True Love

True love episode 65 – 66

LOVE ❤️💛
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By: Naomi Cindy B.

“I love you” he whispered again, and Diva released another loud exhale before hugging him back.

“I love you more” she replied, running her palms on his back.

“Did I scare you?” He asked.

“A lot, you should have seen the way I ran out of the dorm when you suddenly stopped talking, I almost fell” she replied, and he quickly broke the hug to hold her face.

“Almost? You didn’t get hurt, right?” He asked fast, and she smiled.

“I didn’t, but you’ll pay for tricking me” she replied, and he smiled as he hugged her again.

“I just don’t want you to leave my sight for a minute”

“You know that’s not possible. Our practices will resume by the weekend, and I’m planning to release a solo soon so it’d take my time too, then we have a lot of outings next week as a band, and our world tour is coming soon too” she explained.

“I know, and that’s why I’m trying to keep you beside me now that you’re not busy” he replied.

She broke the hug to pull his face down to her level, kissing him softly

“That’s what you get for acting cute” she winked.

“It’s still funny how you have to pull my face to your level or stand on your toes to kiss me” he laughed.

“That’s because you’re taller, dummy” she giggled.

“You do argue with me a lot back then in elementary, about our heights. You always said you’d grow taller when we grow up, and now we’re all grown but where’s the height?” He said mockingly, and she laughed.

“Is it fun to mock your girlfriend?”

“Extra fun” he laughed too, suddenly sweeping her up her feet into his arms.

“Vee!” She gasped.

“I don’t want us to sleep yet. What should we do?” He asked.

“Movie? Yes! Let’s go on a movie date at the cinema!” She gasped.

“Do you have any movie in mind?” He asked, carrying her to the bed.

He dropped her gently, and she nodded twice.

“Yes! Wild Romance”

“Then let’s get dressed corporately and go for it” he smiled.

“Corporately? We can just go with simple looks, and I don’t even have a proper dress in this mansion” she replied.

“I can just go to a store and get you a dress, will be back in twenty minutes” he said.

“No. You can just send your dad’s secretary to get it” she replied.

“Dad’s secretary to get my girl’s dress? No please” he replied, and she smiled.

“By the way when are you going to see him at the hospital?”

“I have no plans to do that, he said my face gives him pains so going there will only slow down his recovery. I wish him quick recovery though” he replied, and Diva opened her mouth to talk again, but he blocked it with another kiss.

“Shh, else I’ll get naughty again” he whispered, and she pushed him away.

He got his card and wallet from the stand and came back to her.

“Twenty minutes to get you a dress. I promise I won’t use more than that” he said.

“I’ll be waiting” she winked, and he placed a kiss on her nose before rushing out.



Piper was breathless when she got there, and she literally jumped out of the car.

She ran to the poolside, expecting to meet Freddy and Pinkie there, but she saw nothing.

Not even a single soul is there, seems the resort did not receive visitors tonight cos normally it’s always full at nights like this.

She swallowed nothing and left the poolside, running into the exact building she caught them kissing in the other time.

Neither Freddy nor Pinkie is there too, she she ran out again and went back to the pool.

Still no sign of them, then she sniffed as tears began welling up in her eyes.

Does this mean they left this place for another spot already? Is she really at the loose end right now?

Her tears finally fell when she remembered how she turned away from him when he was staring at her earlier.

Was that why he left for pinkie? She began cursing herself for turning away, why did she do that when she knows how she feels about him?

Her tears fell more, and she quickly wiped them when she remembered she’s the only one here.

She turned to leave, but shockingly, she saw Freddy standing behind, and her eyes widened.

“Freddy?” She said, rushing closer to confirm if it’s really him.

“It’s” she said slowly.

“It’s you I like, not Pinkie. Kissing her was stupid, I know, but it’s my mistake, and I fixed it already” he said, and she hiccupped.

“So…stop being cold to me, and stop being …

He couldn’t say the rest, Piper closed the gap between them and pressed her lips so hard on his own.

His eyes closed immediately, and his hands cupped her @ss without waiting as he took over the kiss.



Min drove in in the black car, and he rushed out of it, running into the mansion.

He was wearing all black including gloves, and he was sweating so much when he removed the mask he’s wearing.

“Min!” Rhapsody gasped.

She’s waiting with Vodka in the living room.

Min sat on the ground and removed his bloody black gloves before she got to him.

“How’d it go?” She asked, and he continued breathing heavily.

“F**king say something!” Vodka snapped.

“I….I did it…your doctor is dead” he muttered, and Rhapsody smiled.

