True Love

True love episode 25 – 26

LOVE ❤️💛
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Naomi Cindy. B.

★ CHAPTER 25&26 ★

Vee leaned into her and attached his lips on hers, making her eyes pop.

Her brain stopped processing immediately, and she quickly broke it, stepping away from Vee who was looking shocked by his own actions too.

He literally stopped thinking immediately she began twerking, and he wasn’t even aware of when he leaned in for the kiss.

“Vee” Diva muttered shockingly, staring at him from her spot.

“That was…was a mistake” he muttered, swallowing hard as he began sweating on the spot.

“Mistake?” Diva muttered, and he swallowed nothing again.


Diva already grabbed her bag from the bed before he could say more, she rushed out of the room

“Bae! Bae wait please!” Vee ran after her, but she was so fast that he wasn’t able to catch up till she descended the stairs and met Sara.

“Diva are you leaving already?” She asked surprisingly.

“Sara, I think I’m gonna have the Eggs the next time, bye!” She said in a rush and rushed out of the house.

Vee ran downstairs and pushed the door open roughly, going after her outside.

He grabbed her hand just when she was about to leave the gate, and she faced him.


“I swear I can explain it, I wasn’t thinking and I just…

“Vee can we talk later?” She asked gently, and he swallowed again.

“Bae, I’m really very…

“I can’t breathe right now I swear, I need space, to think too” she muttered, and he slowly let go of her hand.

“I’ll give you a ride then” he said, and she shook her head.

“No… thanks Vee” she muttered, turning away swiftly.

She ran away and found a taxi not far from the house which she left in.

Vee had to stand like a fool in front of the house for minutes before going in, and he was already in tears as he made to start climbing the stairs.

“Young master!” Sara rushed to him, and he faced her slowly.

“You’re crying! Sis something happen? Why did she leave like that?” She asked, and he sniffed.

“I think I just ruined our friendship”

“What! What exactly happened?”

“I really tried my hardest best to resist her , I tried so much to resist the temptation, but she’s too s*xy to overlook, I couldn’t control myself, I kissed her” he sobbed gently, and Sara sighed, pulling him to the couch

She sat with him and smiled.

“So it’s really a one-sided love like I’ve always suspected, you’re in love for real” she said, wiping his tears.

“What do I do? What if she decides to cut me off cos of this? I’ve always been afraid to confess to her cos of it, I don’t wanna lose her” he said, and Sara stroked his hair after she finished wiping his tears.

“You should confess” she said.


“Yes you should, Diva is not the kind to cut your friendship cos of that, you should know she cherishes you like you cherish her, so just talk to her already. If you tell her how you feel, you’ll he at peace with yourself too, even if she rejects you, maybe the rejection will make you move on from her” Sara replied.

“Really?” Vee faced her, and she nodded.

“Haven’t you been delaying your band debut cos of her too? Why? You think she’s gonna leave her group one day and come to yours? You should consider your band members whom you trained with. You might not be concerned about your own time but trust me you’re wasting theirs” she continued.

Vee sniffed, and Sara smiled, still stroking his hair.

“Now stop crying, boss is not around so you shouldn’t be crying, take your time and talk to your bestie, have fun with your friends too” she said, and he smiled lightly at her before hugging her.

“Thanks so much, Sara”



Everyone is in the practice room already, dancing in sync to the playing song ant lip syncing at the same time. It’s their second song written by Jazzy and Lyric, though it has not been released.

They’re planning to perform it at the show.

Diva’s mind was lost in thoughts about the kiss throughout the practice, so she couldn’t concentrate and kept making mistakes.

She made the third mistake, and Jazzy had to call off the dance.

“Diva are you ok? You told us you’d be spending two hours with Vee but then you came back after thirty minutes and have been acting strange” Freddy said.

“Did anything happen over there?” Piper asked.

“You can confide in us eonni” Lyric said, and Diva sighed opening a bottle of water for herself to drink.

“I’m fine, I came back early cos he had to go somewhere urgently, so I’m somehow disappointed” she lied.

“You can’t keep making mistakes cos of that, rest and bring yourself back to track for the sake of others” Jazzy said, and she nodded before walking out of the room

She left for the girls room and sat gently in bed, thinking about the kiss again.

“Was a mistake? How could that be? I mean…what kind of mistake is that?” She muttered, rubbing her lips slightly.

She sighed, and her phone buzzed, she knew it’s from him, so she checked slowly.

•I know you’re not in the mood to talk to me right now but please…can you make me some time tonight? Let’s talk… please.

She immediately typed a reply.

•Ok, call me when you chose the spot.

She dropped her phone afterwards, and the girls came in.

Piper and Lyric dragged her out of bed, leaving her confused.

“Girls…” She blinked.

“You can’t remain glum when we’re here, come on” Piper winked, and Lyric giggled as they took her out to the living room where Jazzy and Freddy are waiting.

Her eyes widened immediately she saw them, and she began laughing.

“What the f**k are you guys wearing!” She shouted, laughing harder.

Freddy and Jazzy are wearing wigs, putting on funny makeup then female clothes.

They’re both holding their dorm microphones, looking so funny as they tried to act girlish.

“Are you ready?” Jazzy twisted.

“Ready for the beat” Freddy replied, flipping her hair.

“Are you ready?” Jazzy placed a leg on the table, trying to whine like that.

“Ready for the shock!” Freddy catwalked around.

“Hana!” Piper shouted, and Diva looked back to see her holding a microphone already too.

