Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 2

Twisted Fate (episode 2)

The name “Dave” sent cold reactions all over Sophie’s body. Everything about him gave her a different kind of vibe and it was a good one. She fought every emotions that kept springing up and tried to keep her cool.

“It’s nice meeting you too Dave” she managed to say, “please can you tell me why I was brought to your office” she continued. Dave paused and finally said “I want to help you with whatever you came to our firm to do”.

Sophie told him about the licence she came to get. Dave called his secretary and told her to make the licence available swiftly. As Sophie waited for the licence to be processed, she was engaged in a conversation by Dave. “What do you do?” He asked, “I’m an event planner and I also own a cloth store” she replied. “That’s good to know, seems you are very hærdworking” he said, “Thanks” she replied.

Dave paused for a while and asked “Why event planning?”, “I love making people happy” she said with a faint smile on her face. Dave was a bit confused as to how event planning connects with the response she gave. “What do you mean?” He asked, “When you make people’s best days a memorable one, you bring a certain kind of joy to them. The smile on their faces when I deliver beyond expectations is honestly what I live for” she replied.

Dave was smitten and overwhelmed by how peaceful and selfless she was. He had so many thoughts on his mind and before he could utter another word, his secretary came with Sophie’s licence. “Here’s it sir” the secretary said, “Thanks, you can go now” he replied.

He handed the licence to Sophie and she was so happy. She thanked him and was about getting up to leave when Dave stopped her. “Please I would like to see you again, remember we aren’t done with our conversation” he said politely, “I don’t think that would be necessary” she replied. “I know you might be busy or something but I would be so happy if I can see you again today after work” he pleaded.

Sophie wanted to see him again but kept trying to fight it. After much persuasion, she finally agreed to see him again that same day. “Should we call it a date?” Dave jokingly asked, “Maybe” she replied smiling. Dave collected her card, walked her to the stairs and bid her goodbye.

As evening approached, Sophie hurriedly went home from her store to figure out what to wear for her date. She was so ski-ny as a result of her illness so she couldn’t wear any dress that would reveal too much. By 6pm, she got a call from Dave who tried to enquire if she was ready so he would come and pick her up. Sophie didn’t want him to know where she lived so she told him she would meet him at the venue.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, Sophie finally arrived and they both had a lovely dinner and talked about so many things. Dave was beginning to like Sophie but didn’t want to say anything too soon. Sophie also liked him too but felt it was useless because she could be gone anytime so there was no point. It hurt her deeply but she had learned to be tough.

After the date, Dave requested to drop her off but she refused. “I would get an Uber, don’t worry” she said, “I can’t let you do that, please just let me drop you off and I promise to never show up at your house unless I’m invited, just incase that’s your fear” he pleaded. Sophie paused for a while and finally agreed to let him drop her off. “Oh God, please don’t let me fall in love with him” she prayed silently in her heart.

On their way home, Dave had to make a stop at a filling station to buy fuel. Afterwards, he parked his car and entered the filling station mart to get some snacks he would take home. “Please just give me a second, I would be right back” he pleaded.

As he was gone, Sophie looked around the filling station and saw a beggar with her kids sitting opposite the station. She quickly opened the door and rushed to give them some money. She didn’t want Dave to know she was gone so she made sure to waste no time, but Dave already saw her as he was exiting the mart.

Dave was in love with Sophie’s personality and kept wondering what sort of human she was. As he got back to the car, he looked at her and smiled. “You are amazing” he managed to say, “Thank you” she said blushing. “Ok let me take you home fast” he said smiling.

They finally got to Sophie’s destination and she bid him goodbye. “I’ll call you tomorrow after work” he said and Sophie smiled and waved goodbye.

She got in,side her house and started crying, thinking of her fate and how she was dying slowly due to her disease. “I can’t love him, I just can’t” she kept muttering. She finally put herself together and prepared for bed.

At around 1am in the morning, she had sickle cell crisis and wasn’t breathing well. She picked up her phone to call her neighbour who hurriedly rushed her to the hospital. She was in a very critical condition but the doctors tried to make her stable. She was hospitalised and her parents were informed.

Dave had no clue about what was going on till around 3pm when he called her. “Hello Sophie, how are you?” he greeted, “I’m fine and you?” She said in a sad tone. Dave quickly detected that something was up and asked her if she was ok. “I’m hospitalised” she replied. “What! Which hospital and why?” He asked in a panicked tone. Sophie couldn’t talk much so she gave him the hospital address.

In no time, Dave arrived at the hospital and the sight of Sophie lying on the hospital bed with huge machines connected to her body, almost gave him a heart attack. “Are you ok?” He asked nervously, “Yeah I’m fine, it’s just a slight headache” she said with a faint smile. “Slight headache? Are you sure it’s just a slight headache cause I’m having a hærd time believing that” he said nervously, “stop worrying! I’m fine, let’s talk about your day” she said, trying to change the topic.

Dave tried to change his countenance and put on a happy one, but deep down, he was dying of fear and had so many unanswered questions in his mind. “Have you eaten today” Sophie asked smiling, “Yes I had lunch and you” he asked, “I had lunch too” she replied.

Sophie was trying to ask so many questions to take Dave’s mind off her condition. In the midst of answering all those questions Dave unknowingly said “I love you Sophie”. There was silence afterwards and Sophie shockingly asked “You say what?”

End of episode 2

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