“Yes!” Vodka shouted.

“Finally we’re left with one” Rhapsody said.

“And that one is yours to bring. He won’t be easy to get unless you step in” Vodka replied.

“I know, just leave it to me, but where should I call him to tommorow?” She asked.

“We’ll get a perfect location before tommorow, and I think I’d be needing a gun. Now I badly wanna know what it feels like to kill with a gun” Vodka smiled.



Fave smiled immediately she put on the TV and saw the news she’s expecting.

The second doctor has been murdered some minutes ago in his car on his way back from work.

Vodka and Rhapsody killed all their suspects as expected, and she couldn’t help but laugh when she remembered she’s the real face behind everything.

They should keep killing their suspects, cos when they’re done, that’s when she’d strike and start her attack

She has Byeol’s body and test results anyways, so this game will be an easy pea, but at the same time, she can’t let her guard down.

She stood to go in, and she met Rhett behind.

“Thought you were already asleep” she said.

“You’re behaving strange these days, do you know?” He replied, and she sighed.

“What do you mean?”

“Nevermind” he smiled and started going back in.

“Rhett!” She suddenly called, and he turned back.

“Wanna know a secret?” She asked, and he came closer.

“What secret?”



Vee’s Bugatti Veyron drove into the cinema driveway, and he stopped the engine to look at Diva who was sitting beside him on the driver’s seat.

He drove tonight cos of privacy, so no driver in sight.

“I know I’m pretty, don’t stare too much” Diva smiled.

“Exactly my point, why so pretty? You look prettier tonight” He replied in a whisper, and she began hearing the thudding of her heart on her ribcage, so loud.

His hand suddenly went to her exposed thighs, and immediately he touched them, she froze on her seat.

What the f**k is he doing??

“Vee…” She muttered, and he began caressing her thighs in the most seductive way ever, doing it so slow and gentle till she almost started getting wet.

She had to hold her breath all through, and the worse is that as he caressed, his hand moved higher and higher to her inner thighs, and his eyes were locked on hers.

“Vee” she moaned and began panting loudly, unable to close her mouth.

He stopped caressing and smiled.

“Mission accomplished, i’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you in this dress in the mansion, and also… You know i love being touchy, deal with it Dee” he winked, getting out of the car.

Diva was still palpitating madly when he opened the door for her.

She stepped out, looking really s*xy in her backless black gown, hugging her body in the right places.

The straps of her heels came off immediately, and he went on a knee in front of her to buckle it, making her blush again with that.

Will he ever stop giving her butterflies? No, never.

He finished buckling, and she immediately held his hand, bringing it to her lips to kiss.

“Thanks” she smiled.

They went in together, and surprisingly, the whole place is empty, just the two of them.

They didn’t meet anyone till they got to the main entrance where the staffs are.

👥 OMG Vee of VIXXEN!!

👥 That’s Diva! Diva it’s her!!!

👥 Gosh! Are they dating?

👥 Oh my goodness!

👥 Cuteee!!!!

They began snapping their pictures, but Diva was covering her face surprisingly.

Vee’s mood changed immediately he noticed, and after they got their popcorns, they went in together.

They’re the only ones in the big cinema too, and they sat beside each other, but Vee isn’t smiling.

He only ate the popcorn as he watched the movie blankly.

“Baby are you ok?” Diva suddenly asked, but he gave her silence.

“Vee, what’s wrong?” She asked, and when he still didn’t reply, she stood from her seat and went to sit on his laps, covering his view.

“Did I do something wrong? Huh?” She asked, and he finally looked at her.

“Why did you cover your face earlier?” He asked gently.

“You have a lot of fan girls yunno? What if they stop liking you when they find out you’re dating…

“I don’t care, I waited for years before finally having you, and you really think I’d care about that? If I wanted a secret relationship, I’d have told you from the start. Ion care about fan girls, you’re the only girl I see and it’s not a crime to fall in love” he cut her off flatly, and she held his face.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again ok?” She said, and he remained frank, still not smiling.

“What do you want then? I’ll give you anything” she said, and he closed his eyes immediately.

She leaned in and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

He opened his eyes slowly.

“Not enough” he said, and before she could talk, he leaned in completely.

He made the move this time, sliding his hand to the back of her neck as he brought her face closer.

Their lips collided hotly.



Vee’s car drove in coolly, and he came out with Diva at the same time.

Though they didn’t watch half of the movie since they spent 50% time performing their own romance in the cinema, but it was still worth it.

