True Love

True love episode 23 – 24

LOVE ❤️💛
( Idols😍In🎤My😘Heart… )

Naomi Cindy. B.

★ CHAPTER 23&24 ★

“And what the f**k do you mean by that? Jung Jazzy” he muttered expressionlessly too.

“She’s an Idol, and you’re one too, I know we’re not popular yet but that shouldn’t be the reason for making her drink irresponsibly, yunno how fans nitpick on the past of idols, this is Seoul bro” Jazzy replied, and Vee sighed.

“You don’t know her more than I do Jazzy, she loves soju but she gets drunk after just one cup. Her tolerance is as low as that, so tell me how to make her stop getting drunk?”

“You should leave” Jazzy replied and made to shut the door.

“Don’t cross your limits” Vee suddenly said, and he stopped.

“There are no limits from the start. She belongs to this band and so far I’m the leader, ion think you have the right to say that” he said and finally went it, shutting the door on Vee’s face.

Vee stood for a minute by the door before walking to his car.

He sighed immediately he entered, and he got his phone to text Diva.

If she won’t see it tonight, she’d do tommorow.

•Don’t forget about tommorow, and don’t change your mind.

He clicked send before dropping his phone on the second seat, then he drove off.



The last s*x was so hot that Rhapsody couldn’t stand for a couple of minutes, and when she finally did, she fell back on the bed, and Vodka laughed from where he’s standing.

“You shouldn’t be laughing right now” she said, and he came closer.

“I like it when you talk to me casually, somehow” he said, and she smiled.

“Really? So…I’m free to do that?”

“Do whatever you like, you’re my girl anyways” he replied, and she hugged him nakedly, causing him to giggle.

“You’re like my lucky star yunno, now I’m debuting next week, that wouldn’t have been possible without you” she said, and he broke the hug to rub her p*ssy a bit.

“Your tightness does things to me, bet you don’t know” he said naughtily, and she chuckled.

“You can have me anytime you want, even in the middle of the night” she said.

“Yeah I like that. While at it, why don’t you sleep over?” He replied, and her eyes widened.

“I can…do that?”

He pressed her little b**bs and gave her a rough kiss first.

“Told you you’re my girl from now on, you thought I was joking?” He said, and she smiled again.


“Call it that, I’m fine” he winked, and she was the one who kissed him this time.

Immediately they broke it, she went on a low in front of him and got a hold of his member.

“I promise to suck you dry” she whispered.

“Now I like this side better, get a grip of it baby!” He laughed, and she took him in.



“I can’t apologize to them anymore, for what exactly? I already did it and it’s their headache that they’re not fine with it” Pinkie said, settling on a couch among the others.

“Seriously? If I was part of the band, I wouldn’t have accepted that kinda apology too, you literally did it like they’re not worth it” Chae replied.

“And the funniest was how you held Freddy’s arm to apologise to only him at first, the more I think about it, the more I find it fishy” Angel said.

Do you… have a crush on him?” JoJo asked, and Piper made awkward faces before standing.

“Need to go have my night shower” she said and rushed into her bedroom.

“Confirmed, she has a crush on him” Chae smiled.

“Pinkie crushing on a boy? This is the first occurrence” Angel said.

Meanwhile, Pinkie got to her room sat gently in front of her dressing table, getting her phone.

She went to gallery to stare at Freddy’s face again, and she smiled when she remembered how she touched his arm earlier.

“So soft” she grinned, returning her stare to the phone.

She slowly brought her lips to it and kissed him on screen.



Diva is the only one who has been sleeping since Jazzy took her in, the rest are still busy in the living room.

Lyric is chatting attentively as usual, so her eyes are on her phone.

Freddy and Piper are currently live on her tiktok account which she opened an hour ago.

“Annyeong, my name is Piper” she waved with a pout to the screen.

“Hello everyone! I’m Fred, Freddy actually” Freddy winked on screen, pouting just like Piper.

“Must you pout too?” She said, and he laughed.

“You’re my role model yunno? I wanna be like you so I should act like you”

“Why not Jazzy?” She faced him.

“Cos you’re here” he replied, and she roughed his hair.

“Cute little hottie!” She laughed.

“Don’t mind her guys, she’s the most playful here” Freddy joined in, and their eyes caught a challenge on tiktok.

They faced each other immediately, smiling knowingly.

“Lyric!” Piper shouted, and she looked up from her phone as the camera turned to her face.

“Hi camera! This is Lyric, feel me!” She waved cutely, and they laughed before dragging her away from the couch.

“Jazzy!” The three chorused, and he faced them from where he’s standing beside the freezer with a bowl of noodles.

“Hi I’m Jazzy, the alpha here” he winked at the camera, smiling out his dimple.

“How I wish crazy Diva isn’t asleep yet” Piper pouted as she set the phone on top of the TV, the best spot since there’s no stand.

Three minutes later, they were all already standing in front of the camera set to three seconds.

“Hana,dul, set!” Freddy counted, and the song began playing.

🎶 Okie dokie yo, is that true? Yes!

Jazzy was holding his spoon between his lips as he danced the moves with the others, making him look so funny till the end.

They left the challenge and hopped on GENTOS, and that was when Diva came out of the bedroom.

The sound of music woke her actually.

