November 29, 2021

To love a thief episode 9 – 12



episode 9

A voice startled me, I turned and saw Zipper, wow he saved my life again, he’s sure my Guardian angel in a thief form. I couldn’t say a word, I just got up and hugged him, he was surprised cos he stood still. When I realized what I just did, I shyly moved away from him. “” sorry, I was just, uhm… I really didn’t know what to say to him, he gave me a knowing smile, he’s sure gonna rip my heart out with those smiles. “I understand, hope he didn’t hurt you? He asked. “he slapped me, I heard myself said like a baby, his eyes instantly turned red. “he did what? How dare him? He yelled as he cupped my face in his arm and saw the sign of the slap cos his fingers showed on my face. “am sure gonna break his neck if I find out who he is, Zipper yelled and pulled me into a hug again, this time, I found myself hugging him back as he caressed my hair, no one was willing to break from the hug.”So he is the reason why you were snubbing me right? I heard Dave’s voice, making us break from the hug. I suddenly became dumb, Zipper just stood watching us. “Noge, how could you cheat on me after all I’ve… He tried to speak further but I cut him up. “Dave, can you please shut up? I yelled, making him startled. “oh, you are asking me to shut up right? You have been cheating on me with this thing and you are asking me to shut up, Dave fired up. “excuse me, you have no right to call me that ok, Zipper yelled back at him. “Dave, it’s really not what you think, Zipper am sorry about that, meet my boyfriend Dave, Dave meet Zipper, I introduced, I know how hurt Zipper was when I called Dave my boyfriend. “even if he is your husband, he’s got no right to insult me ok, as for you, I’ve got nothing to do with your girlfriend OK, better settle your differences, excuse me, Zipper said and walked away. I became so angry, I felt like giving Dave a dirty slap. ” am sorry, I was just jealous, seeing you hug another guy like that, when you’ve not even given me such before, Dave kept saying but it seems he was making noise. “you know what Dave? I need a break, just leave me alone, I hissed and walked away. I heard him calling my name but I ignored him and went out of the gate. I dialed Zipper’s number but he wasn’t picking my calls. ” why am I even bothered? Abeg, shift jor, I switched off my phone and placed it in the pocket of my trouser. I decided to go spend the night with my friends in hostel. At 7:30 pm, that was when Zipper decided to call me back, I hissed




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episode 10
I hissed and flung the phone, it landed on the bed. “pick your call now babe, Cheryl said. “maybe it’s Dave, she has finally broken his heart, Cole teased, making them chuckle. “you girls still haven’t changed with your noise, I will soon run and leave you girls, I blabbed. “you will sure gonna miss us then, Cheryl stuttered. “you wish, abeg, make I sleep jor, I switched off my phone and decided to rest. Not quite long, we heard a bang on the door, making us jump from the bed cos it’s so unusual. The bang came again, this time, it was louder than the first one. My friends and I started praying all sorts of prayers, screaming and shouting for help. It provoked them, they started hitting it so hard as if intending to pull it down. It seems no help was forth coming, I decided to switch on my phone maybe to call anyone for help but I don’t really know who to call, my friends were already crying. While we were still deliberating on what to do, my phone beeped, I checked the screen immediately, it was from Zipper. It reads “that hostel is not safe tonight” I read it aloud, when my friends heard it, we all started screaming at the top of our voice. “open the d–n door, we heard a baritone voice yell from outside, we held each other tight, and our eyes closed tightly pending when the door would break. We started hearing sounds of gun shots from outside, making us run into the bathroom, we were all shivering. The door to our room finally broke down, it was like they were fighting, Cole couldn’t bear it, she started urinating on her body. The fight became intense that, they were breaking things in our room, Cheryl started crying seriously that the people outside could hear her voice, I quickly covered her mouth with my Palm and pin her to myself. All of a sudden, the bathroom door broke and the two fighters fell in with the door, it was a police officer fighting with another guy. Our hearts hung cos it was like, we were dead already, then, came in more police men, this time, Zipper was with d–n. The guy who broke into our room spat on Zipper’s face. “d–n you Zipper, you will surely pay for this, the guy yelled while his hands were being cuffed by the police, Zipper smirked. “I warned you bro, sorry you crossed the lane, Zipper stuttered as he watched the guy being taken away. He turned to us and saw the fright on our faces. “chill girls, he’s been taken care of, he stuttered before trying to walk away. ” Zipper, I called out, making him Stop.



