Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 4

Twisted Fate (episode 4)

After Sophie’s confession, there was dead silence in the living room. Dave felt a sharp pain in his heart and fell into an abyss of thoughts. His hands kept shaking and wouldn’t stop, his heart was beating uncontrollably, he was losing his mind, he was heart broken!.

“Please can you say something?” Sophie asked as tears filled her eyes. “Why you?” Dave said with tears in his eyes, he bowed his head afterwards and started sobbing. “Dave please stop crying, at least I’m still here” she said with tears in her eyes. “Sophie you don’t understand, I love you and how do you expect me to be Ok knowing that you could be gone anytime” he said in a shaky tone.

Sophie got up from where she was sitting and sat close to Dave in his seat. Dave turned and hugged her so tight, it was then that Dave realised how ski-ny she was and it broke his heart the more. “Isn’t there a way out?” He asked still hugging her, “No Dave, we have tried all we can but my fate is certain” she said.

Dave didn’t want to believe that a good soul like Sophie would be gone soon. If it was a battle for the fittest, Dave would have done anything in this world to make sure that Sophie won. It was sad that there was little or no way out.

“You can’t die Sophie, you just can’t!” Dave said with so much emotion. Sophie didn’t know what to do and finally suggested that he goes home and sleep on it.

Dave left her house a broken person. He got into his car but couldn’t start it. He sat in his car for over an hour without driving it. His hands were still shaking, he couldn’t think straight, he was losing his mind. “God why? Why Sophie? Of every person in this world, how could Sophie be faced with such fate. She is the most kind person I have ever seen, why God? Please why?” Dave kept talking to himself.

The next day, he couldn’t go to the office so he called his assistant to handle the affairs at the firm. He kept thinking about Sophie and nothing else. Dave was still finding it difficult to wrap his head around the reality on ground.

After a little while, his close friend came to look for him. “Dave what’s up?” He friend greeted, “I’m good” he replied coldly. “Are you ok? What’s wrong” he friend asked. Dave was mute because he didn’t know where to start from. “Guy talk to me” his friend pleaded. “The girl I’m in love with is dying” he finally said with tears in his eyes. “What do you mean?” His friend asked in a shocked tone, Dave narrated everything to him afterwards.

After Dave’s narration, his friend was sad and consoled him. “This is so sad, how long does she have to live?” His friend asked, “No one knows, she could be gone anytime as her condition is getting more critical by the day” he said.

His friend thought for a while and said “Instead of crying and feeling bad, why not make her remaining days on earth a memorable one for her”. Dave was confused and asked his friend what he meant. “All I’m saying is that you make her smile rather than remind her of the fact that her life is at stake. Ask her of her fantasies and fulfill them, take her to places she has never been to, just make her last days a happy one” his friend advised.

Dave thought about what his friend said and realised that it made sense. He immediately picked up his phone and called Sophie. “Hello Sunshine” he greeted. Sophie was so surprised with the way he greeted and asked “Why are you so happy?”, “I’m happy because I have you” he replied.

Sophie blushed and asked him how his day went. “My day has been good and you?” He asked, “Mine has been a bit hectic but I’ll be fine” she replied. “Where are you now, I want to pick you up so we can have dinner together” he said. Sophie kept wondering why the sudden change of emotions, she was so happy. “I’m in my store but would be going home anytime soon” she said, “Just send me the address of your store, I’m coming there now so we can go and have dinner” he said and ended the call.

Sophie smiled and sent him the location. Dave was there in no time to pick her up and they went to a nice restaurant for dinner. Sophie kept staring at Dave and smiling, for the first time in her life, she felt a different kind of peace.

After a wonderful dinner, Dave asked her what she needed in her house so they could drive to any mall and get it. Sophie told him what she needed and they both went together to get it. Dave was into Sophie and gave her his undivided attention.

This new resolution strengthen their relationsh¡p and made their bond stronger. Dave was always present at every doctor’s appointment Sophie had. He made sure to over stock her drug cabinet with the latest vitamin capsules. He wasn’t taking any chances and didn’t care about the cost.

Sophie became skinnier and most of her clothes weren’t fitting anymore. Her eyes and l-ips were always yellow and she wasn’t able to attend to her businesses as she used to. Dave hired a manager to run Sophie’s businesses so she could have more time to rest. It broke his heart whenever he saw her condition but never showed any weakness in her presence. He did all the crying at home and showed strength whenever he was with her.

One fateful night, while they were together in her house, they got talking about a lot of things and he asked her “What’s your greatest fantasy?”. Sophie paused for a while and asked “why do you want to know?”, Dave looked into her eyes and said “because I want to fulfill it”.

Sophie was mute for a while, took a deep breath and finally said “My greatest fantasy is to be a Mother”

End of episode 4

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