“F**k!!! You guys are doing this without me? I own this challenge yunno?” She suddenly said from behind, and they all turned to see her waiting behind the large couch.

“Diva!!!” Piper and Freddy screamed at once, and she climbed the couch immediately.

She made funny moves on it and jumped down, joining them to stand in her spot beside Jazzy.

They started all-over again, burning calories on tiktok with different challenges till they all fell on the couches and slept off there.

Diva was the first to wake up the next morning, and she opened her eyes wider when she saw Jazzy staring at her already. She’s not the first to wake after all.

“Jazzy?” She stood, and he looked away before standing too.

“Oh…I was…

Before he could land, his phone rang, and he immediately picked. It’s a call from Mr. Kim.

“Goodmorning Mr…

“You guys got on the show! You guys got in next week Monday! You got in!!!” He announced, and his eyes widened as he faced Diva.

It’s on loud speaker, so she heard it all.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” They both screamed at once, hugging so tight.

That woke the others, and immediately they saw the jubilation going on, they joined in without asking why.

Freddy took it personal and began swaying his hips, trying to whine.

Lyric was jumping, and Piper was screaming too.

“We got on the show” Jazzy announced when he broke the hug with Diva, and their screams multiplied.

“Guys before I forget, I’m spending this morning with Vee at his place” Diva suddenly announced.

“Really?” Jazzy asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, I promised to spend two hours with him, I’ll eat breakfast with him and will be back before practice at ten”

“Two hours?” Freddy said.

“Yes baby!” Diva replied, rushing into the girls room to dress up.

It took thirty minutes to get ready, rocking a short black leather skirt on long black boots, then a red tank top.

She came out looking s*xy, and Jazzy couldn’t close his mouth as she waved at everyone before leaving the dorm.

He only came back to his senses after she shut the door, and he rushed outside to meet her.


She turned back immediately, still smiling.


“What are you…both gonna do at his place?” He asked.

“Fun… just have fun” she replied, and he went closer.

“You can… have fun here too, with us” he said, and she smiled.

“Nah, fun time with my bestie is different, we’ve not really spent time together since I came here, so I’ll be right back” she smiled, waving at him as a ride stopped beside her, actually sent by Vee.

She got in and blew him kisses as the car drive off.

Jazzy swallowed hard, feeling so bad that he continued standing there for minutes.

He didn’t move an inch till Freddy came out to pay him.


He didn’t even look at him before going in, and Freddy frowned.

“What’s up with him?”

***** Read –


Vee was already waiting in front of the mansion when Diva came out of the ride, and he smiled widely.

“Jun-ho!” She rushed to hug him, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled her lovely scent which mixed with the scent of her shampoo

“Thought you wouldn’t be coming anymore, I even sent you a reminder last night” he said, breaking it to check her out.

Diva turned around on a 360 for him, and he felt his heart leaping, she’s too s*xy in red and black.

“How do I look?” She asked, and he grabbed her hand.

“Come here, you’re s*xy” he took her in, meeting the old maid in the living room.

“Hey! Sara!” She greeted her cheerfully.

“It’s been a while since you visited this place” Sara replied as she gave her an hug.

Even during the hug, Vee never let go of Diva’s hand, so she only did with an hand.

“I promise to make up for all the times I missed, I missed this house so much!” She said, and Sara laughed as they broke the hug.

“I missed you too, your liveliness is cute”

“Sara you can still make the Eggs Benedict, right? I missed your food!” Diva blinked cutely.

“I knew you’d miss it, I’ll make you Egg Benedict right away, just a moment” Sara smiled and rushed into the kitchen.

Diva faced Vee and hugged him again , kissing his cheek.

“What?” He smiled, staring at her lips.

“Your room! Your clothes!” She winked and rushed upstairs immediately.

She located his room and barged in, going to the closet.

She opened it wide and gasped when she saw the new collection of wears.

“Oh my gosh! The stealer is here! Vee I’mma steal a lot of your clothes today” she said, picking the ones she loves.

“Why are you so obsessed with stealing my clothes?” He smiled, watching her from behind.

“Cos they smell like you! And I love wearing what you wear, better start buying two if you wanna buy clothes from now on” she replied, picking the eighth joggers.

“Yunno what? Clothes should wait for now. I’ll steal them when I’m leaving” she suddenly said and came to him.

She pulled him to the bed and sat with him.

“Let’s make tiktok videos, you have the stand!” She winked.

“Was expecting something important, you’re not serious” he laughed, and she stood to get the stand.

She fisted her phone and sighed.

“I’m changing into your clothes, close your eyes” she said, and he obeyed immediately.

She got cargo pants and a white shirt from his closet and put them on.

“Open” she said in front of him, and she opened so slow

“Still remember our dance?” She winked.

“Never to be forgotten in centuries” he winked back, and she laughed before setting the song on tiktok.

They smiled at each other till the time’s up, and they began dancing in sync, eating the moves.

Diva twerked as expected, rocking her @ss on his body.

He began moving with her, following her lead till he began losing it

She rocked faster on him, and he suddenly held the waist, caging her @ss to himself, continuing the strokes…

The song suddenly stopped playing, indicating end of video.

She stopped the dance and laughed as she got her phone from the stage.

“We killed it!” She shouted, facing him, but that was it.

Vee leaned into her and attached his lips to hers, making her eyes pop.


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