True Love

True love episode 61 – 62

LOVE ❤️💛
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By: Naomi Cindy B.

She held his shirt with an hand, then she grabbed the sheets with the other hand, kissing him back harder.

Her head went blank, and her breaths became high-pitched, the freshness hitting his face as she sucked his tongue into her mouth gently.

He moved an hand to her face, caressing her lobe as he deepened the kiss, biting her lip softly before licking it s*xily.

“Vee” her gentle moan reached his ears, and he even went crazier when she let go of the sheets and brought her hands to wrap on his neck, caging him possessively to herself.

His body pressed sensually on hers in bed, and her top left her tummy already, so their bare skins rubbed over there, sending shivers down their bodies as the kiss intensified.

Their tongues collided again, and Diva moaned again, pulling him closer.

It’s crazy that this is the first thing they’re doing after zero contact for two weeks, but what else is on the list for besties in love? No other, so they just went on with the lips feast without breathing.

Their heartbeats were drumming as they ate each other up so badly, unable to get enough of each other till they totally couldn’t breathe anymore.

Vee bit her bottom lip gently again, slightly pulling on it as he slowly broke the long kiss, bringing his face to hover above hers.

Their lips are f**king swollen as a result of the intensity, and he brought his thumb to her lip to rub it slowly, staring deeply into her eyes as if to pour in his emotions.

“I love you, Bae” he whispered, giving her the most affectionate look existing as he traced his thumb to her chin to make it stay there.

“I love you too, Vee” she replied silently, and he reconnected their lips immediately, kissing her madly fast this time.

She held tightly to his body, rubbing her palms on him as it went madder.

Their lips fits so perfectly, and their tastes mixes so well that she began wondering why she has been so dumb for the past years.

Why is she just enjoying this right now when he has been right beside her? Why is she just getting to know about this sweetness?

The crazy thoughts were bumping in her head as she kissed his lips deliciously, wanting to savor the tastes as they mixed.

They pulled away gently from the kiss, and Vee’s head dropped on her chest immediately, he passed out!

“Vee… What’s wrong?” She said fearfully, trying to raise his head up, but it kept falling back to her chest.

“Jun-ho!” She called loudly, finally taking his head away from her chest. She sat up, and when she saw he’s really unconscious, she got more scared.

“What to to do? Vee!” She shook him, and that was when she felt the hotness of his body.

His temperature is f**king high!

“What the f**k! Is he sick? Vee!” She called again, and when she got bo reply, she got her phone to call the hospital, but that was when his eyes opened.

“Don’t call anyone” he muttered with a painfully squeezed face.

“Vee! Are you ok?” She quickly asked, and he pulled her back to himself, hugging her tightly.

“I’ll be fine, only you is enough” he whispered.

“Are you kidding me right now? You’re burning hot!” She replied immediately.

“I said I’ll be fine, I’m with you now” he replied, and she made to break the hug, but he hugged her tighter.

“Don’t go anywhere” he mumbled.

“At least come with me to the bathroom and shower to cool down your temperature a bit” she said.

“I don’t wanna shower. It’s a mild headache” he replied.

“Wait…did you learn stubbornness during your world tour? I don’t understand” she said, and he looked up at her with a little smile. His hair is scattered all-over his face.

“I love you” he whispered, and she chuckled.

“Then come let’s pour water on your head to relieve the headache at least”

He moved reluctantly before finally releasing her, then she came down from the bed and stretched an hand to him.

He took it, and she pulled him out of bed.

Their fingers were interlocked as she took him to the bathroom and lowered his head in the big zinc bowl.

She released water on it, and he cringed at the coldness as it washed through his hair.

He raised his head after two minutes, and the water flowed down his body as she pulled him out of the bathroom.

He sat back in bed, and she stood between his legs to start drying his hair with a towel.

“Do you feel better now?” She asked, and when she got no reply, she stopped drying and raised up his face.

He was smiling sillily.

“I’ll get back at you for this” she said, and he hugged her waist, resting his head on her tummy.

“I’m fine now, thanks hoonie” he said sweetly, and she felt her heart fluttering as she began stroking his hair.

They continued staying that way for long, listening to each other’s heartbeats till he broke the silence.

“I didn’t block you, it was Krystal”

“It’s ok, you’re back to me now anyways” she said, and he smiled.

“Sorry I couldn’t tell you how I feel over the years, I was only protecting our friendship” he whispered.

“Now I know the kiss the other time wasn’t a mistake like you claimed” she replied, and he smiled.

“Was too scared to admit it even when Sara told me to do it”

“Coward” she replied, and he chuckled, wrapping his arms tighter on her waist.

“Where’s your phone?” She asked.

“Destroyed. You weren’t picking my calls last night so I got frustrated” he replied.

“And you smashed it? I see you haven’t changed” she said, and he laughed gently.