Vee walked to her, and she tendered her hand so he’d place his on it, but instead of his hand, he dropped a key, and her eyes widened.

“Look behind you” he said simply, and she slowly turned back to see a brand new Bugatti Veyron! Latest model of his own car!

“Oh my gosh!!! Oh my goodness!!! No I can’t believe this! F**k!!” She screamed, rushing to the cute car.

“Vee!! This is…” She said breathlessly, still in shock as she rushed back to him.

“I hate that you still come here in a ride, you deserve better” he said, and she hugged him tightly.

“Thanks so much baby, I wasn’t expecting this seriously” she said and started sniffing.

He quickly broke the hug and held her face.

“Don’t cry” he said.

“I’m just so happy, never knew I’d own a car at this age” she replied, and he wiped the little tear below her eyes.

“There’s something in the trunk” he said, and she quickly rushed back to the car.

She opened the trunk, and she smiled when she saw her menstrual pampering packages, over ten bags.

“You know I never forget. You’re starting tommorow, and you have a boyfriend now to help with the massage when the cramps come” he said sweetly, and she ran from the car, jumping into his arms.

“I love you so much my puppy” she whispered, and before he could reply, he peppered his face with kisses.

“I love you” he replied, holding her @ss.

“But ion know how to drive” she said.

“I’ll be your teacher, but I won’t only teach you how to ride a car” he winked, and she laughed so hard.

“You’re a bad boy”

“Purr” he replied, and their lips met again as he carried her in in his arms like a baby.



“Guess who owns a Bugatti!!!* Diva screamed loudly when she entered the dorm.

She was waving her keys in the air gingerly as she catwalked.

“OMG Vee did it!!!” Piper screamed.

“Daebak!” Freddy’s mouth widened.

“Aww! Now I have a partner, gimme a hug!” Lyric widened her arms, and they hugged.

“I was actually expecting this” Jazzy said from the door of his room, hands in his pocket.

They all faced him at once.

“Everyone in this dorm is either dating or owns a car, I’m the only one alone, so just leave me alone” he rolled eyes and went into his room.

The rest exchanged glances before going after him into the room, and within a minute, the room scattered as a pillow fight started between all of them.

They were all laughing and grinning loudly, and Diva stopped at a point to look at them.

The happiness has been overflowing these days, and she couldn’t help but feel like something huge is coming soon.



Diva came without informing Vee. Meant to be a surprise since she’s gonna be spending the night here again cos of her cramps.

Surprisingly, he’s not in, but she met Sara.

“Vee left some minutes ago to meet his band” Sara smiled, coming out of the kitchen with Jin’s dinner.

“Oh, I’ll just wait till he arrives” Diva replied.

“Sure, i need to return to the hospital” Sara replied.

“Bye!” Diva smiled, and immediately Sara took a step forward, an earring fell from her, and Diva picked it up.

She was about to return it to Sara when she remembered something.

“Wait…the second pair of this earring is with Vee. I’m right! He told me it belonged to his mother who abandoned him” she said shockingly and looked up at Sara who was already sweating.

Diva’s eyes widened.

“Sara…you…. you’re…what!”



Jazzy’s phone has been ringing repeatedly since some minutes ago, and he has been ignoring, just focusing on the lyrics he’s writing on his laptop.

He adjusted his glasses and continued ignoring when the phone started ringing for the seventh time.

“Jazz, your phone kept ringing” Freddy said from the other couch.

“Ignore it” he replied, and it began ringing for the eighth time.

This time, he picked, and it’s exactly who it is. Rhapsody.

“What do you want from me! I thought I said…

“Just one minute, one minute is enough. I need to tell you something, and I promise this would be the last time I’d be meeting you, please help me. It’s really urgent” she cried on phone.

“Where are you?” Jazzy asked with a loud sigh.



It’s abandoned and not in use currently, and since Jazzy said he doesn’t wanna come to her house, Rhapsody suggested the studio.

It’s a secret meeting anyways.

Jazzy stopped the band car he came with right in front of the building, and he came out as carefully as possible, making sure no one is in sight before going in.

He was expecting to meet her inside already, but he was surprised to meet emptiness.

He looked around again before getting his phone to call her , and that was when he heard a sharp sound behind him.

He quickly turned back, and instead of Rhapsody, he saw a masked man with a gun pointed at him.

His eyes widened, and his heart got hooked in his throat as he took a step back fearfully.

He instinctively turned back and started running out of the studio, but immediately he took the fifth step, the gunshot came, and the bullet flew directly into his skull, blowing off his head.


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