“Dul!” Lyric grabbed a mic too, and Diva did justice to the last microphone.

“Set!” She screamed, and they began singing what comes to their mind.

“Fishcakes! Spongecakes!” Jazzy screamed.

“SpongeBob! SquarePants!” Freddy shouted.

“Ice cream! Water!” Piper yelled.

“Barbie! Pinkie!” Lyric screamed.

“Big @ss! Large prick!” Diva shouted lastly, and they all turned to her at once

“What the f**k!” Freddy and Jazzy chorused.

“OMG what did I just say!” She covered her mouth.

“You’re spoilt Diva” Piper laughed.

“What’s prick by the way?” Lyric asked.

“You have no right to know” Freddy said.

“Prick is d**k” Diva said flatly.

“Diva!!” The rest chorused, and she laughed out loud.

“What’s …d**k?” Lyric asked.

“D**k is p…

“Diva stop it!” Freddy and Jazzy chorused.



She laughed out loud, trying not to cry as she laughed.

“Ok, Lyric I’ll tell you some other time” she winked at her, and Lyric winked back.

“Naughty hottie” Jazzy said, and she quickly faced him.

“Did you just call me hottie?”

“Of course, you’re hot” he replied flatly, walking to the freezer after taking off his funny wig.

Diva smiled, loving the comment a lot.

Jazzy opened the freezer and got the only ice cream bowl available, making Lyric gasp.

“That’s mine!”

“Take it if you can” Jazzy winked.

“Let’s share it” Freddy went to him

“Andwae oppa!” Lyric’s eyes widened, and she began running to them.

Freddy and Jazzy began running with the bowl, and she began chasing.

“You both have no shame do you? Give it to her!” Piper shouted, chasing them with her.

Diva smiled as she watched her dear band mates, thanking them inwardly as she did.

It’s obvious they did the funny show earlier because of her, to make her cheer up, and she’s grateful for that.

She later joined in the race, and they successfully took the bowl back for Lyric.

She made to drink water from the freezer afterwards, but Jazzy opened the freezer faster, getting two bottles.

He gave her one, and she took it with a smile.

“Thanks, Jazzy”

“You shouldn’t let minor things weigh you down, it’s important” he said, and she smiled again.

“Can’t believe that’s coming from Mr. Coward who almost jumped”

“Seriously, stop using that against me” he replied, and she laughed again.

“Sorry, couldn’t stop myself”

He suddenly came closer and pushed her forehead with a finger.

“Brat” he said, and she laughed, but he suddenly came closer and raised his hand to her lip, making her eyes widen a bit.

He wiped something off of it and smiled.

“Your lipstick was smeared”

“Oh… thanks” she said awkwardly and left the freezer immediately.

Jazzy smiled, staring at the finger he wiped with.

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“Hi here!” Rhapsody shouted as she came in, and Fave spranged up from the bed where she’s lying on.

“Babe!” She rushed to give her a hug, and Rhapsody giggled as she hugged her back.

“Just look at you! You’re already glowing after how many days as Vodka’s girlfriend” She said, and Rhapsody smiled.

“All thanks to you, I’m glad I followed your lead, glad i left True Love” she replied, and Fave pulled her to the bed to sit with her.

“You should compensate me for this after your debut, I mean it” she said.

“Don’t worry, I got you” Rhapsody replied, and they laughed.

“Where’s Rhett by the way?” She asked.

“That idiot? He has class” she replied.

Rhett is a final year college student actually.

“Oh…then let’s go out” Rhapsody said.

“Really?” Fave blinked.

“Trust me!, Vodka gave me some stinking cash” she replied.

“Aww! I love him already! I’ll go dress up!” Fave said and rushed in.



“What! You want us to debut next week? Are you serious right now?” Myles said immediately Vee broke the news after practice.

“I’m so sorry guys, I didn’t know how selfish I’ve always been till now, but now that I’ve come back to my senses, I hope you guys forgive me” he replied, and Krystal smiled.

“I’m glad you’re back, to us” she said and moved closer for a hug.

Vee hugged her back immediately, and Myles joined the hug.

“I hope you don’t change your mind, I seriously can’t wait to appear on stage” Myles said.

“I’m never gonna change” Vee replied, breaking the hug.

“Wanna go get lunch with me?” He smiled.

“Whoaaaa!!!” They both shouted, pulling him out of the studio side by side.



Everyone is in the kitchen preparing dinner except Diva who excused herself already. She needs to meet with Vee tonight.

Then Jazzy who went for a stroll.

Diva finished dressing up and took her phone before leaving the room.

She was about to rush out when Jazzy came in, and they met by the door.

“Going somewhere?” He blinked.

“Yeah, told you I have to meet Vee tonight” she replied, and he bit his mouth wall slowly.

“Do you really have to go? You met him in the morning too”

“It’s f**king important” she replied.

“This band is f**king important too” he replied, and she squinted.

“What’s up with you? Jazzy…

“Don’t go” he cut her off, and she blinked.

“What are you…

It was interrupted by the ringing of her phone.

She brought it out, and immediately Jazzy saw My Vee on screen, he felt the usual pressure.

Diva made to pick, but that was when he made his move.

He suddenly pushed her to the door, and her phone fell.

He pinned her to the door before extending an hand to the switch, turning off the living room light…


Her breath seized when she suddenly felt his lips on hers in the dark, and she froze.

Her phone began ringing on the ground again with ‘My Vee’ on the screen.


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