“Must you scold me over everything?”

“I was performing on stage so i wasn’t with my phone, but you smashed your phone cos of that?” She said, and her eyes widened when she noticed his bandaged left hand.

He has been hiding it, but she saw it and grabbed it.

He released her, and she began unwrapping the bandage.

“It’s nothing serious” he said, but when she finally saw the wound, she gasped.


He bit his lip, and she looked him in the eyes.

“Let me guess. After smashing your phone, you punched the wall?”

“It’s not painful” he replied, and she kept looking at him.

“I’m sorry. I was just hopeless” he muttered.

“Why must you hurt yourself?” She replied.

“I only go that extra when it’s about you” he replied, and she felt her heart skip beats again

“Don’t hurt yourself cos of me anymore” she said, rubbing his hair.

“I promise, hooney” he replied, and she smiled, but a gasp ran out of her lips when he suddenly pulled her with him.

They landed in bed again, and he hugged her tightly, burying his face in her chest.

“Stay still for me, don’t move” he whispered, and she smiled, stroking his hair as he pressed her body harder on his own.

*****The new girl episode 49 – 50


“Does this mean the person saw us dumping the body in the water, then brought the body out of the water after we left?” Min said in confusion as he stood beside Vodka who’s sitting restlessly on the couch.

He was biting his nails every minute, and his body is shaking obviously.

“Obviously, there’s no way the person would snap her picture and send to me if not that he got the body out of the water already” he replied.

“Does it mean we’re in trouble now? Are we dead now?” Min asked fearfully.

“Don’t panic, whoever it is probably wants money” Vodka replied, still biting his nails nervously.

The door opened roughly, and Rhapsody rushed in.


“Good thing you’re here” Vodka stood, and she pointed the box forward.

“I received this some minutes ago” she said breathlessly, and he took the box to check the contents.

“Exactly this was sent to me too!” He said shockingly.

“What! What’s happening?” She gasped.

“Someone saw I and Min disposing Byeol’s body, it’s obviously someone among the people who’re aware of our secret. Either your doctor, my personal doctor, or Jazzy” he said tactfully.

“So?” She swallowed.

“We have to eliminate them as fast as possible, and it starts tonight. We three are accomplices now, no one can fall out” he said.

“Me too?” Min muttered, and he faced him slowly.

“You were captured in one of the pictures so we’re together in this!” He snapped, and Min swallowed hard too, looking at the two.



A taxi halted in front of the building, and Fave came down from it, wearing a black face cap and nose mask to conceal her face.

She inserted her hands into the pocket of her Jean jacket as she walked into the building.

Immediately she stepped in, she took off the mask, leaving her in just her cap as she entered one of the rooms.

An attendant is in, and he stood with a wide smile when she came in.

“Thought you weren’t gonna come anymore” he said.

“Why wouldn’t I? It’s the source of my money we’re talking about” she replied, and he took her out of the room.

They went further into another room where corpses are kept, and he drew out a compartment where Byeol’s body was embalmed in.

She was still looking as fresh as she was when she died, just that her skin color changed.

“Good” Fave smiled.

“Did you send her pictures to the bastards already?” The attendant asked, and she faced him.

“Ion think you have the right to ask that. You only have to wait till I start making the money, then I’d settle you” she said, and he smiled.

“But how did you manage to bring the body out of the water after they threw it in?”

“I just said you have no right to ask questions” Fave rolled eyes and walked out of the room.

She got her phone and smiled as she stared at Vodka and Rhapsody’s number.

“We’re just starting” she muttered.



“Yo! Dude” Jazzy shouted when he came in and met Daniel waiting as planned. They’re drinking together tonight.

“Finally you showed up” Daniel smiled.

“Did you miss me?” Jazzy replied.

“Come off it” Daniel grinned, and Jazzy laughed as he sat.

There are two bottles of soju on the table already, one for one.

They poured their drinks themselves and clinked glasses.

“Bottoms up” Daniel said.

“Sure” Jazzy smiled, and they drank it all at once.

“Now do you mind telling me why you were crying the other time after getting drunk?” Daniel asked.

“Whoa! I envy your brain, you haven’t forgotten?” Jazzy replied.

“Don’t try to change the topic, tell me what went wrong that day” Daniel said seriously, and Jazzy sighed.

He began the story, and when he was done saying everything after ten minutes, Daniel poured another cup for the two of them, and they drank at once.

“Sorry, but you’re a jerk, do you know that?” Daniel said.

“I know” Jazzy replied.

“Good. You’re immature too. You should take love lessons from someone” Daniel continued.

“Planning to take from Vee himself or maybe you” Jazzy replied seriously.

“I don’t think you were really in love with her from the start, weren’t you just jealous of her close friendship with her bestie?” Daniel said.

