ssed him to the sight of everybody even Kiana who just came out from her control room with newspapers in her hands. She was shocked to see Juel as the guy being k-ssed. Therefore she became not only angry but also jealous.
Juel opened his eyes instantly and withdrew his lips from the strange girl while others clapped their hands. Kiana averted her eyes from them that moment and headed towards the bookshop.
“Hey” Juel looked into Prisca’s eyes with smiles. He was on his training thug with canvas on his feet.
“Hey” Prisca replied.
“You shouldn’t have done that. It was a joke”
“I know”
Both became quiet, while some men resumed their game. “Come on, Juel. We need to hit harder this time around!!” a voice came from one of the men.
Juel ignored it, still smiling with Prisca. “I’ve not seen your face around. What’s..?”
“I’m Prisca” she interrupted. “Actually, I’m not a student. I came to see a lecturer named Mr Chuks. Do you know where I can get him?”
“Natural science building, office 119” Juel replied. “By the way, I’m Juel”
Prisca smiled at him then catwalked out of the court without saying any other thing.
Like water springs up from a broken pipe, so as Mr Chuks’ butt left his seat when Prisca entered into his office and locked the door from behind. Their eyes contact was like that of two hens about to fight. The glare between them could tell anyone that they have had a hazardous encounter in the past. An obnoxious expression could also be detected on Mr Chuks’ face which triggered one sided smile on Prisca’s face.
His voice came, soaring like an unserious rumbling thunder. “How dare you show your face to me again, miss Clinton?!”
“Am I detecting fear from your voice, Mr Chuks?” Prisca answered the question with a question.
“I should have killed you!”
“You should have dared and see the wrath of the unknown”
Mr Chuks left his seat to the young girl in a way his face juxtaposed with hers like lovers about to k-ss. “I ask you again; what are you doing here?”
“I’m aware that you know the hands of the clock has been turned back as a result of a wish made at the well you built. And I’m also aware that you know the consequences involve. Therefore I’ve come to prevent the death that will emanate from it”
“You and I know that anyone with the memory of what happened before the turn around must die. They must die, miss Clinton”
“I won’t let that happen again”
“And how will you do it?”
“Watch me” she began to walk out of the office. Before clutching the knob, Mr Chuks voice said, “If they don’t die, i will. That well is my life. So don’t start what you can not finish, young lady”
She finally clutched the doorknob without looking back.
Nancy hurried into Kiana’s control room, but didn’t see anybody. She hurriedly brought out her phone to call her but Anderson’s presence into the room stopped her.
“Where’s Kiana?” she asked.
Anderson spread his hand to show that he had no idea. “Xup with the long face?” he asked.
Before Nancy could reply, Kiana walked in, doing as if she never saw them. She looked angry too because of the k-ss between her boyfriend and a girl she didn’t know. Anderson observed her mood also and said, “Kiana, xup with the long face too?”
She never replied but began to operate a computer.
“I just had a strange dream about us and the well” Nancy began. That attracted Kiana’s attention. “Guys, i have this feelings that something bad gonna happen to us, and Mr Chuks knows about it”
“Why would you say that?” Kiana asked.
“Coz I saw Mr Chuks inside the well, saying that we must die. Juel and Anderson eventually died”
Silence took over.
“Are you sure Mr Chuks doesn’t remember anything that happened after the accident?” Anderson broke the silence.
Kiana exhaled. “It’s just a dream, and…” She paused when she saw Juel at the door……

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