“Zipper, I called out, making him stop on his track, he turned towards me, I swallowed cos his eyes were kinda piercing through my soul. “please, can I go with you? Cos I don’t think I can stay here anymore, I muttered, forgetting what I actually wanted saying.”sure, I advised you stay with me for a week but you are just too stubborn to accept the advice, he said sadly. “I are lucky today, you might not be lucky next time, shall we go now? He asked, stretching out his hand. I hastily placed my Palm in it, he held on to me, his hand was so soft, making me wish for his touch. “please we are coming with you, Cheryl quickly said but Cole kicked against it. “don’t bother, we’ll stay back and get things fixed up here, Cole stuttered, making Cheryl to glare at her.” you girls are safe, ok, they actually came for her, not you, that’s y I don’t want her far from my reach for now, I’ll make sure she gain back her freedom after this week ok, please permit me to go with her, Zipper pleaded, they smiled and gave him the go ahead, Cheryl winked at me before waving us goodnight.

We drove in silence, many thoughts were on my mind, I really don’t know why he’s bent on protecting me. But like seriously, am kinda liking him shaaaa or is it love? Hell no, I can’t love someone like him cos I will only end up being hurt. I think am only Attracted to him cos of the little time I’ve spent with him. I pray he isn’t planning on taking something from me, cos, devil no de give free gift ooo, lol. “why are you smiling? I heard him say, that was when I realized my thoughts was manifesting on my face. “I wasn’t smiling, was I? I asked, trying hard not to laugh. He looked at me and shook his head. “it’s obvious you were, so can you share with me your thoughts, so I too could smile, he said. “well, my thought is non of your business, I replied, nonchalantly. “too harsh miss, he stuttered, making a funny face, I felt like laughing but I hid it. “stop calling me miss, I do have a name, I murmured, trying to change the topic, he giggled, making me glare at him, I felt like giving him a dirty slap but hey, he’s so cute when giggling. “sorry about that,, but you never told me your name, he said, oh my gosh, that instant, I knew I didn’t tell him my name, he was the one who told me his.”you never cared to ask,, I said. He looked at me and just smile. “can I know your name please? He said, dramatically, I chuckled and hit his shoulder slightly. “no you can’t




episode 12
“no you can’t, I teased, he gave me a puppy face making me giggled. “Alright, am Noge, I said, plainly. “Noge? What tribe is that? He asked. “igala, I replied. “oh, you are from kogi state, I think I’ve been there twice or so, in fact, I think I’ve visited almost all the states in Nigeria, he stuttered, his eyes still on the road while driving. I gazed at him strangely, how can he visit almost all the states in Nigeria? I kept thinking in my mind. Well, he’s a criminal, what do I expect before, mtcheeeewwww. I suddenly stopped talking, I was having a strange feeling of anger in me. He noticed my mood and decided not to say anything till we got to his house. It was already late mid night, he got down and opened my door for me to get down, but he never paved the way, his hands were on the door and the top of the car, respectively, I never knew what his intention was. I carelessly got down only for my b00bs to touch his chest, making me freeze at the spot. I frowned and looked up at him. “why the sudden change of mood, did I say anything bad? He asked innocently. “erm, can you atleast excuse me to come out fully before any interrogation? I asked, formally, he shrugged his shoulders. “not until you tell me what’s eating you up, he persisted. I got furious about it and was ready to pour out my mind. ” you want to know what’s eating me up right? Fine, I’ll tell you, what have you been doing in all the states you have visited? Stealing right? I asked nonchalantly, gazing straight up at him. He raised his brows, I could see him battling with words, the pain in his eyes was so visible but I cared less. “I see you’ve got no response, so out of my way, I pushed him aside and walked away. He stood by the door still thinking about what I said but I don’t give a d–n, I went straight into the house, I entered my room, had my bath and went straight to bed. My conscience was kinda troubling me, I pondered on what I had told him, I know he would be angry but he deserve it. No reason is enough to get someone into robbery, those who do that only felt like doing it and I doubt if they ever have conscience. I dozed off after many thoughts.

I woke up late the following morning, Zipper didn’t bring me breakfast in bed like he had done the previous day, and I kinda missed it. Maybe he’s still angry, d–n him jor, I will go prepare breakfast myself. I checked the time. “oh my gosh, am already late for lectures, I forgot about breakfast.


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