“I started feeling jealous after realizing how close she is with her bestie. That’s kinda true” Jazzy replied.

“See what I’m talking about? Do you really need a girlfriend or a bestie?” Daniel said.

“I dunno” Jazzy replied, and Daniel shook his head.

“Well it’s a good thing you’re back to your senses, what made you leave Rhapsody though?” He asked.

“It’s personal” Jazzy replied.

Daniel sighed.

“Right now I just wanna focus on leading my band to stardom, being a good leader” Jazzy continued.

“But will you be ok? I mean… Being in the same dorm with Diva?” Daniel asked.

“I should be” Jazzy smiled.

Daniel hasn’t said the next word when Lyric came in.

“Eish! So you’re meeting her today too?” Jazzy said.

“She’s my girlfriend, not you” Daniel replied, and Jazzy rolled eyes as he stood.

“Thanks for coming” Lyric winked, and he popped raspberry before waving at Daniel. He kept afterwards.

“Come here” Daniel widened his arms for Lyric, and she walked into it, hugging him so tight.

She sat on his laps when they broke it, and she took his phone.

“I saw the teaser of your music video, it’s so perfect, your visuals are killing especially yours” she said sincerely.

” As it should, it’s not easy to be the leader and the visual at the same time” he bragged, and she pushed his forehead with her pointer finger.

“Don’t be too proud, brat” she said, and he laughed, kissing her cheeks.

She went to his gallery, and her eyes widened when she began seeing her unaware pictures.

“When did you snap all these? They’re sooo cute Danny! ” She gushed.

” Danny? ” Daniel blinked.

” I can decorate your name anyhow I want it. You’re mine anyways” she replied and continued staring at her pictures.

” I have a gift for you” he suddenly said, and she faced him.

” Again? I want to give you gift too why are you the one that’s always doing it? ” She muttered sadly, but her sadness flew out when he brought out a car key, Ferrari!!!

“OMG Danny!!!” She screamed.



Vee fell asleep an hour ago, and even in his sleep, he’s holding Diva so tight like she’d run away if he doesn’t.

Diva was staring at his face only, still stroking his hair to add sweetness to his sleep.

“How cute” she smiled, wondering how he manages to look so adorable while asleep.

Now that she thinks about it, he’s more handsome than all the guys she has encountered, or is it just her eyes?

She touched his full dark brows, then his long lashes like a girl’s, down to his nose bridge, then his lips.

She began caressing his lips, smiling happily.

It’s rare to find a bestie and a boyfriend all in one, but she’s just too lucky to encounter that in him.

Not only is he handsome, he’s attentive, considerate, caring and extra romantic.

Her period will probably start in two days, and she’s sure he’s never gonna forget.

He has never forgotten since they grew up together, and she bit her lip when she remembered how he stayed in the rain like Jazzy said.

How come he loves her this much? It’s too much that she began feeling so emotional as she stared at him.

She brought her lips down to his own and kissed him, not deep enough to wake him though.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting, My Jun” she whispered and was about to kiss him again when Sara came in with the doctor.

She actually called the hospital after he fell asleep since his temperature is still slightly high

“Is it bad?” Sara asked worriedly when she saw he’s asleep.

“Nope, I think it’s mild fever judging by his symptoms” Diva replied, and the doctor came closer to check him out.

Temperature, breathing speed and heartbeats.

“Thankfully I brought a shot with me. He only needs that to suppress the fever before it gets worse” he said.

” Shot? As in injection?” Diva blinked, and Vee’s eyes flew open immediately.

“Someone mentioned injection” he said with wide eyes, and the doctor opened the medical kit he came with.

He brought out the syringe and needle, and Vee spranged up, going behind Diva.

“I’m sure I’m not the one who’s gonna get injected with that, right?” He said with a silly chuckle.

” Who else is sick here? Young master” the doctor replied funnily.

” You know how much I hate getting injected, I’d rather jump into Han river” he shook his head, hugging Diva as he hid behind her.

” You seriously need to get this shot so the fever won’t get severe” the doctor said.

” I’ll just take the drip” he replied.

“Drip for just one shot of injection? You must be kidding me” Diva said.

” Not you too Bae, you know I hate injections” Vee replied.

” Hold him!” The doctor stood, and before Diva could hold him, he jumped down from the bed and rushed to Sara, hiding behind her too.

“Save me, I can’t” he begged, and Diva couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness right now.

“Sorry but you need to take it” Sara replied and made to grab him too, but he escaped from her and opened the door.

Myles appeared by the door immediately, and his eyes widened.


“Hold him” the doctor said, and Myles grabbed him immediately.

“No wait! Please Myles! I’ll die if I take it I swear, Myles!!!” He shouted, gumming his body to the door like a kid as Myles tried to pull him back in.

“Save me!!!!!!!!!”


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